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"A good FPS... by the DS's standards."

Hello, everyone. This is my review of Goldeneye: Rogue Agent for the Nintendo DS. This won't be a biased review by any means. I'm neutral on the whole James Bond movie series, and this is my first 007 game. *Gasp!* Anyway, though.. is this a worthwhile investment for DS owners? Possible. Read on to find out.

Graphics: 8/10 - Not bad, but not stunning, either.

The game looks pretty decent for a DS game. The environments are well rendered, textures are quite nice. Areas are decorated well, such as potted plants in the building areas, or the glittering slot machines in the casino. The character models themselves look quite good. Blocky, yes, but for a 64-bit handheld, very good. Textures on the characters are good, which is also a good thing, considering you'll mow down plenty of enemies. The weapons look good, with some nice details to them. For example, how the spent shells pop out of the shotgun, or how the barrel on the minigun continues to rotate a bit after you've actually stopped firing. Explosions are decent enough, though fire is something of a trick. Fire is one sided; the laws of perspective stop at pyrotechnics, it seems. =P

Sound: 7/10 - Also, not bad.

From the gunfire to the screams of agony and death, the sound is overall good. There's boops and beeps for decoding locked doors, explosions sound good, and the rotating blades of a helicopter are all nicely done. The few voice overs are simple clips of 'Shoot him!', or screams of pain when the enemy gets hit or dies. Overall, not bad.

Music: 4/10 - Turn it off...

Oh, blech. This stuff gets so annoying. It's literally headache inducing. Just turn it off, you can hear your enemies better. The whole techno thing is neat at first, and sounds decent enough, but it gets plain irritating. Also, it usually overshadows the actual sound effects. If you like the music, turn it to about forty percent, leave the sounds at sixty. Overall, poor in my opinion.

Control: 8/10 - Good.

This game uses the Touch Screen whether you choose button control or not. I tried touch control, but it was really the same as playing Mario 64 with touch control; difficult. And since, unlike a control stick, there's nothing to use to stay in place, you'll find yourself running out of room on the screen to actually move. Use the buttons. The button controls are very cumbersome at first, but when you adapt, the game is quite fun. With the buttons, you use the D-pad to control general movement in eight directions. You use the buttons to control turning left and right and looking up and down. L is used to fire your left weapon, and R is used to fire you left weapon. The touch screen is used to pick up and drop weapons, select Goldeneye powers, (I'll get to that later) and at times is used to play a Simon Says-like game where you decode locks. At the bottom left and right corners of the screen, you have icons of your current weapons. The game only allows you to keep 2 (sometimes 1) weapon(s) at a time. You have the Spec9, a weak pistol with infinite ammo, in your right hand at all times. Grenades are in your left. Touching the icon for a weapon will reload it. Touching it twice will make you drop it. (Bot the grenades and Spec9, though. Those are holstered when you pick something else up) After killing an enemy, you can walk over to their weapons are pick them up. When text appears at the bottom of the top screen, touching a weapon icon will make your drop that weapon and take the new one. Some weapons, like the minigun, require both hands, and slow you down considerably. (Though, mowing people down with a minigun is worth moving like molasses. =P)

Gameplay: 8/10 - Good.

Ah, the meat and 'taters of the game. The game uses a dual wielding system, as you know. This game is very action oriented, with enemies being thrown at you every which way. But, to make it fair for you, your hide is incredibly tough. Bullets? Pah! But seriously. Standing in front of a guy with a minigun isn't a bright idea. Your health recharges over time, as long as you aren't being damaged. Your enemies aren't dumb as stumps, but then again, they aren't college graduates. They usually refuse to take cover, and when forced to reload, will simply stand there. Of course, the harder the difficulty, the more powerful these guys are. And annoyingly, they seem to have magic bullets. Forget the wall-piercing Mag-Rail weapon. These guys can shoot you with a machinegun through walls. But I digress. There's special 'Goldeneye powers' you have at your disposal. You have energy points that recharge gradually to use these. By touching one of four icons at the top of the screen, you can use: MRI Vision) This is your first upgrade. It makes enemies appear as silloetts through walls. Using the Mag-Rail, a laser-like device, you can shoot them through walls. EM Hack) This allows you to hack an enemy's weapon, making them reload, or shutting off their shields. (If they have any) Magnectic Something-or-another Shield) This makes a barrier that delflects damage as long as you have energy. Sadly, it's almost useless. Toss Attack) Probably the most useful. Pressing select when an enemy is in your sight will make him go flying. Very fun to use.

Longevity: 3/10 - Poor.

You probably won't want to play through this again. It only has six missions, all of which are somewhat short. I blew through easy, and I'm doing normal now. It's not that hard once you know where everyone and everything is. It would've been nice for new objectives on harder difficulties, but sadly, the song remians the same. =P The multiplayer may add quite a bit of replay value, but sadly, no one around me owns a DS.

Multiplayer: N/A - Seems promising, though.

I have yet to try the multiplayer. But it seems like it could be fun. There's download play available, so if you can't coax your friends into buying it, you can still play it with them. There's a lot of characters to choose from, too. You can play as Goldeneye (The guy you play as in the campaign), Auric Goldfinger, *Censored* Galore, Xenia Onatopp, Oddjob, Dr. No, etc.

Overall: 7/10 - Not bad.

I'd say this game is worth a rental if you want a quick thrill of FPS action on your DS. If you have friends (or siblings), then it's worth a purchase, I think. (I got it as a gift) Anyway, it's a blast the first time, the story is alright, it looks and sounds good, and it plays pretty well. While it isn't perfect, it's good for a first try on the DS. And it's probably the best we'll have until Metroid Prime: Hunters.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/29/05

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