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"Naruto digs...not so deep"

I consider myself a Naruto fan, so when I saw Naruto's third ninja council game on the DS (My system of choice) I relinqueshed the 30 hard earned dollars for it. I might have wanted to keep that moolah.

Naruto's 60+ missions, range from doing lots of things, but the levels have no story in them, and rarely last longer than five minutes, unless you're running from enemies. The lack of story is even more dissapointing to previous Ninja Council players. Since Ninja Council 2 had story, but it was on the short side. The missions may have you trying over a few times, but there relatively easy.

Naruto fans will dig all the playable characters included this time around. Everyone from Sakura to Itachi gets there chance to shine in every mission. Perhaps the most dissapointing element of the characters is that character A is barely different than character B. The combos are relatively the same for each character, and even though everyone has different Jutsu Techniques, every character can pick another character's techniques making them feel less unique.

The controls are ultra-responsive and work well in this game. A bottom screen map shows player locations, but nothing else. Speaking of the touch screen, to activate a jutsu, you touch the name on the screen to start the attack. Then you'll have to spin a wheel left, slide the stylus left and right, blow into the microphone, or other stuff to hit your opponent with the jutsu. These little mini stuff while fun at first, starts to get annoying and feels like a gimmick hammered on.

NNC3 supports multi-card multiplayer brawls. These are fun little matchs with three modes: Treasure Hunt, Scroll Battle, and Battle. Battle is basically a free-for-all fighting match; treasure hunt has you looking for some treasure inside a box; and Scroll Battle is trying to get the most scrolls. Battle is fun, but the rest of the modes don't fare to well. You'll often be wishing you could play team battles.

The most major improvement over NNC2 is the sound and music, which last game were no better than NES sounds. While you often don't here the music over your character's loud grunts, it's there. Trust me.

Should you "Believe it!" and buy this game or pass it up. You Naruto gamers that collect every game that has Naruto in the title might want to pick this up. The rest of us should pass the short gaming experience.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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