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    Hidden Rabbit Location Guide by beestung

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 12/03/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Feel the Magic XY/XX
    Hidden Rabbits Location Guide
    Version 0.9
    By Kevin Sullivan
    Section I
    Scene 0:
    Rabbit 1: Bottom half. Tap the goldfish in the stomach. 
    Scene 1:
    Rabbit 2: Bottom half. Tap the plane. 
    Rabbit 3: Top half. Tap the flame. 
    Rabbit 4: Bottom half. Touch the raised arm in the lower middle of 
    the panel. 
    Rabbit 5: Bottom half. Tap the cart. 
    Scene 2:
    Rabbit 6: Top half. Touch the big bull in the foreground.
    Rabbit 7: Bottom half. Tap the goldfish on the shirt.
    Scene 3: 
    Clean up:
    Rabbit 8: Top half. Touch the right cleaning pad.
    Rabbit 9: Top half. Touch the left cleaning pad.
    Rabbit 10:Top half. Tap the goldfish on the shirt.
    Scene 4:
    Rabbit 11: Bottom half. Tap the antlion.
    Bus stop:
    Rabbit 12: Top half. Tap the half of the ball being held by guy on the right 
    Rabbit 13: Top half. Tap the half of the ball being held by guy on the left 
    Rabbit 14: Bottom half. Tap the hero in the ball.
    Scene 5:
    Rabbit 15: Bottom half. Tap the sun.
    Rabbit 16: Top half. Tap the can in his hands.
    Rabbit 17: Bottom half. Tap the guy in the lower left corner.
    Scene 6:
    Rabbit 18: Bottom half. Tap the scorpion closest to the screen on the 
    left side.
    Rabbit 19: First guy in line.
    Rabbit 20: Second in line.
    Rabbit 21: Third in line.
    Rabbit 22: Fourth person in line.
    Rabbit 23: Fifth in line.
    Rabbit 24: Sixth in line.
    Rabbit 25: Seventh in line.
    Rabbit 26: Eighth in line.
    Rabbit 27: Last in line.
    Rabbit 28: Bottom  half. As always, tap the goldfish.
    Scene 7:
    Rabbit 29: Top half. Tap the hand the arrow is pointing at. 
    Rabbit 30: Bottom half. Tap the goldfish on the shirt.
    Rabbit 31: Bottom half. Tap the hand the arrow is pointing at. 
    Scene 8:
    Rabbit 32: Top half. Tap the license plate. 
    Rabbit 33: Bottom  half. Tap the fumes coming from the car.
    Scene 9:
    Rabbit 34: Top half. Any surprises here? Tap the goldfish!
    Rabbit 35: Bottom  half. Tap the hero. (After all, he does have a gold fish 
    on his shirt.) 
    Rabbit 36  Bottom half. Tap the girl in the water.
    Scene 10: 
    Rabbit 37: Top half. Tap the back of the girl's dress in the top left corner. 
    Rabbit 38: Tap the bead of sweat on the hero's head.
    Scene 11:
    Rabbit 39: Top half. Goldfish!
    Rabbit 40: First note.
    Rabbit 41: Second note 
    Rabbit 42: Third note.
    Rabbit 43: Fourth note.
    Rabbit 44: Bottom half. Goldfish!!
    Rabbit 45: Bottom half. Tap head of Snake.
    Rabbit 46: Top half. Tap the sun. 
    Rabbit 47: Bottom. Is that a goldfish on that shirt?
    Scene 12:
    Rabbit 48: Top half. Tap the end of the vine.
    Rabbit 49: Bottom. Goldfish , baby, goldfish
    Scene 13:
    Rabbit 50: Bottom half. Tap the monocycle.
    Scene  14:
    Rabbit 51: Top half. Tap dog on the left side.
    Rabbit 52: Bottom. Tap where the right guard is pointing his light.
    Rabbit 53: Tap where the left guard is pointing his light.
    Scene 15:
    Nightmare  1:
    Rabbit 54: Top. Tap hero.
    Nightmare 2: 
    Rabbit 55: Top. Tap hero.
    Scene 16:
    Rabbit 56: Top. Tap hero.
    Last Battle: 
    Rabbit 57: Top. Tap the upper half of the robot.
    Rabbit 58:  Bottom half. There appears to be a fish or something on the hero's 
    shirt...you know what to do.
    Scene 17:
    Final Battle: 
    Rabbit 59: Bottom half. Tap the hero. 
    Rabbit 60: Bottom half. Tap the boss.
    Section II
    19 Rabbits unlocks Hairstyle 6 (Long, Blonde,w/blue bow).
    21 Rabbits unlocks Shoes 7 (White sneakers).
    29 Rabbits unlocks hairstyle 7 (white/red baseball cap).
    31 Rabbits unlocks Shoes 8(brown loafers w,white socks).
    39 Rabbits unlocks hairstyle 8(long purple w/ white nurses cap).
    41 Rabbits unlocks Shoes 9 (white  heels w/blue leg warmers).
    49 Rabbits unlocks hairstyle 9(long blue).
    51 Rabbits unlocks shoes 10 (green boots).
    59 Rabbits unlocks  hairstyle  10 (bunny ears).
    *More to come*
    Beating game unlocks Hard Mode, Sound Test, Outfit 2 and Outfit 3.

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