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"LOL nintendo got beat at his own game!!!"

Nintendo made the DS because they wanted to create interesting and innovative games. These games include games like, Kirby canvas curse, Wario ware touched, and feel the magic and other games that make good use of the touch screen. Apparently Atlus beat Nintendo at showing how innovative their console is!

Few games, if any, will be able to top this game. Trauma center makes better use of the touch screen than any other game I've seen yet. You are a surgeon, your stylus can turn is into any of the ten tools you have. There is a lot of different missions and sometimes you'll want to play a mission over and over again. Also, every time you beat a mission it is unlocked in challenge mode. There you can play any mission as many times as you want, and even try to get better scores. You can get points by doing the mission fast, if your patient has a lot of health left, by not messing up, and sometimes (depending on the mission) the way they score is different. The touch screen response is very accurate so is you mess up you'll have nothing to blame but your lousy reflexes. The game's difficulty increases gradually. The nurse walks you through the first few operations but after that you are on your own. You don't really need a lot of help anyway.

The sound in the cut scenes can get annoying but the ones in the operations are great! They are very suspenseful and if the patient's vitals get too low it'll get really fast and make the game more stressful (not in a bad way). The game looks great in the cut scenes with beautiful anime-style drawings. In the operations the game does not look great but its good enough for you to know what everything is (the heart, lungs, etc…).

The story is interesting. You are a young surgeon who will discover that he has the healing touch. It is a technique that allows you to slow down time. There is a downside to this though. You can only use it once per operation and it takes 1000 points from your score. When Cadeuceus, a medical organization, discovers you have the healing touch they hire you, and you become the only hope to save people infected with GULT, a medical virus that someone is spreading throughout the whole country.

There are a lot of missions (a lot more than 40) and it will take you from 6-9 hour to beat the main story. Challenge mode is what gives this game so much replayability. You can go back and try to get an S on every mission. Every time you get a great sense of accomplishment because getting an s on some of the missions is no easy task.

Final recommendation:
buy this game. At 29.99 it's a steal! This is a great game. It's addictive fun and fast paced. It is definitely a must have. this game is the reason the DS was made. You'd be a fool not to at least try it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/24/05

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