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"A very fun game that could remind you of some classic arcade games."

What is Nanostray you ask? It's a fun game that brings the feel of arcade games back. Nanostray is a shoot em up game where you fly a ship around and blast away at enemies using your various weapons.

Story: 0/10

There is absolutely no story in the game at all from what I can tell. You just select adventure mode, select the level, then shoot down your enemies.

Graphics: 10/10

Some games have come that haven't really been awesome with the graphics, however Nanostray is an exception. Even with it being an early game (released in July of 2005). Your ship, the weapons, the landscape, the enemies, the bosses, and the explosions all look magnificent. This is one game that takes the DS graphics ability to it's highest possible output.

Music: 8/10

None of the music was really bad. There were only 2 music pieces in the game I really enjoyed (one of the level 's music and the "stage clear" music). The rest of them were fine and suitable for me.

Sound: 7/10

There is a lot of sounds in the game. There are explosions, your weapons, the enemies weapons (which have various sounds), and the bosses noises. None of the sounds were horrible sounds and they fit well for the action.

Game Play: 10/10

I'm sure some of you have played games on arcade machines where you fly a ship around and blow things up in a front/back scroll-er screen. This game is just like that.

You choose from 4 different weapons (each with their own more powerful Sub-weapon) and blast away at the enemies you face. The bosses you face at the end of the level each have weak points (which you scan for by tapping the "scan" button) Then you dodge there attacks (which can be very hard) and just blast away at the weak points until they explode. I know it sounds simple and boring, but trust me, this game is more interesting then I'm making it sound.

Use caution with playing, this game is NOT for the weak and the helpless. If you are new to gaming then I wouldn't recommend this game. Even at it's easiest difficulty setting this game can still be very hard. Even the first level is challenging.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/12/06

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