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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kayshabeast

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    Lost in Blue FAQ
    Version 1.4, FINAL, 6/19/06 (First Version started on 10/22/05)
    Written by Jereden
    NOTE: I am not accepting emails about this game anymore, so I have removed my
    address from the FAQ.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
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    Copyright 2005 A. Parks
    I love this game. The premise is that you are stuck on an island, and you need
    to figure out how to survive until you can escape. Following the tradition of
    games like Harvest Moon, time passes quickly (5 minutes every 30 seconds or so)
    and you need to balance taking care of your basic needs (food, water, rest)
    with making progress in your exploration of the island. Being able to optimize
    your time is important, because otherwise you will get stuck in a holding
    pattern and the game will get really REALLY boring. That's why I decided to
    write this FAQ. It's not enough to know about the individual parts of the game.
    You have to know how they interact!
    In order to properly understand how the game works, you have to get an idea
    of what different tasks you need to manage and what things stand in the way of
    managing them. Some of these things are legitimate, and some are just the
    result of poor game design. I will talk about both here, just so that you know
    what your limitations and potential frustrations are.
    As a side note, I am not going to spend much time talking about basic
    mechanical things like picking items up, climbing, pushing logs, jumping, etc.
    The game teaches you this stuff and people cover it pretty well in other FAQs.
    I focused on the things that aren't really discussed elsewhere. A lot of the
    time, by the way, these things are not discussed with good reason. It is
    really difficult to explain where things are in this game because the
    navigation is so complicated! I try to do that here, but like I said it has a
    pretty confusing layout so I apologize if it isn't that easy to follow. Also, I
    am not sure whether some of the things that I have included here vary from
    person to person. It may be that none of my item locations work for you because
    they are randomly determined for each player. If you find some sort of gross
    discrepancy between what I say and what you see, please let me know.
    Anyway, I hope this is helpful to you.
    ONE LAST THING! There is no way whatsoever that I can make this FAQ not have
    spoilers. Not that much happens, and when it does it directly determines what
    you have to do, there is no avoiding talking about it. Don't read if you don't
    want things to be given away.
    Table of Contents
         I. Version Notes
         II. Starting Out - How to get the game going
         III. Basic Needs - How to keep yourself alive
         IV. Moving on Up - How to get better at keeping yourself alive
         V. Exploration - Where to go to move the plot along
         VI. Miscellaneous stuff
         VII. Shortcuts
         VIII. Skye Mode
    I. Version Notes
    Version .8: I haven't finished the game yet, but I already have a lot to say.
    Have completed sections about managing your vital stats and getting better at
    finding food. Exploration/plot section is complete up to the puzzle rooms in
    the ruins.
    Version .9: Finished puzzle rooms in ruins, made it to hideout and started
    FAQing that area. Updated info on jerky and the point of the switch across the
    lake, added directions on how to get feathers. The latter three pieces of info
    are courtesy of Rachel and Ryan.
    Version .98: Close to done! Wrote about four ways to get off of the island,
    none of which I have gotten to work yet (but I have made substantial progress
    on each). Added a few notes here and there.
    Version 1.2: I beat the game and added some information about the different
    endings and how to get them. Now I am working through Skye mode. It was rough
    at first, but I think I have pretty much gotten the hang of it and it's not
    hard at all. The only thing I am having trouble with is recipes... based on
    what I have seen around online, though, it looks like *everyone* is having
    trouble with recipes. ;) Anyway, I added a section at the end of the FAQ on
    Skye mode for your enjoyment!
    Version 1.3: Added a lot more recipes. Modified section on Skye mode to be more
    accurate based on my experiences since the last update.
    Version 1.4 (FINAL): Added the shortcut, which I had been meaning to do for A
    II. Starting Out - How to get the game going
    You start out on a beach with all of your stats at 25%.  Don't worry too much
    about what they mean and how they interact, as you can do very little about
    those gauges until a few things happen. I'll explain everything in the next
    1. First, you need to sleep. In order to do this, you need to do four things:
        a. Get above 30% on hunger and thirst (gather some coconuts, they
           restore both)
        b. Build a device to help you make a fire (gather tree bark and a
        c. Find shelter (get to the cave)
        d. Build a fire there (use the firemaker and an additional twig)
    The following is a list of steps to follow. You don't have a lot of energy,
    so stick to this agenda and don't wander around.
    From where you wake up...
    - Follow the beach east, stopping at palm trees along the way to grab coconuts.
    Consume them as needed to keep your green and blue meters above 30%. Don't
    worry about the yellow meter. You will pass seaweed and clams (hidden under
    little sand piles labeled ???; you have to dig them up using the stylus) but
    you can't eat them yet so only grab them if you aren't out of your way.
    - When you reach a dead end, head north along the river until see a little
    beach along the water. While this isn't of any use to you at the moment,
    remember where it is because it's your primary water source starting tomorrow.
    - Go northwest a little bit and you will find a cave. Head in for a little
    - Hunt down some bark and a twig. From the cave, head all the way east to the
    river and follow it north. It shouldn't be hard to find both of them lying
    around. You might find more twigs around there as well, which you should grab
    for good measure. If you don't get at least 2 twigs, try following the wall
    west and north from the cave. If you follow it long enough, you will find one.
    - Head back to the cave and save your game. Build the firemaker using the tree
    bark and the twig. Eat whatever you need in order to get your green gauge above
    30% (save the rest), then build a fire and sleep.
    2. Now you need to find the girl. Eat until your green gauge is above 30% and
    leave the cave. Go east to the river and you will find that the tide has gone
    down and you can cross. Go for it, and you will enter a sequence where you
    meet Skye. Take her back to the cave.
    Alright, now you are ready to start the game for real!
    III. Basic Needs - How to keep yourself alive
    First, some good general practices:
    - Talk to Skye every day and ask her how she's doing. She usually won't say
    anything interesting but now and then she suggests that you build useful stuff
    and opens up the menu option to do so.
    - Check the beach every couple of days because sometimes very good things wash
    - Items that you find on the ground reappear every 3 days or so. Sometimes, if
    the item falls from a tree (twigs, fruit; if you find it right next to a tree
    it probably came from there) you can shake the tree and get the item to fall
    out after 2 days.
    - Keep your upper screen on your and Skye's stats so that you can constantly
    track how you are doing. You can switch this around with L and R so that you
    are looking at either a pretty picture of the whole island or a map, but try
    to make limited use of them (they aren't really that helpful with few
    Now it's time to care about the gauges. There are four gauges, one big gauge
    for your overall health and three sub-gauges for your energy, thirst and
    1. HEALTH: The overall health gauge is represented by the blue or red gauge
    (the color depends on whether you are looking at your gauge or Skye's) that is
    the shape of your body. It is determined based on the three sub-gauges.
    In general, you want to keep the sub-gauges above 30%, preferably WAY above 30%
    so that you don't have to worry about them for a while. Once a sub-gauge gets
    under 30%, it starts going down a whole lot quicker. Once a gauge gets to zero,
    it starts hurting your overall health and if you get hurt enough you die.
    Nobody wants that. Food is scarce and you can't afford to have your body
    sucking it up faster than normal. Keep your gauges above 30%.
    2. ENERGY: The yellow gauge is your energy, and you recover energy by sleeping
    or using the "rest" command. Both sleeping and resting make time pass, which
    means they consume your food and water. A lot. I spend very little time
    worrying about my energy gauge because it gets restored when you sleep at
    night. It's pretty rare for me to have to rest more than once or twice during
    the day. Just be sure that before you rest, you have some food and water
    available after it's over.
    3. THIRST: The blue gauge is your thirst, and as you probably noticed earlier
    it really isn't a problem as long as you drink from the river now and then.
    Whenever Skye gets thirsty, just hold her hand and take her to the river bank.
    You will both drink up!
    4. HUNGER: The green one is your hunger, and this is going to be the biggest
    pain in the butt for you throughout the game. The problem is that the only
    really effective food is cooked, and not only do you not have access to any
    real meat, Skye starts out as a pretty crappy cook. The idea is that you go
    around gathering different food, then come back home, give it to Skye, and let
    her have her way with it. She will prepare 1-4 dishes using what she has and
    you will share them. Occasionally she will save some, but don't count on it.
    ESPECIALLY don't count on her not overcooking if you give her a bunch of really
    great food. There is nothing more infuriating than having her waste a 20%
    increase  on you when you only have 5% of your gauge empty. Once you get an
    idea of the % output you get from certain food combinations, budget what you
    give her so that she doesn't do stupid things with your food.
    In the beginning, you will have to deal with hunger by collecting what you find
    lying around. There are two good places to do this. First, you can find clams,
    coconuts and seaweed on the beach south of the cave. Second, you can climb
    across the river and head east to find coconuts and potatoes. If you go
    northeast instead, you will find new mushrooms, as well as some carrots if you
    climb up the northern wall and walk around there. The latter is a better food
    source, but it's also much further from home.
    *****TAKING CARE OF SKYE*****
    Even if I wrote down everything I know about taking care of Skye, you would
    still have problems keeping her safe because she is a pretty dumb AI.
    Here are some things Skye needs:
    1. Fire:
    You need to keep a fire burning constantly or Skye becomes totally useless. At
    first, this is a huge pain, but before long she makes a woodpile and you can
    start storing twigs there. As long as there is wood in the woodpile, she will
    keep the fire going. Sort of. Sometimes she screws up for whatever reason. I
    think it might have to do with when you rest; time passes but she doesn't move,
    so if the fire runs low and you rest through that she won't add wood. So with
    that caveat, if you keep the wood pile full then she will MOSTLY be fine on
    this front. Keeping the wood pile full is hard at first because there aren't
    that many twigs around, but as the game progresses twigs get easier and easier
    to find.
    2. Water:
    Skye needs water. At first, you take care of this by holding her hand and
    walking her to the river. When you drink, she drinks. This won't work forever,
    since as the game goes on you will make longer and longer trips away from home
    (sometimes for a couple of days). Eventually, you will find a metal tub on the
    beach, which you can stock full of water. This sort of solves this problem.
    She drinks from it, but not reliably. Sometimes she will be sitting there
    parched for hours and I have to go all the way home to make her drink. What the
    heck. The tub is full of 18 servings of water. ARGH.
    3. Food:
    Skye needs food just like you do. That's easy to take care of, though, because
    most of the time when you eat, she has cooked the food you are eating and you
    automatically share it. If her hunger meter gets way lower than yours, you
    might want to even it out by just handing her some edible food (fruits work
    best). Later on, you will build a shelf, and when you go away for a long time
    you can leave her food there and she will (again, sort of) eat it.
    IV. Moving on Up - How to get better at keeping yourself alive
    Note that in this section, I refer to certain items that you don't have and
    don't always explain how to get them. That's because the procedure for getting
    them is very complicated and gets explained in the section about exploring. So
    if you are wondering where the heck sharpened bones and furs come from, scroll
    down to the next section.
    *****Maximizing Your Energy*****
    As the game progresses, you can build better beds, which make you recover more
    energy when you sleep at night. The first two can happen relatively early on,
    because both stones and logs are just lying around on the beach nearby. The
    third upgrade requires that you learn to hunt, which is quite a while off.
    BED UPGRADE 1: 2 stones
    BED UPGRADE 2: 2 logs, 2 stones
    BED UPGRADE 3: 2 logs, 2 furs
    There are also certain kinds of mushrooms that will keep your energy from
    decreasing for a while. Experiment with the different colors you find (which
    color does what is randomly determined for each individual person so I can't
    tell you) and then only pick and eat the ones that are helpful. If you give
    them to Skye along with the other food ingredients you have gathered, then the
    mushroom's effect will work on both of you.
    *****Keeping Hydrated*****
    Later on, you will find a water bottle washed up on the shore over near where
    you washed up. You can fill this bottle with water and carry it around with
    you in case you get thirsty and aren't near a water source. More and more
    bottles will appear throughout the game. These make it easy to fill up Skye's
    water tub, but are otherwise sort of useless because you won't ever really
    need more than one bottle of water on you.
    *****Finding Better Food*****
    The food situation really sucks at first. You will spend the entire day doing
    the basic crap that you have to do to stay alive. You can fill your entire
    inventory with food that you gather from nearby and still barely get any
    nutrition out of it. This limits your ability to explore because you are
    sinking all of this time into gathering a ton of food for a very small
    benefit. If you keep a fire burning in the cave and gather some spices for
    Skye, it will help to some extent (you can get rock salt really easily by
    digging around on the beach; everything else is a crapshoot). Once you get the
    clay pot for her way later, it makes a HUGE difference. For now, though, the
    big thing holding you back is your access to a limited and crappy selection of
    food. The sooner you get good at finding good food, the better. And by "food,"
    I mean MEAT.
    First, you've got to start fishing. In order to do this, you need a spear or a
    fishing pole.
    You can only make spears at first. Here are the different kinds (don't ask me
    what the numbers mean, I have no freaking clue):
    SPEAR 1 - Bamboo
    SPEAR 2 - Bamboo, sharpened stone
    SPEAR 3 - Bamboo, sharpened bone
    SPEAR 4 - Stick
    SPEAR 5 - Stick, sharpened stone
    SPEAR 6 - Stick, sharpened bone
    For now, you are limited to Spears 1, 2, 4 and 5. So that means you need a
    stick (which is NOT the same as a twig) or a piece of bamboo. Both are sort of
    hard to find in your immediate surroundings, but I'll try and give you
    First, the stick. Head across the river and north. Follow the wall north and
    east until you see a bunch of mushrooms and a climbable wall (there is either
    a log up against the wall or a log nearby that you can push up against it; I
    can't remember). Climb up, head north and west. On a rectangle of land alone,
    there is a tree that drops twigs and sometimes a stick. If you don't see a
    stick now, try shaking the tree or check back in a day or two.
    For the bamboo, again go across the river but this time go south and follow
    the beach east. When you hit the wall, there should be a tiny square of green
    that you can climb up. There should be a stick of bamboo on that ledge. If
    not, there will be in a day or two.
    Alternatively, if you want to hit the bamboo jackpot, there is a sort of
    tricky way, but it has the potential to backfire so save before you try it.
    It's really worth doing, especially because Skye jacks your first bamboo and
    makes a basket out of it. You have so many better things to do with bamboo
    than make baskets, DOESN'T SHE SEE???? :P  Anyway, on that part of the beach
    where you just went climbing around looking for bamboo, you can go southeast
    along the rocks and over to another piece of beach. The trick is, this is only
    possible when the tide is at its lowest, and if you dawdle long enough that
    the tide goes back up, you are stuck on that useless, boring side of the beach
    for hours and hours and hours. So go as soon as the tide is low enough and
    hurry up! Once you make it to the other side, run all the way north. You will
    see some oysters along the beach but don't get distracted, they aren't that
    great and it takes too much time. Climb the ledge to the west, and keep
    climbing westward until you get to the top area. You should find a gazillion
    pieces of bamboo there. Don't be enticed by the bamboo shoots to the
    northwest. They aren't particularly useful and digging them up takes precious
    time. Once you collect enough bamboo, RUN RUN RUN back and cross west to the
    other side of the beach.
    Once you have a stick or bamboo, you can create a spear. The spear will be
    even better if you pick up a stone (they are scattered all around; off the top
    of my head there is one on each end of the beach south of the cave and one
    near Skye's crashed lifeboat), sharpen it, and use it as a spearhead. Stones
    are pretty common so there is really no reason not to use them.
    You can use the spear to get fishies, which are infinitely better to eat than
    seaweed or whatever else you have found lying around. I suggest using the best
    materials you can find (bamboo is better than stick, with a sharpened stone is
    better than without one), because you will find better fish and your spear
    will break less often.
    Regarding the actual act of spear fishing, there's not much to say about it.
    Wait until a fish swims by and try to stab it by hitting it with your stylus.
    Sometimes it helps to stab a bit ahead of where the fish is going. Quicksave
    before you go fishing; I realize it's cheesy, but if you miss a bunch of times
    in a row I suggest resetting the game because materials for spears are scarce
    and you don't want to break it. You get different kinds of fish depending on
    if you fish in a river or in the ocean. I've tried fishing in weird and exotic
    places but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
    Once you are able to make a fishing pole (this won't happen until you get some
    vines, which won't happen until you explore a lot more), here are the
    different kinds you can make:
    FISHING ROD 1 - Bamboo, vine, sharpened bone
    FISHING ROD 2 - Bamboo, vine, sharpened stone
    FISHING ROD 3 - Stick, vine, sharpened bone
    FISHING ROD 4 - Stick, vine, sharpened stone
    If you're going to make a fishing rod, make it with bamboo because you have
    better things to do with sticks (see traps below). It's OK to use a sharpened
    stone until you can get a hold of some bones, but upgrade as soon as you can.
    The fish you catch with the best fishing rod are totally superior.
    When fishing with a rod, just wait until you see the hook sink down. Press the
    A button and use the direction pad to pull it towards you. If it heads to the
    right, pull it to the left, etc. When it gets close enough, you can hit A to
    reel it in.
    In general, when I take fish back to Skye I like to bring some other stuff
    (like potatoes or seaweed) to eat with it. I have no idea if this is helpful,
    but I think she runs on recipes, so I imagine she can make the fish work
    better with certain ingredients along with it. Your call.
    Hunting is AWESOME. Not only do you get some very filling meat, you get some
    other useful supplies and if you play it right have the chance to domesticate
    animals for Skye to watch over.
    The first thing you need to hunt is a bow and arrow. To make a bow, you can
    use either a stick and a vine (Bow 1) or a bamboo and a vine (Bow 2).
    Definitely go with bamboo. Arrows are a lot more complicated.
    Arrow 1: Bamboo, sharpened stone
    Arrow 2: Bamboo, sharpened stone, feather
    Arrow 3: Bamboo, sharpened bone
    Arrow 4: Bamboo, sharpened bone, feather
    Arrow 5: Twig, sharpened stone
    Arrow 6: Twig, sharpened stone, feather
    Arrow 7: Twig, sharpened bone
    Arrow 8: Twig, sharpened bone, feather
    I don't really know how they all compare, at least not exactly. Anything with
    a feather is going to be substantially better than anything without a feather.
    Bone is better than stone, bamboo is better than twig. That's all I've got for
    If you have good arrows (bamboo, feather, and bone/stone) then go ahead and
    hunt small animals without a trap. Your arrows are accurate enough to hit them,
    and they die in one hit. This is especially true in the area across the lake,
    there are ducks just walking around in the open, hitting them is SO EASY.
    If you are hunting with traps, then the accuracy of your arrow is not all that
    important. It's not like the critter is going anywhere! As long as your arrows
    don't break before you kill the thing, you're ok. If you plan to hunt stuff
    trapless, though, you'd better be accurate because you only get one shot.
    Personally, I enjoy traps. Whatever.
    If you are going to use traps, there are two kinds: small and large. Ok, so
    there is also a fish trap, but I am not going to even grace that with a
    discussion because why would you ever use a trap instead of a fishing pole? So
    yeah, small and large.
    Small traps are made of a basket and a twig. You get baskets from Skye, who
    uses bamboo to make them. I never really got into using small traps, so I
    can't give you many good pointers. I know that you can trap and domesticate
    chickens, which might be a worthwhile reason to figure it out. If I do, I'll
    add a section on it.
    Large traps are made of a stick and a tree vine. I LOVE these things! Here's
    what you do: go to the grassland (see next section for how to get there) and
    wander around until you see a deer, boar or goat. Stay as far away from it as
    you can and figure out where it's headed. They tend to stop and eat, then
    stumble forward a little bit, then eat, then stumble some more, usually in a
    circle. So place a large trap wherever they are going and wait for them to
    walk over it. They will get stuck and then you can kill them. If it's a goat,
    you can choose to domesticate it. Apparently, Skye can milk goats, though I
    brought one home the other day and she just let it die so I have no idea. She
    asked me for bottles and then never filled them. Whatever.
    When you kill a large animal, you get three things: meat, lard, and fur. The
    meat is awesome. Take it home and chow down next time your tummies are running
    on empty. After you eat it, you will be left with the bones, which you can
    sharpen and use as a supply for a fishing pole or set of arrows. Fur is used
    for the final bed upgrade. I am pretty sure it has no other purpose so don't
    bother picking it up once you have 2. Lard has two uses. First, you can use it
    to make torches (which I am reluctant to call a "use" since I have found no
    reason to use a torch thus far; in case you care, you can make a torch with
    lard and either bamboo or a stick). Second, you can give it to Skye for
    cooking. She can make fried stuff with lard, which fills the belly right
    Ok, so that's it with food. You can find lots of new stuff on the ground as
    you explore (various fruits in the jungle, various veggies in the grassland)
    but those become pretty unimportant the further along you get. Use these to
    keep yourself full as you explore, but don't bother bringing them home.
    In my opinion, the best way to stay full is to fish with the best fishing rod.
    Meat is good too, but once you start getting salmon and carp (which you will
    with this nice fishing pole) you will be fine with potatoes or seaweed or
    V. Exploration (i.e. actually advancing the plot)
    This part isn't complete yet because I haven't finished the game, but it
    should get you pretty far along.
    As you do all of these things, make sure that for every tall climb you make,
    there is a way that you can bring Skye along with you. There would need to be
    a big log for her to climb up on (you will often find these conveniently
    located in such a way that it is totally obvious where you are supposed to
    push them). or an alternate route that does not involve steep climbing. Before
    you bring Skye anywhere, be sure to check out the route and make sure it's
    Skye-friendly. You don't want to get stuck wandering around when you have an
    extra person's stats to worry about.
    Ok, without further ado:
    ***** Find the stone by the waterfall *****
    From your cave, cross the river and head east and north. The first place that
    you can climb north, go (the Skye-friendly path is further east near some
    mushrooms FYI). Walk and climb west until you reach a thin path that runs
    along the river. Go north along that path, climbing as necessary, until you
    can go west. Continue to move westerly for a good long time, jumping and
    climbing as necessary (you may have to weave north or south to find a
    climbable spot). I won't get more specific than that because there is no wrong
    way to go for this leg of the trip, it is all one path. After you walk past
    the waterfall and wind your way up the hill to its left, you will see a cut
    scene about needing to push the big stone but needing Skye to help you do it.
    So now you get to go back, get Skye, and make the exact same trip again.
    BUT FIRST! Instead of heading home right away, why not head to the left and
    forage around up there? You will find a ton of twigs and some sticks.
    ***** Get Skye to help you push the stone *****
    Do exactly what you just did, except drag Skye along. You might have to push
    some logs around to make this doable but it's all pretty intuitive. Once you
    get there and push the stone, you should be automatically taken back home.
    Spend the next day or two getting food together so that you can have a nice
    big meal the morning of your next journey out. Make sure you leave a few fish
    for Skye on the shelf and take her to the river bank before you leave. Also
    leave an ample supply of twigs and water. If her gauges are basically full
    when you go, you should have nothing to worry about. Talk to her as you are
    heading out and tell her you'll be gone for a few days. You probably won't be,
    but better to overestimate so that she doesn't act like a moron and starve
    ***** Go into the cavern *****
    OK, it's time to make the exact same journey again and then some! Get used to
    it, you're going to have to run this path over and over and over again. Head
    to where you and Skye pushed the rock and climb over to the cavern entrance
    behind the waterfall. Head north to a fork in the road. You can either go west
    to the jungle or north to the grasslands. Note that there is also a water
    source in here. It's not far from the fork in the direction of the jungle.
    I recommend walking into the grassland just to see the brief cut scene then
    head back in and do the jungle. Save the grassland for next trip when you can
    actually hunt.
    ***** Explore the jungle, get vines, find the lake *****
    First things first, you will see vines on the ground all over the place. Grab
    as many as you can carry! Also pick up any logs you see. These become a
    precious commodity soon. There are three log generating spots in the jungle
    and it's too complicated to explain but just spend a day hunting around and
    figuring out what grows where so that you know for future visits.
    That said, there are three main ways to go from the main entrance to the
    jungle. The first is west and way south (kind of hard to see, you have to go
    through some bushes). This path leads around the perimeter of the jungle and
    is the way you will have to take Skye when you bring her through later. There
    is usually a log along this path. The second is straight north, and there is
    no point in going there because it's the wrong way up a one-way shortcut back
    to the entrance. The third path is west and a little bit south. It will take
    you the way you want to go, past some breadfruit and papaya trees and into a
    swamp. I often pass a log here, too. Cross the swamp north (there are two
    places to leave the swamp but both go in the same direction) and head east.
    There is often a log between the two pieces of swamp shore (that is, northwest
    of the easternmost exit of the swamp). Head north and eastish from there. You
    should arrive at a place where you can climb up to the east or west. East will
    take you up some gigantic steps and south back to the entrance (it's a one way
    trip). West will take you where you want to go. Don't keep going west once you
    climb up; that will take you back along the path you will use with Skye.
    Rather, head north and climb up the wall on your west and follow that path up.
    You will find yourself in a new area with a lake in it. Climb down and
    approach the lake for a cut scene.
    Head home. You've done enough for one day. When you get there, Skye will freak
    out and get excited about the vines and you will be able to ask her to make
    ropes out of them. You will also have the option to create bows and arrows, as
    well as a fishing pole. Do both of those things pronto.  Also, make a couple
    of large traps (stick and vine) to take with you on your next outing. Hang
    around for a couple of days, gather some food together like you did last time
    (only this time you have a fishing pole, rowr!). Once you're ready to go, eat
    a good meal and leave some snacks and supplies for Skye.
    ***** Explore the grassland, hunt, find the ruins *****
    Head back up to the cavern and go to the grasslands. There are lots of twigs
    all over the place if you need them, and there is a stick to the far east in a
    little nook that goes south from the main area. Like everything else, it comes
    back every few days. First things first, head north from the main entrance and
    find the ruins. Watch the little cut scene and you're done with the plot-
    related stuff for this area. There is a water source in the upper northwest
    corner (the ruins water supply is drinkable) but I don't know why you would
    use it since there was a pool back in the cavern. Anyway, you can spend the
    rest of the day hunting now. Try to kill at least one big critter before you
    go home.
    Ryan gave me this awesome piece of info: while you are in the grassland,
    take a look at that map. There is a place in the southeast corner where you
    walk south onto a little square of land and there is nothing there but a tree.
    Well, there IS something there, some rocks to your left that lead down to a
    new place. Not only can you find feathers and eggs lying around, there are two
    spots where you can push logs down and gain easy access to the eastern beach.
    You will never have to make mediocre arrows if you do this early on (god, I
    wish I had known)!
    ***** Build the raft and cross the lake *****
    To build the raft, you need to collect a lot of logs and vines. The latter is
    easy because vines are all over the jungle. Just get as many as you need and
    ask Skye to make them into ropes. The former is not as easy because as far as
    I can tell there are only 3 log generation spots in the jungle. I know there
    must be others in other areas but I can't find them. Sometimes they wash up on
    the shore, they used to a lot more but now not very frequently. I think it has
    something to do with the moon.
    Anyway, you build the raft in 6 stages, so you don't have to have all of the
    logs at once. Just make a trip to the jungle every few days to collect the
    logs that have regenerated and use them to do an installment or two on the
    raft. All in all, you need 12 logs and 10 ropes (I think, maybe it's only 8.
    Whatever, just have her make 10 because you'll need the rope for other stuff
    anyway and there is no disadvantage to carrying extra rope since it takes up
    no space in your inventory).
    Before you complete the final installment of the raft, do a quicksave because
    you will automatically cross to the other side of the lake after the raft is
    ***** Find the trigger across the lake *****
    Ok, so you're across the lake now! There are a couple of critters around
    (chickens, I think) but don't worry about hunting right now since you can't
    do any cooking on your own. Head north towards the huge cavern entrance and
    climb up to your left to find a campsite. Just remember where it is for now.
    Then go east of the cave entrance and climb up on the ledge. Follow the path
    around to two switches, which you will discover don't stay down unless someone
    is stepping on them both. Oh boy, time to bring Skye again!
    As a side note (thank you to the several readers who reminded me), there is a
    hot spring across the lake that gives you 20-30 points back to your energy
    ***** Get Skye to help you push the trigger *****
    Go home and talk to Skye. She will agree to go with you, so rest up and bring
    her along. Like I said, you have to take a special path through the jungle,
    the one that goes southmost and around the western perimeter. Lots of fruit on
    the way! Don't be shy about feeding some of it to Skye, that's what it's there
    for. Once you get across the river, head over to the switch and activate it.
    You will be automatically taken back home (phew, I didn't feel like dragging
    Skye all the way back) after that and can rest.
    I didn't know what this switch was for, but now I do, courtesy of Ryan! It
    turns on the water source inside the ruins so that when you do the fill-the-
    room-with-water puzzles there is water with which to fill the room!
    ***** Explore the big cave and find the back entrance to the ruins *****
    Rest rest rest! Hopefully, by now you can make your shelves bigger and can
    thus expand the stash of food that you leave with Skye when you go away. This
    next trip is a long 'un! Gather whatever materials you need to make whatever
    tools you need. The only thing I am sure you want to bring with you is a fire
    maker so that you can sleep. I also imagine that the torch is intended for use
    in this area since you have to light it on fire in order to use it and there
    just happens to be a campground right by the cave entrance. So go ahead and
    bring a torch if you want. NOTE: I think maybe if you have a lit torch it will
    get rid of that grody gas that blocks your path in certain spots in the big
    cave. I haven't tried this out yet but it's worth a shot.
    Ok, so there is this gigantic cave. Basically, all you have to do is walk
    around and jump over little gaps until you reach the exit in the northeastern
    corner. This is the only situation I have encountered thus far where using the
    map is actually helpful. The exit looks pretty obvious the map.
    ***** Complete the puzzles in the ruins *****
    By the way, I recommend figuring out which mushrooms have an energizing effect
    on you if you haven't already. Get as many as you can and bring them. You are
    going to get tuh-hired, it's a long trip and the puzzles require a lot of
    pushing and climbing. Also, leave your tools at home (except for the fire
    maker and the torch if you want it) so that you have room to bring food with
    you. There is no food once you cross the lake so a) eat until you are full and
    b) bring as much as you can carry along with you.
    You will find yourself in the ruins from the grasslands and there will be some
    puzzle rooms. It starts off easy: push a box into a hole and a door opens.
    Note that you can also drink from the flowing water in this room!
    In the rest of the rooms, there is a little rectangle in the top of the room
    that you can use to escape into the grasslands.
    In the next room, you have to push some crates so that the two platforms on
    either side of the room and each of the two crates are only 2 squares apart
    from each other. Then step on the switch on the upper level and the room will
    fill up with water. You should be able to jump onto the floating blocks and
    make it across to the next room. On your way to the next room, you will stand
    on a switch, which will click down and freeze the room so that the puzzle is
    permanently done.
    In the next room, you again need to get from one platform to the other, but
    this time there is only one crate and there is some concrete in the way of
    where that box would need to be in order to help you. Only it's not the big
    long slab of concrete that it looks like it is. It's 3 separate concrete
    blocks! Shuffle them around until the crate is on the top row in the middle.
    It doesn't matter where the concrete blocks end up. Stand on the switch near
    the door to fill the room with water. Be sure that you stand on top of the
    switch on the opposite platform for a few seconds once you get there; again,
    this freezes the room so that you don't have to do the puzzle over again when
    you come back.
    After that, you will see something trickier. There are two sets of six squares
    where you can push around crates like this (imagine that each dash is a square
    that a crate could rest on):
    You want to make it like this:
    That way you can jump across onto the lower right crate, walk up to the next
    crate, jump from that crate to the lower left crate, walk up to the upper left
    crate and jump left to the next platform. Again, stand on the switch on the
    opposite platform and wait until it clicks down.
    In the next room, you do the exact same thing except this time there are
    concrete blocks around, which makes getting the crates in place a little
    slower and more annoying. However, it isn't very tricky. 
    The next one looks really hard, but it isn't. There are WAY more crates than
    you need to get across and the part in the middle where crates COULD be but
    aren't is just pointless (maybe these puzzles are generated differently for
    different players and that part just wasn't used in mine. dunno!). Just do
    what you normally do... make sure there is a crate every 1-2 spaces between
    the starting platform and the ending platform.
    After that, it's a little trickier but still not that bad. What you are going
    for is this (x=crate, -=blank spot):
    The next one... OMG. Look at it. What a pain. There are three important things
    to notice about this room. 1) If there is an empty space inside a ring of
    blocks/crates, you can climb over them and push them out from the middle, 2)
    You don't have to use the starting platform as your starting point, 3) You
    don't need all of the crates.
    There is no way that I could possibly explain how I finished this puzzle (if
    you are looking at it, you know what I mean). However, I can show you what my
    final configuration looked like. 1 is the starting platform, 2 is the end
    platform. Note that with this configuration, I jumped onto the first crate
    from the area right in front of the entrance, NOT from the starting platform
      ---- 1
    2 -c--
    Man, these puzzles don't get any simpler to FAQ! Well, the good news about the
    next one, which has about a gazillion blocks and crates and unmovable stone,
    is that you hardly have to move anything to make it work. Take a look, it's
    almost ready to go. Just slide a couple of blocks around and give it a try. Do
    your best to minimize the number of jumps you have to make because once you
    fill the room with water, you only have a few seconds before it starts
    draining. If it starts draining at all while you are still on the blocks, you
    won't make the final jump.
    Ok, one more! This one is a big pain, and moreso than the others I really
    can't explain how I did it. It takes place on a 5x5 grid and here's what my
    final product looked like (S=unmovable, B=block, c=crate):
    2 cBBBB
      cBBcB 1
    The key is the lower left corner, where there are only two blocks instead of
    3. The idea is to get the concrete blocks out of the way as soon as possible
    while maintaining the mobility of each crate until you've placed it where you
    want it to stay. Once that's happened, pack as many blocks around it as you
    can because that makes room for you to move the other crates around.
    Ok, now you are done with the puzzles! This next room has two very obvious
    tasks, just push the blocks into the holes to open the doors on your right and
    left. The left door takes you to a big room at the top of which is a door to
    the first room of the ruins (the one with an exit back out to the cave and a
    water source). The right door takes you to a new area.
    ***** Exploring the Hideout *****
    There are people on the island. There, I said it.
    They are bandits of some kind. They are mean, mean bandits who want to kill
    the crap out of you, and worse than that, they are REALLY WHINY. For whichever
    of the two reasons you prefer, avoid them at all costs. Spy on them, make fun
    of them, dig up their potatoes and chow down, just don't let them see you.
    First things first: you can only make good headway in banditland during the
    day. The guards goof off during the day, but at night they get in trouble for
    having goofed off and sit there watching for jerks like you to wander in. They
    have searchlights going and everything. Yeah, forget about exploring the
    hideout at night.
    One thing you will eventually need to do in this new area is go straight north
    and push the log a few times. Crap, does this mean that you are going to have
    to bring Skye with you some day? Aghhhhhh. Anyway, that is quick and easy. If
    you get stuck in the vicinity at nighttime you might as well do it then.
    There's a water source north of there and a few mushrooms.
    You can also skulk your way to the grasslands. Head all the way south and
    east. You will find another log, which you can roll to your right and climb
    up. Head south and follow the path west. You will find nothing interesting
    except for a long log. This leads back to the grassland, but it's a one way
    trip so only jump off the log if you want to head home!
    If you go west instead of east at the log, you will find a water source.
    If you head due east from the entrance and manage to sneak past the guards,
    you will see a boat. Woah, cool! Not much else to do but see it, but it's good
    to know.
    You have to do this part during the daytime. First you have to find the
    hideout. This is really really easy. It's in the middle of the screen. Go east
    and north. If the bad guys start chasing you, run and you will probably make
    it to the next screen before they get you. Somehow, if you make it to the next
    screen over, they forget that they were ever chasing you. Nice!!
    Once you make it to the hideout, you will see to whiny bandits whining
    whinily. You will find a door on the front of the building to the eastish.
    This leads to the supply room. Go in, climb up on the shelves in the upper
    left hand corner, and crawl  around on the pipes for some cut scenes. Don't
    run, or you will get busted.
    You will learn who the different characters are. Once you're done
    eavesdropping, head out, stopping on the way to read the piece of paper on the
    lockers. Looks like the boss has rented a massage device. Yuck. I really didn't
    need that detail, Lost in Blue. Anyway, you will get some other important, not
    totally revolting information as well.
        - The foreman has the key to the warehouse
        - The Squad Leader has the boat key (BOAT?!?) and "sailing for dummies"
        - Guard B has a set of playing cards.
    You will also see a uniform on a shelf in there (thanks to Micah and Ivo for
    pointing this out). Grab it, and wear it. You can pretty much wander freely
    wearing the uniform as long as you salute guards whenever you encounter them.
    If you talk to them, they will ask you if you have any food. You can give them
    poisonous mushrooms if you want; making a soldier pass out can come in handy
    now and then, but not really as a regular habit.
    Ok, anyway, so leave that building and head north and around the back of the
    building. You won't find anything interesting except for a patch of potatoes
    (mmm, grub). Don't feel guilty stealing, ll the bandits do is whine about how
    they hate potatoes anyway, maybe they'd like it better if they STARVE.
    Whiners. ;) You will also walk past a warehouse, which matters for one of the
    endings later on.
    Head into the main entrance of the hideout (to the left of the room with the
    uniform). The area looks like this (the foreman and squad leaders' rooms are
    slightly more complicated than this map would tell you but hey, I am lazy):
      Boss's Room (Radio is in here)
       __________| |________
      |                     |
      | -----     -------   |
      | -   ---             |     F = Foreman
      | -  F      -  PR -   |     SL = Squad Leader
      | -------   -------   |     PR = Pointless room
      |           -------   |     Boss = The boss!
      | -----     -     -   |
      | -   ---   -  PR -   |
      | -  SL     -     -   |
      | -------   --   --   |
      |                     |
      |________   __________|
               | |
    OK, this is where you have to start caring about which ending you want. There
    are four ways you can do this thing, and I have given instructions for each.
    General note:
    Once you tell Skye about all of the different ways that you can escape, she
    starts asking you if it's time to escape every time you try to leave the cave.
    Say no as long as you want to. When you *are* ready to roll, you have the
    choice of taking her with you or leaving her behind while you go get help. I
    have no idea what difference it makes in the grand scheme of things to take
    her vs. not take her (I think you probably want to bring her along unless you
    are just going to use the radio; she might starve without you and even if she
    doesn't, it makes her sad if you leave her!!!). Anyway, once you finally do
    decide to go, you can't go back so don't say it unless you mean it. I suggest
    preparing for all three endings, sleeping and doing a real save, then only
    doing quicksaves after that (don't save if you sleep in cave 2). That way if
    you make a stupid mistake or change your mind about something you aren't
    1. Steal the boat
        - See the boat, go home and tell Skye about it
        - Get the boat key from the squad leader (give him a sleepy mushroom while
          he is tending to his potatoes, which usually happens around noon; he
          will drop it)
        - Get the gas can from the supply room (it's right there on the shelf, but
          only after you have told Skye about the boat)
        - Get the map hanging on the back wall behind the desk in the boss's room
          (sneak into his room not wearing the uniform while he is en route from
          his desk to his bed; this happens at about 7pm nightly and for whatever
          reason he isn't paying attention during that short couple of minutes)
        - Bring Skye along to the hideout and get to the boat
    2. Sneak into the boat by hiding in cargo crates
        - Eavesdrop on the boss and the foreman to get an idea of which create is
          getting shipped on what day.
        - Get the warehouse key from the foreman. Do this by waiting outside his
          room until he gets up to go to the bathroom. This happens around noon
          each day. Talk to him while he's in the hall (after saluting of course)
          and he will take food from you. Drug him with a sleepy mushroom and
        - Bring Skye to the warehouse and get into the crate, dodging a plethora
          of guards. The crates are set up like this, in case you are trying to
          figure out which one to sneak into:
           1  2  3
           4  5  6
           7  8  9
          If you pick the wrong one, you die, so be sure.
    3. Using the boss's radio and calling a rescue boat
        - Walk over to the part of the rafters that is over the boss's room late
          at night and hear him mumble a radio frequency
        - Sneak into his room and use the radio (use the method described above
          for getting the map, only head for the radio on his desk)
        - Get back to the cave and prepare to be rescued! I think the boat comes
          to get you in 3-4 days.
    4. Using Skye's old rescue boat
        - Go check out Skye's old rescue boat and notice that it's usable
        - Tell Skye about it
        - Go to the supply room in the hideout and find the flare gun
        - Take the raft out to sea with Skye
    VI. Building and other random stuff
    As the game progresses, Skye will suggest that you build various things. Here
    are the ones I have found so far. I know there are others but I won't include
    them until I find them myself:
    Table and Chairs: Helps Skye make items faster
    Extra Storage Shelves: More storage space (5 slots per upgrade)! Each shelf
    costs a log and a rope to build (I think).
    Jerky Shelf: Thanks to Rachel for the info on this. Just put fish or meat on
    the jerky shelf then ask Skye to make jerky. In a couple of days, it will be
    ready. Jerky is excellent for when you are traveling. The worst fish jerky I
    could manage gave me +10%, decent jerky gives +20%, and I haven't even tried
    any of the best fish yet.
    You can also make a better fire maker by adding a bow into the mix (use a
    crappy bow, the quality doesn't matter) but I don't exactly see the point.
    VII. Shortcut - I hope this is correct, I haven't played the game in almost
    a year and am doing this by memory.
    In the area by the waterfall where you bring Skye to push the big rock,
    you can create a shortcut. After you are done having Skye help you with the
    rock and everything, go back to that area by the waterfall cave and look at
    your log configuration. You will notice that you have this kind of pointless
    log. You needed it before to get Skye up on the ledge to push the block, but
    now it's just sitting there. It should be horizontal. Push it as far south
    as it goes, climb on top, and jump east. There is a tiny square ledge
    (seriously, it is only one square). Climb up from that square to the area
    above and follow it east. You will find a log. Push it east, climb down, push
    the next log east, and climb down. You will find yourself in the little
    twig-filled area northeast of your cave. Neat!!
    VIII. Skye mode
    It sounds complicated, but it is so, so simple.
    The basics:
    1. You gather stuff, like twigs, food, and spices.
    2. You cook for yourself and Keith, you use the extra food to make lunch boxes,
    which you give to him to make him like you.
    3. You dig around on the beach and collect seashells so that you can make him a
    bracelet (50 shells) and necklace (100 shells), which also makes him like you
    more. After that, you can keep digging and make more of these, but it gets
    harder to find shells and you are too busy for that.
    4. You keep the fire going because if you don't, Keith gets agitated with you.
    5. You ask Keith to get you stuff that you can't get, particularly food stuff
    you don't have access to. You can also ask him for twigs, but you can find
    plenty lying around so you don't have to do that very often.
    6. You do jobs for Keith as jobs come up.
    The rest is just making the most of what you have and being at the right place
    at the right time. Most days, you want to let Keith go off and explore. Each
    morning, unless you distract him straight away by asking him to get you food
    or whatever, he will decide to go out for the day at about 8:05am. If you are
    in the room, you will have the chance to give him stuff, say he shouldn't go,
    etc. If you aren't in the room, he will just go.
    If you do want him to go exploring, this is how your day should go:
    - PREP KEITH: Wake up in the morning, feed Keith so that he is as full as you
      can get him given your food supply. Give him a few lunches. If you have a
      bottle of water then "give" it to him (he will drink it and give you the
      empty bottle back). Feed him an energy-boost mushroom if you have one.
    - LEAVE HIM ALONE: Get the heck out of dodge ASAP. Don't dawdle. Go get some
      seaweed and clams or something. When you go back to the cave, Keith should
      be gone off on his own. You can wait around for him to say goodbye, but that
      is a waste of time you could spend doing other stuff.
    - DO YOUR THING: If the fire went out the other night, Keith will have relit
      it before he left. This allows you to conduct business as usual while he is
      away. Collect food that is lying around and either make lunches out of it
      for you to eat or save it to cook when Keith gets home. Early on, he won't
      bring food back with him after exploring, and he won't be gone for that long,
      so just hang onto your food and cook it when he gets back. Later, he won't be
      back until the middle of the night and he will be munching on your lunch
      boxes all day anyway so use the food that you find on the beach to feed
      yourself. Use what he brings back (he usually does bring something once he
      starts doing heavy duty exploring) to feed the two of you in the evening and
    - FEED THE MAN: When Keith gets back, he may well have totally failed to take
      care of himself. MEN! Have a bottle of water handy in case he's dehydrated.
      Throw some food at him. Even if he isn't that hungry, he will be in the
      morning anyway so you might as well. You want to keep him as full as
      possible, since this allows him to stay out for longer exploring.
    - EXPLOIT HIM: After that, feel free to make him get food as often as you can
      before nighttime (this mostly only works early on when he isn't exploring
      very far, but sometimes even late in the game he will come back at 6:30. Skip
      this if he's really exhausted. While you do need to take care of your own
      needs, he is no use to you if he wakes up with 30% energy so get him to sleep
      as soon as you can. Sadly, he will be too much of a lunkhead to build better
      beds for ages, so don't get your hopes up.
    Some general pointers:
    1. Have your inventory as empty as possible when Keith gets home from finding
    at your request. He won't give you everything he found if you don't have room
    for it, and as far as I can tell there is no way to access his inventory
    without asking him to go out again and getting it when he comes back.
    2. Be hardcore about gathering shells and making lunches. The more Keith likes
    you, the more he will do to make your life easier.
    3. Do tasks that Keith asks you to do ASAP. It's not like you have anything
    to do.
    4. COOK!!!
    You will eventually have 6 cooking methods available to you. At first, you can
    only make things RAW or ROASTED. Keith will eventually find the slate, which
    is a big deal because it lets you make all sorts of great stuff using the STIR
    FRY option. Lastly, he will bring you a clay pot, which opens up 3 more
    options: DEEP FRY (which requires lard), BOIL and STEAM.
    Use recipes as much as you can. I hardly know any, but that is partially
    because I am pretty limited in terms of methods of cooking and ingredients this
    early on. There are a lot of recipes floating around online and half of them
    don't work; I have only listed the ones that I have actually gotten to work
    NOTE: Some of these only work with certain #s of ingredients, so if it isn't
    happening for you and I forgot to specify how much of each thing to use, mess
    around a bit. I have never found it necessary to use 2 salts if salt is the
    only seasoning you are using, but that may make a difference in some recipes
    I have yet to find.
    I have also included values for how much nutrition each recipe gives you if it
    is prepared perfectly IN A BOX LUNCH. Divide the number by half to get the
    amount that each of you would get if you split the dish for dinner. I don't
    have this info for some of them since I send them off with Keith, but I figure
    every little bit helps. :)
    Anyway, here's what I have:
    Method: Roast
    Ingredients: Any number of potatoes
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed
    Notes: This is really easy to make and is very filling. Use it often.
    Method: Roast
    Ingredients: 1 eel
    Seasonings: Purple Bean, Tree Sap
    Method: Roast
    Ingredients: 1 sweet fish
    Seasonings: Rock salt
    Method: Roast
    Ingredients: 1 clam
    Seasonings: 1 Purple Bean
    Notes: A little recipe, but it gives you way more per clam than you would get
    cooking them in one big dish together.
    Method: Roast
    Ingredients: 1 chicken meat
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed
    Method: Deep fry
    Ingredients: Lard, 1 siliganoid (it says "sand borer" in the recipe, huh??)
    Seasonings: Salt
    Nutritional Value: 18%
    10. FRENCH FRY
    Method: Deep fry
    Ingredients: Lard, any number of potatoes
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed
    Nutritional Value (four potatoes): 60%
    Method: Deep fry
    Ingredients: 1 oyster (not sure if you can include more than 1), lard
    Seasonings: Salt
    Nutritional Value: 16%
    Method: Raw
    Ingredients: 1 potato, 1 carrot
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed
    Nutritional Value: 24%
    Method: Raw
    Ingredients: 1 boar meat, 1 vegetable
    Seasonings: Purple Bean, Blue Seed
    Notes: If you cook this for a meal, it completely fills your tummy! When I made
    it with a carrot, it gave us each 99%!!! Don't ask me why you make the pork raw
    because that sounds dag nasty to me.
    17. EGG SALAD
    Method: Raw
    Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 carrot
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed (the scrapbook says blue seed but I got it
    using pepper, whatever)
    Nutritional Value: 18%
    Method: Raw
    Ingredients: Any number of radishes
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Blue Seed
    Notes: Keith seems to bring you a lot of radishes at first, so it's nice to
    know there is something good to do with them.
    Method: Raw
    Ingredients: Burdock
    Seasonings: Purple Bean, Chili
    Method: Raw
    Ingredients: Seaweed
    Seasonings: Purple Bean, Blue Seed
    Nutritional Value: 32%
    Notes: This is kind of difficult to make, but it is one of the only recipe you
    will definitely have the ingredients to make every day (there are 4 seaweeds on
    the beach each morning) so get good at it.
    Method: Raw
    Ingredients: Mushroom, Dandelion
    Seasonings: Salt, Pepper
    30. BOILED EGG
    Method: Boil
    Ingredients: 1 egg
    Seasonings: Rock Salt
    Method: Steam
    Ingredients: 1 crab (any kind)
    Seasonings: Purple Bean
    Method: Stir Fry
    Ingredients: 1 crab (I have only used coconut crabs so far, not sure if it
    works on others), 1 egg
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed
    Method: Stir Fry
    Ingredients: 1 mushroom (preferably the energizing kind!), 1 egg
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed
    Nutritional Value: 16%
    Method: Stir Fry
    Ingredients: Any number of short-necks
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Brown Seed
    Nutritional Value: 20%
    Notes: Here's another one you should get used to making every day. You can
    find 4 short-necks on the beach each morning, use them to make a lunch box!
    Method: Stir Fry
    Ingredients: 1 mushroom (I haven't gotten it to work with more than one, but
    maybe it's ok if they are all the same type?)
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed
    METHOD: Stir fry
    Ingredients: 1 egg (I am pretty sure you can only use 1 egg in this recipe,
    but much like baked clams it helps you get the most out of your egg)
    Seasonings: Rock Salt, Pepper Seed

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