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"Awesome Game! Naruto Goes to Victory!"

The Naruto "Ninja Council" 4 (3 in US) is bringing the DS and the Naruto love to the next level! Enjoying Clash of Ninja, GBA Fighters, Multiplayer Battles, or Jump SuperStars will make you love this game even more!

Gameplay: 8/10
The game itself is the Sasuke Arc (SPOILERS), and all those 40 characters return! You will see tons of your foes in the missions, and some large guys. Weapons are kinda useless, and you will rely on the one attack you have and the specials. The Special Jutsus are the best, because you can use Character B's Jutsu with Character A in battle, multiplayer, and most missions. Some jutsus are annoying, like the side you stink with in rotation. Performing them follow in rotation, blowing in the mic, tapping at the screen, or selecting random kanji characters (japanese/chinese characters). Then, you watch the cutscene that shows you owning the enemy.

Music: 9/10
Pretty okay, the quality is better than usual. The stuck in your head is all that happens, not the real Naruto but a great one.

Replay: 9/10
Multiplayer rocks. Imagine CON with tons of characters, plenty of area to run, annoying animals, multiple weapons, and sweet special attacks. Try to counter them, but you will fall to the special attacks. The aiming is annoying and the confusion of 4-player is sometimes there. Still, very fun.

Naruto: 10/10

This is basically how much it relates to Naruto. The Start is Chunin so no Zabuza, but you get the combos, Shannaros, Stages, Snake Attacks, and mainly the Sasuke retreival dudes. The most important part is the CON4 forgotten REGULAR FORM of them. CS2 included, but more special attacks. Along with that is the 3-way sannin battle, and you get their moves too. Minor Characters included are gone sadly, so you will only see the ones that have shown a few jutsus. Duplicate Characters are also within Sasuke CS2 and OTK Naruto, and that ends it. Perfect for any Naruto Fan!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/28/07

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