Review by UberSweet

Reviewed: 08/11/05

Comprehensive Nanostray Review

Overview: This is a shooter game, with beautiful graphics that really shows what the DS is capable of. Although there are some flaws, switching weapons being one of them, it really is a great game. This game also has an online ranking system, which allows you to compete with other owners of this game, around the world. At first, I thought it wouldn't add any replayvalue to the game, but, sure enough, I was wrong.

Plot: Unfortunately, there is no plot. From the moment you start the game, to the moment you beat it, you will never see something that even touches a story. In this case, I will not score the plot. N/A

Gameplay: Intense! You can not play this game if you can't multi-task! In order to get a good score, you have to destroy a "wave" of enemies. This means is a bunch of weak enemies appear on the screen, by destroying all of them, you get a wave bonus. Also, if you destroy a wave, a blue coin appears, which fills up your energy bar. You can use the energy bar by pressing B, and the regular blast with A. But, if you don't use ANY of the energy bar, and pick up another blue coin, you get 500 times 2 points. The next blue coin you pick up will get you 500 times 3 points. This can really boost your score. One last thing is that if you press and hold the R button, all the coins come to you. But, by using this, it will reduce your Valor Score at the end of the level. There are two ways you can lower it, pressing the R button, and by shooting as little as possible. Not the greatest scoring system, but it works. All of this while shooting all the enemies on screen. Yeah, it's hard. But the camera angle doesn't help either. 8.25

Sound: Very good music, but nothing too special. It's got some enjoyable techno songs, and the menu's music is good. This is one of those games where I really like to have the sound maxed out, it really emerses you into the game. 8.0

Replayability: It is very fun to memorize each level, and remember where the waves of enemies come from. The constant want to get a higher score really motivates me, especially the online ranking system. When you get a high score in the game, you can get a "Nan-Code" which you put on the website, and see how you rank. There's also a challenge mode which gives you certain objectives you must complete to get some little odds and ends. 8.25

Graphics: This game offers the best graphics out of any currents DS game. They are amazing. All of the enemies, backrounds, enemies are all rendered it 3D, everything except for the blasts you and your enemies shoot. It is simply something great to look at. This is the game to show off to your friends. 9.25

Innovation: A different type of scoring system and a really bad way to swap weapons make this game not-so innovative. But it's all about classic, retro, and intense gameplay. But it does almost nothing new. 6.75

Controls: Good, but not great. You shoot with A, and use the super form of the attack with B. I would've much prefered it if it was shoot with Y, and shoot the super form of the attack with X. Also, you have the choice to switch what type of shot you want to shoot. There are four types, and you have to change them by touching little icons on the right-hand side of the touch-screen. Bad idea. When you're playing a game like this that demands your full attention, you can't fiddle around with the touch-screen; it just doesn't work. The good thing is that moving the ship with the D-pad works great. 6.25

Difficulty: From hard, to really hard. If you've never played a shooter before, this has all the basics to introduce you into this type of game. Every level gets progessively longer, but since there are only eight stages, it doesn't take long to beat. 8.25

Tilt: Easy to get into, but a little too easy for the shooter genre. After about 5-10 mmnutes with the game, you'll have the basics down cold. It's a really fun game to pick, play for 10 minutes, and then move on. 8.0

Total: 7.9, C+

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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