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Reviewed: 01/05/06

A great game with a new approach to gaming

Ok, Trauma Centre is an AMAZING game. In it, you are Doctor Styles, a young surgical intern. Basically, that explains it all. You preform surgeries, and lead him through his medical career. Not much more I can say here really, so on with the review.

Graphics /// 10/10

Great. I don't know about you, but I have a really hard time with blood, peoples insides, all that stuff. TC graphics are really good and realistic, but it doesn't actually look like a human body. I mean, it doesn't look like an alien or something, and if someone where to ask me if that was a human body and say 'Well, yeah. Are you blind?'. But it still makes it so that it doesn't remind you of a real-live human lying on stainless steel with a huge slash down their middle.

Other than that, I'd just say that the graphics are very good, and well designed. Good job, Atlus.

Sound /// 9/10

Very nice. It changes with the kind of operation and how much time you have left, to get you pumped up and everything. On easy operations the music is less intenser, making you feel more comfortable, but on a hard one its done just so that you get exited and nervous in exactly the right way. And just like the graphics, when you cut into someone, it sounds right, but it won't make you feel sick. Its all just perfect. I only gave it a 9/10 because without the music its sometimes harder to really 'get into' the operation.

Story /// 9/10

Basically, your Doctor Syles. You preform just a few simple, plot-less surgeries in the beginning, but this is just to build your skill up. After those there gets to be more to the patient, often you will do multiple surgeries on each person and they have plot to them, you talk with them a lot. But sometimes I find the plot to be too much, like, they have waaaaay to much dialogue is some places and so little in others that your finger still has a line down it from the stylus when you get to the next operation.

It’s a nice because it’s a bit slow in the beginning and that amount of talk in between can be a little off. Other than that, it was all good.

Gameplay /// 10/10

Ah, the heart of every game. Its astounding. You have ten surgical tools, all of which you will use over and over. There is usually a time limit of 5 min, and sometimes this will be way more than you need, and others it will be near impossible to complete the operation. Its challenging, and there are puzzles in it too, so sometimes you have to use your brain.

If you need to, you can re-do operations a much as you like, and trust me, there have been some operations that have taken me about 10 or 20 tries to complete. Once you get an operation right, you always get a proud feeling, and you should! Its hard and takes lots of practice.

Replay /// 8/10

A bit of a fall-down here. It is pretty good, and it'll keep you busy for a couple of weeks, to be sure. But once you beat the game... that’s really all there is to it. Your done. But, keep in mind, it takes a while to beat the game, so you'll be playing it for quite a while before it dies. =)


- A very new way of gaming
- Addictive
- Satisfactory


- Once its done, its done
- sometimes it has to much plot, sometimes to little. They can't get it right!



It’s a great game, but extremely rare. I REALLY recommend you go to amazon dot com and buy it along with some other game there, the price is good and you save money for buying two games. OR you could get with a friend and buy two copies together. Normally I would say get off your butt and go to the freaking store, but it’s a rare game, usually only stocked one or two copies at a time. So this time, and probably this time *only* I'd say buy online.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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