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Reviewed: 10/26/05

Deepdown Trauma Hounds

How many of us wanted to be doctors when we grew up? I know some of you reading still like to play doctor with your significant other. Now you can become the world famous surgeon you've always dreamed about, thanks to Atlus' newest game, Trauma Center: Under the Knife for the Nintendo DS!

In Trauma Center, you play the role of Dr. Stiles who thinks he's the man. Boy oh boy was he wrong. His cocky attitude has no place in the operating room, and after a few early mistakes, he comes to realize he needs to change.

Throughout the game you will be faced with several performing operations, many of which will be life threatening. You must make good use of the doctor's instruments using the stylus and touch screen. You can do just about everything you can dream of, from removing glass out of the skin and stitching up wounds to operating on life threatening tumors and healing your patients.

You will receiving various messages while working on each patient, such as "Good," "Bad," "OK," or "Cool" rating. You will also receive an overall rating at the end of the operation, based on a number of different criteria, including accuracy and time.

Don't think this game can possibly emulate real life? Think again. It has been report in different newspapers that medical students are actually using this game to practice and sharpen their skills. The game can be tough. You can't go into this game thinking you're going start off as a world class surgeon. It will take a lot of practice and very steady hands to master this one.

When I first read about Trauma Center: Under the Knife, I added it to my "Most Wanted" list. I was hoping the game wouldn't let me down, and it definitely did not. If you're at all interested in the medical field, this game is for you. And if you enjoyed playing one of my favorite games as a child, Operation, you'll love Trauma Center.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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