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"Not a game for everyone, but still great"

Before I begin, and before you start typing your hate e-mails, I want to make one thing clear: I LOVE this game.

It's probably my favorite DS game so far. Now, this game would have gotten either a nine or a ten from me if it wasn't so darn HARD. That's right, it's HARD. Just when you think you're getting used to using that scalpel and dissecting and suturing, a curve ball gets thrown right past you. And it gets thrown again. And again. And again. And again. And then finally, WHACK! You hit that ball and you have such a feeling of accomplishment. But sometimes it feels so hard, it's unfair.

Which is why you get the Healing Touch, which takes the difficulty level from about an eight to about a six. Healing Touch is basically a power up that lets you slow down time to perform extra special surgeries. It is activated by selecting the hand tool twice and then drawing a star on the bottom screen. There are many other tools to use, like tweezers and shots and bandages and a special gel.

On the top screen you get usually a helpful(and hot) nurse to guide you step-by-step through each surgery, though, at first, they help you a lot, but then further on they only offer subtle hints, figuring you already know how to perform surgeries. The bottom screen is the operating table, where you're free to use your stylus to work some video game magic.

Each surgery, which takes about 2-4 minutes for each one, needs to be performed quick and mistake-free, which is no easy task. That's why I encourage to never give up, even when it seems impossible. There were many moments right in the beginning of the game where I got so mad I wanted to trade the game in, but I stuck with it and I was treated to:

An intriguing story with colorful characters and dialogue,
interesting work environments and situations,
and, of course, many different patients to operate on.

One thing I really liked(sort of) about this game, is that it isn't hard to get emotionally attached to a patient, which encourages you to do a better job to ensure survival.

The game does have quite a bit of variety, even though all you're doing is performing surgeries. You'll have to operate on a plane while going through turbulence, or "operate" on a bomb set to go off!

Really the only thing about this game besides the high difficulty is the fact that while using the stylus sometimes, the game won't register anything, which means you just need to press a wee bit harder. At the top of the screen, though, it hardly registers at all, but you rarely work up there anyways.

If you like innovation, or finally want a DS game that fully uses the DS's capabilities, then please, pick this up. And stick with it. Trust me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/18/05

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