Review by Arkrex

"A great looking space shooter that forgot the challenge"

From the creators of Iridion I & II on the GBA, their new effort on the DS is a scrolling space shooter akin to the old-style hits like Galaxian. With this new hardware, they have pushed some amazing 3D effects around the place, and flying around the 8 main environments is a very pretty experience. Adding to that is the spectacular special effects & explosions witnessed as you shoot, special attack, bomb the enemies which are a great source of bright sparks themselves. Everything uses a very solid 3D engine and the framerate is extremely consistent which makes all the explosions that much better.
Of short note, the BGM is suitable and the sound effects are great.

Replay seems a little low initially, what with only 8 main levels to finish and 8 cool-looking, but pretty easy bosses. However, upon completion, challenges are unlocked whereby you have a specific requirement like going thru a level with just 1 life, getting a certain score etc... which is addictive in the old-school sense where hi-scores matter. As I alluded to earlier, the game is quite easy if you know how: you have 4 primary beam weapons, and I really do dislike how selection is done here as changing weapons means having to let go of your ship controls for a while (which is hard since enemies swarm you most times), however of the 4 beams, the last one - lightning beam - is way better than all the rest. Not only does it always target home after the initial direct shot, but its special attack is a surrounding circular elec wave which clears all enemies around you easily, preventing instant crash deaths (which re the most common way of dying really). Coupled with knowing you have 5 lives, each coming with 3 bombs, make the use of them all before going out! Bosses can easily be beaten if you have 2-3 lives and use the above strategy.

Overall tho, its really easy also since you have a tractor field which can
attract powerups/coins to your ship without having to run over them yourself. As long as one holds R to work this all the time, and A to constantly shoot all the time, interspersed with some B and X for the occasional mega enemies, this game doesn't require that much skill. Of course you can restrict yourself, and also play limited to only 1 weapon, I just wish there was more of a challenge in it all. Overall tho, this was a fun game with impressive visuals despite the amazingly short ride.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/21/06

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