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"Performing Operations is Kinda Addictive..."

Ah, Trauma Center. One of my favorite game series. The newly released New Blood has inspired me to write a review for the original game. With a great storyline, fun and interesting characters, and harder than HELL operations, who could forget it?

The cast of characters is what really made this game for me, I think. With Main Characters Dr. Derek Stiles and Nurse Angie,two lovable yet sometimes a bit childish heroes, Other Characters such as Victor, the stuck up genius, who despite his cruelty to others seems to have a good heart, or Dr. Myers, a doctor who used to be a police officer (And her strength definitely shows), and even villians, such as Professor Blackwell, the man responsible for the advancement of GUILT who realizes the error of his ways, or ADAM, a 120 year old man kept alive only through special life support devices, that initially created the GUILT to show mankind the sins it has created. These characters are great and work together in such a way that makes you love them.

Though not as good as its Wii counterpart, the game-play in this game is still awesome. The Stilus does everything from stitching a wound to laser bacteria. This is one of those games where you definitely have to have a touch screen or sensor bar or the game will just end up being crappy.

Alright, this is my only problem with this game. I became a doctor to perform real operations, damnit! But after Episode 3, the game takes a turn for the worst and almost every operation after that is based on a strange disease known as GUILT. I liked how they tried to add in a story, but damn, I wanted to do real stuff, like kidney transplants or helping somebody with blood loss out. So, even though it was a pretty good story, I had to lower it several points because of that.

Though not great, the graphics were pretty astounding for that time in the DS lifespan. It looks beautiful and just like if you were operating on a real body.

Most of the music in this game is pretty low brow, not terrible but not worth mentioning. I did like the Savato theme alot though, which ended up boosting the score a couple points. One of my favorite features, however, is the voice effects heard throughout the game. Mess up and you'll actually hear the nurse yell at you. That was truly a nice touch.

This is a good game to buy if you just wanna try a trauma center. It's Wii Counterpart is definitely better, but this is still a very fun game on its own. So if you like Trauma Center, get it. If you already own Second Opinion, it may be smarter to pick up New Blood instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: Trauma Center: Under the Knife (US, 10/04/05)

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