How do I get to the bottom-left area on the map?

  1. And where are all of the secret rooms?

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    i0123 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, there are a couple of ways: Use Cinqueda or Baselard's special attack to warp on top of the switch blocking your way in the Wizardry Lab, or go to the room with water above a set of spikes in the Subterranean Hell. From here, you have two options; turn Rahab off and swim up to the wall blocking your path, then turn Rahab off once you've positioned yourself over the little safe platform. From here, equip Puppet Master and Skeleton Ape's souls, then throw the puppet onto the other safe platform on the other side of the barrier. Then just turn Rahab's soul off again and swim to the other side. Don't forget to turn it back on once you're safely on the far shore - you'll need to be able to go underwater to navigate the secret portion of the Wizardry Lab!!!! The other way to get past the spikes is to equip the Bone Ark soul and just carry yourself over them (you can't use Valkyrie, Barbariccia, or Iron Golem for this because they're too big. It LOOKS like Bone Arrk won't fit under the wall, but trust me - it does, and it's a lot safer than using Puppet Master and potentially tossing the puppet onto the spikes by mistake, which will probably land you at the Game Over screen.)

    It's also possible to reach this area of the map in Julius Mode, and you again have two options, both dependent on Alucard. First, you can use the Alucard Sword's special attack just like Baselard or Cinqueda to warp yourself onto the switch in the Wizardry Lab. Second, the spike-and-wall room has actually been drained for Julius Mode, so unlike Soma (who would be forced out of bat form upon touching the water), Alucard can just transform and fly over the spikes and under the wall!!!!! There's nothing important down there for Julius and the gang, who just want to beat the crap out of Aguni so they'll be able to breach that barrier and get to the Abyss, but if you REALLY want to fill in the map and get some experience while you're at it, go ahead.

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