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    Time Attack Guide by Phweemaggot

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    Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits
    Time Attack FAQ
    1. Intro
    2. Characters
    3. Normal Courses
    4. Reverse Courses
    5. Timeline
    6. Legal Junk
    7. Contact
    |- 1. Intro -|
    The Time Attack mode in Mr. Driller DS requires players to navigate 
    through a course, ranging from 100m-300m under a strict time limit. 
    Along the way you can pick up clocks that reduce your time. The courses 
    are all specially designed, and usually require a lot of thought. This 
    guide will help eliminate that pesky thinking. It will also tell you 
    the time limit for each level (for all the characters) and my personal 
    best time (using Ataru)
    There are three items unique to Time Attack mode.
    Flip Blocks: These flip the screen horizontally.
    Turn Blocks:  Turn the screen 90 degrees
    Crystal: These make crystal blocks.
    |- 2. Characters -|
    Some of the characters in Mr. Driller are just plain better then 
    others, and the Time Attack mode attempts to balance this out by giving 
    the slower characters more lenience in the records they have to beat. 
    Here I'll show you the different levels the characters are on, and 
    examples of their records for you to compare.
    Level 1: Ataru and Taizo
    Both drill very fast, although Ataru certainly has the advantage in 
    movement speed. These two are given the same times to beat on levels.
    Course A: 14 seconds
    Course B: 15 seconds
    Course C: 45 seconds
    Course D: 15 seconds
    Level 2: Anna and Susumu
    Anna has a definite advantage over Susumu with her added speed, but 
    regardless, they are in the same level.
    Course A: 15 seconds
    Course B: 16 seconds
    Course C: 46 seconds
    Course D: 16 seconds
    Level 3: Puchi and Holinger-Z
    Both are equally slow, and their powers are pretty much useless in Time 
    Attack mode.
    Course A: 17 seconds
    Course B: 18 seconds
    Course C: 48 seconds
    Course D: 18 seconds 
    There is also rumor of a seventh character, Usagi, who would be on a 
    hypothetical Level 0, but I have not unlocked him, nor do I know how 
    to. I will refer back to these levels of speed for each course so that 
    I can give the time requirements.
    |- 3. Normal Courses -|
    Course A: Amazon
    Level 1: 14 seconds
    Level 2: 15 seconds
    Level 3: 17 seconds
    My Time: 8.22 seconds
    This level is pretty straightforward. There are big gaps in the cluster 
    of blocks. You just need to move between them. There are two problem 
    areas. At one point, you land on a big blue block shaped like an 
    upside-down T. You will be tempted to drill straight down, but do not. 
    Drill through the yellow block to the left of the T, and you will fall 
    down a hole that contains four 1 second clocks. About three gaps down 
    from the last problem area, you hit another. Above you is a line of 
    three yellow blocks. Below you is a red block, underneath which is an 
    oddly-shaped cluster of blue blocks. You will again be tempted to drill 
    straight down, but instead, drill the red block to your left, then the 
    line of blue below that. This way you can get a 2 second clock. This is 
    a pretty easy level. You can divert from the path for awhile and still 
    come out of it with a good time.
    Course B: Brazil
    Level 1: 15 seconds
    Level 2: 16 seconds
    Level 3: 18 seconds
    My Time: 7.88 seconds
    After drilling through the top four lines, drill through the clump of 
    red below you, swoop under the green block that is now about to fall, 
    and hit the yellow clump to the right. Follow it down to the .5 second 
    clock. Hit the yellow below and  run to the one second clock, then hit 
    the blue below your current position and follow that to the 2 second 
    clock. Drill down, move to the .5 second clock, Then drill to the left 
    twice, gaining you two more .5 second clocks. Drill down the line of 
    blue, after which you'll grab enough clocks to shave off another 2.5 
    seconds. The crystal blocks below should break before you hit them. 
    Clear a path by removing the red below you. Once you hit the dead end, 
    drill the red path to the right. Fall down the hole, then take out the 
    yellow to your right. Below you is a red string of blocks for you to 
    destroy. Now, this is the tricky part. If you're using Ataru, Anna, or 
    Susumu, you can just walk down the path. Otherwise, once you're on the 
    two green blocks stuck together, drill down twice, then left to the 
    clock. Take out the red below, the blue to the right, the red below, 
    the yellow to the right, the red to the right, and then the blue below. 
    You should hit all the clocks, and reached the bottom of the stage.
    Course C: China
    Level 1: 45 seconds
    Level 2: 46 seconds
    Level 3: 48 seconds
    My Time: 36.17 seconds
    Drill straight down and get the turn block, then the crystal-making 
    block. Drill through the crystal block to get to the next area. In 
    here, get the turn block, then the flip block. Hit the crystal-making 
    block in the next area and go down the middle path of crystal blocks. 
    Head to the middle of the screen and get the crystal-making block in 
    the middle of the X-blocks. Wait for the X-blocks to be destroyed, then 
    hit the next crystal block. Take the path on the left hand side of the 
    screen. Hit the flip block on the left-hand side of the screen, then 
    hit the other flip block. From here, just take the large paths down the 
    middle, and make sure to hit the clock.
    Course D: Denmark
    Level 1: 15 seconds
    Level 2: 16 seconds
    Level 3: 18 seconds
    My Time: 10.35 seconds
    This level is also pretty straightforward. Just look for gaps and 
    clusters of crystal blocks. There's only one problem area. A 2 second 
    clock is stuck between some steel blocks and crystal blocks. In order 
    to get the clock as fast as possible, you need to drill directly under 
    the cluster of X-blocks to the right of it, then take out the yellow 
    block that the clock is about to land on. Don't worry, the steep blocks 
    will stop before they crush you.
    Course E: Egypt
    Level 1: 22 seconds
    Level 2: 23 seconds
    Level 3: 25 seconds
    My Time: 17.5 seconds
    There are four big clumps of X-blocks with clocks in them.  When you 
    encounter each, you must remove blocks from under them so that they 
    fall and break, giving you the clocks and removing the floor of X-
    blocks from under you. Go down the left side of the first and second 
    clumps, the right side of the third, and the left of the fourth. These 
    sides have the biggest clumps of blocks on them, making them easier to 
    get through.
    Course F: France
    Level 1: 21 seconds
    Level 2: 22 seconds
    Level 3: 24 seconds
    My Time: 16.7 seconds
    Go down the left side of the screen. Grab the clock, then move to the 
    right for the 3 second clock. Move back to the left side and stay 
    there. Only leave on four occasions: the first three are when you see 
    clocks sitting in the middle of the screen. Grab them and return to the 
    left quickly. The fourth time is when you near the bottom. there are 
    two 1 second clocks, with a clump of X-blocks between them. Grab the 
    one on the right and then head downwards. (You could probably get both 
    clocks, but it wouldn't be worth the time).
    Course G: Germany
    Level 1: 27 seconds
    Level 2: 28 seconds
    Level 3: 30 seconds
    My Time: 18.52 seconds
    Stay in the middle until you hit the 2 second clock, then star moving 
    to the left to get the other. Head back towards the middle to pick up 
    two more clocks, then to the right. There will be two clocks encased in 
    crystal blocks. Break them, get the right-hand clock, then move to the 
    left and drill through the blocks underneath the second clock. Once the 
    second clock falls on you, move to the middle and try not to get hit.
    Course H: Hong Kong
    Level 1: 22 seconds
    Level 2: 23 seconds
    Level 3: 25 seconds
    My Time: 20.3 seconds
    Now it starts to get hard. There are some X-blocks around a 3 second 
    clock. remove the ground from under the four closest to you, then, once 
    everything settles, grab the clock. Destroy the clump of yellow blocks 
    and stand on the X-block that you've just revealed. Once the X-blocks 
    fall, grab the 2 second clock. Move left (as far as you can without 
    drilling or climbing) then drill down. Step around the X-block, then 
    drill the clump of blue below you. Run through the now open path to 
    grab the next clock. Go over to the left side. A little bit down is a 3 
    second clock encased in X-blocks. Drill downwards directly to the right 
    of this and you'll set another X-block loose. Move under the clock and 
    continue drilling so that it falls on you. Move to the left again and 
    you'll be able to get two more clocks. Then move as far left as you can 
    and destroy the clump of blue beneath you. From here, just drill over 
    to the exit as fast as you can.
    Course I: Italy
    Level 1: 12 seconds
    Level 2: 14 seconds
    Level 3: 18 seconds
    My Time: 11.3 seconds
    I love this level. It's so well designed. Basically, you just need to 
    keep riding the elevators downward. There are just a couple problems 
    areas. The first happens after you break the 100m mark. There are two 
    elevators. Run into the one on the right, and then ride the left one 
    down. A little later, you must run across a bridge made of red blocks 
    that  fall in front of you. Remember, if you are using a fast 
    character, BE PATIENT. If you go too fast you'll get crushed.
    Course J: Japan
    Level 1: 1 minute 42 seconds
    Level 2: 1 minute 45 seconds
    Level 3: 1 minute 51 seconds
    My Time: 1 minute 18.35 seconds
    Here we are. THE Time Attack level. This level isn't hard so much 
    because of the time, but because there are so many ways to die or get 
    to an impassable place (until you play it in reverse). Go down the 
    right side of the screen, then get into the shaft and run to the left 
    side. This way you won't get crushed by the steel blocks. Follow the 
    path, then go underneath the X-block, and drill under it so that it can 
    hit the six X-blocks underneath and free the clock. Do not drill 
    through the crystal block, though. Run sideways under the second X-
    block and drill downwards to make it fall. Grab the two clocks and drop 
    into the steel shaft and you'll eventually pass the 100m mark.
    The first part of this section you can just wait out, or you can take 
    matters into your own hands (but that's pretty risky). Then you'll hit 
    an area with just blue and yellow blocks. Grab the clocks as you go 
    down. There's one on the left, in the middle, the right, and the middle 
    again. Ignore the clock on the left and get the one in the middle. 
    Congratulations, you're two thirds of the way there.
    Follow the path from clock to clock. you'll reach a section similar to 
    Course I's elevator theme. In this next area, get all five X-blocks 
    together so that you can hit the turn block. Free the Flip block, hit 
    it, then get the crystal-making block. It'll free the second flip 
    block. Hit it and drill down to the exit.
    |- 4. Reverse Courses -|
    Reverse courses are unlocked when all the regular courses are beaten. 
    Basically, they're the original courses flipped and with lower records 
    to beat. If you want to apply the guide to reverse courses, then 
    exchange the words "left" and "right" and just be faster.
    Reverse Course Times:
    Course A: Amazon
    Level 1: 9 seconds
    Level 2: 10 seconds
    Level 3: 12 seconds
    Course B: Brazil
    Level 1: 9 seconds
    Level 2: 10 seconds
    Level 3: 12 seconds
    Course C: China
    Level 1: 39 seconds
    Level 2: 40 seconds
    Level 3: 42 seconds
    Course D: Denmark
    Level 1: 11 seconds
    Level 2: 12 seconds
    Level 3: 14 seconds
    Course E: Egypt
    Level 1: 14 seconds
    Level 2: 15 seconds
    Level 3: 17 seconds
    Course F: France
    Level 1: 15 seconds
    Level 2: 16 seconds
    Level 3: 18 seconds
    Course G: Germany
    Level 1: 19 seconds
    Level 2: 20 seconds
    Level 3: 22 seconds
    Course H: Hong Kong
    Level 1: 16 seconds
    Level 2: 17 seconds
    Level 3: 19 seconds
    Course I: Italy
    Level 1: 10 seconds
    Level 2: 12 seconds
    Level 3: 16 seconds
    Course J: Japan
    Level 1: 1 minute 20 seconds
    Level 2: 1 minute 23 seconds
    Level 3: 1 minute 29 seconds
    As you can see, these courses require serious speeding (particularly 
    Course J)
    |- 5. Timeline -|
    1/27/05-Improved Course B time, changed Course J strategy.
    1/18/05-Reverse Course times added, small typos fixed, my own times 
    added, Course J strategy edited slightly.
    12/30/04-Guide originally submitted.
    |- 6. Legal Junk -|
    This guide is copywrite Zach Adams 2005.
    As of now, only two websites have permission to use this guide:
    If you would like to use it, please contact me with a link to where you 
    would like to use it.
    |- 7. Contact -|
    If you have a contribution, (good) question, or a challenge for me to 
    get one of my times faster, contact me at Phweemaggot@gmail.com.

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