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"My review for Ninja Council 3, what a disappointment"

Naruto Ninja Council 3 is a fairly generic fighting game, with limited combos and a vast amount of characters. If you like Naruto, this game will be quite interesting and fun. If you don't like Naruto in the slightest, this game will not make you change your mind.

First off, there are about 26 characters, each with their own voices and special moves. This adds a little to the re-playability. Unlike Ninja Council 2, this one is more of a brawler, where you have to complete certain missions like 'Beat 20 spiders' or 'Get Itachi down to 50% health'.

This is not a deep game. The most complex things you can do are pressing up+X when you're on the floor, and pressing down+Y when you're in the air. Everything else is extremely simple.
The touch features are decent, but are not very well implemented.

That said, being able to pick any character and any 4 Justus of your choosing is quite a nice feature. Being able to have almost 4 characters in one is quite helpful.
There are 62 missions in all; some are very repetitive/similar. You fight Orochimaru and Gaara about 3-4 times, which is a bit annoying.

Also, when you get to "Beat Sasuke with Girl Power", prepare to get angry. Here's the situation; you have to hit Sasuke with Girl Power when his health points are low to win the mission. Unfortunately, there are other ninjas who want you two beaten, and will happily kill Sasuke in order for you to fail your mission. Not only that, you have stuff like electricity going down a power line and water going down a drainpipe. And worst of all, is the potted plant that comes shooting through the air (I don't remember this in the series).

This game desperately needs a skirmish mode, without it, its just 62 missions of boredom. This game may be better if you've got friends. But as a single player game. This is really a let down, get Bleach 2nd instead.

Unless you're a big fan of Naruto or 2D brawlers, there's really nothing here. It's quite disappointing that in the 11 months difference from the US and Japanese releases, absolutely nothing was improved whatsoever, when there's clearly some potential problems here.

Quite frankly, this game doesn't know whether it wants to be a platform game, or a fighting game… and it shows… badly.

I give this game a 5/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/05/07

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