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"Nanostray blazes onto the DS, but does it fizzle out too soon?"

Contrary to popular belief now days, video games didn't not start with Madden and GTA. There once was a time when video games were simply about completing a level, or beating a friends high score. Countless hours were spent in arcades playing Galaga and Galaxian, striving to destroy the mysterious man who's initials were "ABK", for he held the number 1 spot. Nanostray brings back the moments of quick thrill shoot-em-ups that slowly still trickle through the gaming society (Ikaruga being the last significant one). A solid shooter with beautiful graphics, quality sounds, and superb fun to be had makes this a top choice for the DS lineup.

Graphically, this is as good as it gets (so far) on the DS. Crisp and clean textures, big explosions, beautiful backgrounds, all whizzing at 60fps make this total eye candy. A small moment of slowdown is seen once in a while, but 95% of the time its a solid ride.

On the sound end, catchy tunes and loud explosions can be heard throughout the game. Nothing spectacular, but it's not a score that you will be sick of within a couple trips through the galaxy.

Control wise, the D pad flows nicely enough to get you to where you need whenever needed. A is used as your main weapon, B acts as a secondary weapon, and the R trigger sucks items towards you that can be seen throughout the level. The main gripe about this game is that in order to change weapons, you have to tap the respective place on the touch screen. During all the chaos happening on the upper screen, it is hard to take your eyes away even just for a second. It's not a huge deal, because you can easily learn where the 4 buttons are and what they do, but it would have been nice to implement the touch screen differently.

The replay value and fun factor is where this game is the strongest. You can beat the main game rather quickly, in under an hour. This isn't the type of game where you play the game once and sit it down. Different difficulty levels make you perfect your strategies for levels, and device ways to get maximum points. Why maximum points? Because if you use Arcade mode, your high score registers a "Nanocode". Input this "Nanocode" on the Nanostray website (, and see how you place with every gamer in the world. It is virtually an arcade game that is being played all over the world to achieve high scores. It's RIDICULOUSLY addictive to see how high you can place. A multiplayer function is included, and while not spectacular like the rest of the game, it's fun to run through a couple times. Also, the Challenges are a real test of your might, as they give you a challenge for the level (x amount of points, no secondary weapon) which can be a strain on your brain.

This game is not for the GTA generation. It's not for the Madden generation. This is for the arcade generation. When to play the newest and hottest games, you had to go to the arcade and spend oodles of quarters to defeat someone else's score. Save up your quarters, because for $29.95 you get Nanostray, a fantastic DS game that will blow you away, consume your soul, then give you a score to see if you can top the leader boards. This game is NOT to be missed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/25/05

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