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"The Nintendo DS's first shoot em up , Will it be popular or overseen by other ds titles"

There are many shoot em ups in the world of gaming . Examples of shoot-em ups are Ikaruga, Iridon 2 , and contra. But the DS now has it‘s own shoot em up will it be a hit or overshadowed by the popular future DS coming out

Story 0/10 : Unfortunately there is no story to Nanostray , but I would not count this against the final score for this game. since you can have a good game without a story

Graphics 10/10 : This is one of if not the best presentation of the Nintendo DS 3-D graphics to date... the visuals are extremely clear ... when enemy ships explode they actually look like real explosions , and the landscape's were really well done... also the bosses looked really good

Control 9/10 : The controls were pretty good the weapon buttons were well placed. but the reason I gave it a nine since it got kind of irritating having to take the stylus out of the slot to scan the boss or switch your weapons.

Game play 9/10 : This is about the same in most shoot em ups you simply shoot at anything that tries to destroy your ship , but this game requires more strategy you can't just hold down the fire button to get a high score the less you use your main weapon you get a valor bonus which greatly effects your final score . I would have given it a 10 because it was a good pick up and play game and it gave you that arcade game feeling but portable .. but I decided to give it a 9 because
The occasional slow down that happens for a couple of seconds while playing through the levels in adventure, arcade, and challenge mode.

Replay Value: 10/10 : Though adventure mode is fairly short and can be beaten in about 2 hours there is still quite more in the game that can be done . There are 3 different difficulties in adventure mode the expert difficulty will leave hardcore shoot em up fans on the edge of their seats, 22 different arcade challenges which are very tough , and 8 arcade stages that you can play over and over again to set high scores and you can post your scores on and compete against other's on the world ranking boards


+ easy to pick up and play
+ has a lot of replay value
+ one of the greatest presentations of the Nintendo DS's 3-D graphics


- short adventure mode
- slowdowns happen a bit in levels
- there is really no story

Final Comments : Even though the game lacked in the storyline department which I will not count towards the final score of this game. This is a great game no doubt about it. But it'll most likely be over-looked by other DS titles such as the soon to be released Advance Wars : dual strike and the already released Meteos

Final score 38/40 9.5/10 10/10 rounded but I can't give this game a perfect score since it has flaws so my final score is a 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/27/05

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