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"One of the best games i've ever played on my DS, but there are are few minor flaws..."

Trauma Center-Under The Knife is a, shall we say, surgery RPG. You take on the role of Dr. Derek Stiles, a fresh recruit from from med school who has yet to find out that he is a medical prodigy. Your surgical assistant is Nurse Angie Thompson, a quite young nurse although she has her international nursing license. Well, lets get down to business.

I think that the control you have while playing this game is inferior to many others I've played. An example is the syringe. It is a bit difficult to fill it right up, and that has costed me during a couple different operations. No, I didn't throw my DS at the wall. But it was close.

Storyline: 9/10
I like the story. I think that it's easy to follow. But, I'll try to recap it a bit. (Without spoilers.) Dr. Derek Stiles is a medical prodigy. He possesses an ability called the "Healing Touch". The healing touch is a state of concentration so immense that time seems to slow down, however, it does take a toll on the user, and that person but be very strong, both physically and mentally, in order to maintain control after they use it. Later on into the game you will be introduced to a disease (not real) called GUILT. It stands for Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin. I don't know what it means either. Anyway, GUILT is man-made, which is the point of the game. It's the year 2018 , and mankind is facing a new kind of threat, called medical terrorism.In later chapter you'll find out that some nut-case is trying to save humanity by killing them. Uhhhg...

Sound and Graphics:8/10
I think they're fine, but the surgery graphics could use some work.

Personally, I think it's good. The idea of being a surgeon, with a manmade disease that some nut -case forced people to make, it's all pretty good.

My Opinion-As always, try to rent it before actually buying it. Trauma Center is a game that requires manual dexterity, mental strength, and confidence.

What's next...
After you try Trauma Center-Under The Knife, you should also get Trauma Center-Under The Knife 2.This game has upgraded graphics, sound, controls, and of course, a new, more compelling storyline. As well as four new types of GUILT! Yayyyyy! Uhhhh, anyway, you should ty 'em.

If you more of a thinker, you should try the Phoenix Wright-Ace Attorney series. Check out the pages here on!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/28/09

Game Release: Trauma Center: Under the Knife (US, 10/04/05)

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