Review by 13aven_12aven

Reviewed: 10/10/05

Tension that even causes your hand to sweat

Trauma Center: Under The Knife brings even more innovative gameplay to the DS. From pulling out glass to lasering little creatures floating around the liver.

Story: 8/10

The story involves a new disease spreading to people and it's up to you to cure everyone. You're in the shoes of Derek Stiles with your special power, the "Healing Touch". A special power to make miracles during operations but slowing down time. The story will progress and involve some twists but good nonetheless.

Gameplay: 9/10

The reason why it's not a perfect 10 is sometimes you have to perform the same operations again and they're sometimes a real pain. The gameplay advances from normal operations to supernatural.

The first operation is simple but you might still find you get a C, this is normal. The game itself causes you to find ways to finish operations quicker and effectively getting you an S rank. It might seem simple at first but it becomes a lot harder later on. You'll find yourself performing the same operation a couple of times till you get it right.

Music: 7/10

The music wasn't good to listen alone but it works well during operations. It doesn't distract you yet it causes the atmosphere in the game to change. Music during cutscenes were very bland to my tastes but I guess it's not a strong point in Trauma Center except during operations.

Graphics: 8/10

At first, you'd think the game would be only in 2D but it's actually 3-D during operations. Although it seems a little pixelated, it's detailed on how the organs look like. Some of you are thinking that you would see the nipples of a woman during female operations but you don't. The breasts are there but the nipples aren't there so it's just a big hump of flesh. That might disappoint some of you but it's not a mature game.

Re-playability: 6/10

After you beaten the main game, all there is to do is get an S rank on every operation. Not sure if you get something for doing so but it's not really worth the time to find quick solutions to every single operations. For example, during the Healing Touch practice, you might expect to get an automatic S but get a C instead. I only got a B rank but I can't get anything higher at the moment.


Trauma Center is the way to use the touch screen to its full potential. This game might be the only doctor game to ever exist, get your hands on this before Atlus decides to stop sending shipments!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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