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"A Standard Shooter"

You're flying around in a ship across the universe. Every enemy that passes in front of you you shoot down. You really have no purpose. This is Nanostray.

Let's start with the storyline. There is none. Your sole purpose is to fly around in this ship you don't even know the name of and blast down enemy ships. You travel to random destinations that seem to have nothing in common. All you really know is that in the destination there are enemy ships and a boss. The only thing that drives you to play this game is the hopes you'll have a good time doing so.

The gameplay is actually pretty fun. You're this spaceship who sole mission seems to be too destroy enemy ships. Waves of enemy ships will come after you. There are many different types of enemies. Each with its own way to attack. You have to adapt to the different styles of enemies in each different level to survive. At the end of each level there is a boss. The boss provide a challenge in each level. They're also really fun to do too.

You have four different weapons to whip out enemy ships with, all of which are rapid fire. First, you have you're standard laser guns. These are just normal guns that fire frontwards with normal strength. Next, you have your side guns. With these you just pull up next to enemy ships and fire away on both sides. They have standard power. After, you have your lightning gun. The lightning gun is a stream of lightning that goes infront of your ship that locks onto enemy ship directly infront of you and slightly to the right and left. It's power is slightly weaker than the normal gun but once it locks on it will take no time to kill your enemy. Lastly, you have your heatseeking lasers. These lock on to the nearest enemies and have normal strength. These guns aren't as rapid-fire as the other guns.

For each weapon you have "sub-weapons". Sub-weapons are basically stronger versions of your standard weapons. On your touch screen you have a gauge that shows how much power is left for the sub-weapons. If the gauge becomes empty then you can't use your weapons enemy more. To replenish your gauge you have to destroy all enemies in a certain wave. If you do so an orb will appear. Grab it to replenish your gauge.

You also have your standard smart bombs that kills all enemies on the screen.

The sub-weapon for your forward laser beam is a condensed super-laser that fires forward. The sub-weapon for your side-lasers is the same as the forward laser except fires to the side. The lightning sub-weapon is a ball of lightning that goes 360 around your ship. It makes an almost barrier around you ships. Last, the heat seeking sub-weapon is a giant super powerful laser that goes out of the back of your ship. It immediately locks onto the strongest enemy in the area. This weapon is the best for taking out bosses.

Controls in this game are frustrating to say the least. You can move your ships forward, back, and side-to-side using the control pad to avoid enemy fire or the enemy ships themselves. Too fire you simply use L which is pretty easy to do, no complaints. But the real hassle is switching weapons. Too do so you have look down from the intense battle going on the top screen and tap the icon on the bottom screen. It is intensely frustrating and will probably be the cause of countless of deaths. You have to do the same with smart bombs.

Music in this game is pretty nice. Each level has music that suits the situation. For example, when you're in the volcano level the music is fiery and fast pace.

In conclusion, this game gets a 7/10. The frustrating controls and lack of storyline and lack of innovative content as got this game the score it rightfully deserved.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/22/07

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