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"50cc's of fun, STAT!"

The game that shows off how well the touch screen really works is just as fun as it looks. As you travail through the career and the life of Dr. Derek Stiles, you get to learn how stressful being a Doctor can actually be. So many people depending on you all the time, while personal matters getting in your way. Problems with patients rearing their ugly heads all the time, being a doctor is hard, but the game is very enjoyable, if not stressful. It allows you to see whats going on in an operating room from the doctors point of view. Just what everyone wants before undergoing some sort of operation.

They game uses the stylus to act as your hands. You get a variety of different tools at your disposal, and it's all very realistic, other then the fact you're in the not too distant future where doctors can use magic and have healing ointment that actually works. You must be ready to cut, burn, suck, drain, remove, revive and revitalise. With realistic situations, for the most part, you not only become a better surgeon, but learn to treat and deal with patients better out of the operating room as well.

With smooth gameplay, you get to do a variety of operations, all needing a certain way of completing it. Timing is everything in the game, as you must keep your patient alive while attempting to fix him. If you can't, you'll get upshowed by the better doctor, and pretty much lose. With tension building music, the game really gives the good atmosphere thats needed for such a game. It's put together quite well. The anime sprites are bright and easily show expression, letting you know hwo you're doing without needing to look at text. A few small voice clips are played during certain moments, depending on the situation. They add a touch of urgency to the game, as usually your patient will be dieing before the nurse says anything. The Tank DS makes it even harder, so if you have a DS lite, you may have a little easier time with the game.

You start out with basic operations. Remove that tumour, shards of glass, disinfect, stitch up, bandage, and let them recover. But later on in the game, it gets real tricky. People will be dieing all over you, and you must stop them, no matter how deep you must dig. Cut past the skin and into the internal organs, including stomach, kidneys, and even the heart. And of course, the secret terrorist bio-weapon, GUILT comes into play. A deadly disease that you must keep hidden from the public. Unfortunately, you can't quite figure out how to stop it. Nobody does, yet. Complications can come up anywhere and you need to be ready to stop them, so you're always on guard. Luckily the cute nurse warns you of such things. Great thing it seems magic exists in medical surgery in the future, as you learn the "healing touch" giving you quite the advantage in most cases, and a lot of the time, parting the difference between life and death, and your career.

The game is extremely hard, no matter your hand dexterity, considered one of the hardest on the DS. I suppose thats the realistic value of the game. But it's defiantly worth playing. It gives a great satisfaction knowing your saving not-real lives out there. Although the game may not be for everyone, so unless you're like me, or my lovely girlfriend and love heavy amounts of gore, I suggest renting the game first if you can. Try it out, first before spending some money you may want to spend otherwise. And if you really wanna have fun, try giving the game to a real surgeon and see how well he does. Just be warned, the game is considered gory, and there is blood, so if you don't like that stuff (or some harsh language), don't get the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/10/06

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