• Get character select in Endless puyo pop.

    To get character select in Endless puyo pop, go to the main menu and go to Endless puyo pop, And go highlight the course you want then press UP,DOWN,X,A.. If done correct you will hear a sound. Now you can play as anybody you want to! BUT it’s in classic now, to change this, when at the character select, hold down the X button, and then pick a character, now you have their puyo set.

    Contributed By: lizard81288.

  • Get character select in single puyo pop

    To get character select in single puyo pop, go to the main menu and go to single puyo pop, And go highlight the course you want (other than free battle) then press X,DOWN,UP,A. if done correct you will hear a sound. Now you can play as anybody you want to!

    Contributed By: lizard81288.

  • Unlock Everything

    Go into the Gallery under Options. Highlight the cutscene viewer and press the following sequence.

    Hold X and press up, down, left, right.Unlock all characters and cutscenes.

    Contributed By: KirbyKollector.


  • ALTERNATIVE Means of Unlocking Carbuncle

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CarbuncleDefeat Accord in the HaraHara Course with a multiple of seven (7, 14, 21, etc.) continues used.

    Contributed By: KirbyKollector.

  • Unlockable Characters

    There are two hidden characters that can be unlocked in Single Puyo POP mode for use in Free Battle and multi-player battles.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CarbuncleComplete the HaraHara Course with either less than 4 or more than 12 fevers aquired without continues.
    PopoiComplete the WakuWaku Course.

    Contributed By: KirbyKollector.

Easter Eggs

  • ''Extra Pictures''

    When you have the GBA version of Puyo Pop Fever in the bottom slow of the DS at the same time, you can access special bonus pictures of each character in the Option menu, under the Gallery.

    Contributed By: KirbyKollector.

  • ''Keep the Puyo Afloat'' Minigame

    At the title screen, blow into the microphone to cause a number counter to appear at the bottom of the touch screen and a red Puyo to fall from the top screen to the bottom screen. Drag the stylus around to bounce the Puyo off it to keep it from falling into oblivion. The counter is for your score, which is the amount of times you\'ve bounced the Puyo and kept it in the air. Other Puyo will fall if you keep the first airborne for a little while, and you must juggle them all in order to retain your score. The counter is reset to zero every time you lose a Puyo. Tapping a Puyo will pop it and the game will end. The game also ends when a Puyo falls off the screen. To restart the game, simply blow into the microphone again.

    Contributed By: KirbyKollector.

  • Battle Taunts

    In any mode, during gameplay, blow into the microphone. Your character will yell their shout, that comes from when they successfully trigger a chain in Fever Mode.

    Contributed By: Summonmaster.

  • Menu Bubbles

    Same as with blowing into the Mic at the "Press Start" Screen. At almost any mode selection screen, you can blow into the mic and the mode "spheres" will spread outward and bubbles will flow upwards.

    Contributed By: Sean_ross.

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