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"A new type of innovation for the Ds"

This is a brand new review for Trauma Center for the Nintendo Ds developed by Atlus INC. Even though Atlus does not develop as many games as other companies, this is a must get for anyone who wants to experience something different. Here are my reasons why:

Game play: 10/10

I will start off with the game play, which in most cases is the most competitive and most important factor when it comes to video games. The game play elements in this game are just truly amazing. First of all, there are if any, just a few games on playing doctor and operating on people. Using a stylus as 10 different tools, which will help, save a patient is truly amazing. All of the gameplay is done with the touch screen. The upper screen is used for the storyline and briefing of the case.

Sound/Music: 7/10

The sound in Trauma center is somewhat well done considering Atlus is not known for music compositions like the Final Fantasy series from Square. At times the music gets really dramatic which will give you the feeling of fear while playing this game. It also changes from time to time depending on the situation. One thing that may bug gamers playing this game (including me) is the fact that there are almost no voiceovers in the game. From time to time, you may here the nurse (Angie Thompson) say a thing or two like "doctor!" but that's basically all there is.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics score that i have may not apply to everyone who reads this review. The reason being that not everyone likes Anime, which is what the style in the game, is. The body parts in the game are not truly detailed like they should of been. But it is still clear to distinguish one body part from another. (Sorry to disappoint the perverts out there...but there is no sexual pictures/parts in this game.) This basically sums up what i have to say about the graphics in the game.

Replay ability: 6/10

The replay value in Trauma Center may disappoint people because there is not much to do. An option called "challenge mode" is available to players after they beat a surgery to replay that operation to score higher points and get an S class ranking. There are also 4 extra missions available when you beat the game once. It may not seem fun to people who don't like replaying things but is still there and is worth trying out.


For those of you wondering if this game is any good or if it's worth buying, I think that you should buy it as it is only $30.00 for a new experience that you may come to like and enjoy if you didn't already. There is always room for improvement on every game but this is definitely a good game and is worth your while for the time being. I hope that you enjoyed this review as this is my first and that you found this review somewhat helpful. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/02/05

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