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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AcrossJGA

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lost In Blue FAQ. 1.0
    By: "Joshua Gonzalez"
    10/ 10/ 05
    Index of FAQ:
    1- Introduction
    2- Updates
    3- Control
    4- Top Screen
    5- Submenu
    6- Game Time and Weather.
    7- Walkthrough
    8- Survival Tips
    9- Materials
    10- Tools
    11- Foods
    12- Seafood and Fish
    13- Cave
    14- Hunting
    15- Fishing
    16- Contact Info
    1- Introduction:	
     Welcome to my first FAQ.^_^ Lost in Blue, a great survival rpg for the DS.
    If you have the game and I guess it's the reason you're here, then you know 
    pretty  much how the game works. You play as Keith and Skye (Later when you 
    finish the game with Keith). Two teens that got stranded on a desserted Island 
    after a storm sunk a cruise ship they were in. I have one question... 
    Why was Skye the only person in the raft??? well... maybe we'll never know...
    Okay lets continue...
    Just started this. I will update when I can and get more info on the game.
    3- Control
    D-pad: Move your character/Menu selections
    A button: Action/Scroll text/Select options
    B button: Run (hold)/Cancel menu selections
    X button: Sub Menu
    Y button: Use equipped item/Hold or release hands/Push item
    L button: Cycle top screen display left
    R button: Cycle top screen display right
    Start button: Pause menu (Quick Save)
    Touch screen: Used to search the ground and to do other stuff
    Microphone: Blow air (Fire making, Furniture creation, and cooking 
    4- Top Screen:
     The top screen shows 3 different displays, wich can be changed with the 
    L and R buttons.
    -Status Screen: 
     -HP: The character's shape show their HP it will decrease once your 
    other stats reduce. When eather characters HP reaches 0 the character dies. 
    x.x game over
     -Stamina: The flexed arm. Stamina is used when you do everything. Jump, 
    Run Climb and Push stuff.
     Resting and sleeping while not hungry or thirsty restores stamina.
     -Thirst: The water symbol. You get thirsty... Find water to drink. 
    Also coconuts replenish some of the Thirst meter.
     -Hunger: The stomach. You get hungry... Find food... Its kinda hard at 
    beggining to get decent food.
    But after that you can fish and hunt, no worries ^_^.
    -World Map: The world map shows the island. Kinda useless... Parts you haven't 
    been to appear grey.
    -Area Map: Once you are in an area you can view the area in the map 
    so won't get lost easily. xD
    5- Submenu:
    View items you have gathered. (Up to 20 items can be held inside backpack).
    Press X inside backpack menu and you can view a list of:
    Water Liters.
    b)Rest: When you get tired... rest. When resting you get thirsty and hungry.
    Also time passes really fast.
    c)Make item: It shows you the items you can make. (Once you get to the part 
    where you can make them).
    Heres a list of the itmes you can make.
    Fire Maker- Makes Fire?...
    Sharpen Objects- Used to sharpen rocks and bonesto make Spears, Fishing Rods 
    and Arrows.
    Make spear - Used to make spear once you have the items to make one.
    Make Fishing rod - Used to make a fishing rod once you have items to make one.
    Make Trap - used for making traps.
    a)Small Trap - Used for capturing small animals.
    b)Large Trap - Used for capturing larger animals.
    c)Fish Trap - To trap fish?
    Make a Bow - Used for making bows once you have the items to make one.
    Make Arrows - Used for making arrows to use with bow.
    d) Scrapbook:
     	Its a list of everything you have found and built.
    6- Game Time and Weather.
     7 seconds playing equal to 5 minutes in game. So 33 minutes is 1 day.
    But when you rest and sleep time passes really fast. 
    So most of the time you won't spend 33 minutes in one day.
     The weather is random. Before going out Skye will tell you how the day is.
    The days affect is some things. But you will see when you play.
    7- Walkthrough
     The game moves on your speed and how you act in the game.
    You start as Keith washed up on a beach. When you get control of the character
    the game will show you the basic commands of the game. So then get 
    some coconuts and other foods and find the cave. When you find the cave 
    He will get all exited and now enter the cave... Go on you can do it... 
    He inspects the cave and he says some stuff. He now needs to start a fire. 
    So go outside and get some twigs and treebark. Once outside you'll find 
    the river  but can't cross it yet cause the river current is to strong. 
    Once you get a twig and some tree bark, you'll be able to create 
    the fire maker!!! Get back to the cave and it will show you how to make a fire. 
    Once you create the fire a 
    little cut scene will happen. Now go to sleep.
    End. Day one.
    A brand new beautiful day has begun! Once you get outside you will see the 
    river is now calm. Go to the river in the little grey spot, you can drink 
    water there. So now cross the river. Once you in the other side, another cut 
    scene will appear. You meet a girl next to a raft on the side of the beach. 
    She needs her eyeglasses and you help her to find them. CRACK!
    whats that?! Oh no... you stepped on them... So now you have to carry her 
    press Y to hold hands and you can walk together now. Now you'll see another 
    cut scene showing you the island and some seagulls.
    Oooh pretty... Now automatically you'll be back at the cave. 
    Create a fire for Skye to dry her clothes. So now you meet each other Keith 
    and Skye. The day will pass.
    End. Day Two.
    So now you can cook food. Just gather the food and talk with Skye and 
    ask her to eat. Give her the food you have gathered and she will cook 
    them now you can eat freshly cooked foods. At the beggining her cooking 
    will be not that good. But after you get the the slate and the the clay pot 
    food will be so much better. 
    Also gather spices so she can use.
    You can get spices by just searching on the floor by pressing A.
    Before continuying exploring the island. gather a lot of food and rest.
    Once you have 100% hp and have filled Stamina, Hunger and Thirst go 
    exploring. Now when you go out gathering food it will teach you that you can 
    shake trees for fruit and twigs. So now take your time gathering food and 
    exploring. After a while you'll be able to make a spear.
    So search for a stick and create a spear. Now spearfish to your 
    hearts content. Soon after that you will try to see more of the island.
    So you will figure out a way to get to the waterfall. Go alone first 
    and make a path so you can carry Skye later. So once you reach the waterfall 
    you will see a boulder, you can't move it alone. Once you return to the cave 
    Keith will tell Skye all about the waterfall and the boulder.  
    She will help you move the boulder.Return to where the boulder is with Skye and 
    now you can push it. After you push it another scene will happen, and once more 
    you will return to cave. After you return to where you pushed the boulder 
    you'll be able to push down a tree. Push it all the way down and climb on it. 
    Jump right and keep running right.
    You'll find more trees, so push them down. Wow now you have created a 
    nifty little shortcut.
    A new path has opened!
    Once the day passes gather food for you and Skye. 
    Now its time to explore some more!!! 
    Soon will finish other part soon.
    8- Survival Tips
    9- Materials
    Heres a list of the materials and where to find them.
    1.  Tree Vine: Can be found inside Jungle
    2.  Tree Bark: Beneath regular trees
    3.  Log: Beach, and in Jungle
    4.  Wood Stick: Beneath regular trees
    5.  Twig: Beneath regular trees
    6.  Large Bone: Cave (after Skye cooks a large animal)
    7.  Fur: Grass Land (kill a large animal)
    8.  Stone: Beach
    9.  Green Bamboo: Bamboo cove
    10. Feather: Beneath North-eastern trees
    11. Lard: Grass Land (kill a large, tasty animal)
    12. Basket: Skye makes them from Green Bamboo
    13. Sharpened Stone: Made from Stone
    14. Sharpened Bone: Made from Large Bone
    10- Tools
     Heres a list of all the tools you can make.
    Fire Maker: Ingredients: Tree Bark, Twig
    Fire Maker w/ Bow: Ingredients: Tree Bark, Twig, Bow
    Fishing Rod 1: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine, Sharpened Bone
    Fishing Rod 2: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine, Sharpened Stone
    Fishing Rod 3: Ingredients: Stick, Vine, Sharpened Bone
    Fishing Rod 4: Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine, Sharpened Stone
    Bow 1: Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine
    Bow 2: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Vine
    Arrow 1: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone
    Arrow 2: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone, Feather
    Arrow 3: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone
    Arrow 4: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone, Feather
    Arrow 5: Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Stone
    Arrow 6: Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Stone, Feather
    Arrow 7: Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Bone
    Arrow 8: Ingredients: Twig, Sharpened Bone, Feather
    Spear 1: Ingredients: Green Bamboo
    Spear 2: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Stone
    Spear 3: Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Sharpened Bone
    Spear 4: Ingredients: Stick
    Spear 5: Ingredients: Stick, Sharpened Stone
    Spear 6:  Ingredients: Stick, Sharpened Bone
    Small Trap: Trap and kill small animals.
    Ingredients: Basket, Twig
    Large Trap: Trap a large animal so you can kill or domesticate it.
    Ingredients: Stick, Tree Vine
    Fish Trap: Used for catching fish.
    Ingredients: Basket, Tree Vine
    Torch 1: Lights up the night
    Ingredients: Stick, Lard
    Torch 2: Longer-lasting than Torch 1.
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo, Lard
    Sharpened Stone: Used for making most tools.
    Ingredients: Stone
    Sharpened Bone: Slightly better for items than Sharpened Stones
    Ingredients: Large Bone
    Rope: Made by Skye
    Ingredients: Tree Vine
    Basket: Made by Skye
    Ingredients: Green Bamboo
    11- Foods
    Edible raw foods:
    Banana: Hunger + 5%
    Bamboo Shoot: Hunger + 10%
    Bread Fruit: Hunger + 5%
    Burdock: Hunger + 5%
    Carrot: Hunger + 5%
    Chives: Hunger + 3%
    Coconut: Hunger + 5% Thirst + 10%
    Dandelion: Hunger + 3%
    Egg: Hunger + 5%
    Fern: Hunger + 3%
    Mushrooms: Hunger + 3%
    Onion: Hunger + 5% 
    Papaya: Hunger + 5% Thirst + 10%
    Pineapple: Hunger + 8% Thirst + 10%
    Potato: Hunger + 8%
    Radish: Hunger + 5%
    Raspberry: Hunger + 3%
    Taro: Hunger + 8%
    Mushrooms: Mushrooms differ by color. Each mushroom have a different effect.
    So before trying a mushroom save your game and eat it. 
    After 1 hour in the game you'll get the
    mushrooms effect. So check wich mushrooms are good and wich are bad.
    Spices: They are used for cooking. When Skye cooks she will use them 
    automatically. You'll find spices when pressing A randomly on floor. 
    Most of the time you'll find a kind of spice.
    Eather that or some bait when you can make rods.
    -Rock salt
    -Pepper Seed
    -Yellow Bud
    -Chili Pepper
    -Purple Bean
    -Tree Sap Drop
    -Brown Seed 
    -Blue Seed
     You can catch animals by randomly tapping the screen on ground 
    if you are lucky, and by using small traps. You need to catch 
    them and drag them inside the backpack.
    Animals I've found. 
    If you want e-mail me and tell me the other animals.
    1.  Hermit Crab: Beach
    2.  Sand Crab: Beach
    3.  Coconut Crab: Beach
    4.  Land Tortoise: Jungle
    5.  Lizard: Jungle
    6.  Snake: Jungle
    8. Duck: Grassland
    9.  Deer: Grass Land
    11. Chicken: Plains -
    13. Field Mouse: Plains 
    14. Pigeon: Plains
    17. Squirrel: Plains
    1.  Black Mushroom
    2.  Blue Mushroom
    3.  Brown Mushroom
    4.  Orange Mushroom
    5.  Purple Mushroom
    6.  Red Mushroom
    7.  White Mushroom
    8.  Yellow Mushroom
    9.  Chives
    10. Bamboo Shoot
    11. Carrot: Grass
    12. Dandelion
    13. Burdock
    14. Onion
    15. Potato
    16. Radish
    17. Taro
    18. Fern
    19. Coconut
    20. Papaya
    21. Raspberry
    22. Bread Fruit
    23. Banana
    24. Pineapple
    12- Seafood and Fish
     You can find seafood laying on the sand in the beach and other places. 
    You can fish 3 diferent ways. With spear, with fishing rod and with 
    fish trap. Use fishing rod its a lot easier.
    Heres a list of the different types of seafood and fish I've found:
    1- Abalone
    2- Short-neck
    4- Scallop
    5- Oyster
    6- Freshwater Clam
    7- Seaweed
    10- Sillaginoid
    11- Balloon Fish
    12- Moray
    14- Sting Fish
    15- File Fish
    16- Sweet Fish
    18- Black Bass
    20- Carp
    21- Eel
    22- Crucian
    13- Cave
     Inside the cave if you keep talking with Skye and ask her how she is daily, 
    she will ask you to build her stuff.
    Heres a list of what you can build inside the cave.
    1. Bed.
    2. Table and chairs.
    3.Upgrade Shelf
    4. Jerkey Maker
    	Skye will help you by storing vines and bamboo.
    She makes ropes and baskets when you ask her to make something for you.
    Also one day you may find a drum washed up on the beach, take it to the cave 
    and you can fill it with water for Skye to drink. Makes hunting for items and 
    stuff a little easier when having a upgraded cave.
    14- Hunting
    15- Fishing
    a) Spear fishing - Once you have a spear equip it and go to the river or 
    the ocean. Once close on the water press Y and the screen will change. 
    When you see the fish use the stylus as it was the spear and try spearing 
    some fish. May take a while toperfect it.
    b) Fishing Rod - Once you have a fishing rod equip it and go to the river 
    or the ocean. Once close on the water press Y and the screen will change. 
    You cast the rod and wait till the hook goes in the water, press A to hook 
    the fish and just drag the fish towards you using the D-pad. 
    You need bait to fish.
    c) Fish Trap - Create the trap and go to the river and ocean and use it 
    choosing it from backpack. It just lays there and just keep 
    checking it for fish. Not really as fun as the other
    2 ways to fish. The trap only lasts one day. So its kinda useless.
    16- Contact info
     If I gave wrong information (I got all info from playing the game)
    or you want to add something to my FAQ or just ask a question 
    I'll be glad to help just send me an e-mail to:
    I may reply to e-mail or just add the info
    and give a special thanks to all who contribute to this FAQ. Thanks.
    Lost in Blue copyright 2005 Konami
    This document is copyright 2005 by Joshua Gonzalez. It may not be posted 
    anywhere without my permision. If you wanna post it somewhere just 
    e-mail me and ask nicely. heh thanks.

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