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"Nanostray is an exciting game to add to your DS collection."

Nanostray is futuristic shooter made by Majesco Games and proves to be an entertaining game. Many people won't get the chance to experience this, unfortunately, due to the little amount of games shipped.

Gameplay – 8/10

There are three different modes to choose from: adventure, arcade and challenge.

Adventure mode consists of 8 levels to fly your ship through and hope that you survive while shooting down many enemies with your 4 weapons that can each have a special ability.

The first weapon shoots straight forward, the second shoots out the sides of the ship, the third is a little bit like a semi-tracker and the fourth latches onto enemies with a lighting bolt and continues to stay on them until they are destroyed or you let go of the button. They each also have a neat sub-weapon that depletes after awhile but can be replenished by shooting down a wave of enemies and collecting a blue coin. The weapons have a nice variety to them which keeps the game alive

Adventure mode does not take long at all to finish because of the small amount of levels but each of them are quite entertaining because of the different ways to tackle the levels such as dodging lava erupting from a volcano while also trying to kill enemies and their weapons on top of that. The boss fights are all different and each has a different way of defeating them which keeps the game from getting too repetitive.

Arcade mode is where you can choose any of the levels you have completed and try to set a high score on them. You also get a special code which you can enter on the game's site to see how you fare against the other pilots from around the world which can keep you motivated to continue playing.

Challenge mode is exactly what it is meant to be, challenging. You are required to do certain tasks in levels such as getting a certain amount of points, only given 1 life to complete a level and many others. The reward for completing one is either getting concept art or music from the game.

The only problems are that it sometimes slows down but only a few times. Also, more levels would have been welcome and changing weapons can be hard for some people because you have to use the touch screen, although this is easy to get used to and doesn't take long.

Graphics/sound – 9/10

The graphics are outstanding for a DS game. They are crisp and the levels are nicely detailed. The music is nice to listen to and is easy to get inside your head.

Playtime/replayability – 7/10

While the game does not take long to complete, arcade and challenge mode can keep you busy for quite some time if you enjoy pushing your skills to further levels.

Final recommendation – I recommend to anyone that likes setting high scores or likes a lot of action to consider purchasing this game. If you are interested in Nanostray, I suggest trying to buy it soon as it may not be easy to find in the future and you may regret not getting it earlier. Nanostray is an exciting shooter that could have been a bit longer but still is a great game to add to your DS collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/12/05

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