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    Game Script by miluda

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/23/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lunar Knights Script
    By Miluda (miluda@gmail.com)
    Version 1.0 - 24/11/07
    Added after floor 30, 50 and 70 events from Vambery, and corrected a few of my
    Version 0.9 - 30/06/07
    Script Contents
    Chapter 1: The Dark Swordsman . . . . . . . . . . . [CHT1]
    Hunting Mansion: Interior . . . . . . . . . . . . . [HMIN]
    Chapter 2: The Apprentice Gunslinger. . . . . . . . [CHT2]
    Chapter 3: With Sword and Gun . . . . . . . . . . . [CHT3]
    Chapter 4: A Reason to Fight. . . . . . . . . . . . [CHT4]
    Santa Cecilia Station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [SACS]
    Chapter 5: Ruler of the Planet. . . . . . . . . . . [CHT5]
    New Culiacan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [NECC]
    Dark Castle Auguste . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [DCAU]
    Chapter 6: East of the Sun, West of the Moon. . . . [CHT6]
    Planet Eater Byron. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [PEBY]
    Epilogue: The Final Traces. . . . . . . . . . . . . [EPFT]
    Quests. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [QEST]
    Boss Tips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BOTP]
    The Stellennuim.... An age of lawlessness and chaos... where man wanders the
    stars, and might prevails over right. This remote planet on the frontier is no
    exception. From time immemorial, the Dark Tribe -- a group of vampires -- has
    struck fear into humanity and threatened mankind. Now, with the help of a new
    power obtained from the realm of the stars, they've taken the paraSOL -- an
    Environmental Manipulation System -- and summoned an alien sky to rid the world
    of light. Beneath its shadow, the hopes and dreams of an entire planet has
    slipped into the darkness...
    However from within that darkness, two young heroes emerge... One, wielding the
    Legendary Dark Sword, fights a neverending battle against the vampires. The
    other, whose power has yet to awaken, holds the essence of the Sun within his
    very heart. The story of these two boys is about to begin...
    Chapter 1: The Dark Swordsman                                            [CHT1]
    Ruddy Patron: Drinkin' away the morning, eh? Nice life you got there.
    Young Vulpid: Hey, same to you. What else are you supposed to do in a place
    like this? Makes no difference if it's morning or not. Day or night, the sky's
    always dark...
    Ruddy Patron: You said it. Just how much longer do we have to put up with this
    darkness, anyway...?
    Young Vulpid: And that's not even half of it... Apparently, the Margrave's
    manhunt is starting up again. A fellow can't even roam about in peace, anymore.
    Ruddy Patron: They say he's got the power to control flame... Thanks to him,
    this town's gotten real lonely.
    Young Vulpid: If I'm gonna get killed over that vampire's stupid game, I'd
    rather they just slap a collar on me and ship me off to live in the cursed
    Ruddy Patron: Hey! Don't be ridiculous. Nobody would willingly subject
    themselves to a life like that.
    Young Vulpid: Well, it's better than sitting around this ghost town, spending 
    the entire time living in fear, isn't it?
    Ruddy Patron: So wait, you're saying that being collared like a slave... and
    having your blood sucked dry beats living here? Before you know it, you'll be
    undead, like the rest!
    Young Vulpid: At least I'll be safe until then! What, you'd rather be burnt to
    cinders by the Margrave?
    Boy in Black: Hmm... A vampire that can control flame... Doesn't sound like our
    Black Cat: So now what?
    Boy in Black: Well, even if that's not him, he's still the best lead we've got.
    At the very least, we should be able to get a clue as to where to go next.
    Let's go, Nero!
    Hunting Mansion: Forecourt
    Nero: Monsters... That didn't take long. Well, this is a vampire's lair, after
    all. Conflict is pretty much inevitable. To attack, use the Y Button. Press it
    in to ready the weapon you're holding, then release it to attack your enemies.
    Tap it repeatedly to dole out a chain attack that causes additional damage.
    It's a great way to go on the offensive in a pinch.
    [Try to exit]
    Nero: Where are you going? That's not the way to Margrave's mansion!
    [Pass the panel]
    Nero: Hold it. That's a hint panel over there, isn't it? Hint panels contain
    useful info that pertains to your surroundings. Whenever you find a new panel,
    be sure to give it a read. Press the A Button in front of a panel to take a 
    look at its information.
    [Advance further]
    Nero: A treasure chest... There might be something useful in there, you know.
    To open a treasure chest, walk up to it and press the A Button. You can use the
    items you've found at the Items screen. To access the Items screen and other
    subscreens, just press START to open the menu. Now would probably be a good
    time to check up on your inventory, don't you think?
    [Boy in Black encounters Suspicious Woman]
    Suspicious Woman: ! Ah, another traveler... Haven't seen you around here
    before, have I? You look like a swordsman to me... What kind of business have
    you got here?
    Boy in Black: ...
    Suspicious Woman: Wait a minute... You're not here to rescue the poor souls the
    Margrave took prisoner... are you? In that case, give me a hand! The name's
    Bea. I'm a gunslinger in the Acuna Guild.
    Boy in Black: Heh... Hard to believe a gunslinger from the Guild would get
    held up by something like this. Sorry, I work alone.
    Bea: Hey, wait!
    <Boy in Black breaks the wooden blocks in the way>
    Bea: You moron! Do you want him to find us?!
    Boy in Black: Is there a problem with that? If someone -- anyone -- gets in my
    way, I take him down. Plain and simple.
    Bea: ... Who... Who on earth are you?
    Lucian: My name is Lucian. I'm a vampire hunter.
    Bea: Lucian? Where have I heard that name before... Oh well, we can worry about
    that later. Thanks to you, it's just a matter of time before they come looking
    for us. If you're *that* intent on causing a ruckus, I might as well use it to
    my advantage. See ya around, Lucian!
    [Advance further]
    Nero: Great, more enemies... Why don't you test out your guarding skills,
    Lucian? Use the B Button to raise your shield and guard against enemy attacks.
    But be careful -- Your Guard Counter goes down with each attack you block.
    It'll gradually refill itself when it's not being used, but if it ever hits
    zero, you'll lose the ability to guard for a brief period. The point is -- try
    not to waste it, all right?
    [After defeating the Skeletons]
    Nero: Looks like you've leveled up. When you defeat enemies, you earn
    experience points (EXP), which go towards increasing your level. Each time your
    level goes up, you get status points. These can be used to raise your ability
    levels and increase your performance. Ability levels can be raised in the
    following three fields: Vitality, which affects the maximum value of your LIFE
    Gauge; Spirit, which affects the maximum value of your ENE (Energy) Gauge and
    Skill; which affects the power of your attacks. You can allocate the status
    points you've earned at the Status screen. Leveling up won't mean a thing if
    you don't make the proper use of your status points, so don't forget about
    them, all right?
    [Advance further]
    Nero: A Sun Crystal... Sun Crystals are formed from the solar energy stored
    deep within the earth. You can replenish your life just by touching one.
    [Open chest]
    Nero: Looks like you just got an accessory. An accessory is a piece of
    equipment that adds certain effects to your abilities... once you equip it on
    your body. Your shield is an accessory that you equip on your arm, but beyond
    that, you can equip accessories on your head, your upper body, and your lower
    body. You can change accessories at the Accessories screen off the menu. Why
    don't you try on the accessory you just got?
    [In the boss room]
    Bea: ! Ooh, good timing, Lucian. I had no idea that "thing" would be the
    gatekeeper... I think it'd be wiser to choose another entrance. Let's split
    up and search for one, shall we?
    Lucian: No thanks.
    Bea: Wha?
    Lucian: I told you... If someone gets in my way, I take him down.
    Bea: Oh, come on... Hey! Wait a sec!
    [After defeating the Antlion]
    Bea: That was incredible, Lucian! ...Huh? Lucian...? The vampire hunter,
    Lucian... Now I remember! The Dark Swordsman, on a mission to hunt down every
    last vampire... by himself! That's you, isn't it! Well, well. I guess you
    really are as skilled as the rumors say.
    Lucian: It's not enough... I won't be able to beat him with this kind of power.
    I have no choice... I must become stronger!
    Nero: Yeah, you'd be no match for him right now. That Dark Sword of yours still
    hasn't revealed its true powers, after all.
    Lucian: ...
    Bea: Why don't you work with me, Lucian? If the two of us join forces, we'll
    have no problem rescuing the Margrave's prisoners.
    Lucian: It's pointless... They won't even fight back against the vampires. What
    will saving them accomplish? I only fight for one person, and that's me.
    Bea: Lucian...
    <A phone rings>
    Nero: Mroww?
    Lucian: Hold on, I'm getting a call. Not her again... I swear, she never leaves
    me alone.
    Female Caller: Yoo-hoo! Alice reporting!
    Lucian: What is it now, Sunflower Girl...
    Alice: Ohhh, c'mon, Lucian! Quit bein' such a sour puss! And my name is Alice,
    all right? Why don't you write it down or somethin'! And here I thought you got
    your memory back... sheesh. Anyway, it looks like the gatekeeper's gone, so
    buck up for a bit, would ya?
    Lucian: Snooping on me again, huh? Sigh. Classy, as always...
    Alice: Whaaaa? You're the one who insists on fighting vampires! I'm just
    monitoring you for your sake.
    Lucian: Hey, that's your prerogative. My sole objective is to hunt them down...
    If you're that eager to help, I'm not about to complain. Anyway, what do you
    Alice: ...Sigh. Well, whatever. It's about this Margrave you're about to face.
    From what I can tell, he's on a different level than the other foes you've
    battled. I know it's important that you level up and all... But isn't it time
    you powered up your weapon and stuff, too?
    Lucian: And how would I do that?
    Alice: Why doncha ask Professor Sheridan about it? I know he's a bit of a kooky
    character, but when it comes down to alchemy, he's an absolute genius. He
    oughta be able to cook something up for you.
    Lucian: Professor Sheridan...
    Alice: I've marked his location on your map. If you're gonna go see him, be
    sure to tell him I said hi, okay? Good luck out there!
    <Call ends>
    Lucian: All right, Nero, let's head for Sheridan's mansion!
    Nero: Mroww!
    Bea: H-Hey!!
    Lucian: Later!
    Sheridan's Mansion
    Pale-Faced Maid: May I help you?
    Lucian: You...?!
    Pale-Faced Maid: ...?
    Lucian: (...No, it's impossible. She can't be alive. Besides, upon closer
    inspection, she looks nothing like her, anyway.)
    Lucian: Sorry. I thought you were someone else. My name is Lucian. Sunflower 
    Girl sent me...
    Pale-Faced Maid: I'm sorry but... the professor isn't seeing any guests at the
    moment. If you could kindly excuse yourself, please...
    Lucian: Not so fast. I need more power... power to defeat that tyrant! I'm
    sorry, lady, but I'll force my way in if I must!
    Pale-Faced Maid: Ah...!
    <A crash is heard...>
    Frazzled Professor: ...
    Lucian: I heard about you from Sunflower Girl... She said you know quite a bit
    about alchemy, Professor Sheridan.
    Sheridan: So you know Alice... I tell you, nothing good ever came from being
    around that girl.
    Lucian: We can talk about her later. Right now, there's something I want to
    show you.
    <Lucian shows the Dark Sword>
    Sheridan: This... Could this be...? The legendary Dark Sword?! Wherever did
    you find this?
    Lucian: I can't say for sure, but I heard it was excavated from some lunar
    ruins. That's what Sunflower Girl said, anyway.
    Sheridan: Alice, eh...? This sword was created in the age of antiquity... by
    the Dark Tribe. However... After all these years, it seems to have lost its
    inherent abilities.
    Lucian: Is there any way to restore its power?
    Sheridan: Hmmm... With my vast knowledge of alchemy, it shouldn't be an
    impossible task... But to power up this weapon, we'll need to gather the
    appropriate materials. For this to work, we'll need: IRON 4, SOLVENT 2, ...That
    should cover it. If you want to power up your sword, come back here after
    you've gathered the materials. Some of them won't be easy to locate, but be
    vigilant, take it slow, and you'll find them. Feel free to stop by if you need
    anything else. I might just be able to help you. I'll make sure Carmilla knows
    all about you, too.
    Lucian: Carmilla?
    Sheridan: My maid. You met her earlier? She's working though a few, shall we
    say, "issues," so please forgive her if she's a little rigid with you. Just
    make sure you're a bit more quiet next time, okay? I don't think these nerves
    can handle another entrance like that!
    Lucian: ... I'll try my best.
    Sheridan: Well, then, I'd best be getting back to my research. I look forward
    to our next encounter, Lucian!
    Nero: So, you can power up your weapon... Doesn't exactly sound like an easy
    Lucian: Well, at least we know how to do it, now. It's a start. Anyway, back
    to the hunt!
    Nero: Hold up, Lucian. Before we go, let's stop by Acuna one more time. It'd
    be a good idea to stock up on items while we can. Maybe we can find some of
    those materials for powering up your weapon, too. On the World Map, slide the
    stylus across the bottom screen to move the map around, and tap twice on a
    town or a dungeon to move to it. To open the menu, just press START. Don't
    [Re-enter Sheridan's Mansion]
    Carmilla: Welcome... What would you like...?
    [Talk to Sheridan]
    Sheridan: To power up a weapon, you need the right materials. The required
    materials are listed on the Weapons screen... In your case, you can check them
    out on the Dark Sword screen. The parts displayed in green are required to
    upgrade your weapon, and the numbers next to them indicate how many you need,
    as well as how many you own. The parts required may seem like nothing but
    random junk at first, but if you go to an item shop you may be able to find
    some of it on sale there. Regardless, once you've gathered all the necessary 
    materials, come back here. If you keep on upgrading and enhancing your weapon, 
    perhaps you may someday be able to restore it to its original form and power.
    [Talk to Sheridan again]
    Sheridan: I suppose it's been about five years since I first met Alice. That
    was around the time I quit my job at the research complex I'd been working at.
    I had, shall we say... a disagreement with other researchers in the lab. It was
    then that Alice appeared before me, and in exchange for providing her with info
    on this world's history, culture and such, she gave me a wealth of knowledge
    about the alien worlds she had visited. Of course, she's also gotten me
    involved in a fair amount of dangerous work, but... Mmm? What's she really
    like? Well, she's certainly not from this world, that's for sure.
    [Talk to Carmilla]
    Carmilla: Our planet has been enshrouded in darkness... The night is
    neverending. Daybreak is but a memory. It was brought about by something that
    at first seemed like a mere hallucination, but has since proven to be more and
    more of a reality with each passing day. This darkness is the work of the
    paraSOL, an environmental manipulation system currently under the control of
    the vampires. It summons the natural climate of another world and uses it to
    supplant our own. The vampires are using this power to wield control over our
    planet's very will... The result is what you see before you now: A world
    created by -- and for -- vampires.
    [Talk to Carmilla]
    Carmilla: Thanks to the paraSOL's influence over this land, we're currently
    living in what's known as a "Balmy Subtropical" climate. It's temperature,
    humidity, wind speed, and precipitation are all within average values, making
    it a hospitable climate in which to live and work. If you look up at the night
    sky, you might even witness the occasional shooting star.
    [Go back to the selection menu]
    Carmilla: How can I help you...?
    [Leave Sheridan's Mansion]
    Carmilla: Take care...
    *<Alternate message>
    *Carmilla: Goodbye...
    [Enter The Golden Pumpkin]
    Friendly Pubmaster: Welcome! What can I do for you?
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster]
    Friendly Pubmaster: Acuna may be just a tiny little frontier town, but we have
    all the amenities a passing traveler needs. You can visit the item shop to buy
    and sell items and accessories for your journey, and our Solar Bank lets you
    charge Solar Stations and access your storage. Meanwhile, here at the Golden
    Pumpkin, you'll be able to glean information from all the guests that visit us.
    Normally, I would invite you to stay the night up on our second floor... and
    refill your life and energy, but sadly, I can't offer that at the moment.
    Thanks to the Margrave's manhunt, I'm woefully short on manpower right now. I'm
    sorry, but... I hope you can understand.
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster]
    Friendly Pubmaster: Fresh human blood is a vampire's sole nourishment... They
    say that the people who are captured are fitted with bottlecaps... and their
    blood is continually drained, rendering them neither alive nor dead. The
    Margrave is likely here in search of people to send to the cursed city, but
    more than that, he's here for his personal enjoyment. The hunt is his life.
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron]
    Ruddy Patron: Day after day after day, you look up into the sky, and there's
    nothin' but the stars and the moon. I haven't seen the sun in years, what with
    that paraSOL or whatever the vampires got. And you know they're just lovin'
    every stinkin' minute of this darned night... At this point, they're just
    toying with us. I can't take it anymore!
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron]
    Ruddy Patron: Say... that's a pretty nice shield you got there, pal. You know
    how to use that thing, right? If you want to guard yourself properly, you gotta
    watch your Guard Counter like a hawk. The counter goes down every time you
    block an attack from an enemy, and once it reaches zero, you'll no longer be
    able to guard. That's called a Guard Break, and if that happens to you, you'll
    be a sitting duck. If your counter gets low, you'll have to start dodging enemy
    attacks... and wait for it to fill back up again.
    [Talk to Young Vulpid]
    Young Vulpid: The Margrave didn't take rule over this area until two or three
    years ago. Before then, this was a nice little town... tolerant of outsiders
    like us, you know? But then the Margrave usurped the lordship and changed
    everything. And soon after, those terrible manhunts started up... That's how
    that place came to be known as the Hunting Mansion.
    [Talk to Young Vulpid]
    Young Vulpid: You know about Sun Shards? A Sun Shard is a mass of solar energy
    stored within the earth. You could say it's like... a child of a Sun Crystal.
    Unlike Sun Crystals, however, these shards contain three types of Terra Bugs:
    Life Bugs, which restore life to those who touch them, Spirit Bugs, which
    restore energy, and Spirit Leeches, which suck away your energy and then
    disappear. Life and Spirit Bugs are one thing, but you'd better watch out for
    those Leeches. Yech! Oh yeah, one more thing: To lure Terra Bugs out from a Sun
    Shard, all you have to do is touch it. However... The Shard's light can only be
    seen at night, so you'll have to keep an eye out for them. Not like we actually
    HAVE day or night here right now, but... you get the idea.
    [Go back to the pub selection menu]
    Friendly Pubmaster: What would you like?
    [Find the Info Broker]
    Info Broker: Well, you've arrived... Who am I? I'm an Info Broker. Y'know -- I
    buy and sell information and stuff. Oh, but don't you worry -- I'm not about to
    charge my fee to the famed Dark Swordsman, of all people. Huh? You surprised?
    Well, don't be. I'd be a pretty sorry Info Broker if I didn't know who YOU
    were, wouldn't I? Anyway, though, I need your help. I'm looking to gather as
    much info as I can about this little war you're waging. Once we set that up,
    you can come to me to get info on a variety of topics, like the monsters you've
    fought, the Quests you've received, and so on. How 'bout it? Ain't a bad deal,
    eh? If you're good with it, then I'm good with it. This is gonna be fun!
    Info Broker: What's up?
    *<Alternate message>
    *Info Broker: Yeah? Whaddaya need?
    [Talk to Info Broker]
    Info Broker: To think, you'd even find them out in this frontier town... Huh?
    Who'm I talkin' about? I'm talkin' about aliens, of course! What with this
    planet being all the way out in the middle of nowhere, you didn't get very many
    aliens 'round here until a few decades ago. But now, these aliens, they come in
    all sorts of shapes and sizes... You got your canids, your vulpids... Sometimes
    you even get avians around here. Me? Oh, uh... Yeah, these ears are fake. You
    know, they're based on the lagomids. They all had huge ears, y'see, and that
    put 'em in huge demand in espionage circles. Course, that ability made them a
    little too dangerous for their own good... They say that was the reason they
    were all obliterated several centuries ago.
    [Talk to Info Broker]
    Info Broker: Say, just in case you don't know 'bout this yet... "Elements" are
    the essences of the powers that fill and drive this world. There are six of
    'em in all: light, darkness, flame, ice, wind, and earth. All six elements work
    in equal and opposite ways against each other: Light (Sol) works opposite to
    darkness (Dark), flame (Flame) works opposite to frost (Frost), and wind
    (Cloud) works opposite to earth (Earth). So, for example, the Sol element isn't
    very effective against another Sol element, but against the opposite element --
    in this case, Dark -- it's very effective. These balanced relationships apply
    to everyone and everything in this world... People like us... vampires and
    monsters... even the traps and tricks inside dungeons. Be sure to keep this in
    mind at all times, all right?
    [Select "Back"]
    Info Broker: See ya later!
    *<Alternate message>
    *Info Broker: Keep yerself in one piece, okay?
    [Choose "Stay at Inn"]
    Friendly Pubmaster: My apologies. I'm afraid the inn is closed right now.
    [Leave The Golden Pumpkin]
    Friendly Pubmaster: Come again!
    [Enter Acuna General Store]
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: Hey there. Whaddaya want?
    [Talk to Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: We carry three kinds of goods in this shop: Items,
    which you can use to refill your life, your energy, and so on. Accessories,
    which provide various enhancements and other effects when equipped, and Junk
    Parts, which are pretty worthless on their own. That's all I've got. I'll buy
    your old Items and Accessories, but don't bring your Junk Parts around here.
    Anyway, knock yourself out. Just make sure you really need something before you
    buy it.
    [Talk to Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: Perishable items, like the Earth Fruit, have a
    Freshness Meter in front of their name. You'll notice that this meter gradually
    goes down with time. Once it reaches zero, it means the item is rotten, so
    watch out! At the same time, items like the Cure Drop have no meter, so they
    won't go bad on you. They'll cost you, to be fair, but I'm sure you won't
    regret it when the goin' gets rough.
    [Return to shop menu]
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: What'll it be?
    [Leave the shop]
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: See ya.
    [Enter the Solar Bank]
    ???: Welcome to the Solar Bank! My name is Laura, and I work here as the Bank's
    teller. Allow me to explain how our service operates. Any Soll obtained by our
    clients... is automatically deposited here, into the Solar Bank. Think of the
    bank as your own personal wallet. If you use your Soll to "charge" the Solar
    Station we have here, you can use the Stations found in dungeons around the
    world to fill you energy with the Soll you've deposited. Our bank also has a
    storehouse with which to leave your items and accessories in. You can only hold
    so many items and accessories in you bag, so please, feel free to use our
    storehouse as often as you like. Furthermore, any items or accessories you
    receive that you cannot carry by yourself are automatically stored into a
    storage box located here on-site. However, you can only have one of any item or
    accessory in the box at any one time. If you want to collect the same item or
    accessory multiple times, you'll have to remember to take one from the box
    before another can be placed inside. Once you've freed up some space in your
    bag, go to your storage box to pick them up. This concludes my explanation of
    the services we offer here. If there's anything I can help you with, please let
    me know. Thank you very much <music note>.
    Laura: What can I do for you?
    [Talk to Laura]
    Laura: Any Soll that you pick up during your travels... is automatically
    deposited into the Solar Bank. Similarly, any Soll you spend is automatically
    withdrawn from our Bank. If you're out of Soll, not only will you not be able
    to shop, but you won't be able to recharge at a Solar Station, either. Try to
    collect as much Soll as you can, all right?
    [Talk to Laura again]
    Laura: If you charge (deposit money into) our Solar Station here, you'll be
    able to use those funds to recharge your energy at Solar Stations located
    throughout the dungeons that dot this land. You know what they say -- a Soll
    saved is energy earned <music note>.
    [Return to Solar Bank menu]
    Laura: What would you like?
    Hunting Mansion: Interior                                                [HMIN] 
    Nero: Something's... not right, here. This vampire won't be like the ones we've
    dealt with in the past. Lucian... You'll have to make use of my power -- the
    power of the dark terrennial... Hold the L Button and press up or down on the
    +Control Pad to cycle through the terrennial icons displayed in the lower-left
    corner of the top screen. Choose my icon, and your attacks will be enhanced
    with the Dark element. Choose a non-active icon, and your attacks will return
    to being unenhanced, as before. Elemental attacks consume energy from the ENE
    Gauge, but if you attack an enemy with an element it's susceptible to, you'll
    be able to deal out additional damage. Every enemy has its own elemental
    alignment, so experiment to find the most effective method of attack for each
    one you meet.
    <Obtains the power of the Dark Terrennial, Nero>
    [Further inside]
    Nero: Lucian, have you noticed the new gauge yet? Take a look up there below
    your ENE Gauge. That's the TRC (Trance) Gauge. The TRC Gauge builds up as your
    emotional levels increase during battle. Once the gauge reaches its peak, if
    you have me selected, the Trance button will appear in the lower-left corner of
    the bottom screen. Touch this button to merge with me and enter into Trance
    mode. You can't attack with weapons while in Trance mode -- Instead, you'll
    find an array of powerful special attacks at your disposal. The B Button lets
    loose the Dark Claw attack, which slices and dices any nearby enemies. The Y
    Button performs the Dark Fang, a concentrated attack on a single enemy. A
    successful Dark Fang strike steals life from your enemy and converts it to your
    own. You can also turn it into a chain attack by tapping the Y Button
    repeatedly. Once you enter Trance mode, your TRC Gauge will gradually decrease
    with time. As soon as it reaches zero, Trance mode is over. Use it wisely, and
    you can unleash powers that surpass even those of your Dark Sword! When the
    chance arises, wield it and win!
    [Nero spots a skylight]
    Nero: There's a skylight up there. Listen, Lucian... Your ENE Gauge is a
    measure of the dark energy coursing through your body. At night, you can press
    the A Button under the moonlight to replenish dark energy. There's just one
    problem: The moonlight doesn't reach indoors... naturally. In that case, you'll
    have to gather the light that comes through these skylights. When underneath a
    skylight, you can recharge your energy just as you would outside. Of course,
    depending on the weather, the moon may not always be visible. It's your
    responsibility to watch your energy reserves and recharge when you can.
    [Bea is standing in the prison]
    Bea: ! Hey! You came for me! As you can see, all of the prisoners have been
    locked away in these cells. Unfortunately, destroying the doors isn't an
    option... If we want to help everyone we'll have to get the key from the
    Margrave. Now we just need to find a way to actually do that... You WILL help
    me out this time, won't you, Lucian?
    Lucian: I thought I told you... I don't care what you do, or what happens to
    these people.
    Bea: How can you say that, with all the power you possess?! Why are you even
    here? Surely you must have something you need to protect...?
    Lucian: ...
    Bea: ...I'm disappointed in you, Lucian. And I'm through asking you for any
    favors! I've got my own ways and weapons, you know... I'll just do this by
    Lucian: Selfish brat...
    Nero: You're just gonna leave her?
    Lucian: I couldn't care less what happens to her. But if there's a vampire up
    ahead here... then there's something I'd like to ask him.
    <Lucian leaves>
    Nero: Sigh...
    [Nero spots a Solar Station]
    Nero: A Solar Station... You'll find these stations at numerous spots
    throughout each dungeon. They're special machines that allow you to recharge
    your energy on the spot. Stand in front of a station and press the A Button to
    withdraw energy from it. Of course, before you can use one, you'll need to
    deposit some Soll at a Solar Bank. As long as you've got enough Soll in the
    bank to cover the amount of energy you need, you'll be fine.
    [Before entering the Boss Room a rumble is heard]
    Lucian: !
    Nero: Lucian!!
    [Bea is on her knees, in front of Margrave]
    Margrave: Already had enough? The Guild's vaunted Solar Guns are all but
    powerless against my Casket Armor. Tremble before the power of the flame
    terrennial housed within this armor! The environmental alterations caused by
    the paraSOL are almost complete. The reign of the vampires will soon be
    unstoppable! Bwah ha ha ha ha!
    Bea: If nothing else... We've got to at least get the jail key away from him...
    Solar Gun, don't let me down! I'm counting on you, Witch! Please... Just this
    once, show me your true power!
    Margrave: You waste your time, girl...
    <Bea fires her gun, apparently missing. Margrave notices the bullet curving
    towards him>
    Margrave: What?!
    <Bea grabs the jail key, Margrave is unharmed>
    Margrave: I'd expect no less from a Guild gunslinger. But... I'm afraid
    playtime... is over!
    <Margrave fires his weapon at Bea, the shot is deflected by Lucian>
    Margrave: Who are you...?
    Bea: You came for us!
    Lucian: I had no idea you were packing that kind of heat... I guess you didn't
    know? A Solar Gun won't unleash its full power until it's wielded by its
    rightful successor. Perhaps it's a bit too much for you to handle.
    Bea: Huh...?!
    Lucian: Why don't you get lost now? Wasn't there something you needed to
    Bea: ... Don't get yourself killed, Lucian! May the Sun be with you!
    <Bea leaves>
    Margrave: Lucian... Ah yes... You must be the vampire hunter I've been hearing
    so much about.
    Lucian: Listen up, Margrave... I've got something I need to ask you. Do you
    know of a vampire with twin horns on his head?
    Margrave: Twin horns, you say? You must mean the Duke.
    Lucian: So you do know him!
    Margrave: ... That matters not. After all, your life is about to end here. Now.
    Lucian: Heh. I guess I'll just have to beat it out of you, then!
    Margrave: I am Margrave Rymer... Vampire Hunter Lucian! Your baptism by fire
    begins now! Prepare yourself to be sent back to the dust from whence you came!
    Behold! Fear my Casket Armor, imbued with the power of the flame terrennial!
    [After defeating Margrave]
    Margrave Rymer: That blade you wield... It could only be... the Dark Sword of
    legend... A weapon comprised of dark matter. No mere human should be able to
    wield it... Vampire Hunter Lucian... What ARE you...?
    <Lucian seals Margrave in a coffin>
    Lucian: Was that it...?
    Nero: No, we're not done yet! We've destroyed Rymer's armor, but the dark power
    he holds within lives on. Unless we purify that dark power, he'll just keep
    reincarnating himself!
    Lucian: Guess we'll need the Sunflower's help for this...
    <Lucian summons Laplace>
    Nero: All right... We'll need to use the Casket Rocket to break through the
    alien sky that the vampires have unleashed upon us. Then we can purify Rymer's
    soul in satellite orbit, where the sunlight isn't affected by the paraSOL! You
    ready, Lucian?
    Satellite Orbit
    <Enemy ship approaches and attacks>
    Enemy Pilot: Mobile Fighter Laplace... You think you can purify Rymer's body in
    the sunlight above satellite orbit, do you? Well, too bad! I'm not about to let
    you waltz off with his terrennial! Prepare to face the fury of Schrödinger, the
    deadliest craft in all existence! I'll blast you to bits and send you into the
    <After badly damaging Schrödinger>
    Enemy Pilot: Nyah! This can't be happening! My all-powerful Schrödinger...
    Defeated! Raaaaagh... All right, then! Victory is yours... for now! But you
    won't get off so easily next time we meet!
    <Schrödinger leaves, Laplace flies towards Sunflower>
    Alice's Voice: Hey, you made it. I've been waiting for you, Lucian. The
    vampires of the Dark Tribe are all but immortal... They found a way to protect
    themselves from their one true weakness -- sunlight. They call it "Casket
    Armor." It renders the light of the sun totally powerless. If you want to
    defeat them now, you'll have to first destroy their Casket Armor, then expose
    their bodies to the sun's light, purifying the darkness that lurks inside of
    them. It needs to be a strong light, too, unaffected by the influenced of the
    paraSOL. And what's the one thing that makes all of this possible? It's this
    very ship, the interstellar satellite, Sunflower!
    <Laplace connects with Sunflower, Alice readies the Purifex Cannon>
    Alice: Laplace, connected! Preparing Solar Sigil! Target, locked on! Purifex
    activated! That's it! Here it comes!! Energy levels, 120%! Ready... Purifex
    Cannon... FIRE!!!
    <Purifex Cannon purifies Margrave>
    Rymer: Hrrrrgh... So this... is the end...
    Lucian: Answer me, fiend! The twin-horned vampire -- the Duke! Where do I find
    Rymer: What exactly do you hope to accomplish by finding out? Would you dare
    challenge he who resides at the very pinnacle of vampire society?
    Lucian: "Challenge"? Heh... This isn't some kind of a contest... The sole thing
    I live for... is revenge!
    Rymer: Revenge? I... I see. You... You must be the one... Well, so be it... Go
    on, proceed. Make your way to the city of darkness, where only vampires rule...
    The cursed city of Culiacan! Only then, once you've spilled the blood of
    hundreds... Once you've trodden over the bodies of thousands... Only then will
    you meet him. Bwah ha ha ha ha!
    <Margrave vanishes>
    Flame Terrennial: I am Ursula, the guardian that governs over flame. You have
    purified a part of this planet's consciousness... Its power... Power that had
    been usurped by the vampires. Thanks to you, I was able to revert to my
    original form. The vampires... They rule this planet. They have their way with
    it. They desecrate the powers of myself and the other terrennials... They've
    overcome the sun with their Casket Armor, and now they're looking to change the
    ecosystem itself with their paraSOL. Vampire Hunter Lucian. Dark Terrennial
    Nero. If you truly intend to take the fight to the vampires... then I shall
    grant you my power... The power of roaring flame!
    <Obtains the power of the Flame Terrennial, Ursula>
    <Laplace flies back>
    Gate Of Binding
    <Lucian hits the gate with his sword>
    Lucian: Dang it! Just when we'd tracked down his location...!!
    Nero: Woah... relax, Lucian! Let's just calmly examine the situation before us.
    We're bound to find a solution. I'm sure of it.
    Lucian: ...
    Ursula: Hmm... So this is the Gate of Binding.
    Lucian: You know of it, Ursula?
    Ursula: The four emblems emblazoned upon this gate represent... the four great
    elements: flame, ice, wind, and earth. I am currently resonating with the flame
    Nero: So it's the emblems that are keeping this gate shut...
    Lucian: And we won't be able to open it... unless we gather the terrennials of
    the four great elements.
    Ursula: There are three emblems left for us to recover, and three terrennials
    that are still being held against their will.
    Lucian: ...Well, it's simple, then. Nero, Ursula -- It's time to go! We'll find
    the other three vampires... and steal their terrennials away from them!
    Ursula: Now you've got it! Woo, I'm on fire now!
    <Lucian and Ursula leave>
    Nero: Oh, brother...
    Chapter 2: The Apprentice Gunslinger                                     [CHT2]
    [In a training room, a boy locks onto targets with a Solar Gun]
    Burly Man: Good work, boy! Locking on to your opponent is the key to combat.
    No matter how powerful your weapon, it's useless if you can't hit your target.
    ...Mmm? What's wrong, kid?
    Young Apprentice: Ernest... This whole training session is useless. What good
    is my gun going to do me against vampires if it won't even fire? I'm never
    going to avenge my father... Not with this piece of junk, anyway!
    Ernest: ... Listen, kid, and listen well. That gun of yours -- the Knight. It's
    not broken. You simply aren't ready to fire it. A Solar Gun is more than just a
    weapon. It's a tool... A tool that purifies the anti-lifeforms we know as the
    Dark Tribe. It channels its energy from the light of the sun -- the living
    source of all things living. ...That's what a Solar Gun is all about. A Solar
    Gunslinger doesn't draw upon anger or hatred as one of his weapons.
    Young Apprentice: But... But what about you? And Kay? You use Solar Guns, don't
    you? To fight the vampires? What makes me any different from you?
    Ernest: You may not understand everything right now, but you will, someday. I
    know you can do it... Just like your father, the great vampire hunter, did
    before you.
    Young Apprentice: ...
    <A Canid enters>
    Young Canid: Ernest, I've received word from Bea in Acuna. She managed to
    infiltrate the Margrave's hunting mansion and rescue the prisoners!
    Ernest: Well, if that doesn't take the cake... Crazy girl!
    Young Canid: Bea was slightly injured during the operation, but she says it was
    nothing serious. Oh, one more thing... The portion of the paraSOL that was
    under the Margrave's control has been released. Daybreak has been spotted in
    areas around Acuna.
    Ernest: The paraSOL's been weakened? Kay, are you serious?
    Kay: Completely. Someone called... Lucian showed up at the mansion, and
    assisted Bea before defeating the Margrave.
    Young Apprentice: Lucian... That's the vampire hunter we've been hearing all
    those rumors about, isn't it? The Dark Swordsman, on a mission to hunt down
    every last vampire... by himself! That's amazing! I knew it! I knew they were
    more than just stories!
    Ernest: Don't start celebratin' just yet, kid... I doubt the vampire'll just
    stand by and let this offense go unpunished. We need to come up with a plan,
    and fast...
    <A crash is heard>
    Ernest: Wha...? What was that?!
    Kay: Can it be?
    <A man runs into the room, kneels>
    Wounded Guildsman: Boss, we're under attack... It's... the vampires...! There's
    too many monsters... You've gotta... get... away...
    <Wounded Guildsman loses consciousness>
    Kay: So they've finally come to stamp out the Guild...
    Ernest: Heh... something's really riled them up, I guess. Kay, you're with me.
    Listen up, kid: We're goin' to hold them off. I want you to spread the word.
    Make sure everyone makes it out safely -- you included!
    Young Apprentice: No way! I'm coming along! I'm tired of standing by... Our
    comrade is lying wounded right in front of me, and you expect me to just run
    Ernest: Look, kid -- at this point, you'd only serve to distract us.
    Kay: There's plenty left to do... We're not about to die now.
    Ernest: And now you've got a job, too: to protect everyone. We'll be right
    behind you! Now move it, kid! May the Sun be with you!
    <Ernest and Kay exit, Young Apprentice leaves in the other direction>
    [Try to leave without finding all the Guild members]
    Young Apprentice: I can't. Some of our comrades still haven't made it out!
    [Talk to Cowardly Guildsman]
    Cowardly Guildsman: A vampire attack?! You've got to be kidding! Ahhhhhhh...
    I've g-gotta get outta here! Wa-wait... what was it, again? "Calm down."
    Breathe in, breathe out... Breathe in, breathe out... ...Right! It's okay.
    There's nothing to be afraid of. Make sure to look around. You don't want to
    miss any friends or treasure chests. If you look around, you can spot enemies
    and avoid having to fight them. To look around, hold the X Button and press the
    +Control Pad in any direction. It's absolutely vital that you keep an observant
    eye on the situation at all times. Oh yeah! And don't forget to save
    frequently, too! May the Sun be with you!
    <Cowardly Guildsman runs off>
    [Talk to Unprotected Guildswoman]
    Unprotected Guildswoman: The most important thing right now... is that we all
    get out of this alive. Huh? What should you do if an enemy spots you? Well,
    just put your guard up. You can defend against most attacks by guarding. You
    use the, uh... oh, right, the B Button to guard. ...Huh? Wait a second... I'm
    not carrying a shield! I'm not well-guarded at all! I'd b-better get outta
    here... and fast! May the Sun be with you!
    <Unprotected Guildswoman runs off>
    [Talk to Serious Guildsman]
    Serious Guildsman: This just ticks me off!! You hear about how that Bea lady
    went and rescued all those folks in Acuna? And yet, look at the state we're in
    over here...! ... Then again, even if we lose this hideout, it doesn't mean the
    entire Guild's done for. If something breaks down, you simply just rebuild it.
    It's simple. For now, though, we've just gotta survive this... No matter what,
    okay? By the way, kid, do you know how to whistle? All you gotta do is blow
    into the microphone. If an enemy's looking out for you or listening for your
    presence, you can throw him off your trail with a well-placed whistle. Keep it
    in mind! May the Sun be with you!
    <Serious Guildsman runs off>
    [Young Apprentice exits the building and hears a girl scream]
    Young Apprentice: !
    <A Skeleton approaches the girl, Young Apprentice cannot reach them>
    Young Apprentice: Dang! Now what? I've got to do something, or she'll...! What
    am I supposed to do? Just sit here and do nothing, again?
    ???: What is your wish?
    Young Apprentice: ...?! What was that? A voice...?
    ???: Hey, you! What is your wish?
    Young Apprentice: My wish? I... I wish I could help that girl! I can't stand to
    see innocent people suffering like this! I can't take it any longer! I don't
    want to run away... I want to do something for a change!!
    ???: Then fire your Solar Gun... Put your feelings into it...
    <Young Apprentice fires the Solar Gun, vaporises the Skeleton>
    Young Apprentice: Awesome!
    <Pretty Girl lowers bridge, Young Apprentice meets her>
    Pretty Girl: Thank you so much! Just what I'd expect from a Guild gunslinger...
    You saved me from that creepy beast with just one shot! Incredible!
    Young Apprentice: Heh heh. It was nothing... But... are you okay?
    Pretty Girl: Oh, yes, I'm fine! I'm carrying a lot recovery items, so...
    Young Apprentice: ...?
    Pretty Girl: I work at the item shop in Old Culiacan. My name's Lisbeth...
    "Lisbeth from the 'shop." What's your name, Mr. Gunslinger?
    <Enter name for Young Apprentice>
    Lisbeth: Sir Aaron... Such a magnificent name! Oh, that's right. Sir Aaron,
    please -- take these recovery items. I was supposed to deliver them to your
    fellow Guildsmen, but... I'm afraid I don't have too many of them left. Still,
    I'd like to at least repay my debt to you, Sir Aaron!
    <Aaron receives recovery items>
    Lisbeth: All right... It's time for me to return to my shop. Be careful out
    there, Sir Aaron! Come on by and visit me at the shop anytime you like!
    <Lisbeth leaves>
    Aaron: Heh heh. Sir Aaron, huh...
    ???: Hey! Aaron! You sure it's okay to just let that girl run off alone?
    Aaron: Oh, man... you're right. There's monsters lurking all over these
    ???: Then hurry up and chase after her! Come on! Move it!
    Aaron: All right! Let's get roll -- ...Wait a sec. Who are you?!
    ???: Me? I'm Toasty! The terrennial that governs over light.
    Aaron: ..."Toasty"? What kind of a name is "Toasty"?
    Toasty: Hey! That's a pretty ungrateful thing to say... Who do you think made
    it possible for you to use that Solar Gun you're holding?
    Aaron: Wha?! So wait -- that voice from before was...?
    Toasty: Yours truly. I was in a nice, deep sleep inside that Solar Gun of
    yours, the Knight. I'd been wounded in battle, see, so I was resting my body to
    recover. But you simply wouldn't stop your whining, so...
    Aaron: Hold on... So the reason why I couldn't fire the Knight... is because
    you were clogging up the barrel?!
    Toasty: ....
    Aaron: I knew something was up... I'd been training so hard, and I still
    couldn't squeeze off a single shot!
    Toasty: ... I should've hit the snooze button...
    Aaron: Ah, I'm just teasing. I think... I'm beginning to understand what Ernest
    was trying to tell me. When I wanted to help that girl before -- Lisbeth. You
    responded to that, didn't you?
    Toasty: Sigh... whatever.
    <Obtains the power of the Light Terrennial, Toasty>
    Toasty: Listen, Aaron. Hold the L Button and press up or down on the +Control
    Pad to cycle through the terrennial icons displayed in the lower-left corner of
    the top screen. Select my icon, and you'll be able to attack using the Sol
    element. Solar Gun attacks sap energy from your ENE Gauge, though, so stay on
    guard. As a gunslinger, you'll need to recharge you Solar Gun's energy from
    time to time. To do this, press the A Button while standing in the sunlight.
    Of course, you can't do this when the weather's obscuring the sun, or at night.
    In any case... our first priority is making sure that girl's safe. Let's go,
    Aaron: You got it, Toasty!
    Toasty: May the Sun be with you!
    [Try to return to the training room]
    Aaron: ...
    [Advance further]
    Toasty: By the way, Aaron, have you been practicing using your lock-on ability?
    Press the R Button to lock on to the nearest enemy. To release the lock, simply
    let go of the button. Press it again to change the target you're locked-on to.
    Attacking while locked-on will automatically reposition your attack towards
    your target. For a gunslinger, this is the single most essential skill in the
    book. Better master it quickly, while there's still time.
    [Advance further]
    Toasty: Is your TRC Gauge filled up, Aaron? The TRC Gauge builds up as your
    emotional levels increase during battle. Once the gauge reaches its peak, if
    you have me selected, the Trance button will appear in the lower-left corner of
    the bottom screen. Touch this button to merge with me and enter into Trance
    mode. You can't attack with weapons while in Trance mode -- Instead, you'll
    find an array of powerful special attacks at your disposal. The B Button lets
    loose the Sol Flare attack, which burns up any nearby enemies. The Y Button
    unleashes Sol Prominence, a concentrated attack on a single enemy. Sol
    Prominence steals energy from your enemies and converts it to your own. You can
    also turn it into a chain attack by tapping the Y Button repeatedly. Once you
    enter Trance mode, your TRC Gauge will gradually decrease with time. As soon as
    it reaches zero, Trance mode is over. How and when you decide to use this
    power... is up to you. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action, Aaron!
    [Advance further]
    Aaron: !
    <Two machines appear and block his way>
    Purple Machine: So this is where you've been.
    Green Machine: We've found you...
    Aaron: Who are you two...?!
    <Purple Machine opens>
    Boy: We are the Poes. I am the Viscount, Edgar.
    <Green Machine opens>
    Girl: And I, the Viscountess, Virginia...
    Edgar: You must be of the Guild.
    Virginia: A Solar Gunslinger, daring to stand against the rule of the vampire
    Edgar: Well, that ends today.
    Virginia: Resistance is useless, boy...
    Edgar: We're doing this for the good of your people.
    Virginia: The vampires must rule over this world...
    Edgar: ...in order for it to be protected.
    Virginia: It's the only solution...
    ???: I'm not so sure about that!
    <Ernest and Kay arrive>
    Aaron: Ernest! Kay!
    Ernest: Sorry we're late, kid! Eh? Don't I know you...?!
    Toasty: Ernest! Kay! How long has it been...
    Ernest: Master Toasty! Then... does this mean that Aaron is...?
    Toasty: Ahem... Well, he's got a little ways to go yet, but...
    Edgar: Three Guild gunslingers, all gathered together?
    Virginia: This is quite a catch...
    Ernest: Go on, kid... Use that Solar Gun to protect everyone!
    Aaron: But...!
    Kay: We'll deal with these guys. Watch over Aaron for us, Master Toasty.
    Toasty: Of course. Don't get in over your heads, you two!
    Aaron: Ernest... Kay... May the Sun be with you!
    <Aaron and Toasty leave>
    Edgar: Don't think you can slip away from us so easily.
    Virginia: Flight is useless...
    Ernest: Simmer down, you two.
    Kay: You've got use to deal with, first.
    Edgar: Sigh. As you wish. We've got all the time in the world.
    Virginia: And I just love to play...
    <Aaron hears a crash behind him>
    Aaron: ! ...
    [Talk to Oblivious Guildswoman]
    Oblivious Guildswoman: If only Bea were here... She'd just whip out her Witch
    and make short work of all these monsters... What's that? You're gonna take
    care of things? You... you can use your Solar Gun, now? (You don't have to lie
    just to make me feel better, Aaron...) Anyway, I've got to stay optimistic,
    now. That's what she'd tell me to do. I won't give up! And you watch out for
    yourself too, Aaron! May the Sun be with you!
    <Oblivious Guildswoman runs off>
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Aaron... You're alive! I've managed to hold out this
    long, myself... But those bastards just keep swarming in here! I don't think I
    can take much more of this... ... ...Oh. So the bosses are holding back the
    vampires? Well, we can't afford to lose here, either. ...I think it's time to
    give it another shot! May the Sun be with you!
    <Hot-headed Guildsman runs off>
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Eeeeeeek! Help! ...Oh, just a boy. Don't startle me like
    that! What's that? You want to know what I'm doing here? Oh, you know, just
    doing a little soul cleansing with my Sun Shard here. You know what they say
    -- you can't fight on an empty stomach! Gotta put on a brave face, or something
    like that. Anyway, there's a lot of Terra Bugs floating all around here. Try
    looking for them. I'm going on ahead, okay? May the Sun be with you!
    <Soothing Guildswoman runs off>
    [Aaron meets Lisbeth and some Guildsmen]
    Lisbeth: ! Sir Aaron!
    <A Goat Chimera is blocking the escape route>
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Dang it! They've already made it here!
    Soothing Guildswoman: This was supposed to be our escape route... Did they know
    we were coming?
    Oblivious Guildswoman: No...! Are we... done for?!
    Lisbeth: We'll take another way! Come on, Sir Aaron...!
    Aaron: ...
    Lisbeth: Sir Aaron?
    Aaron: We can't, Lisbeth. Ernest and Kay are trying to keep those bloodsuckers
    back. But they're still advancing, and soon they're going to be right behind
    us. This route is the only way left out of 13th Street!
    Lisbeth: But...
    Aaron: Heh heh. Come one, these guys are no problem! I'm no longer an
    apprentice... I'm a true gunslinger... like my father before me! I can take
    these monsters any day!
    Lisbeth: Sir Aaron...
    Aaron: ...Huh? ...Oh, uh, it's nothing! I'm... just, uh, trembling with
    Toasty: Fear not! He may not look it, but this boy's father is the greatest
    vampire hunter that ever was. He trembled like that, too, whenever he faced a
    powerful foe. And then he whispered: May the Sun shine forever in our hearts.
    Aaron: My father said that...?
    Lisbeth: May the Sun shine forever in our hearts. What wonderful words!
    Aaron: You know... When I hear those words, somehow I feel... brave. And I
    think I know why: It's because I made a promise. A promise to protect
    Lisbeth... and everyone else! May the Sun shine forever in our hearts. Let's
    go, Toasty!
    Toasty: Right! We're all counting on you, Aaron!
    [After defeating the Goat Chimera]
    Lisbeth: Are you all right, Sir Aaron?!
    Aaron: Yeah, no problem! What about everyone else?
    Lisbeth: Oh, they're all fine!
    Hot-headed Guildsman: I had no idea you could fight like that!
    Soothing Guildswoman: It's true! He who know most, speaks last! <music note>
    Oblivious Guildswoman: That was wonderful, Aaron! I guess I must've really
    underestimated you!
    Aaron: Heh heh... I'm a little surprised myself, to be honest. I guess I've got
    all that training to thank, huh?
    Lisbeth: Now we can safely escape from 13th Street!
    Aaron: Right. The one thing is... Are Ernest and Kay all right?
    Toasty: Those two are battle-hardened veterans... who fought alongside your
    father in the past. They won't go down so easily.
    Aaron: I guess you're right...
    <Bea enters>
    Bea: You're all okay!
    Aaron: Bea!! You're here!
    Bea: I just wrapped up a successful rescue op, myself... Can't a girl get even
    a moment's rest around here?
    Aaron: Your injuries... Are you all right?
    Bea: There's no time to worry about that now. We've got -- ...Huh? Who are you?
    Toasty: I'm Toasty, the terrennial of light.
    Bea: You're Master Toasty... the mentor who's counseled countless vampire
    hunters through the ages... So Aaron has finally mastered his Solar Gun... How
    are Ernest and Kay doing?
    Aaron: ...
    Bea: I see... So they're busy holding the vampires at bay... All right. I'll go
    back them up. You go ahead and get everyone out of here! We'll rendezvous back
    at the shop. Got it?
    Aaron: They're dealing with a pair of vampires there. Be careful.
    Bea: ...You too. May the Sun be with you!
    <Bea leaves>
    Chapter 3: With Sword and Gun                                            [CHT3]
    Old Culiacan
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Oh man, you should've seen Aaron back there... He just
    waltzed in there and tore those monsters limb from limb. It was amazing! You
    should've seen it for yourself!
    Serious Guildsman: Hold up, wasn't he just facing off against one monster? And
    besides, how can you tear someone "limb from limb" with a gun, anyway? The
    bosses still haven't shown up yet, you know. That's a more serious problem...
    Or had you forgotten about them?
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Oh come on, they're all right! I'm sure of it! After all,
    Bea went over to lend them an extra hand.
    Serious Guildsman: She did? Well, that changes things... That means the three
    best gunslingers from the Guild are all fighting as one. I doubt even a pair of
    vampires could give them much trouble.
    <Lucian is listening in>
    Lucian: Vampires...? So they've finally shown their faces...
    Nero: And Bea's here, too. We just can't stop running into that girl, can we?
    Lucian: Hmph... I really don't like dealing with her... She's a pain.
    <Aaron is talking to Toasty>
    Aaron: Look, there's no reason Ernest and Kay... should be taking this long!
    You don't think those vampires got them, do you?
    Toasty: Settle down. For now, all we can do is believe in them... And wait.
    Aaron: But... I... I can't wait anymore! I'm going to see what the deal is!
    <Aaron goes to leave>
    Toasty: Aaron, wait!
    <Bea enters>
    Aaron: Bea! ...Where's Ernest and Kay?!
    Bea: ... I found this... Near a sewer entrance...
    <Bea shows Aaron a pair of Solar Goggles>
    Aaron: These are Ernest's! The vampires... They must have gotten them...
    Toasty: It's a trap. They're using them as bait to try and lure us into the
    sewers, away from safety -- where the light of the sun can't reach...
    Aaron: I don't care if it's a trap. We've got to help them! We're going into
    the sewers. Let's go, Bea!
    Bea: No! We can't just abandon all our comrades... not to mention everyone else
    in this city. Don't you understand what those two were fighting for in the
    first place?
    Aaron: But we can't just...!
    Bea: I know, I know...! There's got to be something we can do...
    Aaron: ...
    Bea: Hmm? Is that... Hey! Hold it! ...Don't run away from me!
    Aaron: ...?
    Toasty: That's...
    Lucian: Run away...? What makes you think I'm running away from you?
    Bea: The moment we made eye contact, you stood up from your seat, didn't you?
    Lucian: I got your information on the vampires -- that's all I needed from you.
    I'm not gonna stick around here while you try and pass off more of your chores
    on me.
    Bea: But you helped us earlier...
    Lucian: That? That was just taking out the trash, that's all.
    Bea: ...Well, if that's all you've got to say to me, then fine. But at least
    let me thank you. Everyone is safe and sound, and it's all thanks to you. We
    appreciate that.
    Lucian: Heh. Like I care...
    Bea: Lucian, I know you'll just call it a "chore," but I'm still going to ask
    -- Please, could you help us rescue our comrades? They've been captured by
    Lucian: Look, don't make me say this again... I fight alone -- for myself.
    Period. Why should I care about your friends?
    Aaron: I'll go with you, then! You can take on the vampires, I'll rescue Ernest
    and Kay... Everything will work out just fine! Okay?
    Lucian: Okay? Like hell! I'm not here to babysit some brat.
    Bea: Right. So anyway... You go on ahead, Aaron!
    Aaron: Uh... really? You sure it's okay?
    Lucian: Um, did you not hear me just now?
    Bea: Of course it's okay! I'm not about to babysit for you either, you know...
    Aaron: Thanks, Bea!!
    Lucian: You people...
    Bea: Just make sure you come back alive, all right? Remember -- it's okay to
    run away if you get in trouble. There's no point in looking cool if you're
    Lucian: ...
    Nero: This may not be as bad as it looks. He seems like a fairly gifted
    gunslinger, in spite of his appearance. And that Solar Gun of his is bound to
    come in handy as long as we're fighting vampires...
    Lucian: Oh come on, not you too... Well, whatever. As long as I'm free to do
    as I choose.
    Aaron: Thanks, Lucian! I promise, I won't let you down!
    Bea: Here, Aaron, take this with you.
    <Bea gives Aaron the Solar Gun "Witch">
    Bea: You ought to be able to use this gun by now. It's a spare, though, so
    don't expect it to have all of the original's capabilities. If it's not strong
    enough for you, you'll have to power it up yourself, all right?
    Aaron: Bea... Thanks! I'll take good care of it... I promise!
    Bea: I'll get some comrades together to help rebuild. Bring those two back
    safely, all right? May the Sun be with you!
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster]
    Friendly Pubmaster: With the Margrave gone and our long night over, I'm sure
    this town will recover from the malaise that ruled over it. My employees have
    reported back to work, so my inn is open for business once again. Feel free to
    stay the night when you have a chance.
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster again]
    Friendly Pubmaster: A true warrior is as good with his feet as with his sword.
    I'm sure someone of your caliber is already well aware of this, but if you
    quickly tap the +Control Pad twice in any direction, you'll be able to dash,
    which allows you to run around at twice the normal speed. Use this move
    correctly, and it'll give you a decided advantage in battle. However, dashing
    does use up energy, and any damage taken while dashing will be doubled, so
    please be careful.
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron]
    Ruddy Patron: It's been night for so long, my eyes got totally used to the
    darkness. The sun's too dang bright for me now! I'll guess I'll have to stay
    nocturnal for a little while longer, 'til I can see again. Ahh, but why the
    heck am I bellyachin' about that now? The Margrave's been defeated! They say a
    guy called the Something-or-other Swordsman took him down in battle. We really
    owe him one... and that gunslinger gal from the Guild, too. The booze hasn't
    tasted this fine in a long time!
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron again]
    Ruddy Patron: Say, pal, do you know how to Quick Guard? If you guard at the
    exact moment an enemy lands an attack on you, your Guard Counter won't even go
    down, and you'll even make the enemy flinch a bit. What's more, Quick Guards
    can deflect back some of the shots fired by enemies. It's a handy trick if you
    want to drop your defense and go on the offensive in a flash. Keep it in mind,
    all right? You'll thank me for telling you someday.
    [Talk to Young Vulpid]
    Young Vulpid: With all the prisoners from the mansion freed, it seems like this
    town's finally got a little spark in it again. Of course, some will say they
    wished they were back in their cells, but... ah well. The Margrave may have
    indeed been defeated, but as you can see, these folks are as scared of the
    vampires as ever.
    [Talk to Young Vulpid again]
    Young Vulpid: You know about accessories? Accessories are special kinds of
    equipment that can produce a number of different effects when equipped on a
    person's body. You can equip them in three areas: your head, your upper body,
    and your lower body. Beyond that, you can also carry a shield. To change your
    equipment, just go to the Accessories screen off the main menu. Keep in mind,
    though... An accessory will only affect the person who actually has it equipped
    on their body. That said, you guys seem to like taking turns out there, so I
    suppose you could just swap one accessory back and forth to the active player,
    if you really wanted to.
    [Talk to Hopeful Man]
    Hopeful Man: You and that gunslinger lass have my most sincere thanks -- You
    saved me from being sent to the cursed city to become another slave to the
    vampires! I really gotta hand it to you two. I never thought I'd see sunlight
    again. Just goes to show ya... You can't ever give up, not 'til the bitter end!
    [Talk to Hopeful Man again]
    Hopeful Man: Hey... do you know how to waggle your joystick? If you find
    yourself caught in a spider's web or the grasp of a Chloroformin', it's
    possible to shake yourself free with a little old-school joystick waggling. All
    you gotta do is wig out on the +Control Pad and smack the buttons as fast as
    you can. What? You say that's not joystick waggling? You kids call it button
    mashing? Hey, whatever. Sounds like a personal problem to me.
    [Talk to Confident Woman]
    Confident Woman: Bea and I have been best friends since childhood. For as long
    as I've known her, she's always looked out for her friends, no matter what.
    That's why even when I was imprisoned inside the Hunting Mansion, I knew she'd
    come for me... for all of us.
    [Talk to Confident Woman again]
    Confident Woman: If you re-enter a dungeon you've already cleared, you can
    choose to either take on a Quest, or just explore the dungeon again. With
    Quests, you'll adventure through the dungeon in order to complete a certain
    goal. This could mean having to defeat all the monsters in the dungeon, or
    making it back to the entrance before time expires, among other things. To see
    a list of Quests that are currently available at any time, just head over to
    the Info Broker and check out the Quest List.
    [Talk to Info Broker]
    Info Broker: The history of humans and vampires in this world... extends far,
    far back, to the days of folklore. It is a history of vampire offensives and
    human-led counterattacks... The more famous battles include the Doomsday Lord
    versus the Crimson Warriors, and the Sons of Doomsday versus the Warrior of
    Light and Darkness. And, of course, there's the most recent fight between the
    previous vampire lord, the Lord of Destruction, and the great vampire hunter,
    the Time-Crossing Warrior. Perhaps... perhaps someday your battle will mark
    another chapter in the ongoing saga...
    [Talk to Info Broker again]
    Info Broker: As I mentioned before, elements work their magic in all kinds of
    things, not just with humans and monsters. In dungeons, you may find switches
    that only turn with the right elemental attack, or blocks that can only be
    destroyed with a certain elemental blast. In situations like those, if you
    don't keep those opposite elements in mind, you're sunk. Remember: Sol vs.
    Dark, Flame vs. Frost, and Cloud vs. Earth. Don't forget, okay?
    [Choose "Stay at Inn"]
    Friendly Pubmaster: Are you staying here tonight?
    <Choose to stay>
    Friendly Pubmaster: Enjoy your stay.
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: If you want to revive a friend who's fallen in
    battle, you'll need one of these: a Restorative or a Resurrective. Normal
    recovery items like an Earth Fruit aren't enough for a job like that. You could
    also come back and stay at a pub for the night... But, honestly, it'd best to
    just swap characters before you bite the dust.
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper again]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: Status ailments can really screw up your situation.
    You might get receive one by getting attacked by certain monsters, among other
    things. The Poison ailment, for example, does funky things to your screen,
    while the Confused ailment switches up the directions on the +Control Pad. All
    of these ailments subside over time, but you can hasten your recovery with
    select items, such as an Antidote. Don't forget that, all right? Forewarned is
    forearmed... or so they say.
    [Talk to Laura]
    Laura: Have you ever come across the dreaded Game Over screen? Even if you're
    defeated inside a dungeon, as long as you've got enough Soll to cover it, you
    can Continue where you left off, or restart from the area you died in with
    full life and energy. Cash is king on our business, you see. By the way, you
    can still Continue if you lack the required Soll... but you'll need to pay us
    back, sooner or later, so please exercise caution <music note>
    [Talk to Laura again]
    Laura: The storehouse is used to keep any items besides valuables, as well as
    any accessories besides shields. You can't deposit an accessory if someone has
    it equipped, so please make sure to remove it before visiting us. Furthermore,
    any items or accessories kept within the storehouse... can be withdrawn for
    your use at any Solar Bank. We've got many convenient locations, so please use
    the one that suits you best <music note>
    Old Culiacan
    [Enter The Ring of Destiny]
    Quiet Pubmaster: Come on in... What can I do for you?
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster]
    Quiet Pubmaster: This is the Ring of Destiny, a combination pub and inn. If you
    stay here, your life and energy reserves will be completely restored. However,
    your TRC (Trance) Gauge will be reset to zero when you wake up. Furthermore, 
    our pub is home to a remarkable variety of guests. If you've come in search of
    information, it'd be a smart idea to chat with them.
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster again]
    Quiet Pubmaster: I heard that the Guild hideout on 13th Street... came under
    attack from the vampires. Fortunately, word around here is that casualties at
    the scene were kept to a minimum, mainly thanks to the exploits of the Boss and
    his loyal men and women. Despite that, though, the hideout itself is apparently
    a total loss. If all the Guild members hanging out here are any indication,
    I'd say it looks like they chose this pub as their rendezvous point. Not that
    I mind having them here, of course. You might say I owe them one... I just hope
    they pay their tab soon. It's starting to pile up quite a bit!
    [Talk to Retired Man]
    Retired Man: So you're the kid who saved Lisbeth from the 'shop, eh? Well, you
    certainly have my thanks for that, too. Even with things as they are, she's
    always so bright and gentle. Everybody like her. When we see her out there,
    bein' all brave like that, it makes us all feel better. Makes us feel like, you
    know, we'd better do our best, too.
    [Talk to Retired Man again]
    Retired Man: There's a vast sewer network spread out beneath this city. It's
    all twisty and turny down there, so even if you knew where you wanted to go,
    oftentimes you can't get there without taking a long, roundabout route. If
    you're ever thinking about going in there yourself, you'd better take a good
    look at the Map Screen. You don't want to get lost down there.
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid]
    Silent Vulpid: Do you know about the Gate of Binding? It's a giant gate that
    separates New Culiacan from the outside world. The gate has four seals etched
    up on it... but the other day, one of the them, the red one, started shining
    brightly. What on earth could that be a sign of, I wonder?
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid again]
    Silent Vulpid: It doesn't seem like the people who live here... appreciate the
    vampires ruling them over like this. They've even formed a little resistance
    group called the guild to fight against them... Still, this new regime... Is
    it really all that bad, do you think? Not that it matters to me one way or the
    other, but...
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Not only has our hideout been all smashed up, but now
    the boss and Kay have gone missing, too... What's gonna happen to the Guild
    now, huh? Wait! Enough of that! My blood is boiling hot -- I can't afford to
    get all sappy now! I mean, Ernest and Kay aren't gonna get taken down that
    easily! They got the Dragoon and the Ninja on their side! Besides, Bea's here
    for us. We gotta show her what we're all made of, am I right?!
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman again]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Hmm? Bea? She's out somewhere. Said something about
    going to procure a new hideout for us. Those of use left here are busy tryin'
    to get a bead on the vampires' movements... and strengthening our defenses in
    Old Culiacan. There's still a lotta monsters wandering around on 13th Street,
    after all.
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Amazing, kid... Not only have you finally learned how to
    fire a Solar Gun, but you even managed to defeat that big ol' monster... It's
    really a surprise, let me tell you! You're no apprentice anymore! Guess I have
    to stop calling you "kid" <heart>
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman again]
    Soothing Guildswoman: The monsters really did a number on 13th Street. I wonder
    if we'll ever go back there again... No, I know we will! We can't just resign
    ourselves! Someday we'll chase the monsters out of there and fill it up with
    flowers! I'm sure that'll please the Terra Bugs, too. Yes... what a lovely
    idea <music note>
    [Leave the pub]
    Quiet Pubmaster: Come back soon
    [Enter the General Store]
    Lisbeth: Welcome! How can I help you?
    [Talk to Lisbeth]
    Lisbeth: Sir Aaron!! Thank you so much for rescuing me back at 13th Street!
    I'm afraid I can't fight against the vampires the way everyone else can... but
    I hope that in protecting the store my mother left me, I can help in some
    small way. This is the Twin Butterfly General Store, where we stock items and
    accessories that can help you in all sorts of ways. We also deal in junk parts,
    which are always popular with Guild members. Please make sure that you're well
    prepared for the battles ahead!
    [Talk to Lisbeth again]
    Lisbeth: Did you know? Perishable items like Earth Fruit gradually go bad over
    time. Every item has its own expiration date, but you can keep tabs on how
    fresh an item is by looking at its Freshness Meter. It's the round mark in
    front of its name. It would seem that some items go bad faster depending on
    the local climate, so you should keep a close eye on any items you have with
    meters on them.
    [Go back to the shop selection menu]
    Lisbeth: What would you like?
    [Leave the General Store]
    Lisbeth: May the Sun shine forever in our hearts!
    Sheridan's Mansion
    Sheridan: Well, well... I've been waiting for you, Lucian. As you know, the
    paraSOL is an environmental manipulation system... controlled by the Duke and
    his minions. Because of its influence, most of the world has been cloaked in an
    eternal, endless night. However... now that you've defeated the Margrave and
    freed one of the terrennials -- the guardians who govern over the will of this
    world -- it would seem you've finally managed to put a crack in their system.
    As a result, now I can hack directly into the paraSOL and alter the climate
    that prevails over the local area. Right now we have two possible climates at
    our disposal: Balmy Subtropical, which is this area's original climate, and
    Arid Desert, the climate brought forth by the flame terrennial, Ursula. Anytime
    you want me to hack in and change the paraSOL's climate, just say the word.
    [Talk to Sheridan]
    Sheridan: How's the parts collection coming along? If you raise the level of
    your weapon by powering it up, not only will you improve its attack power, but
    you'll also raise the number of successive attacks you can unleash per chain.
    With some weapons, you'll be even be able to execute charge attacks. If you're
    looking to improve your battle performance, you'll need to level up... Both
    yourself and your weapon, that is.
    [Talk to Sheridan again]
    Sheridan: How are you getting along with Carmilla these days? That girl
    doesn't have much in the way of emotions, so forgive her if she's a little...
    Well, brusque with you. I imagine you've already noticed this, but she's not
    what you would call human. Rather, she's an android, created using forbidden
    alchemy. But really, even if she isn't human... that doesn't mean she's not as
    valuable as you or I. Far from it, in fact. All life deserves respect, whether
    it be human life or vampire. Of course, what with you risking your life to rid
    the world of vampires and all, I suppose it'll take more than my little speech
    to convince you of it.
    [Talk to Carmilla]
    Carmilla: We experience all the usual kinds of weather here, from rain and
    snowstorms to clouds and clear skies. Under the influence of the paraSOL,
    however, we're occasionally exposed to certain... extraordinary weather
    conditions. It's not a common occurrence, but when it does happen, the effects
    can be rather adverse.
    [Talk to Carmilla again]
    Carmilla: Under the paraSOL's "Arid Desert" climate, the weather is generally
    very dry, with extremely low amounts of precipitation. As a result, the
    scorched earth becomes inhospitable for plants or animals. Furthermore, the
    possibility of sandstorms arises due to the extreme wind conditions.
    [Choose "Change Climate"]
    Sheridan: Which climate do you want to change to?
    <After choosing a climate>
    Sheridan: All right, I've hacked it in.
    [Choose "Shooting Battle"]
    Sheridan: I say, nothing good ever did come from dealing with her... Mm? Oh.
    Well, you see, Alice asked me to build a battle simulator for Mobile Fighter
    combat. Though, really, it was no trouble at all -- not with the alchemy I've
    got at hand. If you use this to replay and study your previous battles, you'll
    be that much more prepared when the next battle rolls around. Besides, don't
    you want to see what kind of powers your new terrennials have? I've also set
    it to record your scores, so try and go for an "S" ranking, all right?
    Sheridan: Which stage will you challenge?
    *[Alternate message]
    *Carmilla: Which stage would you like to challenge...?
    <After the shooting battle stage>
    Carmilla: Thank you for participating...
    Old Culiacan: Sewers
    Aaron: Ugh! What's that smell?
    Nero: Don't get all worked up. It's just an odor...
    Aaron: Doesn't it bother you at all, Lucian? Earrrgh, I think I'm starting to
    get sick...
    Toasty: The boy is right. It does reek here... of vampires.
    Aaron: So this... this really is a trap, isn't it?
    Nero: So what if it is? You planning to run on home with your tail between your
    Aaron: Run? No way! I'm going to get them out of here, no matter what!
    Lucian: Heh. You sure talk a pretty big game... But it'll take more than that
    to win against these guys.
    Aaron: I know that! You don't have to tell me...
    Toasty: Listen up, you two. We're about to enter a dark zone -- an area under
    the rule of vampires. You'll both need to make use of all your abilities --
    your skills with sword and gun, with sun and darkness. If not, it's unlikely
    you'll ever get past their tricks and traps. You can swap characters at any
    time by pressing SELECT. Be sure to use it well. Also, Aaron -- if you want to
    charge your energy, you need to be in the sunlight. Likewise, Lucian, you can
    only charge your energy under the light of the moon. Make sure you have a way
    to refill your energy before you start using it all up.
    Lucian: You don't need to tell me twice... Let's go, Nero!
    Aaron: Hey... hey, wait up, Lucian!
    [Approach the Weather Statue]
    <Phone rings>
    Alice: Yoo-hoo! Alice reporting! So, the big, bad Dark Swordsman's gone and
    gotten himself a sidekick, huh? I'm gonna have to come up with a name for you
    Lucian: I'm hanging up, Alice...
    Alice: Sorry, sorry! Just kidding! Sheesh!
    Lucian: The name I've got now is more than sufficient. A name that spells
    death to the vampire race...
    Alice: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I'll make this brief. So that water channel, in
    front of you. See that huge statue off to the side? That's what's known as a
    Weather Statue. When one of those is nearby, you can mess with the paraSOL to
    change things around. For example, water will evaporate in the Arid Desert
    climate... while plants will grow faster in the Tropical Rainforest climate.
    Once you free up a portion of the paraSOL, you can go to Sheridan's to mess
    with it. So if you see a Weather Statue around, try switching climates to see
    what happens. Also, about that Mobile Unit I lent you -- you know, the one in
    your Valuables? You can use it to contact me whenever you want to use the
    Retry or Escape commands. Retry allows you to restart an area from the
    beginning, while escape gets you out of a dungeon and back onto the World Map.
    They both cost money, though, so don't expect me to be footin' the bill!
    Anyway, that's it for now. I'll have the Purifex ready for you, so... You two
    play nice with each other down there, okay?
    <Alice hangs up>
    Lucian: Sigh...
    [Approach the Elemental Switch]
    Nero: An Elemental Switch... This is a special kind of device. To turn it on
    and off, simply attack it with the opposite element from the one than it's
    currently displaying. Right now it's displaying the Frost element... So the
    opposite element would be...
    [Approach the Elemental Block]
    Toasty: An Elemental Block... This is a unique kind of block. To destroy it,
    simply attack it with the opposite element from the one that's displayed on its
    emblem. This emblem depicts the Frost element... Guess it's time to break out
    Ursula, eh?
    [In the boss room]
    Aaron: !
    Edgar: You've come.
    Virginia: We've been waiting...
    Aaron: Where's Ernest and Kay?!
    Edgar: I'm afraid they're no longer here.
    Virginia: We took them to Santa Cecilia station...
    Edgar: And placed them on a train.
    Virginia: They'll be taken to the Baron's tower laboratory...
    Aaron: Laboratory?!
    Edgar: Indeed. Stoker serves as the laboratory's director.
    Virginia: Baron Stoker, the mad scientist...
    Edgar: He's been rather preoccupied lately, you see. He's obsessed with
    figuring out new ways to customize his Casket Armor.
    Virginia: Those Solar Guns you all use...
    Edgar: He'd very much like to study their inherent powers.
    Virginia: And that's why those two are about to be experimented on...
    Aaron: Not if I can help it!
    Edgar: Well, you've certainly got a lot of spunk.
    Virginia: Such a darling child...
    Lucian: Heh... So we've got the Poes and Baron Stoker, huh? I'm a little
    surprised we were able to find these vampires so easily. Especially ones
    equipped with terrennial-powered armor... I suppose this kid turned out to be
    useful, after all.
    Edgar: I haven't seen you before.
    Virginia: Who are you...?
    Lucian: My name is Lucian. I'm a vampire hunter.
    Edgar: I see. So you're the one who destroyed Rymer.
    Virginia: The one who stole away his terrennial... along with control of his
    portion of the paraSOL...
    Edgar: That was you?
    Virginia: And yet, your scent is similar to ours...
    Edgar: It must be the dark power imbued within your body. The Dark Sword
    readied in your hand.
    Virginia: Human, yet not human...
    Edgar: And yet, you're obviously no vampire, either.
    Virginia: Such a mysterious man...
    Edgar: Fascinating, indeed. Stoker will be delighted to study you most closely.
    Aaron: What's going on, Lucian?!
    Lucian: It doesn't matter... The only thing that matters is that I defeat the
    twin-horned vampire... the Duke. And now, in order to achieve that goal... I'm
    gonna purify your souls, just like Rymer's!
    Edgar: You dare stand on our way?
    Virginia: Dare to interfere with the utopia he envisioned...?
    Edgar: I know not who you are.
    Virginia: But our bond is unbreakable...
    Edgar: My Wind Armor can deflect any bullet.
    Virginia: And my Earth Armor blocks any blade...
    Edgar: We will protect the future of this planet.
    Virginia: I hope you're prepared...
    [After defeating them]
    Edgar: They've shattered it!
    Virginia: Our unbreakable bond...!
    Edgar: We have but one last resort.
    Virginia: Fusion...?
    Edgar: Join me, Ginny!
    Virginia: Here goes, Eddie...!
    <Edgar and Virginia fuse>
    [After defeating the Poes]
    Edgar: You've bested us.
    Virginia: In spite of our fusion...
    Edgar: Gun and sword.
    Virginia: Sun and darkness...
    Edgar: Your bodies and minds are entirely separate,
    Virginia: and yet, your strength...
    <Lucian seals the Poes in a coffin>
    Aaron: We did it, Lucian!!
    Lucian: I never thought I'd need any help from a brat like you... But still,
    I'll do whatever it takes to bring that monster down.
    Toasty: The twin-horned vampire... The Duke... What on earth happened between
    the two of you? Is it somehow related... to the dark power you bear?
    Lucian: What do you care? It doesn't matter now. It's not like I can just go
    back and change the past...
    Toasty: ...
    Lucian: Enough talk. I've gotta purify these bodies with the Sunflower up in
    satellite orbit!
    <Lucian summons Laplace>
    Aaron: Wooooahhhhh! This thing is awesome!
    Nero: You can be pretty annoying, you know...
    Aaron: But... but this is just too awesome! Man, oh man, oh man! Come on,
    Lucian, let's go for a spin!
    Lucian: You don't actually expect us to take you along, do you?
    Aaron: Of course! There's no way I'm just going to sit here while you blast off
    in that thing!
    Lucian: Nero...
    Nero: Right. We can just leave the brat out in space.
    Nero: We'll need to use the Casket Rocket... to break through the alien sky
    that the vampires have unleashed upon us. Then we'll purify the Poes' souls in
    satellite orbit, where the sunlight isn't affected by the paraSOL! You ready,
    Satellite Orbit
    <Enemy Pilot approaches>
    Enemy Pilot: Mobile Fighter Laplace... You dare trespass before me once again?
    Preposterous! I admit I may have performed a bit below standard the last time
    we met, but this time, the Schrödinger has undergone a full tune-up! It knows
    no equal! We can't afford to lose any more terrennials. Prepare to face the
    fury of the Heavy Schrödinger, the most powerful craft in all existence! I'll
    blast you in bits and send you into the ether!
    <After badly damaging the Heavy Schrödinger>
    Enemy Pilot: Nyah! This can't be happening! My all powerful Heavy
    Schrödinger... Defeated! Raaaaagh... Just wait until next time! I'll send you
    and your little ship straight to the grave!
    <Heavy Schrödinger leaves, Laplace flies towards Sunflower>
    Alice's Voice: Hey, guys. Like two peas in a pod now, huh? I've been watching
    you two from above. You guys make quite a combination! I know... How about I
    call you guys... "The Two Stooges"? ... All right, all right. My lips are
    sealed from now on. Anyway, the Purifex is good to go, so feel free to dock
    whenever you're ready. Hey, what's with those looks? You know how much trouble
    I have to go through for you? My pure, virgin heart... mercilessly stabbed! I
    guess even a Sunflower gets down sometimes...
    Lucian: ...
    Alice's Voice: ...What, so this is my fault?
    <Laplace connects with Sunflower, Alice readies the Purifex Cannon>
    Alice: Laplace, connected! Preparing Solar Sigil! Target, locked on! Purifex
    activated! That's it! Here it comes!! Energy levels, 120%! Ready... Purifex
    Cannon... FIRE!!!
    <Purifex Cannon purifies the Poes>
    Edgar: Gunslinger Aaron... Wielder of the Solar Gun...
    Virginia: Vampire Hunter Lucian... Wielder of the Dark Sword...
    Edgar: Could you be... the Solar Knight, light warrior of lore?
    Virginia: Could you be... the Lunar Knight, dark warrior of legend?
    Edgar: A utopia... built by vampires. It was within our grasp.
    Virginia: Why? Why did you have to show up now, of all times...?
    Edgar: I'm sorry, Ginny. I wasn't able to protect you...
    Virginia: It's all right, Eddie. As long as we're together...
    <The Poes vanish>
    Wind Terrennial: I am Alexander, the guardian that governs over wind.
    Earth Terrennial: I am Tove, the guardian that governs over earth.
    Alexander: You have purified a part of this planet's consciousness... Its
    power... Power that had been usurped by the vampires.
    Tove: Thanks to your purification of the Poes, we were able to revert to our
    original forms.
    Alexander: The vampires are using the power of us terrennials in a bid to rule
    this planet.
    Tove: But the Casket Armor they use to dispel the sun's light, and the paraSOL
    they use to manipulate and change the environment... These were not originally
    created by the vampires.
    Alexander: There's a group of emissaries from space who are lending their power
    to the vampires...
    Tove: They're known as the Immortals...
    Alexander: Are these Immortals... enemies of our planet?
    Tove: Not even we have to power to know that, yet...
    Alexander: The truth awaits you at the end of your quest.
    Tove: We, too, must know the truth... So we will grant you our powers!
    <Obtains the power of the Wind Terrennial, Alexander>
    <Obtains the power of the Earth Terrennial, Tove>
    <Laplace flies back>
    Chapter 4: A Reason to Fight                                             [CHT4]
    Guild Hideout
    Bea: Aaron! Lucian! Look who's here! You may have heard from the pubmaster
    already, but this is our new hideout! The info broker found this place for
    us... Apparently we used it back in the days of the old boss! I joined after
    all that stuff happened, so I don't know much about him, but the old guard's
    really digging all the old memories holed up in here!
    Aaron: Wow, he was here? Neat...
    Lucian: ......
    Bea: Who do you want to talk to?
    [Talk to Bea]
    Bea: According to some info we got in earlier, the vampires have placed Ernest
    and Kay on a train... one that's bound for the research complex where Baron
    Stoker does his work. If they're taken inside there, that's it. There's no
    helping them after that. Aaron... Lucian... No matter what you do, you've
    gotta save them before the train departs!
    [Talk to Bea again]
    Bea: After the Solar Gun Witch's shots fly a certain distance, they
    automatically change direction and go towards any nearby enemies. It takes a
    bit of practice to use the gun correctly, but if you keep a fair distance away
    from the enemy and use the terrain right, you'll be able to hit your opponents
    without any fear of reprisal. I'm sure you'll master it soon enough. Good
    luck, Aaron!
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: This's drivin' me nuts! I really wish I could go with
    you and help rescue the boss and Kay, but I'm on assignment from Bea here, you
    know? It'd be bad if I deserted my post. Good luck getting Kay and the boss
    back, okay? I'm counting on you two. May the Sun be with you!
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman again]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Huh? My assignment? Well, right now I'm gathering and
    analyzing information on the vampires. For example, did you know that Baron
    Stoker... is the head of the research complex on the outskirts of Culiacan? He
    carries out all manner of weird experiments, day in, day out. A real mad
    scientist! He'll do anything for his research... no matter how many lives it
    costs. Oh, man! If that's where the boss and Kay are headed, there ain't no
    way they'll survive! Ugh! Why did Bea have to stick me with this kinda work?
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Bea was worried about something a bit earlier... Since
    she ran into the Margrave in the courtyard of the Hunting Mansion, she wasn't
    able to fully explore the inside of the place, like she wanted to. I suppose
    we can't be sure that Acuna is safe without examining the entire mansion, but
    with the boss and Kay captured and everything, the Guild's having trouble just
    keeping itself together right now. Sigh... I hope there's nothing else in
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman again]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Say, Aaron, do you know how to whistle? It's easy. Just
    blow into the microphone, and there you go. You can use the sound of whistling
    to lure enemies toward you... if they're the kind that uses their eyes and
    ears to patrol a certain area. If you're trying to sneak around unnoticed, it's
    an indispensable technique. You'd best master it as soon as possible.
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster]
    Friendly Pubmaster: You should have seen it... The day the sun returned from
    its dreary hiatus, that is. Most townspeople were just completely flustered at
    the idea of the sun in their lives, but nowadays, it looks like everyone's
    settled back into their own routines. The sun sets in the evening, rises in
    the morning... It's the way this planet should be, I know, but still...
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster again]
    Friendly Pubmaster: Vampires have a critical weakness to sunlight... This
    weakness has historically been the keystone of the humans' resistance efforts,
    but somewhere along the line, the sun just stopped being effective against
    them. What with the sun disappearing and the vampires wearing those bizarre
    suits, I honestly thought the world was coming to an end.
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron]
    Ruddy Patron: I heard a rumor earlier... Sounds like the Guild hideout in the
    cursed city of Culiacan got hit by vampires. What with the Margrave out of the
    picture, I thought we actually had some hope... Is it gonna go back to the way
    it was before again?
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron again]
    Ruddy Patron: Here's a little secret: You can actually raise the maximum value
    of your Guard Counter. Did you know? You may not see it, but your shield
    actually earns EXP, just like you do. If you use each shield the right way,
    you'll start piling up the experience, and once it reaches a certain level,
    the Counter's max value will go up a bit. With your Silver Star, for example,
    I reckon some Quick Guards will do the trick...
    [Talk to Young Vulpid]
    Young Vulpid: I spoke with this guy who came back from the Hunting Mansion,
    and he claimed that when the Margrave wasn't out on one of his manhunts, he
    devoted his energies to exploring ancient ruins. Apparently, he was in search
    of some dark weapon of sorts which had been sealed away since the days of
    folklore. Of course, who knows if such a thing actually exists? Although, now
    that I think about it, I do recall hearing something... Something about the
    fabled ruins of San Miguel sleeping beneath that mansion... Oh, well. It's just
    a rumor, after all.
    [Talk to Young Vulpid again]
    Young Vulpid: Accessories that were designed to be worn on your head often
    have positive effects on your Spirit ability. Some of them even protect you
    from status ailments, I hear. If you'd like to be able to charge up more
    energy, or if you're fighting against monsters that often deal out status
    ailments, these kind of accessories will be indispensable.
    [Talk to Hopeful Man]
    Hopeful Man: Hey... wanna know somethin'? Sometimes you'll run into what's
    known 'round here as "patrolling" enemies... They're basically bad guys who
    use their eyes and ears to patrol over a set path. Approach one head-on, and
    it'll spot you right away, but if you can make your move while its back is
    turned, you can slip by unnoticed. Course, you could always go for a preemptive
    attack, if you prefer. It's your call. Just be careful you don't get reckless
    and make too much noise, or else the enemy will hear you and come closer to
    investigate the disturbance.
    [Talk to Hopeful Man again]
    Hopeful Man: If you can manage to pull off a Quick Guard on an enemy, which
    means to parry his attack with a guard at the precise moment of impact, you'll
    blow open his defenses wide open and potentially improve your position in the
    battle. If you just can't seem to get in an attack on an opponent you're
    fighting, try performing a Quick Guard and see what happens.
    [Talk to Confident Woman]
    Confident Woman: According to rumors, the Guild hideout in Old Culiacan fell
    under attack by the vampires. I hope Bea's all right... She was en route to
    Culiacan to discuss their strategy... Hmm? She's just fine? And she even built
    a new hideout and reorganized the Guild? Hee hee... That's just like her. "If
    something breaks down, you just rebuild it..." That's always been her little
    [Talk to Confident Woman again]
    Confident Woman: When taking on a Quest, you're not allowed to leave the
    dungeon until the Quest is complete. If you do leave in the middle of a Quest,
    them at that point, the Quest is canceled. You'll need to start again from
    scratch if you cancel or fail a Quest, but you can try each one as often as
    you want, so don't give up!
    [Talk to Info Broker]
    Info Broker: The Solar Knight and the Lunar Knight... These Warriors of Light
    and Darkness were feared by even the fiercest vampires. Although they fought
    against each other countless times as enemies, in the end, they put aside
    their differences and saved the planet from evil. With your light and dark
    powers, you're starting to seem pretty similar, huh? Ah, well, it's all just
    folklore, anyway. You guys aren't REALLY like those two. Uh, I mean, not that
    I'd know or anything. I'm just saying. Anyway, I think there's a unique path
    for you guys out there somewhere... It's gonna be up to you to find it for
    [Talk to Info Broker again]
    Info Broker: As I mentioned before, it's important to know your elements when
    fighting against vampires and monsters. You won't deal much damage if you
    attack with the same element your enemy has, but if you use the opposite
    element, you'll strike for a lot more damage, y'know? All the enemies you've
    defeated up 'til now are on your Hunt List, so take a look at it if you're a
    little fuzzy on the elements of some of your enemies.
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: The Magical Ice Pop restores a hefty slice of your
    energy. It's a top-shelf item, but bein' made of ice, it melts pretty quickly,
    too. You'd best keep an eye on it, especially in deserts and rainforest
    regions. Oh, and hey -- don't forget to check the stick once you've finished
    eating it. If it says "WIN" on it, bring it back and I'll trade it for another
    one. You got that?
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper again]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: The Burning ailment deals you continuous fire
    damage, while the Frozen ailment slows down your ability to move. And when
    you've fainted, you won't be able to do anything at all. All of these status
    ailments will pass with time, but you can't cure 'em with special items, so
    you'll need to be especially careful. You can speed up the recovery process by
    quickly tapping the +Control Pad left and right. When the goin' gets tough,
    the tough get goin'... or so they say.
    [Talk to Laura]
    Laura: Excuse me, but... Do you happen to own any of the Boktai games for Game
    Boy Advance? If you play Lunar Knights with a Boktai Game Pak inserted in
    SLOT-2, you'll receive the Solar Sensor among your Valuables, and some special
    products will be added to the items shop. Try it out sometime! Oh, one last
    thing... Before you insert any Game Paks into SLOT-2, please be sure to finish
    up your current game and turn OFF the power <music note>
    [Talk to Laura again]
    Laura: Oh, did you know about this? Items that you place in the storehouse
    won't melt or go bad over time. If you've got chocolate or perishable items,
    store them here to preserve them longer. You can deposit or withdraw items as
    often as you like. It's free <music note>
    Old Culiacan
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster]
    Quiet Pubmaster: The Guildsman? They're all gone. They left en masse once word
    got out about some sort of new hideout. I believe they're expecting you two
    there as well... Or have you already visited? The location should be marked on
    your map, so why not have a look around if you haven't already?
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster again]
    Quiet Pubmaster: The Guild gunslingers fight the vampires with Solar Guns.
    Within their ranks, there are three fighters whose skills stand out from the
    pack: Ernest, with his Dragoon, Kay, with his Ninja, and Bea, with her Witch.
    People refer to them as the Three Gunslingers, and their exploits are lauded
    [Talk to Retired Man]
    Retired Man: When I think of a gunslinger teamed up with Toasty, I can't help
    but remember our Guild Leader... the previous one, that is. And now here's an
    apprentice gunslinger teamed up with the vampire hunter of lure. It's hardly
    any wonder everyone around here's got high hopes for you. Some cynics say
    it's just a waste of energy, but me, I don't think so. ...I can see it in your
    eyes. They're the real deal. I may be retired, but I'm something of a warrior
    myself. I can tell, trust me.
    [Talk to Retired Man again]
    Retired Man: The Armed Train, hmm...? The vampires use it to transport their
    monsters to all parts of the world. They're all shipped off from Santa Cecilia
    station. That's their departure point. It's a vital base for them. In fact,
    it's so well guarded, you can't even get near it. If you're gonna try to get
    in, you'd better be prepared for anything and everything.
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid]
    Silent Vulpid: I've been thinking about those seals lately, so I went over to
    the Gate of Binding to have a look of my own... Turns out it's not just the
    red one. Now the purple and green seals are shining, too. This has got to be
    the start of something. The only question is what...
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid again]
    Silent Vulpid: You know 13th Street? The road the vampires attacked? Well,
    look at it now. It's nothing but a big den of monsters, isn't it? I doubt
    things would've gotten this bad if that Guild wasn't stirring up trouble...
    I'm just glad they're out of here now. Now we can rest easy for a while!
    [Talk to Lisbeth]
    Lisbeth: Did you know? If you use an item whose Freshness Meter has run dry,
    you'll be Poisoned. That said, you'll still get a small bit of life or energy
    restored, so as long as you've got an Antidote, you can still use items that
    have gone bad.
    [Talk to Lisbeth again]
    Lisbeth: Do you like chocolate, Sir Aaron? Chocolate is well known for never
    going bad, but it doesn't hold up well in the heat, eventually melting in high
    temperatures. Chocolate doesn't taste as good once it's melted, and any item
    underneath it at the time will wind up covered in chocolate. If you use a
    chocolate-covered item, it'll be cleaned up and restored to normal. This can
    be pretty useful if you need to conserve space in your item slots. Of course,
    you'll have no idea what an item is unless you remove the chocolate, so you
    need to be careful how you position the items in your bag.
    Sheridan's Mansion
    Sheridan: Ah, it's you again... I hear you've bested the Viscount and his
    sister. With their defeat, two more terrennials have been freed: Alexander,
    the terrennial of wind, and Tove, the terrennial of earth. This, of course,
    means that two more climates have been made available to us: Tropical
    Rainforest, and Humid Continental. Whenever you want to change the paraSOL's
    climate, just let me know. That reminds me... I'd recommend the Tropical
    Rainforest climate, myself, I detest the cold...
    [Talk to Sheridan]
    Sheridan: Baron Stoker...? Yes, I know him. Very well, in fact. We used to work
    together as master and pupil, as we blazed our path in alchemic science. He
    may be a vampire, and he may be as cold-hearted and arrogant as they come, but
    there's nothing fake about his passion for alchemy. It's the real deal, as they
    say. Of course, that wasn't enough to convince me about his... shall we say...
    [Talk to Sheridan again]
    Sheridan: According to vampiric folklore, there is a set of three weapons
    crafted from dark matter by the Dark Tribe. First, the Dark Sword, which shares
    its name with the beast of destruction... one who waits patiently by the moon
    for the time to swallow all of like into its maw. Second, the Dark Scythe,
    which shares its name with the queen of the land of the dead... the land that
    all living things on this planet must visit sooner or later. Third, the Dark
    Lance, which shared its name with the great beast of the earth, the creature
    whose awakening will spell twilight and doom for this planet. They are
    forbidden weapons, all of them -- revered and feared by vampires everywhere.
    But you, Lucian... Even though you are human, you hold the power of darkness
    in your body. You may yet be able to take them all in hand and wield them in
    [Talk to Carmilla]
    Carmilla: Under the paraSOL's "Humid Continental" climate, the temperatures
    tend to drop, making frequent snowfall a fact of life. The wind can be quite
    strong when it wants to be, and freezing hailstorms have been known to occur.
    [Talk to Carmilla again]
    Carmilla: Under the paraSOL's "Tropical Rainforest" climate, the local humidity
    is high and the land is subject to frequent rainstorms, making conditions
    ideal for extensive vegetation growth. The air is generally calm, but there
    are occasional bouts of gusty wind squalls.
    Santa Cecilia Station                                                    [SACS]
    Aaron: So this is Santa Cecilia Station...
    Nero: The vampires have gathered all public institutions... under their
    control. It looks like this station is no exception.
    Aaron: They packed Ernest and Kay onto a train here... I hope it hasn't
    departed, yet.
    Toasty: We'll be pummeled if we go barging in from the front. We've got to
    avoid detection by the enemy. We'll have to sneak our way inside...
    Lucian: We don't need to resort to that kind of foolishness... If someone's in
    our way, we take him down. Simple.
    Toasty: Hold it, Lucian!! It's critical that we steer clear of needless
    Lucian: I thought I told you: I'll do as I please, here. How you choose to
    proceed... Well, that's up to you.
    <Lucian leaves>
    Nero: Sigh...
    [If detected]
    Station Announcement: Attention, staff! Intruders have been spotted in the
    station! I repeat: Intruders have been spotted in the station! All security
    personnel are to exercise extreme caution!
    Lucian: Heh...
    Aaron: Is he... talking about us?!
    *[Alternate message if undetected]
    *Station Announcement: Attention, staff! Two inmates have escaped from their
    *cell! I repeat: two inmates have escaped from their cell! All security
    *personnel are hereby ordered to locate and resecure the escapees!
    *Aaron: What's that all about...?
    *Lucian: Looks like we're not the only pair of idiots here trying... to find
    *themselves a fight.
    [They spot a burnt room]
    Aaron: What the...!
    Lucian: These wounds... These look like they were made from a Solar Gun...
    Lucian/Aaron: !
    <Gunshots are heard>
    [After saving Kay]
    Aaron: Kay!! Are you all right?
    Kay: Aaron... Thank you... If not for you, I would've died a dog's death in
    Aaron: Heh heh... I'm just doing my job as a Guild gunslinger! But... what 
    about Ernest?
    Kay: We were captured and stripped of our Solar Guns... But we attempted to
    escape. ...I still had my spare hidden on me, after all. But when they caught
    up with us.. Ernest drew their attention, so I could make my escape. He's
    always pulling dangerous stunts like that... But hey, that's the boss of the
    guild for you... I can't just leave him alone out there, like a coward...
    Aaron: Kay!! You can't help us now! Not in the shape you're in!
    Lucian: He's right. Get the hell out of here -- you're injured.
    Kay: Who are you? Ah, the Dark Swordsman. Bea told me about you. The vampire
    hunter, Lucian...
    Aaron: That's right. Lucian is here to help, too! I promise you... We're going
    to save Ernest!
    Kay: Heh... You've grown a lot, Aaron. Go, then... Go in my place, and take
    this with you.
    <Kay gives Aaron the Solar Gun, Ninja>
    Aaron: But Kay, your weapon... Won't you need it...?
    Kay: Don't worry about me. I can handle things enough to get out of here. But
    time is running short... They plan to take Ernest away in an armed train. The
    train's set to arrive at a special platform deep in the heart of this station.
    You must hurry, Aaron!!
    Aaron: ...All right. Please... Be careful, Kay.
    Kay: Sure thing... Lucian, watch over them for me!
    Lucian: Heh. What do I care what happens to you and your lot? My business is
    with Baron Stoker. That's it. Simple. You guys watch your backs, and I'll
    watch mine.
    <Lucian leaves>
    Aaron: Ah... Lucian, wait! I'm off for now. May the Sun be with you!
    <Aaron leaves>
    Kay: The vampire hunter, Lucian. Could he be...? No, that's impossible. That
    man died... ...Seven years ago... And even if he hadn't, this guy's too young
    to be him.
    [Approach the withered vines]
    Tove: This greenery here... These are Solar Roots -- a close relative of the
    Solar Tree, a great plant that once stood at the center of this planet's
    ecology. They don't look like they're in very good shape now, but give them
    some sun and rain, and they ought to be good as new after a while.
    *[If the climate is Tropical Rainforest]
    *Tove: This greenery here... These are Solar Roots -- a close relative of the
    *Solar Tree, a great plant that once stood at the center of this planet's
    *ecology. They're looking pretty strong, thanks to the high humidity we're
    *having around here. We should be able to walk over them no problem.
    [Advance further]
    Station Announcement: Attention, passengers. The armed train Irving, bound for
    the tower laboratory, will be arriving at this station momentarily. Departing
    passengers, please report to the platform immediately.
    Lucian: It's here...
    Aaron: Dang... We've got to hurry!
    [Two men wait on the train platform. Ernest is a prisoner in a sealed tube,
    guarded by two Skeletons]
    Twin-Horned Man: His time is up.
    Man in the Silk Hat: That mangy mutt... I had no idea he had a Solar Gun hidden
    Twin-Horned Man: Tsk, tsk, Baron. You're not exercising much caution. You, of
    all people...
    Baron: Your admonishment stings most deep, Duke... I'm fear I'm not accustomed
    to such... course matters.
    Duke: Oh, really...?
    Baron: And besides, we have here the very leader of the Guild. ...Do we not?
    If it weren't for this one's trickery, we'd not have lost the canid in the
    first place.
    Ernest: ...
    Baron: Regardless... We can afford to let the dog go for now. ...Take him away!
    Ernest: Dang... Without my weapon, I'm completely helpless. Kay... I hope you
    managed to get free, at least...
    <The Skeletons carry Ernest away, Baron leaves with them>
    Duke: Still, I wonder... With Rymer fallen, and the Poes now slain... Could it
    be? Is it possible he's still alive...?
    [Duke is waiting at the platform]
    Duke: ...You've come at last. Vampire hunter Lucian... So it really was you...
    To think that a once great Solar Gunslinger now wields a Dark Sword... Rather
    ironic, is it not?
    Lucian: Dumas... it's you!!
    Aaron: Twin horns... Is this the vampire you've been searching for, Lucian?!
    Lucian: So we meet at last. The great Duke... The twin-horned vampire... It
    really is you, isn't it? Prepare to face my vengeance! This one's for Ellen!
    Dumas: Ellen...? The name doesn't ring a bell...
    Lucian: Don't tell me you don't remember her!
    Dumas: ...Remember? Tell me something, boy. Do you recall the names of every
    cow, chicken and pig you've ever eaten?
    Lucian: ...!! Dumaaaaaaaaaas!!
    <Lucian slashes at Dumas, Dumas avoids the attack and teleports>
    Dumas' Voice: You embarrass yourself, boy. If you would defeat me, you must
    cast away the remnants of your human self. Otherwise you'll never be able to
    fully harness the powers of the darkness. Of course... doing so would wipe
    clean your emotions -- your memories as a man. At that point, I doubt you'd
    still care about the revenge you so desperately seek. Heh heh heh... I await
    you, Lunar Knight... in the Dark Castle! Mwah ha ha ha hah!!
    <Lucian falls to his knees>
    Lucian: Dang it... What the hell's going on here?! He was right in front of
    me! So why couldn't I put even a single dent in his armor? Even if I must give
    my own life in the process... I'm going to defeat Dumas... I swear it!
    Nero: The Dark Castle Auguste... The vampires' stronghold that looms high
    above the city in New Culiacan... However, the gate to New Culiacan is sealed
    with an emblem.
    Lucian: Well, first things first: we hunt down this Baron. That should allow
    us to find a way to remove the seal.
    Aaron: Lucian!! We're here to help Ernest... Aren't we? We promised Kay that
    we would!
    Lucian: Don't get any crazy ideas. I'm here for myself. You want to help your
    friend? That's your fight. You'll have to win it by your own hand.
    Aaron: My fight...?
    Lucian: He means a lot to you, doesn't he? So much, in fact, that you'd even
    risk your life for him, right?
    Aaron: Ernest and Kay are... my comrades. Just like every other member of the
    Guild. Ever since my father was killed, they've been my family. They kept me
    safe. Now, for as long as I'm able to, I want to protect them!
    Lucian: Heh... Well now, isn't that chivalrous of you.
    Aaron: ...
    Lucian: Then again, maybe that's just it. Maybe that's why the Solar Gun is
    granting you its power...
    Aaron: Lucian...
    Station Announcement: Attention, passengers. The armed train Irving, bound for
    the tower laboratory, will be departing from this station momentarily.
    Departing passengers, please board the train immediately.
    Nero: There's no time. We've got to get onboard!
    Toasty: Once we've boarded the train, we won't be seeing the city again for
    some time. It might be a good idea to save now... just in case.
    [They see the train still at the platform]
    Aaron: We made it!
    <Lucian sees a group of Lizardmen in front of them>
    Lucian: ! Dang it, not now... Let's finish these guys, fast!
    [After defeating the Lizardmen]
    <The train starts to move, and they manage to climb aboard>
    Armed Train Irving
    Toasty: Well, we made it... Let's get Ernest out of here as soon as we can.
    Things could get pretty tough once this train arrives at the research complex.
    Ah, and one reminder, just in case... As long as this train is in motion, we
    won't be able to return to town. If you want to play it safe, you'd best save
    your game in a different slot, and retain your old save from before we boarded
    the train. All right?
    [They spot a big buffet]
    Aaron: What the...
    Toasty: A dining car...? Now why would a vampire have need for something like
    Nero: They need this car to keep their prisoners alive.
    Lucian: Heh. A feeding trough for their livestock, huh?
    <Aaron eats some of the food>
    Aaron: ... Gulp!
    Toasty: Aaron! What are you doing? You're not supposed to eat that!
    Aaron: Why not? It's pretty good...
    Toasty: That's not the issue here!
    Nero: There's nothing wrong with the food itself. Why don't you all eat some,
    Lucian: ...
    <Lucian eats some of the food>
    [Talk to Elderly Canid]
    Elderly Canid: Well, well... It's rare to find fellow passengers on this train.
    Perhaps you're planning to stage some great train robbery or something?
    ...You're chasing vampires? Well that's something else. Myself, I'm just a
    traveling merchant. I peddle my wares to whoever needs them. Human, vampire,
    whoever. I serve 'em all. If you're ever in the market for anything, don't
    hesitate to look me up.
    Traveling Merchant: What do you need?
    *[Alternate message]
    *Traveling Merchant: How can I help ya?
    [Talk to Traveling Merchant]
    Traveling Merchant: I'm sure you've already noticed this, but this armed train
    here is teeming with monsters. If you're planning to go further, you won't be
    able to avoid a fight. So if you're running short on supplies, don't push it.
    Just come back to this car, okay? You can eat the food here and refill your
    life, too.
    [Talk to Traveling Merchant again]
    Traveling Merchant: This train's headed straight for the tower laboratory.
    It's funny, the folks there love their junk. Every time I tote my trash along,
    they pay out the wazoo for it. That's why I make it a point to stop by every
    now and then... Although you can bet I don't like riding in the same cars as
    [Leave the shop]
    Traveling Merchant: Seeya again soon.
    [Approach a closed door]
    Nero: Looks like it's locked. Oh well... Let's take the platform up, then.
    [On the roof of the train]
    <An orb travels over and past them>
    Lucian/Aaron: !
    <The orb visits the Duke, transforms into a green man>
    Baron: Well, well, if it isn't the good Inspector... What business brings you
    here today?
    Inspector: Surely you must be aware yourself, Baron. We Immortals granted you
    your Casket Armor, your paraSOL... Even the very power of the planet itself,
    through its guardian terrennials... You and your kind were given all of this.
    Your rule over this world should be absolute. But now I see vampires being
    defeated, one after another... I'm afraid I simply cannot sit idly by and
    Baron: I see... It is exactly as you say. But fear not, for our problems are
    about to be solved... Thanks to this armor of mine here, which I've had newly
    tailored to my needs.
    Inspector: Then the... equipment we spoke of earlier is ready, as well?
    Baron: It's not yet complete, but I have procured all of the necessary parts.
    Inspector: ...Parts?
    Ernest: ...
    Inspector: ...I see...
    [They meet Baron Stoker on the roof of the train]
    Lucian/Aaron: !
    Baron: I've been waiting for you, vampire hunter Lucian... And you as well,
    Guild gunslinger. I must thank you for joining me here. You've saved me the
    trouble of having you found.
    Lucian: Are you Stoker?
    Baron: Indeed, I am the great Baron Stoker -- the director of the tower
    laboratory, at your service...
    Aaron: What'd you do with Ernest?!
    Stoker: Fear not, boy. You'll be joining him soon enough... In the experiment
    that's about to begin...
    Aaron: Experiment?!
    Stoker: Yes. A test... of my new gear, the ultimate Casket Armor!
    <Stoker shows his Casket Armor with Ernest inside it; looks like a giant crab>
    Aaron: Is that... Ernest?!
    Stoker: Heh heh... I've had this armor enhanced -- strengthened to the
    absolute limit of its potential. As if my own dark power wasn't enough, it's
    also been imbued with the ice terrennial... And thanks to our friend here,
    I've also got the power of the sun on my side: a Solar Gun. To put it short:
    My armor is invincible!
    Aaron: ...How could you do this to Ernest?!
    Lucian: Come on. You're a vampire. Do you honestly think you can retain
    control over the power of the sun?
    Stoker: I intend to demonstrate that with this very experiment. I beg you...
    Try not to die too quickly, mmm?
    [After defeating Stoker]
    Stoker: Why?! My ultimate Casket Armor... It's failed!! Wretched terrennials!
    You dare to continue defying the will of the vampires? Why must you keep us
    from attaining our eternal utopia...?!
    <Lucian seals Stoker in a coffin>
    Santa Cecilia Station
    Aaron: Are you okay, Ernest?
    Ernest: ...Yeah. Man, I really messed up this time... How is Kay? Is he safe?
    Aaron: Yeah. He ought to be back with the Guild by now.
    Ernest: I see... I never thought you'd be the one doing the rescuing, kid --
    er, Aaron.
    Aaron: Heh heh. You can thank Lucian for that!
    Ernest: Lucian?
    Lucian: ...
    Ernest: You...! Sartana... you're still alive?
    Lucian: ...My name is Lucian. Not Sartana.
    Ernest: Vampire hunter Lucian... The dark warrior... I've heard the tales. Is
    that who you've become?
    Lucian: ...
    Ernest: Can't you return to what you were before?
    Lucian: ...I don't know if this is the same Sartana you speak of, but the
    Sartana I knew died seven years ago. He died alongside a great vampire
    hunter... And a woman who later became a vampire's bride...
    Ernest: ...
    Aaron: Ernest... what's going on here? Who's this Sartana...?
    Lucian: Don't go sticking your nose where it doesn't belong... You've completed
    your mission. Isn't that good enough?
    Aaron: But...
    Lucian: Me, I've got my own mission. And I can't afford to waste any more time
    standing around here. It's time to purify Stoker with the Sunflower, up in
    satellite orbit!
    <Lucian summons Laplace>
    Nero: We'll need to use the Casket Rocket... to break through the alien sky
    that the vampires have unleashed upon us. Then we'll purify Stoker's soul in
    satellite orbit, where the sunlight isn't affected by the paraSOL! You ready,
    Satellite Orbit
    <Enemy Pilot approaches>
    Enemy Pilot: I've been waiting for you, old friend... The Schrödinger you've
    seen until now was, shall we say, like a cat with no whiskers. Now that it's
    been restored to its original form, you've got nothing on me. I'm not gonna
    let you run off with Stoker's terrennial! And I won't let you open the Gate of
    Binding! It's time for you to face the ultimate Mobile Fighter! Prepare to
    face the fury of the Armored Schrödinger! I'll blast you into bits and send
    you into the ether!
    <After badly damaging the Armored Schrödinger>
    Enemy Pilot: Nyah! This can't be happening! My all-powerful Armored
    Schrödinger... Defeated! Raaaaagh... I didn't have enough power to maneuver
    because of all this armor! I regret having lost half of my body... But no
    matter... I'll just wait with my master for my "better" half to return! See
    you in the Dark Castle! Nyah ha ha ha hah!
    <Armored Schrödinger leaves, Laplace flies towards Sunflower>
    Alice's Voice: Lucian! Aaron! That was great, you two! Baron Stoker was the
    vampire with the last of the four great terrennials. Once we purify him, we'll
    be able to break the seal on the Gate of Binding! In other words, we're
    getting close to our final battle with the vampires! Of course, there's still
    the Immortals -- the ones who gave the vampires their power. What do you
    suppose they went and did that for? What exactly are they after, anyway? It
    won't be long before everything becomes clear. (And when it does... the fate
    of this planet will rely on the path you choose.) Huh? Oh, sorry, sorry. Just
    got lost in thought there for a sec. Anyway, the Purifex is ready to start up
    whenever, so feel free to dock as soon as you're good to go!
    <Laplace connects with Sunflower, Alice readies the Purifex Cannon>
    Alice: Laplace, connected! Preparing Solar Sigil! Target, locked on! Purifex
    activated! That's it! Here it comes!! Energy levels, 120%! Ready... Purifex
    Cannon... FIRE!!!
    <Purifex Cannon purifies Baron Stoker>
    Stoker: Arrrrrgh... That power... Your power... destroyed my Casket Armor...
    My shining star, the very latest in alchemic technology... But that power is
    far from just your own. And it's certainly not superior to my alchemy! If only
    the terrennials would have cooperated... Then my alchemy would not have been
    bested... Then the vampires would not have been bested! We vampires are the
    chosen ones...!!
    <Stoker vanishes>
    Ice Terrennial: I am Ezra, the guardian that governs over ice. You have
    purified a part of this planet's consciousness... Its power... Power that had
    been usurped by the vampires. Thanks to your purification of Stoker, I was
    able to return to my original form. The Immortals granted the vampires their
    Casket Armor and their paraSOL... They supported the vampires' ambition to
    become the rulers of this planet... You have been a great thorn in their side.
    But even as the vampires' grip is being steadily loosened... The Immortals
    haven't made a single move. What exactly is their goal here? Regardless, we
    cannot permit the vampires to expand their domain over this planet. In order
    to protect the lives of those who live here... I shall grant you my power...
    The power of freezing ice!
    <Obtains the power of the Ice Terrennial, Ezra>
    <Laplace flies back>
    Guild Hideout
    Ernest: Listen up, everyone. With the vampires' top brass done in at the hands
    of Lucian and company, Culiacan's defenses have grown thin.
    Kay: With the cooperation of the four great terrennials, it should be possible
    to unlock the Gate of Binding...
    Bea: There's no better time than now... to rescue the prisoners in New
    Ernest: Please, Lucian... You must help us!
    Lucian: I have only one goal: To defeat Dumas. I have no intention of aiding
    your cause. That said, as long as our paths are one and the same, I won't try
    to stop you. Just make sure you don't get in my way...
    Aaron: Lucian...
    Ernest: ...So be it. If you intend to defeat the Duke, we'll help out as best
    we can. However, we cannot actively fight alongside you. As members of the
    Guild, our utmost priority is to rescue our imprisoned comrades.
    Lucian: Is it that important to you to help these people? People who'll bend
    to the vampires' will without even trying to fight back?
    Ernest: It is... We're not going to make the same mistakes again.
    Lucian: ...
    Aaron: ...Ernest. I'm going with Lucian. The Duke... He's the leader of the
    vampires, right? He's our enemy, which means we'll have to take him on sooner
    or later. If Lucian is going to fight the Duke... Then I'm going to protect
    him along the way!
    Lucian: You... protect me? Don't make me laugh...
    Kay: Aaron... Do you understand the danger you're about to face?
    Aaron: Sure I do. But we couldn't have saved you or Ernest without the help of
    Lucian. Now it's our turn to watch his back, don't you think? Besides... I'm
    not an apprentice any longer. I know perfectly well how dangerous this job is.
    Ernest: Sigh... I guess you're right, Aaron. Fair enough. You can go with
    Aaron: Ernest!
    Lucian: Are you kidding? I don't remember ever saying you could --
    Ernest: Just don't get in over your head, all right? Remember -- it's okay to
    run away if you get in trouble. There's no point in looking cool if you're
    Bea: Ha ha! Haven't you heard that somewhere before, Aaron?
    Lucian: You people...
    Ernest: Aaron, take this with you. We managed to salvage it from the remains
    of the Baron's armor, but it still needs a few repairs... I think this spare
    should prove useful enough, though.
    <Aaron receives the Solar Gun, Dragoon>
    Aaron: Thanks, Ernest! With this, I'll be totally unstoppable!
    Lucian: ...
    Nero: There's no point in trying to talk them out of it, now...
    Chapter 5: Ruler of the Planet                                           [CHT5]
    Guild Hideout
    Bea: Look who's here. Who d'you need?
    [Talk to Ernest]
    Ernest: The object of our current large-scale operation... is to rescue the
    people trapped inside New Culiacan, and awaken them from their soulless,
    bottlecap-infected existences. If we want to stand up to the vampire regime,
    we'll have to do more than just defeat them... We won't be able to go on
    unless we have the cooperation of the people on our side. We can't truly win
    unless the people want us to win, you know?
    [Talk to Ernest again]
    Ernest: The Solar Gun Dragoon can fire solar breath... that spreads out in a
    forward direction and runs along any walls it encounters. This makes it an
    effective weapon for covering a wide range with a single shot. Of course, you
    pay for this in the form of a high energy consumption rate, so watch your
    remaining energy and make sure you've got a way to refill it, okay? May the
    Sun be with you!
    [Talk to Kay]
    Kay: Back at Santa Cecilia Station, when I saw both of you appear before me,
    it was almost as if I was beholding our old leader, side by side with Sartana.
    When I first drifted here after getting chased out of my home planet, I was
    like a rabid dog, biting wildly at anything that crossed my path. But then I
    met the old boss, and he showed me how nice people can be, and how strongly
    their hearts can shine. When I became a member of the Guild, I gained a
    family... A wealth of companions. Ernest and Sartana were my best friends, but
    they were also my biggest rivals. We were always trying to outdo each other. I
    suppose that's how the "Three Gunslingers" name came along. Just a bit of a
    [Talk to Kay again]
    Kay: The Solar Gun Ninja's shots may be weak by themselves, but in rapid-fire
    mode, they dole out damage without hesitation or mercy. Combine that with the
    ability to lock-on to enemies, and that gun'll let you take out a mob of weak
    opponents without breaking a sweat. The key is to keep an eye on your current
    situation, and always make sure you've got the right Solar Gun for the job.
    May the Sun be with you!
    [Talk to Bea]
    Bea: I figured you would manage to rescue Ernest somehow, but I didn't think
    you'd do it by steamrolling across the entire armed train! You guys are nuts,
    you know that? I mean, I'm glad you helped them out and all... but don't pull
    that kind of reckless behaviour again, all right, Lucian? You don't have to
    risk your neck all the time... What if something bad happens to you? Think
    about who you'd be leaving behind here if it did. Aaron and I... We're your
    friends now, okay?
    [Talk to Bea again]
    Bea: You know, the Guild wasn't placed on this earth... for the express
    purpose of defeating the vampires. It's here to protect... to protect families,
    friends, anyone too weak to fight. To put it another way, by protecting others,
    we protect ourselves. There are people inside New Culiacan right now who chose 
    not to resist... They went into the city willfully and decided to become 
    vampire slaves. But those are exactly the sort of people we have to protect the
    most! We can't all be as strong-willed as you are. You understand, Lucian?
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: I knew you could do it! I believed in you! And you didn't
    just stop with rescuing our guys, either! You even beat down Baron Stoker!
    Crazy! Now that we got the Three Gunslingers of Dawn back with us again,
    there's no way the Guild's gonna lose this one!
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman again]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: With Baron Stoker out of the picture, hopefully that'll
    help calm the souls of all his victims a little bit. Of course, his defeat
    won't resurrect all the people who died, nor will it return those he turned
    into androids and chimeras to normal. ...Ah, well. We're gonna have to do
    something about the research complex he left behind, too...
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: According to some information we recently procured, the
    armed train is currently transporting a very, very special package... It's an
    item left behind, in fact, by Sartana, one of the Three Gunslingers of old. We
    don't have any intelligence on what it might be... but we can't let the
    vampires just do as they please with a hero's relic. That's wrong! I wonder if
    there's any way we can get it back...?
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman again]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Aaron! Aaron!! I heard from the boss that back when
    Master Toasty was fighting with our old leader, he used to have some kind of
    special move he did whenever our leader whistled. He can only execute the move
    under certain conditions, and even then, it's only possible when his body is
    lit up, as the story goes. Does that ring any bells with you, Aaron?
    [Leave the Guild Hideout]
    Bea: May the Sun be with you!
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster]
    Friendly Pubmaster: A great warrior knows how to dash effectively in battle,
    but an even greater warrior can dash while readying his weapon or shield. If
    you lock-on to something with a weapon or a shield in hand and then dash at
    it, you'll wind up darting towards your target, I hear. I'm sure someone as
    talented as yourself would have no problem with that.
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster again]
    Friendly Pubmaster: Hard to believe it's already been seven years... Seven
    years since the previous Guild leader fought the vampires' Lord of Destruction.
    They say it was the fiercest battle that's ever been waged. However, the
    battle apparently ended with no victor and both sides were severely wounded.
    Our leader eventually passed away from his injuries, and the vampire lord's
    throne was taken by the man who was Earl at the time.
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron]
    Ruddy Patron: Say, pal, do you know about Guard Cancels? If you press the Y
    Button right as you're in the process of guarding against an enemy, you'll
    seize the initiative and go on the attack, right then and there. How is this
    different from just normally attacking after a guard, you ask? Well, Guard
    Canceling lets you nimbly hit your opponent while his guard is still down.
    Pretty vital technique, eh? You can go from defense right to offense in a
    flash. No harm keeping it in mind on the battlefield, right?
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron again]
    Ruddy Patron: Say, pal, have you ever heard about the Red Cross? They say it's
    a shield that was forged in order to protect humanity. The shield's got a
    great big cross on it, and apparently when you guard with it, it refills your
    life a little bit. What's more, supposedly it defends the bearer... from any
    attacks that induce status ailments. I gotta tell you, I wish I had a shield
    like that...
    [Talk to Young Vulpid]
    Young Vulpid: Culiacan is the capital city of the vampires here. They say that
    Istrakan, the land of the dead, rests directly beneath it. It's no wonder
    everyone around here calls it the "cursed city," you know? Actually, now that
    I think about it... They say there's a fairly extensive sewer system spread
    out under Old Culiacan. You don't think that's somehow connected to Istrakan,
    do you...?
    [Talk to Young Vulpid again]
    Young Vulpid: Accessories that were designed to be worn on your upper body
    often have positive effects on your Vitality ability. Some of them even reduce
    the amount of damage you take from enemies, I hear. If you'd like to increase
    your maximum life supply, or cut down on damage, these kinds of accessories
    will be indispensable.
    [Talk to Hopeful Man]
    Hopeful Man: Hey... check this out. You can earn three things by defeating
    enemies: experience, Soll, and items. Whether you actually get an item or not
    all depends on the luck of the draw, but apparently, each monster has a unique
    set of items that it's capable of dropping. You can view previous item drops
    over on the info broker's Hunt List.
    [Talk to Hopeful Man again]
    Hopeful Man: Most monsters are naturally resistant to certain elements, which,
    in turn, means that they're weak against those element's opposites. When
    attacking with elements, you'll need to select the right one for the right foe.
    You can read up on monster elements on the Hunt List over at the info broker,
    but you should also experiment to try and figure things out for yourself. Just
    remember -- when an enemy is hit with its weak element, black smoke will come
    out from its body.
    [Talk to Confident Woman]
    Confident Woman: I didn't know about this 'til now, but apparently, Bea's quite
    the famous gunslinger around these parts. Famous enough, in fact, to be one of
    the Three Gunslingers of the Guild! I figured she was pretty good with a gun
    if they let her take up the Guild in Acuna, but I had no idea she had this much
    talent! Now all the girls around here are going to be even crazier for her...
    [Talk to Confident Woman again]
    Confident Woman: When you're out on a Quest, saving is not allowed. That means
    you'll have to wait until you finish the Quest and go back to the World Map,
    at which point you can press START to save, like always. Just don't forget to
    save before ending your game, all right? If you don't, you'll have to finish
    the Quests you cleared over again.
    [Talk to Info Broker]
    Info Broker: Y'know, it's only been a few years since the Duke... built New
    Culiacan on top of Istrakan and started enslaving people with those bottlecaps.
    I mean, even before then, he ruled over this land with an iron fist, crushing
    untold numbers of gunslingers and vampire hunters with his own hands. But now,
    it's like he's a completely new man, and I doubt that the sudden appearance of
    the Immortals has nothing to do with that. So then the next question is: What
    in the world are the Immortals, anyway?
    [Talk to Info Broker again]
    Info Broker: Since the elements represent the essence of our planet, they can
    be affected by the local weather and climate. When the temperature's high, for
    example, Flame-based moves are more effective. When it's low, on the other
    hand, the Frost element grows in effectiveness. The same goes for Cloud in
    high winds and Earth in areas with high humidity. Sol and Dark are more
    powerful when the sun or moon are at their highest points. When the conditions
    are right, it's not just your attacks that grow in power, though. Enemy
    attacks become more powerful and dish out more damage, too. The bottom line
    is, be careful out there, okay?
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: Every item has its purpose, but that doesn't
    necessarily mean they'll all be helpful during your journey. Take jewels, for
    example. If you happen to come across any jewels, bring 'em back here and sell
    'em to me. I'll make it worth your effort... You follow?
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper again]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: This should be pretty obvious, but you oughta be
    breakin' all the pots and crates you find inside dungeons. Most of 'em have
    Soll inside, and it's free for the takin'! A couple of coins ain't gonna make
    you rich or anything, but it all adds up, y'know? A Soll saved is a Soll
    earned... or so they say.
    [Talk to Laura]
    Laura: If you have the "Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand" Game Pak and insert
    it into SLOT-2 before starting to play, you'll receive the valuable items
    "Solar Sensor Ver. 1." If you use it in the game and expose the Game Pak's
    solar sensor to sunlight, your Solar (or Lunar) Gauge's level will be upgraded
    for a period of time! What's more, not only will the Solar Station be refilled
    based on your gauge's level, but the energy of your standby character will be
    restored, too! If you own the game, you should definitely try it out. Oh, one
    last thing... If you're gonna play in the sun, be careful not to get sunburn
    or heat exhaustion <music note>
    [Talk to Laura again]
    Laura: A long time ago, there was a business called Dark Loans that was as
    well-loved as our own Solar Bank. Apparently you were able to actually borrow
    Soll there. Naturally, you had to return whatever you borrowed, but... Hmm?
    What happened if you didn't return the money? Well, according to company
    folklore, you were taken deep below to the land of the dead and then burnt in
    fire and brimstone... Oh, it must have been terrible!
    Old Culiacan
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster]
    Quiet Pubmaster: Ernest and Kay are battle-hardened veterans. In fact, they
    both fought right alongside the Guild's previous boss. That's why I had faith
    that they'd return safely. The Guild's propped itself back up again, too,
    thanks to Bea's hard work. Perhaps it's about time for us humans to start
    planning a counterattack?
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster again]
    Quiet Pubmaster: The previous leader was a great vampire hunter... He always
    fought like a true warrior, bravely taking on the fiercest of vampires. His
    bright personality and sun-like smile brought hope to all those around him.
    Everyone in this town loved that man. Everyone.
    [Talk to Retired Man]
    Retired Man: New Culiacan is a big lie... a false paradise. It was built by
    those damned vampires so they could have a home for their food supply, the
    humans. That's why the Gate of Binding's there -- to keep them away from the
    outside world. I'm sure life's a lot easier for people over there than here in
    Old Culiacan, but I don't care how good they got it -- you'll never find me
    goin' in there! Don't let yourself be fooled by that shiny veneer of theirs,
    you got that?
    [Talk to Retired Man again]
    Retired Man: Elemental Blocks obstruct some of the sewer passages, but that
    Flame Block, in particular, looks mighty suspicious to me... This is my
    warrior's sixth sense talking here. I'd go check that passage out myself if I
    had the power to destroy that block... but then again, fools rush in where
    angels fear to tread, I suppose.
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid]
    Silent Vulpid: I've been thinking about those seals lately, so I went over to
    the Gate of Binding to have a look of my own... Believe it or not, all four
    seals are shining now. I guess something big is about to happen, huh?
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid again]
    Silent Vulpid: Those Guildsmen... They just don't know when to give up, do
    they? What are they up to this time? It looks like they've got the support of
    everyone here in town... but, come on, do you really think they can accomplish
    anything in a place like this?
    [Talk to Lisbeth]
    Lisbeth: I heard about what happened from a Guildsman earlier!! You saved Kay
    at Santa Cecilia, then boarded the armed train and rescued Ernest, didn't you?
    Add in Bea of Acuna, and the Three Gunslingers are back in action! You and
    your friend have really bolstered the spirits of everybody in town, you know.
    [Talk to Lisbeth again]
    Lisbeth: Did you know? In certain climates, Earth and Solar Fruits will never
    go bad... Instead, they'll be transformed into bulbs. This is what's known as
    "processing" an item. Items can be processed like this in a variety of ways,
    but for the Earth and Solar Fruits, it seems to depend on the temperature and
    wind. Once you process something into a bulb, it'll never go bad -- and it'll
    restore more life or energy, too. Isn't that wonderful? You two should give it
    a shot sometime!
    Sheridan's Mansion
    Sheridan: Well, look who's here... It seems even the Baron was destined to lie
    before you, defeated... ...... ...Ah, pardon me. I was just reminiscing a bit.
    Anyway, we have more important thing to discuss. I see you've managed to free
    the ice terrennial, Ezra. This means the Frigid Arctic climate she governs
    over is now available. Now that the terrennials of the four great elements
    have all been freed, the vampire's specter of an eternal night would seem to
    be all but impossible. One might say that the jig is finally up for the Duke.
    Still, I doubt they'll take this sitting down. You'd best keep an eye out for
    [Talk to Sheridan]
    Sheridan: For as long as I'd known him, Baron Stoker had been on the hunt,
    researching a new type of technology -- one that would allow vampires to
    conquer their notorious weakness to sunlight. This work to protect the lives
    of his brethren has triggered all manner of inventions, from the creation of
    powerful Casket Armor driven by the strength of the terrennials, to the
    summoning of an eternal night via the paraSOL. Somewhere along the line,
    though, the Baron become obsessed. All he became interested in were the fruits
    of his research, and he began to engage in a long spell of brutal, abusive
    experimentation. Looking back at it now... I wonder if he had already come
    into contact with the Immortals by that point. But even if the Immortals'
    presence is connected to the vampires' technology, I doubt we'll ever truly
    learn exactly what it was that changed him...
    [Talk to Sheridan again]
    Sheridan: You need the right materials to power up your weapon. Some of them
    are relatively simple to obtain, but others are extremely rare and difficult
    to find. You cannot reuse a part once it's been utilized for a weapon, so you
    need to think carefully about how you distribute your parts amongst your
    weapons. You may decide to concentrate all your parts on a single weapon, for
    example, or you may choose to power up all your weapons in tandem, instead.
    Just choose the approach that best suits your individual play style.
    [Talk to Carmilla]
    Carmilla: I trust by now you're familiar with the research complex... It's
    headed by Baron Stoker, the notorious mad scientist. At its center looms the
    Vambery, a great tower built for experimentation, where an array of twisted
    projects and experiments have taken place. It's because of this tower that we
    have the eternal night of the paraSOL, the vampires' terrennial infused Casket
    Armor, the mass production of Mobile Fighters, the creation of the fusion
    beasts known as chimeras, and indeed those like myself... androids.
    [Talk to Carmilla again]
    Carmilla: Under the paraSOL's "Frigid Arctic" climate, the region is subject
    to extreme cold, with lots of snow and ice. Winds are usually calm, but the
    occasional blizzard can make conditions treacherous. Now and then, you might
    spy an aurora, a set of glowing lights that fill the sky.
    Gate of Binding
    Lucian: O terrennials, guardians of the four great elements... Show me your
    power! Cut through the cursed chains that bind this gate shut!
    <The terrennials open the Gate of Binding>
    Lucian: Are you that serious about following me?
    Aaron: Don't even try to stop me!
    Lucian: I wouldn't dream of it. You're here to protect me... right?
    Aaron: Ah-hah! So you finally admitted it...
    Lucian: I suppose you'll make for a good shield, at least.
    <They enter New Culiacan>
    New Culiacan                                                             [NECC]
    Nero: New Culiacan... We finally made it, Lucian.
    [They see a toxic pool]
    Ezra: Wait! This sludge is contaminated with harmful chemicals. It's too
    dangerous to go slogging through it. If it were frozen, we could probably just
    walk right over it, but...
    *[If the climate is Frigid Arctic]
    *Ezra: Wait! This sludge is contaminated with harmful chemicals. It's frozen
    *solid from the cold, so we're safe for now, but if we weren't there's no way
    *we'd be able to walk through that.
    [They spot a glider]
    Alexander: Hmm... That looks like a glider. If the wind were stronger, we could
    use it to fly to the other side... Let's take a look at that hint panel. It's
    worth a shot, I'd say.
    [Talk to Smirking Man]
    Smirking Man: You chaps wouldn't happen to have any bottlecaps on yo-- You're
    not from around here, are ya? This is no place for C-Class citizens like you.
    You'd best clear out of here now.
    [Talk to Smirking Man again]
    Smirking Man: Hmm? Don't I mind that my blood's being drained by the vampires?
    You guys should try getting bitten yourself. You'll see... Man, the sensation!
    It's to the point now where I can't even wait for my next session!
    [Talk to Hollow-Eyed Man]
    Hollow-Eyed Man: ...
    [Talk to Hollow-Eyed Man again]
    Hollow-Eyed Man: ...Huh? Oh, a human... Some nobleman was just gnawing on me.
    My head feels like a ton of bricks right now... If you need something, come
    back later...
    [Talk to Dangerous Woman]
    Dangerous Woman: ...Huh? You think it's dangerous out here? Oh, I'll be all
    right. See this bottlecap? It signifies that I'm one of the chosen ones. The
    monsters won't go anywhere near A-Class citizens like us.
    [Talk to Dangerous Woman again]
    Dangerous Woman: Once you reach A-Class status in this town, you're guaranteed
    the good life. Luxury, security... Just for sharing a bit of the red stuff
    with the nobles... the vampires. Such a beautiful, harmonious world... Kind of
    like heaven on earth, you know?
    [Talk to Level-Headed Woman]
    Level-Headed Woman: You guys aren't from this town, are you? Guildsman,
    perhaps? If so, there's something I must ask you... You saw a man in a green
    jacket near the Gate of Binding, right? Could you hand this to him? I... don't
    think I'm up to the task any longer...
    <They receive a Paper Bag>
    [Talk to Level-Headed Woman again]
    Level-Headed Woman: He's wearing a green jacket... He should be near the Gate
    of Binding. Please... could you give deliver that paper bag to him for me?
    [Talk to Level-Headed Woman again]
    Level-Headed Woman: If you keep on getting bitten by the vampires, you'll
    eventually robbed of your lifeforce... unable to think for yourself. In the
    end, you just become undead... a monster.
    [Talk to Fearless Gatekeeper]
    Fearless Gatekeeper: Who're you guys? What's a bunch of folks without any
    bottlecaps doing way out here? Here's some friendly advice... Get out of town.
    [Talk to Fearless Gatekeeper]
    Fearless Gatekeeper: Huh? You want to pass through here? Well you can't. Only
    A-Class citizens are allowed through. The only reason I'm able to keep my
    sanity in this town is because I work for the vampires. They don't take any
    blood from me. In other words, I'm a B-Class citizen, and I'm not about to
    risk losing that.
    [Talk to Hollow-Eyed Man with the Paper Bag]
    Hollow-Eyed Man: ...Huh? You got something for me?
    <They give him the Paper Bag>
    Hollow-Eyed Man: Hold on... This is a Heaven Fruit! This is really valuable!
    Who gave you something like this? Hmmm... I feel like I'm forgetting something
    important, but... Oh well, doesn't matter. Thanks for the hook-up. I really
    appreciate it.
    [Talk to Hollow-Eyed Man again]
    Hollow-Eyed Man: Oh, it's you guys... Me? Oh, I'm right as rain now, thanks to
    that fruit of yours. Heh heh... Now I can let the vampires tap my veins all
    over again.
    [Talk to Level-Headed Woman after delivering the Paper Bag]
    Level-Headed Woman: You gave him the bag, didn't you? Thank heavens... Now
    he'll be able to stay human just a little longer... Ah, right... I must thank
    you, somehow. Here, hand this letter to the gatekeeper guarding the hill to
    the west... I'm sure he'll help you out.
    <They receive the Letter to the Gatekeeper>
    Level-Headed Woman: The gatekeeper is up on the hillside to the west... You'll
    recognize him from his white jacket. Take that letter to him; I'm sure he'll
    help you out.
    [Talk to Level-Headed Woman again]
    Level-Headed Woman: We've all known each other since we were children... Me,
    him, and my brother, the town gatekeeper. The two of us have managed to keep
    our sanity until now thanks to the Heaven Fruit my brother gets through the
    black market. But it looks like even that isn't helping anymore... I'm just so
    [Talk to Fearless Gatekeeper with the letter]
    Fearless Gatekeeper: Huh? A letter for me?
    <They hand over the letter>
    Fearless Gatekeeper: I see... I guess I owe you one, then, eh? Even so, I
    still can't let anyone without a bottlecap pass through this gate. So... You
    just need to go and grab a spare bottlecap from that storehouse over there.
    Just uh... one thing, though: the place's packed with watchmen. Monster
    watchmen. If they spot you, you better believe it's game over... Still think
    you're up to the task? If so, just take the door on the left.
    [Talk to Daring/Fearless Gatekeeper again]
    Daring/Fearless Gatekeeper: Are you listening? Get in the storehouse and open
    that treasure chest. And don't get found out! You'll find the spare bottlecap
    you need inside. If even one monster spots you, the game is up. So tread
    lightly in there, all right?
    [Talk to Daring Gatekeeper again]
    Daring Gatekeeper: What? You're not even gonna try? Sigh. I guess you just
    don't have what it takes...
    [Talk to Daring Gatekeeper with the bottlecap]
    Daring Gatekeeper: Well, well... You're no ordinary lot of rabble-rousers, are
    you? Could you be... the legendary warriors I've been waiting for all these
    Lucian: ...
    Daring Gatekeeper: Well, whatever... I'm just a lowly gatekeeper. If you're
    allowed to pass, you're allowed to pass... And it's plain to see you guys are
    A-Class citizens, bottlecaps and all. That's all that counts...
    <The gate is opened>
    Daring Gatekeeper: Well? Get going! And, uh... Come back alive, okay?
    [Talk to Daring Gatekeeper again]
    Daring Gatekeeper: My sister, Bianca... She's just as stupid as the rest. How
    could she fall for such a worthless man? He doesn't even know who I am any
    longer... or who she is. But what can I do about it? I'm just a lowly
    gatekeeper. I let the right people pass, and keep the wrong ones out. I
    didn't... make the wrong decision, did I?
    [They spot the Dark Castle in the distance]
    Lucian: So that's the Dark Castle...
    Aaron: Is that... the Dark Castle?!
    [Talk to Smitten Woman]
    Smitten Woman: Just where do you think you're going? Up ahead lies the Dark
    Castle, home to the great Dumas... Not even A-class citizens like myself are
    allowed to go near it, you know. If C-Class folks like you ever tried to
    approach it... You'd be killed instantly.
    [Talk to Smitten Woman again]
    Smitten Woman: Hmm? What am I doing here? I'm waiting for my lord, the great
    Dumas, of course... The radiant Duke... The great vampire ruler of the planet.
    Ask any girl in town who she wants to be bitten by the most... You know it's
    [On the bridge, an orb travels past them, and transforms]
    Lucian/Aaron: !
    Lucian: Who're you?!
    Inspector: I am Polidori, an emissary from space.
    Lucian: Are you...
    Aaron: ...an Immortal?
    Polidori: I am one of them, you could say... The Immortals are made up of those
    who govern the cosmos.
    Lucian: "Govern the cosmos"?
    Polidori: Yes... Feel free to choose whether you believe this or not. Still, I
    am surprised... Granted, you had the cooperation of the terrennials... but I
    never thought you'd be such worthy foes to the vampires and their tools. I
    imagine you're like rats, cornered... fighting for your lives... But don't you
    find it all a bit pointless? Humans and vampires have fought one another since
    the days of folklore. Sometimes the humans are victorious, and sometimes
    fortune favors the vampires, but in the end they always destroy each other...
    A cycle with no end. What purpose could there possibly be behind such a
    struggle? Imagine, if you will, a utopia, free of conflict... Isn't that a goal
    worth working towards?
    Lucian: Heh... Are you trying to tell me that this town is some kind of
    paradise? Living like a slave? With a collar around your neck...? You call
    that a utopia?
    Polidori: The life of the individual is not the issue here. We must consider
    the future of this planet... of the entirety of the cosmos. Those who cannot
    do so have no right to govern over this world. ...But let us leave this matter
    be, for now. This is as much a test for the vampires as it is for you. I look
    forward to watching your continued struggle...
    <Polidori leaves>
    Lucian: Immortal...
    Guild Hideout
    [Talk to Ernest]
    Ernest: Preparations are well underway for the big operation. We've been
    receiving a great swell of comrades from Guilds all across the land. While you
    two are busy infiltration the Dark Castle, the rest of us will be commencing
    our operation over in New Culiacan. I have no intention of trying to stop you
    now, but I want you to remember... We'll always be right there behind you if
    you need us. All right?
    [Talk to Ernest again]
    Ernest: Sartana was once a member of the Three Gunslingers... In fact, he was
    the youngest out of all of us. It was obvious to everyone that he has a talent
    for using a gun, not to mention a natural ability to lead people with his
    actions. But then he went and chased after Ellen that day... even though he
    knew there was no way to save her from her fate as a vampire's bride. I guess
    I just couldn't help but resent him for that, somewhere in my heart. I can't
    say whether any of us did the right thing that day, but there's one thing I
    know for sure: we won't make the same mistakes again. Right, Lucian?
    [Talk to Kay]
    Kay: Back when the vampires' Lord of Destruction appeared... alongside his
    Dark Castle here in this area, our previous leader had him THIS close to
    defeat. But with a serious injury of his own, he couldn't deliver the
    finishing blow. But then, even with his battered body, he chased after
    Sartana, who had gone into enemy territory alone to try and get Ellen back.
    That was the last anyone ever heard from them. They never appeared before us
    again. With our two main supports gone, the Guild was no longer able to engage
    the vampires, and so we were forced to pull back and retreat from the Culiacan
    area. Now, seven long years later, we can finally pay them back for all the
    pain they put us through...
    [Talk to Kay again]
    Kay: Ellen was... Well, she was Sartana's one and only beloved. To him, she
    was like a mother, sister, and lover all wrapped into one... Like the sun
    itself, you might say... When she fell into the hands of Dumas, who still
    styled himself an Earl at the time, Sartana threw away his duties as a Guild
    gunslinger and decided to go it alone... And so, he plunged into enemy
    territory by himself, even after we tried to stop him. Sometimes I wonder...
    If he were alive today, would he still hate us for the decision we made that
    day? Would he hate me and Ernest for giving up on Ellen, who'd become a
    vampire's bride...?
    [Talk to Bea]
    Bea: Well, we're about to ready to kick off our big operation. If you do a
    good enough job attracting the vampire's attention, we'll be able to devote
    all our resources to rescuing the citizens of New Culiacan. But still,
    Lucian... don't go busting out all by yourself, all right? There's no point in
    looking cool if you're dead. And Aaron... Keep an eye on him for me, okay?
    Aaron: You got it, Bea!
    Lucian: You people... Don't you think you should be asking me to protect him?
    [Talk to Bea again]
    Bea: The Dark Castle is the top base of the vampires. Seven years ago, when
    the Guild was defeated, it was a symbol of the vampires' rule over us... an
    impregnable fortress. We have no idea what sort of tricks and traps might be
    waiting for you there. Unless you work together and use both of your powers to
    their very limits, you're going to have a tough time getting anywhere inside
    that castle. Your weapons, your items and accessories, the terrennials, the
    paraSOL... You'll need all of them. I hope you're ready.
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Next stop, the vampires' main base, huh? Funny to think
    you're going into the Dark Castle after all this. Even before their leader
    Dumas became a vampire lord, he was just as feared as an Earl. His name made
    people everywhere shudder in fright! And you can't blame them. He's the one
    who defeated Sartana, they say. And now you're gonna be facing off against
    him... I wish I could go and help you out, but I'm on assignment from Bea
    here, you know? It'd be bad if I deserted my post. Try not to get in over your
    head, all right? May the Sun be with you!
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman again]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Huh? My assignment? Well, I'm helping rescue the folks
    trapped in New Culiacan, of course. We're thankful you guys opened the Gate of
    Binding, but there's still a load of monsters lurking around town. Once we're
    done with the rescue, we'll be able to support you guys a bit more. I know the
    boss said we can't fight with you, but you know he didn't really mean it. You
    know what I mean, right, Aaron?
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Hey Aaron, do you know about the Solar Gun Bomber? It's
    one of the Solar Guns used by the late Sartana, the grenadier of lore and one
    of the finest gunslingers that ever existed. They say it fires solar grenades
    that can fly over walls before exploding. Sartana was the master of every type
    of Solar Gun known to man, but along with the Witch that Bea inherited, the
    Bomber was his personal favorite.
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman again]
    Soothing Guildswoman: I just got some more news in on whistling! Apparently
    Master Toasty isn't the only terrennial... who reacts to whistling and
    executes a special action when his body is lit up. Each terrennial's whistling
    action can be summoned based on the local conditions... For Nero and Master
    Toasty, it depends on what time of the day it is, but for other terrennials,
    it depends on temperature, humidity, and wind speed. I wonder what kind of
    hidden moves they all have?
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster]
    Friendly Pubmaster: Things seem to be on the up and up lately. Out on the
    streets of Acuna, the people are finally starting to smile again. I know we're
    not completely out of danger yet, but at the very least, we've got our hope
    back. Thanks to the warriors who've been continuing the fight against the
    vampires, everyone's been feeling a bit braver, you know? Of course, that
    applies to me, too.
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster again]
    Friendly Pubmaster: It's all thanks to the wonders of alchemy... that the
    vampires were able to forge an endless night... and overcome their adversity
    to sunlight. But it's strange... The vampires have been around for ages and
    ages, and yet, after all these years, they suddenly acquire all this
    technology at once? I wonder if it perhaps it has something to do... with the
    visitors we've been having from other worlds. Oh, well. Not like there's any
    way a mere pubmaster like me would know, anyway.
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron]
    Ruddy Patron: Word on the street is, over in Culiacan right now, the Guild's
    about to start a massive revolt offensive. I thought it was all over when I
    heard their hideout was demolished, but I guess those guys are built of
    stronger stuff than I thought! That swordsman who took out the Margrave's
    apparently been helping 'em out too, so, hey, who knows? Maybe they actually
    do have a chance here, after all! Either way, though... How 'bout a round for
    the Guild and the Something-or-other Swordsman, eh? Cheers!
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron again]
    Ruddy Patron: That shield of yours is there to protect you, but it ain't much
    help if you're pointing it in the wrong direction, eh? Have you ever been
    attacked by another monster from the side or rear while guarding? It could
    happen to anyone. Nothing to be ashamed of. Apparently, though, there's a
    shield that blocks attacks from all directions at once. It's called Snake
    Eyes, and as you'd expect, it's got the eyes of a snake all over it. Keep in
    mind, though... even though Snake Eyes can guard in all directions, it'll be
    nothin' more than a fancy ornament if your Guard Counter hits zero.
    [Talk to Young Vulpid]
    Young Vulpid: The "Dark Swordsman" and some young Guild gunslinger... These
    days, the only rumors you ever hear are stories about those two guys. I guess
    it makes sense though, seeing as how that swordsman saved this very town...
    Mmm? What is it? You look like you want to say something. ...Huh? Hey!! Don't
    leave yet! I'm not finished!!
    [Talk to Young Vulpid again]
    Young Vulpid: Accessories that were designed to be worn on your lower body
    often have positive effects on your Skill ability. Some of them even boost the
    rate at which your TRC Gauge fills, I hear. If you'd like to improve your
    attack power, or really let loose with the Trance attacks, these kinds of
    accessories will be indispensable.
    [Talk to Hopeful Man]
    Hopeful Man: Hey... listen up. Monsters, just like you, have their own
    experience levels. You know how a monster's LIFE Gauge is displayed up there
    in the upper-right corner? Well, the number on top of that gauge is the
    monster's experience level. If an enemy's level is higher than your own, it's
    probably best to go level up a bit somewhere instead of risking your neck in
    [Talk to Hopeful Man again]
    Hopeful Man: Some monsters, such as ghouls and ghosts and the like, prefer to
    hang out in dark areas, making them more vulnerable to sunlight. If you can
    lure them into the sunlight streaming down from a skylight, you can deal them
    damage without ever actually having to attack them. Unfortunately, defeating
    monsters with sunlight won't earn you any experience, but it WILL increase
    your chances of getting an item drop, at least.
    [Talk to Confident Woman]
    Confident Woman: Bea and I have been best friends since childhood, but she
    wasn't actually born here in Acuna. Back before Culiacan came to be known as
    a "cursed city," Bea was taken in by the Guild, the sole survivor of a
    devastating vampire attack. They wound up raising her here, in Acuna. When I
    think about how Bea was back then... well, it still makes my heart ache.
    [Talk to Confident Woman again]
    Confident Woman: How're your Quests coming along? Fine, I hope. People in town
    can sometimes enlist you for Quests, so if you want more of them, try to talk
    to as many people as you can. You'd be surprised, the sorts of things some
    people might ask you for help with.
    [Talk to Info Broker]
    Info Broker: Finally... The Immortals have finally begun to reveal themselves.
    The Immortals, governors of the cosmos... Kinda hard to believe a group like
    that really exists, isn't it? Still, it's a fact that there are countless
    worlds under their control... and many more have just been destroyed outright.
    I mean, if not for that, do you think we'd have so many aliens here in our
    world? Of course not. I mean, think about it... Most of them are refugees
    from the Immortals, with no planet to call their own anymore. They all stumbled
    into our little star after a long desperate journey... ...but I've already
    said too much about it. Never mind...
    [Talk to Info Broker again]
    Info Broker: As I mentioned before, the power of elements can be affected by
    local weather and climate conditions. However, some monsters can actually
    change the element they're aligned with... if the local weather or climate
    conditions are just right for it. A high temperature can lead to a switch to
    Flame, while a low temperature may lead to Frost. Likewise, high winds can
    bring about a change to Cloud, while high humidity may result in a change to
    Earth. In other words, once you get a grip on the local climate, you'll be
    able to predict the elements of some of the monsters you'll face.
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: If you happen to find any photographs out there, go
    ahead and sell 'em to me. They may not seem like much, but they're pretty
    popular. ...Of course, if you'd rather just hold on to 'em, I'm not about to
    stop you, but...
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper again]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: Sometimes, when you break things in a dungeon,
    you'll find an item inside, instead of Soll. As it turns out, some objects
    give you items under certain weather conditions... If it happens to you, be
    sure to take note of the current climate for later.
    [Talk to Laura]
    Laura: If you have the "Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django" Game Pak and insert it into
    SLOT-2 before starting to play, you'll receive the valuable items "Solar
    Sensor Ver. 2." If you use it in the game and expose the Game Pak's solar
    sensor to sunlight, your Solar (or Lunar) Gauge's level will be upgraded for a
    period of time! What's more, not only will the Solar Station be refilled based
    on your gauge's level, but the life of your standby character will be
    restored, too! If you own the game, you should definitely try it out. Oh, one
    last thing... If you're gonna play in the sun, be careful not to get sunburn
    or heat exhaustion <music note>
    [Talk to Laura again]
    Laura: Hmm? Why did Dark Loans go away if it was so well-loved by its
    customers, you ask? Well, I'm afraid the story behind that is a sad, sad tale
    indeed. It seems that the Warrior of Light who fought to save this planet...
    owed them a rather large amount of Soll. The noble warrior defaulted on loan
    after loan, never paying back a single Soll... Ohh, what a terrible tale! I
    can hardly bear to tell it! You see, it wasn't that the Warrior of Light
    didn't want to return the money, but rather, it seemed he had some other sort
    of goal in mind for it. Exactly what that warrior's goal was, even I don't
    Old Culiacan
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster]
    Quiet Pubmaster: Well, this is it. The Guild's kicked off their rescue
    operation over in New Culiacan. We're already preparing to take in the
    refugees they'll no doubt be setting free. I'm sure the offensive will be
    fraught with danger once it reaches the Dark Castle... But there's no need to
    worry. The Three Gunslingers are on our side. So fight, and fight without
    reserve. This is as much as your battle as it is theirs.
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster again]
    Quiet Pubmaster: Back in the days of our previous leader, every last man and
    woman in town participated in the Guild's struggle. It didn't matter if you
    weren't a gunslinger; you contributed in your own way. I wonder if we'll see
    a return to those days sometime soon...? A return to an age of hope, rather
    than despair...
    [Talk to Retired Man]
    Retired Man: Beyond the Dark Bridge that crosses into New Culiacan... looms
    the Dark Castle, the main operational base of the vampires. That accursed
    castle just appeared there one day, right out of the blue, back when Culiacan
    was still run by us humans. Now, it darkens the sky with its black visage. The
    Guild tried to fight against it as best they could, but with our old leader
    slain and his likely successor Sartana missing, there was nothing left to keep
    the vampires from trampling all over us. After that, the Gate of Binding was
    built around the Dark Castle, they put up New Culiacan within the gate, and
    the rest was history...
    [Talk to Retired Man again]
    Retired Man: Hey, kid... You do realize that Lisbeth's been talking about you
    non-stop lately, right? Listen... You'd better not do anything that'd make her
    cry, you understand? These people here, they trust in you. You gave them hope,
    and they want you back alive. Remember that, all right? You've got a home here
    to return to. And that goes for you, too... Sartana.
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid]
    Silent Vulpid: I wanted to see what was going on for myself, so I went over to
    the Gate of Binding to have a look of my own... Believe it or not, the gate
    door's been opened. They just couldn't let sleeping dogs lie. Hopefully we
    won't get bit by one now...
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid again]
    Silent Vulpid: Sounds like those Guildsman are about to hit New Culiacan. You
    really think the people of New Culiacan want to be "saved" or whatever? I
    mean, call it what you will, but humans and vampires are living there...
    together. You think they can just jump right back to the way things used to be
    [Talk to Lisbeth]
    Lisbeth: You've finally liberated New Culiacan!! The Guild's already staging a
    rescue operation! Now all the prisoners will be freed! Still... I suppose your
    battle isn't over just yet, is it? You, daring to enter the Dark Castle... I
    can't even imagine it. But I know you can do it... Both of you. I believe in
    you, all right? I know you're going to be victorious!
    [Talk to Lisbeth again]
    Lisbeth: Did you know? If you bring out Delicious Meat in certain climates,
    it'll turn into Dried Meat, which never goes bad. Apparently, the key lies in
    the local humidity.
    Sheridan's Mansion
    [Talk to Sheridan]
    Sheridan: The Immortals are a group that govern the cosmos... Or so they say,
    anyway. But regardless of how true it is, if it weren't for all the scientific
    technology they supplied, there'd be no such thing as Casket Armor, or the
    paraSOL, or Mobile Fighters... None of it, at all. The thing that bothers me,
    though, is that if they possess all this power, then why don't they just
    conquer our planet by themselves? I've heard of many planets ruled over and
    even destroyed by the Immortals... but could it be that they have other plans
    for us besides simple domination?
    [Talk to Sheridan again]
    Sheridan: Baron Stoker's android creation... The research behind it was
    absolutely forbidden. It cost many, many, many people their lives. And yet, I 
    am hardly worthy of criticizing the Baron... You see, I was one of the guilty 
    parties... one of those who worked with him. There's no way I can atone for 
    that atrocity now... But, at the very least, I thought Carmilla should be able 
    to enjoy life as a human. Try to be nice to her, all right? It may not show, 
    but she really looks forward to seeing you folks.
    [Talk to Carmilla]
    Carmilla: Back in the days before the vampires built New Culiacan, before 
    humanity was enslaved and forced to wear bottlecaps, women who were bitten and
    held prisoner by the vampires were called "vampire's brides." Most of the
    vampire's brides who were captured in this fashion... were taken away to the
    Vambery, the tower laboratory, where they were experimented upon as part of
    research into the building of androids. I trust you are familiar with Laura,
    who works at the Solar Bank. She -- like myself -- is one of the few remaining
    androids from that research project. Unlike the others, however, it seems I've
    somehow become a sentient being... A defect, in other words.
    [Talk to Carmilla again]
    Carmilla: Under the influence of the paraSOL, we're occasionally exposed to 
    certain extraordinary weather conditions. Sudden squalls and sandstorms affect
    the vision of both friend and foe, and some weather can even dampen noise,
    making it tough to hear things like whistling. Also, during a blizzard,
    everyone's movement speed is adversely affected -- again, friends and foes 
    alike. Please be careful.
    Dark Castle Auguste                                                      [DCAU]
    Aaron: Well, we're here... The Duke's lying in wait for us somewhere ahead...
    Lucian: Even if I must give my own life in the process... This time, I'll
    defeat Dumas... I swear it!
    Aaron: Lucian... I think I understand now. I understand what Ernest was trying
    to tell me. A Solar Gunslinger doesn't draw upon anger or hatred as one of his
    weapons... The sun grants me its power because I'm fighting to protect lives.
    No one should have to sacrifice themselves for a cause like that... No one.
    So please, Lucian...
    Lucian: Heh. You're missing the point. Protecting lives? That's your battle,
    pal. I'm different from you. I've already died once... I'm not about to start
    caring about life -- even my own. My power stems from darkness. Anger and
    hatred only serve to make me stronger...
    Dumas' Voice: Precisely... You'll need more than a mere Solar Gun if you want
    to defeat me in battle. And more than just a Dark Sword, too, of course...
    Lucian: Dumas!!
    Dumas' Voice: I'm so glad you could join me... Sartana. And your friend, as
    well... The forgotten legacy of Trinity, the greatest vampire hunter of old...
    Aaron: You knew my father?!
    Dumas' Voice: But of course. Your father and our lord -- the Lord of
    Destruction -- were wounded after a great battle. I seized my opportunity,
    killed them both, and took control of this planet.
    Aaron: You... killed my father?
    Dumas' Voice: Indeed I did... Can you still repress your anger and stay your
    hatred, even as you stand before me? Will you defeat me in your battle to
    "protect lives," as you call it?
    Aaron: I...
    Dumas' Voice: I'm looking forward to this... To see just how much power lies
    behind such obvious passion! Mwah ha ha ha hah!!
    [Enter the Fire element room]
    Ursula: Ohh? I had no idea the flame power they stole from me was being used
    here... Listen up, you two. This area is enveloped in the power of my flames...
    if you want to break through, you'll need to outclass this power with your
    own. But no matter how hot it gets, make sure you don't lose the fire in your
    [Enter the Earth element room]
    Tove: Huh? The power filling this area is my earth power... I know they stole
    it from me, but I had no idea they were using it here! If we want to break
    through, we'll need to overwhelm it with even more power. But bear in mind,
    no matter how strong something may look, there's always a weak point. After
    all, a seedling can sprout through even the toughest of solid rock!
    [Enter the Ice element room]
    Ezra: Oh, my... The frost power that fills this area... The power they took
    from me... To think they're using it here, of all places. If you want to break
    through, you'll need an even stronger power to overcome it... But no matter
    how cold it gets, don't lose control over yourself! If you keep a cool head,
    you can turn any crisis into an opportunity.
    [Enter the Cloud element room]
    Alexander: Mmmmm... I feel the power of wind filling this area... So, even
    here, they dare to use the power they snatched away from me... But no matter
    how the wind blows, it is inherently neither good nor evil. The important
    thing is how you bear the wind... and how you overcome it.
    [In the Boss room]
    Lucian/Aaron: !
    Aaron: Hmm? Who's that?
    White Cat: So, my other half has finally arrived...
    Nero: You're... Perrault...
    Perrault: Long time no see, Nero... and you too, Toasty.
    Aaron: You guys know her?
    Nero: Yeah, she's an... old acquaintance. Or perhaps I should say... an old
    part of me.
    Toasty: Perrault, you're a terrennial, like the rest of us. How could you side
    with the Duke?
    Perrault: Because the Duke is the man most fit to rule this planet.
    Ursula: What are you talking about?!
    Alexander: Countless lives been lost beneath his rule... Surely you must be
    aware of this!
    Perrault: Nyah! Of course I am.
    Toasty: Then why?!
    Perrault: I'm doing this in order to protect this planet... Think about it:
    To facilitate survival, it is necessary for living beings to prey on lesser
    creatures. Humans are no different. But the thing is... Humans don't stop at
    hurting others. They choose to harm their own kind, as well. Just as they
    continue to harm this very planet... Given free reign of this place, they'll
    eventually just destroy it. So if we're to protect this planet and everything
    that lives on it, then we need someone who can direct it, govern it. And who
    could be better-suited for that then a vampire, an anti-lifeform that exists
    outside of our ecosystem? The vampires must govern all life on this planet --
    all that is born, lives, and dies. Fellow terrennials, it's not too late...
    Join me, and we can protect the future of this planet together... as one!
    Nero: Well, nobody's denying that humans lack sense... They're foolish
    creatures, bent on harming themselves, others... even this planet. But no
    matter how stupid they may be... They're still a part of life on this world,
    born and nurtured by our sun.
    Toasty: And no being may interfere with the natural cycle of... life and
    death, regardless of whether or not you deem them "fit."
    Nero: Even if it spells the destruction of this planet...
    Tove: Still, we believe in them!
    Ezra: We believe that the souls of all living things... on this planet will
    grow, and evolve!
    Toasty: After all, just being alive means that you're growing.
    Perrault: You'd commit this much to the humans, hmm? ...Surprising. You've
    become one of the humans' pets, Nero... You've lost your fangs. There's no
    time left... No time for the human race to mature.
    Nero: Perrault... Why are you trying to speed things along so much? The
    Immortals granted the vampires their Casket Armor and the paraSOL... All in an
    effort to help them rule over this planet. What on earth is their goal in all
    of this?
    Perrault: Nyah! This discussion is over. The Immortals have chosen to side
    with the vampires. If you intend to forestall the Duke's plans... Then I have
    no choice but to take your lives, here and now! I summon thee, resurrected
    beast of flame and ice... ...Dragon Chimera!!
    [After defeating the Dragon Chimera]
    Aaron: Perrault... Why are you doing this!? You're a terrennial! Just like
    Toasty and Nero!
    Lucian: As far as he's concerned, he's just doing the right thing.
    Aaron: So what, are you trying to say that we're... fighting the wrong battle?!
    Lucian: Wrong, right... whatever. You decide for yourself. Humans and vampires
    have different ideas of what's "right" around here. The terrennials too...
    They're the same way. But regardless of what you think, if you can't commit and
    stick to your beliefs, then there's no way you're going to win in the end.
    Aaron: We decide for ourselves...
    Lucian: Of course, I don't think my battle is necessarily "right" either, you
    Aaron: ...
    [Second floor, west side]
    Ursula: Ooh, she's so stupid! What's wrong with her?! I can't believe she
    wants us to accept the vampires' rule! How're we supposed to protect the
    future of this planet if we do that?!
    Ezra: Well... I think there's at least a bit of sense to what Perrault's
    saying. The hands of the humans are just as blooded as those of the vampires,
    after all.
    Ursula: Well, then who's supposed to protect the world?! Do you want us to...
    to just give up on our future?
    Ezra: That's why we have to make the humans grow up a bit... They were the
    ones who were born here, after all. It's their responsibility to protect this
    place. And let's face it... We don't have any other choice.
    [Second floor, east side]
    Tove: Hey, listen... Tell me what you think about this. I'm starting to think
    that Perrault's being manipulated by the vampires... You know, like how we
    were put in their Casket Armor and forced to do their bidding.
    Alexander: Sadly, I doubt that is the case. Perrault's words earlier... Those
    were not the words of a mere follower. I can certainly understand your concern
    for Perrault, but she's always been one to follow her own heart -- to take her
    own road.
    Tove: I see... Well, it's still pretty sad.
    Alexander: Perhaps. But I'm afraid as terrennials, it is our fates to look
    [Second floor, south side]
    Nero: Perrault... Dang, she's as headstrong as ever.
    Toasty: Still... You yourself used to work for the vampires, as a terrennial.
    I'm not about to start doubting your motives now... but are you sure this is
    what you want?
    Nero: Heh... As terrennials, we represent the power -- the very will of this
    planet. You know as well as I do we're not beholden to any single person.
    Besides... Sartana and I survived because we shared our very lives with each
    other. Our fates are irrevocably intertwined now. So if it's revenge he
    wants... then I'll follow him to the very end.
    Toasty: Nero... So that's what fuels the dark power you carry...
    [Second floor boss room]
    Aaron: Perrault!
    Perrault: Nyah! I'm amazed you managed to defeat the Dragon Chimera... And it's
    not just because of the terrennials... Not with that kind of power. Perhaps I
    should have expected this from the ones who bested my Schrödinger... three
    Aaron: Whaaaaat?! So you... you were the pilot of that thing?!
    Perrault: ...
    Nero: You hadn't noticed...?
    Toasty: I figured you would've picked up on it by now, from the way he
    Aaron: But, but he's a cat! How are you supposed to pilot a ship with paws?!
    Nero: Hey, you got a problem with that, boy?
    Perrault: Nyah ha ha ha hah!! So these are the guys you're trusting the future
    of this planet to, huh?
    Lucian: Hey, don't lump us together like that. It's not my fault he's stupid.
    Aaron: Oh, come on, Lucian!!
    Lucian: Heh. Enough chitchat. It's too late to talk this over, isn't it,
    Perrault: ...I'm glad you came prepared for this.
    Lucian: If someone -- anyone -- gets in my way... ...I take him down. Plain
    and simple. Even if that someone is a terrennial that governs over this
    planet's consciousness.
    Perrault: Your human nature will be your downfall... Why can't you see? This
    planet will be destroyed by human arrogance! I summon thee, resurrected beast
    of wind and earth... ...Manticore!!
    [After defeating the Manticore, elsewhere in the Castle]
    Dumas: Damn you, Perrault! I didn't order that...
    Polidori: I think it's just darling, myself. He's only doing this out of pure
    allegiance to your cause.
    Dumas: Heh... Either way, I'm going to have to settle this myself. Besides, in
    a way, I'm the one who gave birth to them. In the end, though, it will be the
    vampires who chart the course of this planet's future... While the foolish
    humans will become sacrifices to be laid at our feet.
    Polidori: I'm counting on you, Duke...
    [On the third floor]
    Toasty: Hmm... It looks like the seal on this door is a new kind... It doesn't
    use the power of the elements, like the ones before did. I'd imagine... that
    its power comes from the two towers that flank it.
    Nero: The Dark Towers, Narcissus and Artur... The two towers that loom above
    the Dark Castle. We'll have to storm both of the towers simultaneously, or else
    we won't be able to undo the seal... or so it is said. What's more, once we're
    in, we can only go forward. No backtracking, in other words. If you choose to
    Escape, then we'll have to start over from the very beginning...
    Lucian: In that case... We'll need to split into two groups and take on both
    towers at once. ...Are you ready?
    Aaron: Of... of course!!
    Lucian: All right. I'll take the left tower.
    Aaron: I'll tackle the right, then! I'll be fine... Just leave it to me,
    <Lucian goes to the left tower, Aaron goes to the right tower>
    [In the left tower, Narcissus]
    Lucian: Let's go, Nero! If someone gets in our way, we take him down!
    [In the right tower, Artur]
    Aaron: Let's go, Toasty! May the Sun shine forever in our hearts!
    [Narcissus, third floor]
    Lucian: The Dark Towers, Narcissus and Artur... Dumas, you bastard... Did you 
    think something like this would put a stop to us? No... he's not one to play 
    around with me. This must also be Perrault's doing...
    [Artur, third floor]
    Aaron: Whew... So this is the Dark Tower Artur, huh? I wonder how far up Lucian
    is by now...
    [Lucian and Aaron pass each other on a bridge]
    Aaron: Lucian!!
    Lucian: Well, well... Made it this far without falling behind, huh? 
    Aaron: Heh heh. Guess you're all right too, huh?
    Lucian: Heh... You'd better worry about your own hide before you start worrying
    about mine.
    Aaron: Yeah, yeah, I get it. You be careful, okay, Lucian?
    <Aaron runs off>
    Lucian: ...... I wonder if he really does "get it," or what...
    [Artur, fifth floor]
    Nero: What's wrong, Lucian? You worried about him?
    Lucian: Heh... If he screws up, this'll all be for naught. I suppose I am 
    worried about that, yes.
    Nero: ...... Right. I think I'll leave that one alone.
    [Narcissus, fifth floor]
    Toasty: What is it, Aaron? Worried about Lucian?
    Aaron: Nah... I'm sure he'd have no problems with this. It's just that... Well,
    Lucian actually trusted me to do this for him. That makes me happy. Do you
    think that means he's finally recognized my powers?
    Toasty: Heh... Well, if so, then you'd better live up to his expectations. 
    Let's go, Aaron!!
    [Narcissus, sixth floor]
    Lucian: All right, looks like I've got a path. We should be at the top any
    minute now. I'd better save while I've still got a chance...
    [Artur, sixth floor]
    Aaron: Whoa, a rising floor! The top oughta be pretty close by now... I'd 
    better refill my life and energy now, while things are still pretty calm...
    [After they beat both towers]
    Aaron: We did it, Lucian!
    Lucian: Heh... I guess you are capable of something, after all.
    [Before the Boss room]
    Lucian: This is it... You've put us through a lot of trouble, Dumas.
    Aaron: The Duke is up ahead, then?
    Lucian: If you're gonna back down, now would be the time. The only quarrel I've
    got with the Duke is my own... There's no need to get yourself killed just
    'cause you're with me...
    Aaron: No... I'm going, too. To be honest -- I'm scared out of my wits. But I
    can't let the Duke do whatever he pleases with our planet any longer.
    Lucian: Is that because he killed your father?
    Aaron: No, that's not it... It's just like you said... I'm a different person
    than you, Lucian. It's not like I don't hate him for killing my father... But
    right now, it's more important for me to protect the town... and the Guild. And
    in order to do that, I've got to defeat the Duke... He's the one responsible
    for trying to turn everyone into mindless slaves.
    Lucian: So you're here to protect your friends... Heh. Same as always with you,
    I guess.
    Aaron: Well, I haven't given up on you either, Lucian... And I'm not going to!
    Lucian: Is that your battle? Is that what you believe is right? Man, you're
    [In the Boss room Dumas, Perrault and Polidori are waiting]
    Lucian: !
    Dumas: So, you've finally made it...
    Lucian: Dumas!!
    Aaron: Perrault... And Polidori, the Immortal! I knew the Immortals were 
    working with the vampires...
    Polidori: Heh heh heh heh... It is true that we Immortals are the ones who 
    brought forth the technology that provided Casket Armor and the paraSOL... But
    I am merely an observer. I do not intend to interfere with your battle.
    Lucian: Well, in that case... Why don't you get lost. I couldn't care less 
    about you Immortals. All I care about.. is him.
    Polidori: As you wish.
    <Polidori teleports away>
    Perrault: Polidori, you rat... Don't want to get your own paws dirty, is that
    Dumas: Hmph. Let him go. He matters not. Your abilities seem to have improved,
    Sartana... Or should I be calling you Lucian now? In any case, the dark power
    that Sartana stole from me as he died... The other half of my terrennial... Do
    you think you can actually wield it? Despite the fact that you're no longer
    Sartana, or human, or... anything at all? Ah, and you... Aaron, was it? Have
    you any idea how foolish he was? Trinity? He tried to rescue Sartana, even as 
    he suffered from the critical wounds sustained in battle with our ruler. You
    should have witness his final moments. They were truly... pathetic. But you...
    Perhaps you'll offer me a little entertainment, yes?
    Aaron: Dumas!! My father's death -- the death of a living being... Doesn't that
    mean anything to you?!
    Dumas: Mean anything? Let me ask you this, boy. All the vampires and monsters
    you've killed... What did their deaths mean to you? Or, for that matter, the
    lives of the plants and animals you've eaten up until now?
    Aaron: But that's...
    Lucian: All right, enough with the Q&A. We eat in order to live. It's the 
    natural progression that all living beings follow. No one can deny that fact.
    However... Neither can anyone desecrate the sanctity of the souls of those who
    died for them. Aaron... Remember why you've come so far. The soul of my master
    -- The soul of Trinity is with you now! I'm already tied to anger... and 
    hatred... and revenge. But you don't need to be.
    Aaron: ...Lucian.
    Lucian: Let's go!! It's time to show this fool how we really feel... by force!
    Dumas: Heh, so be it... In that case, don't expect me to hold back. Come,
    Perrault: Yes, my lord!
    <Perrault powers up Dumas>
    [After defeating Dumas]
    Lucian: It's over, Dumas!! Ellen... You weren't allowed to die like a normal
    person... But now, your soul is finally free.
    Dumas: Heh heh heh... Mwah ha ha ha hah! To think that I'd be felled at the 
    hands of you lowly humans. Is that the will of this planet? Does it truly wish
    to crumble alongside the human race...?
    Aaron: It's not going to crumble! The human race still lives. And no matter
    what, we're not going to forsake the future!
    Dumas: Heh... Still lives, eh? You think this is all over? Just because you've
    defeated the vampires? You're not alive... You're just being allowed to live.
    Lucian: What are you saying?
    Dumas: Your fate lies in the hands of the Immortals, governors of the cosmos. 
    To them, humans and vampires are nothing more than pawns... Pawns to be used in
    the little game they're playing with this planet.
    Aaron: "Game"?
    <Something starts to happen to Dumas>
    Dumas: Polidori... What trickery is this?
    <Polidori returns>
    Polidori: Heh heh heh heh... Perhaps it's time for me to join this game, too.
    Lucian: I thought you were just supposed to be an "observer".
    Polidori: That was my intention, yes... But my intentions have changed, now
    that the Duke has been defeated. I must admit, this outcome was entirely
    Dumas: Unforeseen? I don't think so... Total light gives way to absolute
    darkness... which then leads to greater light. The world is always changing,
    and this cycle of life and death is the way of the world.
    Polidori: But were not the vampires supposed to be detached... from this cycle
    of life and death?
    Dumas: We were. But perhaps... Perhaps this world has taken even the vampires
    into its own internal cycle...
    Polidori: That's rather unlike you to say, Duke. We Immortals cannot occupy a
    world that has been polluted by the human race. Without the technology that we
    have, I would not be able to stand here before you... This is why we allowed
    you and your vampires to take control of this planet. However... It appears 
    that not even the vampires are worthy enough to govern this world. Well, so it
    goes... From now on, we will use you not as pawns in our game, but as our very
    own hands and feet.
    Dumas: What? Explain yourself!
    <Something starts to happen to Dumas>
    Dumas: What the...?!
    Polidori: Farewell, dear Duke. We have recorded data from your battles, as well
    as your vampire bodies themselves... This data will surely be effective in
    ensuring the future of the Immortals.
    Dumas: You bastard! You dare to betray your brothers...!!
    Polidori: Heh heh heh heh...
    Dumas: Lucian! Aaron! You must stop Polidori... Stop the paraSOL! Use that
    "passion" of yours to protect our planet!
    Aaron: Dumas?!
    <Dumas vanishes>
    Lucian: Polidori! What have you done with him?!
    Polidori: We're going to use the vampires as our bodies, our flesh and blood...
    So that we might take control of this planet for ourselves.
    Lucian: So you... You consumed Dumas...? Consumed the vampires?!
    Polidori: And what if I did? With the birth of this new body of mine, I shall
    take the paraSOL, our environmental manipulation system, and restore it to its
    original function... As the almighty Planet Eater, the original form of the
    paraSOL System.
    Aaron: Planet Eater?!
    Polidori: That is correct. It will consume this world... and remold it into one
    worthy of my rule. In doing so, it shall help the Immortals grant eternity to
    this region of the cosmos...
    Aaron: You've got to be kidding! I'm not about to let you do that to this 
    planet! You're playing with lives here! Humans, vampires... an entire world! I
    won't let you have your way like this any longer!
    Polidori: Come, then... Come to Byron... The Planet Eater. It floats high above
    you. Let the game begin anew! I shall eagerly await you with an array of
    splendid traps. Heh heh heh heh...
    <Polidori teleports away to Byron>
    Aaron: Let's go, Lucian!! If we don't beat Polidori... this whole planet's 
    going to be obliterated!
    Lucian: You don't need to tell me twice... I'm a vampire hunter. When someone
    snatches my prey, I don't just sit still. Until I can restore sanctity to her
    soul... My battle will never end!!
    Chapter 6: East of the Sun, West of the Moon                             [CHT6]
    Guild Hideout
    Nobody's here... The Guild's resistance operation must be in full swing.
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster]
    Friendly Pubmaster: It sounds like the Guild's staging an all-out assault... on
    the cursed city of Culiacan right now. They say the plan is to rescue all the
    people captured inside New Culiacan. It would certainly be nice if this could
    result in freedom from the vampire regime... but either way, I just pray that
    it's successful and everyone comes back safely. That goes for you too... I want
    to see you guys back here soon, all right?
    [Talk to Friendly Pubmaster again]
    Friendly Pubmaster: The Dark Tribe... the vampires. Blessed with eternal 
    life... Where on earth do you think they came from? The war between humans and
    vampires has raged on since time immemorial, but, really, I wonder if the 
    vampires would even be here today... if it weren't for the fact that the humans
    were always there with them. And if you think about it that way... Well, even
    if we did defeat the Duke now, wouldn't we just be faced with the same battle
    all over again sometime in the future?
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron]
    Ruddy Patron: ...... The one-eyed swordsman in black, and the little brat with
    the solar goggles... You're not the duo I've been hearin' all the rumors about,
    are ya? What? No way! How the heck did I get this far without even noticing?!
    Crap!! Well, that was a sobering experience right there... You know, I always
    wanted to thank you guys if I ever met you in person, but I was too shy to
    actually hunt you out... what with bein' drunk all the time and all. Well...
    thanks for giving us all hope. I'm rootin' for you guys!
    [Talk to Ruddy Patron again]
    Ruddy Patron: You know how the old expression goes, right? "The best defense is
    a good offense." But you know what? They say there's a shield that actually
    damages enemies as it guards. It's this spiky shield called the Blue Spine.
    Apparently it damages foes based on the strength of their own attacks. So you
    can guard to avoid an attack, deal damage of your own with the shield's spikes,
    and then strike the final blow with a Guard Cancel... all in one fell swoop!
    Man! I'd love to try fightin' like that sometime!
    [Talk to Young Vulpid]
    Young Vulpid: You two lead a pretty hard life, don't you? I mean, all that
    traveling between here and Culiacan... and who knows where else! You're about
    to head off to some far-flung land yet again, aren't you? Well, if you come
    back alive, you'd better bring some good stories! I'll be waiting...
    [Talk to Young Vulpid again]
    Young Vulpid: Hey, just between us... Legend has it that a great warrior once
    saved this world from a vampiric threat. Apparently, three of the accessories
    he wore are hidden somewhere, bound by a curse laid upon them by the vampires.
    Oh, how I'd love to get my hands on them someday... Unfortunately, I have no
    idea if it's even possible to remove the vampires' curse.
    [Talk to Hopeful Man]
    Hopeful Man: Hey... you heard about this? Monsters that are weak against the 
    sun, like ghouls and ghosts and such, never appear outdoors during the day. But
    if you look at it another way... Once night falls, monsters that weren't around
    during the day may be out on the prowl. So even if you've been through an area
    before, don't let your guard down after dark!
    [Talk to Hopeful Man again]
    Hopeful Man: They say a monster's elemental affiliation can change, depending
    on what the local climate conditions are like. For example, a Ghoul usually
    falls under the Dark element, right? But check this out: In a desert climate,
    it might become a Hot Ghoul, linked to the Flame element. In an artic climate,
    it might become an Ice Ghoul, linked to the Frost element. In a humid climate,
    it might become an Aero Ghoul, linked to the Cloud element. And in a tropical
    climate, it might become a Petro Ghoul, linked to the Earth element. Pretty
    versatile, eh? You'd best be able to adapt as well if you want to survive.
    [Talk to Confident Woman]
    Confident Woman: A few years after Bea came to Acuna, once she really started 
    to come out of her shell, she started working to become a Guildswoman... a
    gunslinger. It may be that she wanted revenge for her parents... but above all
    else, that woman wants to protect her friends. She just want to help people. 
    That's the kind of person she is.
    [Talk to Confident Woman again]
    Confident Woman: So have you gotten all the Quests yet? If you finish the game
    and decide to go through it all again, your Quests and their current status 
    will all be carried over, so don't worry. If you missed a Quest this time, you
    can always try for it the next time around.
    [Talk to Info Broker]
    Info Broker: I suppose we were all wrong, in a way. The Duke was ruling over
    this world as a representative of the Immortals... He was really just trying to
    protect the world... and, more importantly, his own race. Of course, I'm not
    about to say that enslaving humans was the right thing to do here, but it's
    clear now that the vampires were just pawns in the Immortals' plan, like us.
    Makes you think, huh? Like, what if we'd tried something a little different
    earlier? If we and the vampires tried to find a way to work together to 
    survive, then maybe... ....Heh. Well, maybe not. I mean, it's not like humans
    and vampires can just change their ways, all of a sudden.
    [Talk to Info Broker again]
    Info Broker: As I mentioned before, the power of elements can be affected by
    local weather and climate conditions. This also applies to the personifications
    of the elements -- the terrennials. In the right weather and climate, their
    elemental effects can be amplified. According to some info I've just received,
    when a terrennial's power is at maximum level, its body will light up, and 
    it'll have some kind of new ability unlocked that it can use.
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: When you run the kind of operation I do, you 
    sometimes get folks bringin' 'round the most astounding stuff. They come to me
    with these incredibly valuable antiques and sell 'em as junk. Of course, you
    never know... Maybe some of this junk has some kind of value that I'm just not
    seein'. Don't you worry, though. Bring me any antiques you find, and I'll be
    more than glad to pay whatever they're worth. You can count on me!
    [Talk to Old-fashioned Shopkeeper again]
    Old-fashioned Shopkeeper: Sometimes broken objects reveal items instead of 
    Soll, and sometimes those items turn out to be junk parts. I don't know what
    you could use 'em for, but since you're so intent on buyin' them up, I figured
    I might as well tell you, you know? I mean, take metal junk, for example. 
    Surely there must be some use for all that scrap?
    [Talk to Laura]
    Laura: If you insert any of the Boktai games into SLOT-2, the Solar Sensor will
    be unlocked in Lunar Knights. After you use it once, it'll continue to be in
    use for a certain period of time, or until you move to the world map. When the
    Solar Sensor is in use, an icon will be displayed atop the Solar (or Lunar)
    Gauge. If the icon disappears, you'll need to use the Sensor again to catch
    more sunlight. Once you do catch sunlight, there's no need to keep the Sensor
    exposed to the sun, so feel free to head back into the shade to play the
    game <music note>
    [Talk to Laura again]
    Laura: ...Hmm? You'd like to know about me? I'm afraid I'm not allowed to talk
    about myself here... ...but how about we do this? If your bank balance goes
    even one Soll above 999,999, you can ask me anything you want. ...Will that 
    Old Culiacan
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster]
    Quiet Pubmaster: With all the main vampire brass defeated, and even the Duke
    himself fallen from his post as lord of the vampires, it appears that the long 
    fight between humans and vampires has reached its climax.
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster again]
    Quiet Pubmaster: You're about to set off for the final battle, aren't you? I 
    may not be able to help in your endeavour, but I can tell you that I have faith
    in you. I have faith that you'll come back here alive, and soon. May the
    blessings of the Sun and the Moon be with you!
    [Talk to Retired Man]
    Retired Man: Things just went from bad to worse... I guess that giant eye in
    the sky was our real enemy all along, huh? This is on a totally different level
    from monsters and vampires and all that. I doubt there's any kind of advice I
    can give you at this point. As long as you make your own decisions and fight 
    the battle you want to fight... Well, that's good enough for me. That's all 
    I've really got to say, at this point.
    [Talk to Retired Man again]
    Retired Man: Your faces... The faces of warriors... They tell me that you're
    ready for battle. The time has come... It's time for you guys to write the
    ending to this tale. Make it a happy one!
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid]
    Silent Vulpid: Well, this is one turn of events that has me worried... That
    giant sphere... You don't think it could be... ...Nah, there's no way. Why
    would that... thing show up at a backwards little planet like this? This war 
    was just about humans and vampires! That's all it was supposed to be! 
    ...Dammit! Arrrgh! We run, and we run... but no matter how far we go, we can't
    escape their grip!
    [Talk to Silent Vulpid again]
    Silent Vulpid: Those stupid Guildsmen... That thing's up in the sky, and 
    they're still preoccupied with freeing people? Ugh! What on earth could 
    possibly be driving them to do this? What belief could be so strong as to 
    propel them to keep on fighting like this? Even if they do manage to emerge
    victorious over the vampires, how the hell do they expect to fight against...
    them?! Against the Immortals?! I don't see their beloved Three Gunslingers 
    around here anywhere, either...
    [Talk to Level-Headed Woman]
    Level-Headed Woman: Oh, it's you... Thank you so much for delivering the Heaven
    Fruit to him for me. Thanks to you, both of us were saved by the Guild. If you 
    weren't around, I'm sure he would have been undead by now, too...
    [Talk to Level-Headed Woman again]
    Level-Headed Woman: I heard all about it. You infiltrated the Dark Castle 
    itself after you ran into me, didn't you? And you even defeated the Duke, lord 
    of the vampires himself. Amazing... But this isn't the end for you yet, I 
    suppose, is it? I know I can't do anything to help you now... but I'm praying 
    for your safe return. Hang in there!
    [Talk to Hollow-Eyed Man]
    Hollow-Eyed Man: ...Huh? Oh, you guys... I was just about to have my blood
    sucked by some nobles. ...Oh, right. I guess that won't be happening anymore 
    now, will it? I know, I know, the Guildsmen saved my life and all that. But am 
    I so much better off? There's something weird about freedom... It's freakin' me
    out. I can't settle down.
    [Talk to Hollow-Eyed Man again]
    Hollow-Eyed Man: Ah, you guys... My neck's all sore... Probably 'cause I took
    off that bottlecap I had on. I wore that thing for so long, I feel kinda naked
    without it. I've been carrying it around with me. Y'know, in case I ever want 
    to put it back on. Not like wearing it now would help me chill out or 
    [Talk to Lisbeth]
    Lisbeth: Sigh... You destroyed the Duke, leader of the vampires, and your
    battle still isn't over yet, is it...? Now you're going to storm that giant 
    sphere in the sky. It's simply unfathomable! Please, Sir Aaron! Sir Lucian! 
    You both have to come back safely!
    [Talk to Lisbeth again]
    Lisbeth: Did you know? If you have Milk and visit a certain climate, it will
    turn into Yogurt, or even Fruit Yogurt, which never goes bad. Apparently, the
    key lies in the local temperature and humidity level. If you want to make
    Fruit yogurt, though, that requires a bit more work, it seems.
    Sheridan's Mansion
    [Talk to Sheridan]
    Sheridan: The Planet Eater, Byron... To think that was the true face of the
    paraSOL system... There's little doubt that the Duke and his minions built the
    system... in order to bring eternal night to this world, but I suspect that
    Polidori, the Immortal, secretly incorporated the Planet Eater as part of the
    paraSOL system... from the very beginning. That would make even the vampires
    victims, mere tools used by the Immortals... But regardless, right now we need
    to do something about that sphere. Otherwise, this planet has no future...
    [Talk to Sheridan again]
    Sheridan: You know... It seems to me that Alice has had a run-in with this 
    Planet Eater somewhere in the past. That data she sent me certainly backs up
    that assumption. Indeed, I fear that the Planet Eater, well... "visited" her
    homeworld. Surely you must understand by now, no? The reason why she's been
    helping us out so much? I imagine that as far as she's concerned, the Immortals
    were our true enemies from the very start. If we want to respect her 
    feelings... and, above all else, if we want to save our world... we absolutely,
    positively, cannot lose this battle!
    [Talk to Carmilla]
    Carmilla: Even if I do possess so-called sentience, I am still just an android,
    a machine built to serve as the vampires' slave. Not only do I possess nothing
    by way of emotion, but I have no memory of what I was before... back when I was
    still human. But you, Lucian... Upon sensing the powerful dark power you 
    possess, I can't help but feel a bitter sort of pain. I wonder... Did you not
    know me... when I was alive, perhaps?
    [Talk to Carmilla again]
    Carmilla: Once I was deemed defective at the research complex, all I had left
    to live for was my ultimate disposal and dismantling. The man who saved me
    from that terrible fate was Professor Sheridan, who, at the time, was working
    as a research understudy for Baron Stoker. After subsequent differences of
    opinion with the Baron regarding his research, the Professor left, making his
    home here in this rural area. It's here that he became the great scientist that
    he is, even greater than the Baron. Of course... As for whether this... unkempt
    gentleman is truly a great scientist or not, I'm afraid I lack the ability to
    ascertain for sure.
    New Culiacan
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Well, look at you two! All safe and sound, are you? We're
    doing just fine here, too, actually. These monsters are a handful, what with
    our being right near the vampires and all... But I'm sure we'll be able to get
    everyone out of New Culiacan safe and sound. Still, though... What on earth is 
    up with that giant eyeball that appeared above the Dark Castle?
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman again]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Oh? So that's the true form of the paraSOL? And the whole
    planet will eaten unless we stop it? ...... I get it. And the two of you are
    about to climb into that giant sphere, right? Well, I suppose it IS your 
    fight... Just try to come back here safely, all right? May the Sun be with you!
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Yo! You're back! And still in one piece, too! And if you
    guys are back here safe... That must mean you finally defeated the Duke! The
    Dark Swordsman, Lucian... You're stronger than the rumors had you! And Aaron...
    You were able to avenge your father! Not long ago, you couldn't even fire a 
    Solar Gun, yet look at you now... Man... I'm gettin' weepy just thinkin' about
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman again]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: I don't like that sphere... It's creepy, I tell you! I
    thought the Duke's been defeated! Who could've sent something like that 
    here...? Huh? The Immortals? Governors of the cosmos? ...... Man... This is all
    startin' to go way, way over my head. ...So I guess you're off to go fight 
    these Immortals or whatever now, right? Well, if you're in this, then I am too!
    We'll fight this battle right to the end! I better see you back here when it's
    all done... okay? May the Sun be with you!
    [Talk to Fearless Gatekeeper]
    Fearless Gatekeeper: You beat the Duke, huh...? Well, I'm glad to see you 
    turned out to be exactly who I thought you were. I'm sure, then, that you know 
    what needs to be done next... So go on, get going. And try to make it back 
    alive, all right?
    [Talk to Fearless Gatekeeper again]
    Fearless Gatekeeper: I heard my sister got out of New Culiacan safely. I guess 
    my job here is done... Once things settle down a bit, I oughta pop on over and 
    pay her a visit already.
    [Talk to Smitten Woman]
    Smitten Woman: Have we... met before, perhaps? No, we couldn't have. C-Class 
    citizens can't come this far that easily. I'd advise you to return home, and 
    be quick about  it. If the nobles found you in a place like this... Well, it 
    wouldn't be pretty.
    [Talk to Smitten Woman again]
    Smitten Woman: Me? Get out of here? Now why would an A-Class citizen like 
    myself do anything of the sort? I'm here because I want to be here, Lord Dumas 
    is my life, you see. Though now that I think about it, he is rather late 
    today... I wonder if it has anything to do with all the noise coming from town?
    Planet Eater Byron                                                       [PEBY]
    [Before entering the Planet Eater]
    <The phone rings>
    Alice: Yoo-hoo! Alice reporting! Looks like Polidori's finally revealed his 
    true colors, huh? Well, no time for screwing around, then! I'm gonna cut right
    to the chase! These Immortal guys have been putting planets under their control
    for a while now. Their goal is to seize every single planet in the cosmos for
    their own, thus guaranteeing the universe's continued existence for all of
    eternity. Thing is, though... even if the universe really did last for all
    eternity, if that eternity wasn't full of happiness for every being on every
    planet, then... It's just rule by force, isn't it? They're kinda giving us the
    hard sell on unhappiness. That's why I've been fighting against them. No matter
    how hard it rains, the Sunflower will never be dissuaded! I don't want to see
    them eat up any more planets, you know? And that's also why I've been helping
    you guys. You know... You've all fought really well. We're at the final battle
    now, so just give it a little bit more, okay? The Planet Eater is a steel
    fortress, filled to the brim with Polidori's deadly traps. Even with the
    Sunflower, I can't monitor what's going on inside. Once you're in, you'll be
    cut off. You may not even make it back alive... You'd better save now, just in
    case... okay? Lucian... Aaron... I'll believe in you guys until the very end!
    All right?
    [Before entering the Planet Eater]
    Nero: All right, it's time to hitch a ride on that Planet Eater!
    Toasty: Are you ready to go?
    <Choose "Ready!" to enter the Planet Eater>
    <They travel to the Planet Eater using Laplace>
    [Inside the Planet Eater]
    Toasty: So this is the Planet Eater, the central core of the paraSOL System...
    Nero: It's a mechanized fortress designed for the Immortals that stands at the
    very center of Immortal society.
    Aaron: People, plants, animals... We all have a right to live. Sometimes we 
    wind up hurting each other... But in the end, we all still share a love of this
    world. We can't let these crazy Immortals do whatever they want with our lives!
    Lucian: Look, we're dealing with some powerful beings here... they're the
    governors of all space. I mean, Polidori literally consumes vampires... You 
    sure you're ready to talk so tough?
    Aaron: Well, we've come this far -- we can't stop now. We've got to go all the
    way. I don't know what it's going to take to beat the Immortals... So I've
    decided to entrust my fate to the sun. May the Sun shine forever in our hearts!
    I need to believe in myself -- believe in my own feelings when I fight. Just
    like my father taught me... and you too, Lucian.
    Lucian: Me? Don't be stupid... I just... I hate it when people make excuses and
    don't do anything for themselves... When they avert their eyes from their
    problems and try to just go with the flow. I don't care how bad the situation
    may be -- You've gotta think -- and act -- for yourself. That's what it means
    to be alive.
    Aaron: Yeah...
    Lucian: All right, let's get moving before this thing starts up! Come on, 
    Aaron: ...
    Lucian: ...What is it? Are you coming, or not?
    Aaron: You finally... You finally called me by my name, Lucian!!
    Lucian: Heh. I'll call you whatever I feel like calling you.
    <Lucian leaves>
    Aaron: Hey... Wait up, Lucian!
    <Aaron leaves>
    Nero: Heh...
    Toasty: Sigh...
    [They are apparently trapped on an island]
    Aaron: Uh... The bridge isn't coming back.
    Lucian: Crap... Don't tell me we're stuck in one of his traps!
    <Bea, Serious Guildsman and Oblivious Guildswoman jump down>
    Bea: Hey boys, how's it going?
    Aaron: Bea! How'd you get in here?!
    Bea: Hee hee... When it comes to infiltration, I practically wrote the book.
    Of course... I got into this particular fortress thanks to the good graces of 
    a certain...
    Lucian: Sunflower Girl... She just won't stay out of my business, will she?
    Bea: You could say that, Lucian... but you are in a bit of a spot here...
    aren't you?
    Lucian: This sort of trap is nothing. I'm not worried.
    Serious Guildsman: Ready to go, ma'am!
    Bea: All right! Looks like we can get you out of there. We'll cover this area 
    -- you go on ahead.
    <The two Guildsman lower the bridges>
    Bea: You'd better both come back alive, all right?
    Aaron: Thanks, Bea. You guys take care too, okay? May the Sun be with you!
    Lucian: Heh... Why don't you worry about your own skin before worrying about 
    everyone else's?
    Bea: What?!
    Lucian: Look -- don't go getting yourself killed, Bea... If you do, at least 
    wait until I've repaid your favor. I
    Bea: ...Oh, come on. That's not like you at all...
    <Lucian and Aaron leave>
    <Three Orcs spawn>
    Guildsman: !
    Bea: I guess he was right... This is no time to be worrying about others! You 
    guys ready? Until reinforcements arrive, we've gotta protect this place with 
    our lives!
    Oblivious Guildswoman: Sure thing, ma'am!
    Serious Guildsman: We're on it, ma'am!
    [They enter another trap]
    Lucian: Dang it!
    Aaron: Dang...
    <After defeating three groups of three Skeletons>
    Aaron: There's more?!
    Lucian: Heh. They don't know when to give up.
    <Two Orcs spawn>
    Aaron: This is gonna go on forever!
    Lucian: Dang you, Polidori... You and your stupid little tricks!
    <Ernest and Kay defeat the Orcs>
    Kay: Looks like we're just in time.
    Aaron: Ernest! Kay! Am I glad to see you!
    Ernest: Well, you know... I wasn't about to let you hog all the heroics here!
    <Ernest and Kay move closer to Lucian and Aaron>
    Aaron: Huh?!
    Lucian: What're you...?!
    <Lucian and Aaron are thrown to the other side>
    Kay: We'll take care of these guys for you.
    Ernest: You keep moving forward.
    Aaron: But we can't just leave you!
    Ernest: We didn't come here to die, Aaron. We came here to do what has to be 
    done. You've got something of your own that you need to do as well, don't you?
    Your own battle? What you believe is right?
    Aaron: Yeah... All right, Ernest. I'll be back!
    Ernest: Go raise some hell in there!
    Aaron: Be careful, you two. May the Sun be with you!
    Ernest: Lucian... please keep an eye on Aaron for me.
    Lucian: Don't worry. He's a full-fledged gunslinger, now. The Sun will rise 
    tomorrow... You guys just make sure you don't screw up like last time, okay? 
    If you want to continue Trinity's legacy as Guild gunslingers, then you gotta 
    get through this.
    <Lucian and Aaron leave>
    Kay: Ernest... I told you he was...
    Ernest: Yeah... He may not be the exact same Sartana we knew, but he's 
    gradually returning to his old self. Aaron is the key. Both sides of that pair 
    have something the other lacks.
    Kay: Is that why you let Aaron go with him?
    Ernest: Could be...
    <Three Orcs spawn>
    Ernest: By the way, Kay... how're your injuries?
    Kay: I was about to ask you the same, Ernest.
    Ernest: Heh... You know... Trinity may have felt like this too, long ago. Well,
    it's time to show these guys... What a cornered man is really capable of!
    [Before the boss room]
    Lucian: The central area is up ahead...
    Aaron: We're almost at the end of this battle, aren't we.
    Lucian: Yep. Win or lose... I can't say whether either of us will live or die 
    in there. You sure you ready for it?
    Aaron: Yeah... But there's no losing here. I'm going to beat Polidori, and I'm 
    coming back home alive, no matter what. This battle is to protect lives... 
    And to stay alive!
    Lucian: ...Good to hear. Let's go, Aaron!!
    [In the boss room, the floor is suspiciously red]
    Aaron: What is this...?
    Lucian: Smells like blood...
    Aaron: Wait... Is this the vampires'...?!
    Polidori's Voice: Your conjecture is correct. This is the primordial soup of 
    life from which I will form my new body.
    <Polidori appears above a monster>
    Polidori: Thank you so much for coming here. Did you enjoy the traps I so 
    lovingly laid out for you?
    Lucian: Look, I've had enough of your games and your nonsense. My goal was to 
    hunt down Dumas. And now, since you've apparently consumed him... I'll just 
    have to hunt his soul by defeating you!
    Polidori: You are correct... The Duke has graciously let himself become a part 
    of my body. However, I fear you fail to fully understand the situation you are 
    Aaron: What are you talking about?!
    Polidori: To put it simply -- It is not I who will be hunted down here, but 
    rather you. The Duke decided to play the role of conqueror and kill his own 
    king, just to protect your world from being consumed by the Planet Eater. And 
    then the two of you fought so brilliantly against the vampires, even though 
    they had Casket Armor and the power of the paraSOL on their side... All because
    you wanted to protect the sanctity of life and death. You're both quite unique,
    and worthy of being hunted down by one such as myself... Worthy of becoming a 
    part of me!
    Lucian: ...Well, it's simple, then. What we're both after... is each other's 
    Aaron: And, above everything else, the future of our world!
    Lucian: Well, then... For each other's lives...
    Aaron: ...And the future of the world!
    Lucian: Let the hunt begin!!
    <After defeating Polidori>
    Polidori: ...You fight well. I suppose that this is as far as this body will 
    go... What a shame. The material I have here is just too good to lose like 
    this... And now the two of you will go down with Byron. Oh, don't worry about 
    me... There's still so much sweet nourishment for me to sap from this planet!
    Lucian: You!! How many lives must you consume before you're happy?
    Polidori: Heh heh heh heh... It's all for the ensured future of this planet.
    All to propagate eternity in space... All in the name of the Immortals.
    Aaron: What kind of eternity is that?! The only way you're reaching it is by 
    messing with the natural cycle of things... Turning people and planets into 
    soulless slaves! What possible point could there be to doing that?!
    Lucian: The lives born beneath the sun of this planet have worth... because
    they aren't limitless. That's what gives them all meaning.
    Aaron: We don't need your kind of eternity! We'll never give up on life!!
    Polidori: Fools... You could have had it all... You could have taken your place
    as rulers of this planet like the Duke before you. But now, I must bid you 
    farewell, simpleminded traitors!
    <Polidori teleports away>
    <Planet Eater Byron starts to explode>
    Aaron: Lucian!!
    Lucian: I'm not letting him get away. The hunt's not over, yet!
    <Lucian and Aaron leave using Laplace>
    Aaron: What about the others...
    Lucian: They left everything to you 'cause they believed in you. ...The least 
    you could do is believe in them, too.
    Aaron: Yeah... ...Woah! What the heck is that?!
    <They see a much bigger Polidori in the distance>
    Lucian: Well, I'd say he's done a bit of growing up.
    Aaron: That's... Polidori?!
    Lucian: This oughta be a good fight... Let's do it!
    Aaron: Right on!
    [After defeating Polidori...]
    Aaron: We did it!!
    <Polidori reappears>
    Lucian: Not yet we haven't!
    Aaron: He restored his life?!
    Lucian: Stubborn fool...
    [After defeating Polidori for the second time...]
    Aaron: We got him this time!!
    <Polidori reappears>
    Lucian: No... His body's built from the flesh and blood of vampires. That must 
    have given him regenerative powers.
    Aaron: Oh, no...
    Lucian: But vampires have a weakness against sunlight, so he must have some 
    kind of weakness, too. If we don't find it... we've got no chance of winning!
    [After defeating Polidori for the third time...]
    Alice's Voice: Lucian! Aaron! Can you hear me?!
    Aaron: Alice!
    Alice's Voice: Listen up, guys! That body isn't Polidori's own... He's just 
    kind of borrowing it. To beat him, you'll have to attack his real body, hidden
    somewhere inside there.
    <Polidori regenerates>
    Lucian: His real body's in there? There's only one thing we can do, then...
    Alice's Voice: I'll draw his attention! And while he's distracted...
    Lucian: We'll go into that thing and attack his body directly!
    Alice's Voice: If you're all set, then let's do this.
    <Purifex hits Polidori, Laplace flies into the body>
    Lucian: So this is an Immortal's true form...
    Polidori: Fools... You could have escaped with your lives with that Mobile 
    Fighter of yours...
    Aaron: I told you. We're not giving up on life! Not the life of this planet, 
    nor the people on it!
    Polidori: Then dedicate your bodies to me! Do so, and someday all of this 
    planet's life will become one... A part of my body, a part of the 
    <Polidori attacks Laplace>
    Lucian: Fair enough... This is the last battle... Let's see who falls first.
    Aaron! Fire!! Fire away!!!
    <Polidori explodes>
    [Afterwards, Lucian flies around in Laplace]
    Lucian: I never thought he'd be the one to help me... But he's still my prey...
    that hasn't changed. Someday... someday, I'll pay you back for this!!
    [Find the Info Broker]
    Info Broker: Y'know, come to think of it... this is your first time fighting 
    the Duke and his people, isn't it? Well, lemmie let you in on a little secret. 
    You know the Vambery? The tower that stands at the center of Baron Stoker's 
    research complex? Well, someone's in there resurrecting the monsters you've 
    been destroying. That alone is bad enough, but what happens when vampires start
    getting resurrected? You know that can't be a good thing. Anyway, I'll take 
    care of the lock on the entrance. You go take care of the rest, okay? Thanks!
    [Choose "Titles"]
    Info Broker: Hey, have you noticed the title list yet? Sometimes you'll get
    special honors or achievements during you quest, known as titles. You earn 
    titles by achieving certain objectives, like building yourself up to be the 
    best in something... or collecting every single type of something... or getting
    the top ranking in something... Y'know, those kinda things. If you take a 
    gander at the title list, you can check out all of the titles you've acquired
    so far. Why doncha try going for a complete set? It'll be fun!
    [Choose "Play Data"]
    Info Broker: Oh, good timing! I've just finished gathering all of your play 
    data up to this point. This'll let you look up all kinds of misc. info: how 
    much Soll you've earned to date, your overall total play time, the number of
    times you beat the game on each difficulty, and so on and so forth. I'll be
    keeping this data constantly updated, so come take a look whenever you've got
    the urge.
    Sheridan's Mansion
    [Talk to Sheridan]
    Sheridan: Ah, yes... Alice sent over your battle data a little while ago. I've
    used it to put together a bit of a boss-battle simulator for you... Oh, don't
    worry. It was no trouble at all -- not with the alchemy I've got at hand. Use
    this, and you can take another crack at any boss you've already defeated. I've
    also set it up to keep track of your times, so try and go for an "S" ranking,
    all right?
    Sheridan: Which boss do you want to challenge?
    <After facing a boss>
    Carmilla: Thank you for participating...
    Epilogue: The Final Traces                                               [EPFT]
    Vambery, The Tower Laboratory
    Aaron: So this is the Vambery... The crown jewel of the vampires' research
    Lucian: According to what the info broker said, someone's been using this tower
    as a staging ground... to resurrect the monsters we've already defeated.
    ???: I thought you'd come here... Lucian, Warrior of Darkness... and Aaron, 
    Warrior of Light.
    <Polidori appears>
    Lucian, Aaron: !
    Aaron: Is that...?!
    Lucian: Polidori! You're alive?!
    Polidori: Well, what do you think? With the technology the Baron built into 
    this tower, it's possible to rebuild any corporeal form you like, as long as 
    you have the necessary biological data. Of course, you need more than just a 
    new body to resurrect a living creature. But all I need right now is a puppet, 
    something to serve as my arms and legs... For my purposes, these monsters and 
    vampires will be more than sufficient. Or, at least, they'll be sufficient 
    enough... until I get around to rebuilding my own body.
    Aaron: You can't keep playing with people's lives like this!
    Lucian: Did you think... Did you think we'd just stand by idly and let you get
    away with this?
    Polidori: Heh heh heh heh... If you want to try and stop me, be my guest. 
    However, this tower is already guarded by an army of my resurrected monsters. 
    Each floor is protected by a different level of monsters... The higher you go, 
    the meaner the resistance you'll face. Do be careful, won't you...?
    <Polidori teleports away>
    Aaron: Dang it! Was that not the real Polidori we destroyed before?!
    Lucian: Well, we're dealing with the Immortals here. Anything is possible. 
    Aaron: ...?
    Lucian: ...Anyway. For now, we've got to climb to the top of this tower and
    stop this evil scheme! Let's go, Aaron!
    Aaron: All right, Lucian!
    [After Floor 10]
    <They spot Perrault>
    Lucian/Aaron: !
    Perrault: You...! Don't tell me you're here to use the tower's -- 
    Aaron: Perrault! Wait... You must have been the one in the Schrödinger earlier. 
    You saved our lives!
    Perrault: ......
    Aaron: Thanks, Perrault. We would've been finished without you.
    Perrault: ...Heh. I should've known you fools wouldn't have thought of it...
    Lucian: Well, well, Perrault... You looking for someone, too?
    Perrault: Someone?
    Lucian: Polidori. Seems he views this tower as his ticket to resurrecting 
    Perrault: Polidori?! But he was annihilated...
    Lucian: And then he showed up again. Right in front of us, too.
    Perrault: ...... This tower is made up of several smaller towers, each with a 
    set number of floors. You need to make it to the top of each tower before you 
    can move on to the next. If he's really here, I imagine he'd be in the final 
    tower, on the topmost floor... This is serious. I can't afford to waste any 
    more time on you two.
    <Perrault teleports away>
    Lucian: I see... So this is merely the peak of the first tower, then...
    Aaron: So Perrault's after Polidori as well? In that case, we'd better get
    moving to the next tower!
    Lucian: You said it... It's time for the hunt to begin anew!
    [After Floor 30]
    Nero: Why'd Perrault have to go off alone...
    Toasty: With the Duke out of the picture, it's not like we're her enemies any 
    longer... Is there something preventing her from joining us?
    Nero: Wait... could HE still be alive, too?
    Toasty: No. His body lies in the great ether of space... along with Polidori
    and all the other vampires he consumed. There's no way the Duke could live
    through that... nor Polidori, either.
    Nero: Hmmm...
    [After Floor 50]
    Ursula: We haven't seen a trace of Perrault, much less Polidori.
    Ezra: This is absurd... How far does this tower go, anyway?
    Ursula: What? Tired already? We won't know how high it goes until we reach the
    Ezra: Sigh... I wish I could be as naive as you are.
    Ursula: Pah! Thanks!
    Ezra: It wasn't a compliment.
    [After Floor 70]
    Tove: Whew... We must be pretty far up by now.
    Alexander: ...Yes. Soon we shall reach the peak.
    Tove: I hope Perrault didn't go and do anything reckless...
    Alexander: That's all the more reason for us to hurry.
    Tove: Right!
    [After Floor 90]
    Perrault: That bastard... How dare he attempt to rebuild our bodies... Of
    course, I suppose it does save me the trouble. If I can just get my hands on
    the data he left behind...
    <Perrault spots Lucian and Aaron behind him>
    Perrault: !
    Aaron: Uh... Perrault? Didn't you come here to stop Polidori...?
    Perrault: Heh. That was your own assumption. It's true we can't afford to leave
    him to his own devices, but before that, there's something else I need to
    accomplish. I'll let you take care of him yourselves, but there's one thing
    ought to be aware of: That's not Polidori.
    Aaron: Wha?! But the person who appeared before us... That had to be...
    Perrault: Well, you'll just have to see for yourselves, then. The terrennials
    have pinned the future of the world on your shoulders. This is your
    responsibility, after all. I imagine he's in the next tower... at the Vambery's
    highest floor.
    <Perrault teleports away>
    Aaron: Hey, Lucian... What did she mean, that's not Polidori?
    Lucian: If he's not the real thing, there's only one answer... But, either way,
    we'll know for sure once we beat it out of him. Come. We must move quickly!
    Aaron: ...Okay!
    Lucian: (Looking at the situation... it would seem Polidori isn't the only
    imposter here...)
    [After Floor 100]
    Polidori: So, you've finally crawled your way here... I'd expect nothing less
    from the Warriors of Light and Darkness. Sadly, though, you're too late. As you
    can see, my body has been reborn!
    Aaron: Lucian...!
    Lucian: Heh. Yes, you certainly seem to have your body back, but no matter how
    many bodies you revive, you can't bring a soul back to life, can you? You
    couldn't do that with the vampires you revived, either.
    Polidori: So you noticed, did you...? I am but a residual image... an
    apparition created by Polidori himself. But... even so, what does it matter?
    Even if I cannot retain control of this world, I can use this body to merge
    with all of its life... and that'll be more than enough. It is my duty to reset
    this world... That is Polidori's will... the will of the Immortals!
    Aaron: Not if we can help it! We don't care how many times you try, we won't
    let you have your way with our world!
    Lucian: He's right... If you truly are the embodiment of Polidori's final
    traces, then you're the final piece of the puzzle... Expunging you will end it
    all for good!
    Polidori: Heh heh heh heh... I'm afraid I can't accept such derision. This body
    of mine has been leveled up to a state far beyond what it was before... much
    like the other monsters and vampires I've resurrected. No, I'm afraid YOU make
    up the final piece of the puzzle here... and now, it is time to absorb your
    bodies and complete the full picture!
    [After defeating Polidori]
    Polidori: Why...?! My data was impeccable! There was no chance of you
    Lucian: Heh... An afterimage is just that... a shadow of its former self.
    Polidori: What do you...?
    Aaron: We're all alive... People grow and mature because they're alive. So no
    matter how strong you try to be... We'll just become stronger! We'll show you!
    Lucian: Farewell, Polidori... Farewell to the emissary from the cosmos... And
    farewell to his final traces!!
    <Lucian attacks Polidori, Polidori fades away>
    <They teleport out of the battleground>
    Lucian: !
    Aaron: Dumas?! You're alive, too?!
    Dumas: Heh... Well done, Aaron... And you too, Lucian.
    Lucian: This was your goal all along, wasn't it, Perrault?
    Perrault: Precisely... Lord Dumas lost his body when he was absorbed by
    Polidori, but when I escaped from that battle... I took his soul along with me.
    Just as Sartana once shared bodies with Nero when he was at the brink of
    Lucian: And then you used the technology in this tower... ...to rebuild Dumas'
    lost body and replace his soul in its original vessel. You had us dancing to
    your tune the whole time.
    Dumas: Understand that not even I had anticipated... that Polidori's shadow
    would start to act of its own will. I suppose I should be glad I had the
    forethought to keep you all alive.
    Lucian: That's what I wanted to ask. If we and Polidori had killed each other,
    that would've been the most ideal outcome for you vampires. So why did you help
    Dumas: Heh... I know I've told you this before. Defeating us vampires wasn't
    the end of everything, you know. It's the same here. In fact, not even
    Polidori's defeat means the world is saved forever. As long as the Immortals
    exist in the cosmos, there won't be a true end to anything.
    Lucian: So you want us to be your little pawns... in the upcoming battle
    against the Immortals?
    Perrault: Oh, but you have to. As far as the Immortals are concerned, defeating
    Polidori was akin to declaring war.
    Aaron: No...
    Dumas: Who knows when they might come back? It could be a year, or it could be
    a century... But regardless, we're simply too powerless to resist them in any
    way, shape or form. This is no time for squabbles between man and vampire.
    Lucian: The hell is isn't! You are, and always have been, my prey... I'll
    never join hands with you!
    Aaron: But Lucian...!
    Dumas: ...Very well. But killing me won't bring your girl's soul back. In fact,
    all of their souls... they're already among you.
    Lucian: What do you mean?!
    Perrault: Don't you understand? In fact, I think you've already met them...
    Vampire's brides, resurrected anew as humans...
    Lucian: No...?!
    Dumas: Yes... No matter how ghoulish the alchemy required to bring them about
    may have been, the fact is, they exist... and there's no crime in that. And the
    only people who can call their sleeping souls and awaken them again... ...are
    you, the humans.
    Lucian: ......
    Dumas: I will see you again, Warriors of Light and Darkness... ...on the next
    <Dumas teleports away>
    Perrault: Nyah! Until we meet again! Take good care of my other half for me,
    <Perrault teleports away>
    Aaron: Lucian...
    Lucian: Yeah... I know. If the Immortals show up again, I'll take them down...
    as many times as it takes. But no matter what, I cannot fight alongside the 
    vampires. No matter how he repents, he will always be my enemy... and yours, 
    too, lest you forget.
    Aaron: ...Yeah. But still... I mean, someday...
    Lucian: You never change, do you... Look, I'm me, and you're you. How about we
    both just live the way we want to? Follow our own suns...
    Aaron: Hmm... May the Sun shine forever in our hearts! Believe in yourself, and
    believe in your friends... That's the way... of the Lunar Knights!!
    Lucian: Heh...
    Quests                                                                   [QEST]
    Hunting Mansion: Forecourt
    [Talk to Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: Say, you wouldn't be looking for part-time work,
    would you? It's really easy. All I need is for you to go and pick some flowers
    for my medicine. These flowers only grow in the forecourt of the Hunting
    Mansion. Once you pick 'em, though, they wilt away pretty fast. You'll need to
    hurry back to the exit before time runs out and they die on you.
    <After bringing back the flowers>
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: Wonderful! I knew I could count on you! You picked
    some flowers for me, didn't you? And they haven't wilted yet, either. Now I
    can finally kiss this back pain goodbye! Well done, then. Here's your pay. Go
    ahead, take it.
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: I may not look it, but I'm a pretty good fighter, too!
    Mmm... You don't seem to believe me, do you? I can see it in your eyes. Well,
    I'll have you know that Bea assigned me to drive away some evil spirits, and
    I'm doing just fine at it myself, thank you very much! It's just that, well,
    I've been kinda busy helping rebuild the Guild, so... Huh? You want to help me
    out? Wow! Thank you <heart> All right, so the guy I need help with... is the
    Spectre lurking in forecourt of the Hunting Mansion. Got it? May the Sun be
    with you!
    <After defeating the Spectre>
    Soothing Guildswoman: Wow! You really did drive him away for me! Thanks, you
    two <heart> I'm sure it'll help assuage the fears of everyone that Spectre
    attacked. This is our client's reward. It's yours! Take it <music note>
    Hunting Mansion: Interior
    [Talk to Hopeful Man]
    Hopeful Man: Now that the Margrave's been knocked out of the picture, I
    wouldn't mind paying another visit to the Hunting Mansion. Of course, if the
    rumors are true, the place is still crawling with monsters... If I wanted to
    run from the Mansion's jail cells to the exit, avoiding all monsters, how fast
    do you think I'd be able to do that? I think I could probably manage that run
    in 4 minutes.
    <After escaping in under 4 minutes>
    Hopeful Man: Oh? You tried it out? Well, to tell you the truth, there's
    something I left behind in the cell there. I wanted to go over and retrieve it
    for myself, but... well... It's not the sort of think I'd want anyone besides
    myself finding... You know? But anyway, thanks for tackling that run for me!
    Here's a little something for your trouble. Take it. It's yours.
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Huh? You want to know if there's any other ghosts to
    hunt out there? You, you mean you want to help me out with my assignment
    again? Wow! Thank you <heart> All right, so the guy I need help with... is
    the Spectre lurking in interior of the Hunting Mansion. Got it? May the Sun be
    with you!
    <After defeating the Spectre>
    Soothing Guildswoman: Good work, guys! I knew I could count on the Two Stooges!
    I've heard all about you <heart> Hmm? Why are you looking at me like that?
    You don't have to look so angry... I mean, you ARE the Two Stooges, right?
    Everyone in town's talking about you right now! It's all Stooge this, Stooge
    Old Culiacan: 13th Street
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster]
    Quiet Pubmaster: You know 13th Street, the site of the vampire offensive? It's
    not very far from this shopping area, and that opens up the danger of
    pedestrians coming under attack by stray monsters. May I perhaps be able to
    ask a favor? Could you go and clear out the monsters lurking around 13th
    Street for us?
    <After defeating the monsters>
    Quiet Pubmaster: Thank you so much. Here's your reward. I hope it's to your
    liking. If the monsters ever come back, I hope we can rely on your skills once
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: I wonder how much time it took to escape from our
    hideout back there. Normally it'd take around 4 minutes to get fully away from
    the base, but what with all the monsters there now... well, you know. Say,
    come to think of it, you interested in a little friendly wager? If you can
    beat that time, I'll give you one of my most valuable items. May the Sun be
    with you!
    <After escaping in under 4 minutes>
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Oh, man, I sure lost that one! I didn't think you'd
    actually make it anywhere near that time, heh... ...Well, a bet's a bet!
    Here's the item I promised. Don't lose it, now.
    Old Culiacan: Sewers
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Boy, this is bad news... Huh? What's bad news, you ask?
    Well, apparently there's a ton of monsters in the sewers of Old Culiacan right
    now. One Guildsman reported in that the monsters are actually appearing out of
    the channel! There might be something going on there, perhaps somewhere deep
    inside? Either way, though, we can't just ignore that many monsters. I'd go
    and take care of them myself, if I, uh, didn't have this assignment... May the
    Sun be with you!
    <After defeating the monsters>
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Whoa! You exterminated all the monsters from the sewers!
    Thanks for going through all the trouble! I appreciate it. Here's your reward
    from the Guild. Go ahead, take it!
    [Talk to Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper]
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: Say, you wouldn't be looking for part-time work,
    would you? It's really easy. All I need is for you to go and pick some
    mushrooms for my medicine. These mushrooms only grow in the sewers of Old
    Culiacan. Once you pick 'em, though, they shrivel up pretty fast. You'll need
    to hurry back to the exit before time runs out and they die on you.
    <After bringing back the mushrooms>
    Old-Fashioned Shopkeeper: Wonderful! I knew you could do it! You got those
    mushrooms for me, didn't you? And they haven't dried up yet. Now I can finally
    kiss this neck stiffness goodbye! Well done, then. Here's your pay. Go on,
    it's yours.
    Santa Cecilia Station
    [Talk to Quiet Pubmaster]
    Quiet Pubmaster: Santa Cecilia Station's security has gotten tighter. I
    believe they're on alert for a possible attack. There's been reports that
    monsters are even showing up near the station, attacking any passers-by
    unlucky enough to cross their path. Would you be able to clear the monsters
    out of there for us? We'd appreciate it.
    <After defeating the monsters>
    Quiet Pubmaster: Thank you so much. Here's your reward. I hope it's to your
    liking. If the monsters ever come back, I hope we can rely on your skills once
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: Oh, hey, the Two Stoo... ...ah, uh, never mind. By the
    way, I have another ghost-hunting request to take care of, but... What?
    You'll take it? Oh, wow! Thank you <heart>. All right, so the guy I need help
    with... is the Spectre lurking in Santa Cecilia Station. Got it? May the Sun
    be with you!
    <After defeating the Spectre>
    Soothing Guildswoman: Good work, guys! I knew I could count on you <heart>.
    I'm sure it'll help assuage the fears of everyone that Spectre attacked. This
    is our client's reward. It's yours! Take it <music note>
    Armed Train Irving
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Wait, I just remembered something... You guys took over
    the armed train all by yourselves, isn't that right? I was sent out there once
    myself, you know. Yep, a one-man infiltration assignment. Boy, was it rough!
    Of course, what with the level you guys are at now, I bet just one of you two
    could handle the train all by yourself. May the Sun be with you!
    <If Lucian does the Quest>
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Wow! You're every bit the Dark Swordsman I heard about!
    Listen, I don't know who you are, but now I ain't surprised they call you the
    Dark Warrior of lore! Here's a bit of bounty I took from the train. Go ahead,
    take it!
    <If Aaron does the Quest>
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Wow... I guess you really are the real thing. Once upon
    a time, you were just a kid who couldn't even fire a Solar Gun. Now people are
    calling you the legendary Warrior of Light... and I can see why! Here's a bit
    of bounty I took from the train. Go ahead, take it!
    New Culiacan
    [Talk to Hot-headed Guildsman]
    Hot-headed Guildsman: This is a pretty sticky situation, here... Huh? What's a
    sticky situation, you ask? The monsters holed up in New Culiacan, that's what.
    Our mission right now is to rescue the people in there, but we can't let them
    get caught up in the battle while we fight off the monsters! I wish we could
    at least cut down the monsters' numbers a little bit... May the Sun be with
    <After defeating the monsters>
    Hot-headed Guildsman: Whoa! You exterminated all the monsters from New
    Culiacan! You can leave the rest to us. We'll get all the people out of there.
    You just watch us! Here's your reward from the Guild. Go ahead, take it!
    [Talk to Soothing Guildswoman]
    Soothing Guildswoman: I've gotten my next ghost-hunting assignment in, but can
    I ask you to help me out again? All right, so the guy I need help with... is
    the Spectre lurking in New Culiacan. Got it? May the Sun be with you!
    <After defeating the Spectre>
    Soothing Guildswoman: Good work, guys! You've really gotten the hang of this
    ghost-hunting business, haven't you?. If this keeps up, I may not even be
    necessary anymore... But, hey, I HAVE built you up into some first-class ghost
    hunters, and that's... well, that's not too shabby, eh <music note>
    Boss Tips                                                                [BOTP]
    Did you know that it's possible to guard against the Antlion's Sol Beam attack?
    When the Antlion is far away and its body starts to flash, that's your cue to
    watch out!
    Rymer's rushing attack is a chain attack that makes use of his spinning lance.
    The attack is difficult to guard against, so it's best to try and avoid it
    Rymer's rushing attack has no blind spot. The explosion can even strike from
    behind. Be careful when you approach him, even from the rear!
    The Dark Gun Archer's napalm bombs cannot be guarded against, and they can also
    cause the Burning status ailment. Avoid them at all costs!
    The Dark Gun Archer's iron arrow chain attack can be guarded against, but doing
    so will take a large chunk off of your Guard Counter meter. Rather than guard,
    it would be smarter to try and hide behind something during the attack.
    [Goat Chimera]
    The Goat Chimera's rushing attack is unguardable, but it's possible to knock
    him out in his tracks with a swift chain attack. As soon as he lets out his
    battle cry, fire away!
    The Goat Chimera's rushing attack is unguardable, but it's possible to knock
    him out in his tracks by having him smack into something. As soon as he lets
    out his battle cry, find some place to hide, fast!
    [Edgar and Virginia]
    Edgar's purple fighter can guard against all gun-based attacks, while
    Virginia's green fighter can guard against all sword-based attacks. You'll
    need to be able to change characters nimbly if you want to win. Use Lucian to
    attack Edgar, and use Aaron to attack Virginia!
    Edgar's Punch Rush and Virginia's Kick Rush can both be guarded against, but
    doing so will take a large chunk off of your Guard Counter gauge. To counter
    this, use a Moon Dew to replenish the gauge after guarding! If you get
    attacked, quickly tap the +Control Pad left and right to escape!
    [The Poes]
    The Poes' Dual Poefighter has far more offensive power than the two Poes on
    their own. It's also invincible during a burst (Energy Charge) move, so keep
    your distance and wait for a chance to strike!
    The Dual Poefighter has two burst attacks: the long-range Burst Shot, and the
    close-range Burst Rush.
    The Dual Poefighter's Burst Shot is a long-range attack... which fires two
    guided shots towards its opponent. It's possible to guard against it, so stay
    calm and deal with it as quickly as you can!
    The Dual Poefighter's Burst Rush is a chain attack of punches and kicks. You
    can't guard against it, so try to stay far away! If you get attacked, quickly
    tap the +Control Pad left and right to escape!
    [Baron Stoker]
    To break the guard put up by each of Stoker's arms, you'll need to attack each
    arm with its opposite element. Use Nero's Dark element to attack the 
    Sol-enforced right arm, and use Toasty's Sol element to attack the 
    Dark-enforced left arm!
    Stoker's long-range Ice Grenades aren't just guided missiles. They also have 
    the ability to cause the Frozen status ailment. You can't guard against them,
    but you can attack them, so lock and load to shoot them down!
    Stoker's Freeze Beam attack can also cause the Frozen status ailment. You can
    guard against it, but it's smarter to fall back and evade, since he immediately
    follows it with a rushing attack.
    Stoker's rushing attack, Double Claw, is difficult to fully guard against. It's
    smarter to fall back and evade it entirely.
    [Dragon Chimera]
    The Dragon Chimera switches between the Flame and Frost elements while
    fighting. Be sure to strike with the opposite element at all times to maximize
    Fire Breath and Cold Breath can cause the Burning and Frozen status ailments.
    The laser-like Fire Breath can be guarded against, but the fan-like Cold
    breath cannot, so watch out!
    Flame Rain and Frost Rain can cause the Burning and Frozen status ailments.
    The flame and ice shots that come after impact... can be destroyed by
    attacking them with attacks of the opposite elements.
    The Manticore's purple Cloud Beam causes the Confusion ailment, while its
    green Earth Beam causes the Poisoned ailment. Both of these can be guarded
    against, and you can even use a Quick Guard to deflect them back and cause
    damage. Give it a shot!
    The Manticore's grab attack, Radical Hair, is an unguardable move, so avoid
    it at all costs! If you get attacked, quickly tap the +Control Pad left and
    right to escape!
    The Manticore creates illusory mirror images of itself... and uses them as
    decoys as it attacks you stealthily. However, the real Manticore casts a
    shadow, so watch for it and don't get jumped!
    Dumas' long-range Blood Cutter attack can be guarded against, but you can also 
    use a Quick Guard to deflect it back and cause damage. Give it a shot!
    Dumas is invincible during a burst (Energy Charge), but if you attack him with
    an element opposite to the one he's charging, you can deal him damage and
    cancel his burst entirely. Use your terrennials to their fullest to prevent
    Dumas from using his burst!
    Dumas' Nightmare burst attack is a rushing attack that cannot be guarded 
    against. His flight route is displayed beforehand, so be ready to dash nimbly
    to evade him!
    When Dumas is hit with a Trance attack, he counters with an attack of his own:
    a ranged attack or a chained attack, depending on which kind of attack he was
    hit with.
    Dumas' Lunar Flare counter is a chain attack... that creates a high-frequency
    energy field in the surrounding area. The attack is difficult to guard against,
    so it's best to try and avoid it entirely.
    If you attack Dumas with Dark Fang or Sol Prominence, he'll counter it, turning
    things into a battle of who can tap the Y Button faster. Overcome his counter
    and destroy him with your special moves!
    The Hysteric Arm attack launches countless spikes out from the water. The 
    spikes are launched in one of several patterns. Watch how the water ripples 
    beforehand to be able to figure out how to avoid them!
    The spinning beam attack, Attractive Dance, has no blind spot to it, but you
    can counter the move to help penetrate Polidori's guard. Avoid or guard against
    the beams, and keep on attacking!
    When Polidori takes damage in a chain attack, he'll recreate vampires from his
    collection of battle data to counterattack. You can't defeat the vampires he
    regenerates, so just concentrate on avoiding them or guarding against them.
    To break the Tactical Fang wall of spikes, you'll either have to attack with a
    certain weapon, or use a Quick Guard to deflect the white Acid Spittle that
    Polidori spits at you. You can't deflect the green Poison Spittle, so watch
    Polidori's grab attack, Radical Arm, cannot be guarded against. However, it can
    be attacked, so lock and load to try and destroy it!
    If you get hit with Polidori's biting Savage Fang attack, you'll not only take
    damage, but Polidori's life will be refilled as well. If you get caught,
    quickly tap the +Control Pad left and right to escape!
    Thanks to...
    lordhuffnpuff - for pointing out several silly errors.

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