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"Nanostray is a worthy title in the genre that lacks in originality"

Nanostray is the best original game on the DS right now, which will probably change soon, but Nanostray is still something to acknowledge. the graphics are unique and stunning, the addictive gameplay is mesmerizing, and the quick inevitable fix earned from this game, makes it something special in your library.


The game is short, which is mildly exceptable. When blazing through the story mode, you continue to unlock challenges, and they are extremely difficult. Your also attempting to master arcade mode, and these three various modes increases the longevity. And this game is SO difficult, that your constantly repeating levels to increase your skills. Normal, Advanced, and Expert are the three available difficulty modes. Seven traversable lands are contained in this game, and are all wonderfully made levels, each memorable and each will be repeated consistently. The game is fun, there is no doubt in that, and the thrills last for a respectable amount of time. Improving your skill level and mastering the challenge mode is not only difficult, but it never becomes a chore, like many repetitive video game tasks become. This game is very fast, like many vertical shooters are, and your constantly dashing and speeding around to dodge excess enemies.


The music is catchy, leaving you pumped and interested even that much more. Nothing more than up-beat techno style themes to play along to.


Excellent. Very nice shine effects, and the scrolling backgrounds are definitely something to acknowledge. Very sparkly and very appealing to the quick eye, making this game considerably better. If the game had black backgrounds, and bland and boring enemies to blow up, how much worse would this game be? graphics play a big part in any game, and they only improve the experience in Nanostray.


I say buy the game. Where some say we are lacking in original games on the DS, this is the one to make them disbelieve, atleast for a little while. But even as a casual gamer, considering this genre, I was pleasantly surprised by the addictive gameplay, which no matter how difficult it became is was still intrigued to play more. The graphics were no less than appealing and the levels were so fun and enjoyable, that the 29.99 lost, was well made up for.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/22/05

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