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"There goes my 30 bucks..."

Hey there second time reviewer here. I'm a little disappointed with this title... But let me tell you about the game in their categories instead of in a paragraph, shall we?

Gameplay/Controls: 7/10

A very good game in the Gameplay department! I was very satisfied with this part. The game's a simple 2-D fighter/Platformer maybe? The controls are smooth for me. The only problem I had was seeing the point in the teleport button. (L) Yeah, it's cool you teleport near the baddie and get'm from behind but it's countered A LOT! Well I only did it near the end-game so that's maybe why it was hard... Basic movement with the d-pad. Run holding the "B"-button with works well if your the run n' gun type of fighter because jumping is mapped to the "A"-button. Then you have your "Jutsu" attacks. You tap the touch screen on the Jutsu you want to use and it will prompt you to tap points for chakra points (Byakugan), or tapping on 3 matching japanese characters for summon scrolls (Toad Blade Cut), and sliding the stylus across a scroll for a blood sacrifice to summon monsters. And a few other that I don't feel like going in-depth with. You do scenarios basically, like collect 10 scroll, kill 20 bats, Defeat a character, etc. And that's it for this section.

Story: 2/10

There pretty much is no story in the game. It does feature 1 part from the anime/manga. So you might like the 1 minute (If even that.) total text scrolling of the whole game at the end... That covers us here...

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are pretty good here. The characters are sprites fighting in a background. When using jutsus, you can see the users face pretty well actually. And there's little "Smash!", "Crack!", like it's from a comic book. Pretty neat to me. ^^ Not much else here they're just graphics and you can't expect a whole lot or any hi-def from a DS can you?

Sound: 8/10

The sounds are great! You have voice overs for the characters. (i.e. Naruto shouts out "Rasengan!" when you use that jutsu.) And you can hear him say the title of the game at the main menu which is all you can hear for voices. Also, you can here the crack of a fist in some flesh when you punch someone. And there's a "Whoosh!" when you jump. Just basics for the game. Moving on...

Replayability: 4/10

If you can stand playing the same scenario over and over again after beating the 62 scenarios the game has to offer, then you might be able to bear it. Not really replayable until you hit "New Game." It'd be nice if they added a thing to customize scenarios or make your own match against for CPU's. But they didn't so the game didn't win too much here...

Rent or Buy?

Definitely a rent. You can run through it in about 3-8 hours nothing much to do but replay the 60 or so scenarios again. But if a friend owns it it might be worth it to do the occasional system-to-system battles. But that's about it...

Sorry there's not a lot to read here... But that's just all I can write for a game that's so limited. I hope it helped you made a decision on whether to buy or rent or ignore it. I wish I read a review before I bought mine...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/07/07

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