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"Nanostray is a good game, but has its flaws."

At first sight it did not look to appealing, but once you start playing it, you just can't stop. Nanostray is a shoot em' up game and is the only game of its kind for the Nintendo DS. It is kind of like Ein-hander from the Play-station one, but in Nanostray you have an aerial view of the screen and it has a certain 3D touch to it. Your object is to shoot and destroy anything and everything that moves on that screen.

Game-play 6/10: To start, the game is tough and only players that have had experience with shoot em' up games will be able to find this game easy. The first few levels are not like most games, they're challenging and they only get harder. Each level is about five to eight minutes long each and the screen is always overwhelmed with enemies. The bosses also show some toughness, but they're not too bad. If you can oversee the difficulty, then you'll most likely find the game very addictive and you won't want to stop playing until you destroy every last enemy in every level. Controls are very easy and will provide a decent sense of control of your vehicle and not to mention the nice arsenal of weapons that you'll be equipped with to make sure you get the job done.

Story 2/10: There is a short story in the instruction manual, but otherwise it is without a story. Your main objective is to shoot down the bad guys that are corrupting the planet, so if you like a good story in a game, you really won't find it here.

Graphics 10/10: The graphics are simply amazing and could not be described any differently. The DS uses all of its power to make Nanostray look beautiful. There is some awesome detail in the other ships and the environments were very nicely crafted. Everything on the screen moves very smoothly with no slow-downs or freezing. Nanostray has some of the best graphics around the DS today and it will be hard to out do them.

Sound 8/10: The sound effects were nicely done and so were the sounds that are made while scrolling through the main menu. The weapons of the game also have a futuristic feel to them. Each level has different music and so does the title screen. It also has a nice flow to it and provides some futuristic feel to the game.

Replay ability 5/10: After you play it once through, you might not want to play it again if you found it too difficult or frustrating. There is a challenge mode that is at least worth trying, but this is also difficult let alone trying to beat the game on a harder difficulty. You'll spend about two hours or so for the first play through and will probably only spend an hour the second time through and it will just go down less form there.

Overall 6/10: Nanostray is hard to find and worth a try if you can find it. If you don't like shoot em' up games then you should just rent it first and if you like is then buy it. Overall it is a solid game with beautiful graphics and not too bad of sound. Nanostray is a good game to add to your library.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/05/05

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