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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sonic_chicken

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 11/19/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        _      __  _       __ _
                  |\/| |_|    |  \|_||| | |_ |_| 
                  |  | | \ .  |__/| \||_|_|__| \ 
                     ___        _  __  __
                    |   \  ___ |_||  ||  |
                    | |\ ||   \ _  | | | |
                    | |/ || |_/| | | | | |
                    |___/ |_|  |_| |_| |_|
                     |  ___| ___   _       _    _
                     | |___ |   \ |_| ___ |_| _| |_  ____ 
                     |___  || || | _ |   \ _ |_   _||  __|
                      ___| ||  _/ | || |_/| |  | |_ |__  |
                     |_____||_|   |_||_|  |_|  |___||____|
     _______                     ____________   __________     _______
    |CONTACT|___________________|LAST UPDATED|_|WRITTEN BY|___|VERSION|_
    |                           |              |              |         |
    |suicidemonkey09@hotmail.com|   22/5/05    |sonic_chicken |  1.6    |
    The following is 79 characters, just as a note to myself.
                           *~-  CONTENTS  -~*
    NOTE:  This guide was written using the UK version of the game. I have learned
           from vaious forums that some parts of the game were added/removed 
           to/from the UK/US versions. Parts that are different in the US version 
           are marked with $. Parts that are NOT in the US version altogether are 
           marked with £.
    Search using Ctrl + F if you need to.
    All titles with a * next to them are unfinished, or indeed, not there at all.
    //M\//|                                                              |
    //R\//| I.   Version Information                                     |
    //.\//| II.  Game Info                                               |
    //\\//| III. Find Codes                                              |
    //D\//|  -  -  -                                                     |
    //R\//| 1.  Introduction                                             |
    //I\//| 2.  Controls                                                 |
    //L\//| 3.  How to Play                                              |
    //L\//|        ~   including Block Types                             |
    //E\//| 4.  Characters                                               |
    //R\//| 5.  Aim of the game                                          |
    //\\//| 6.  Game Mechanics*                                          |
    //D\//| 7.  1 Player Mode*                                           |
    //R\//|        a.  Mission Driller                                   |
    //I\//|        b.  Pressure Driler                                   |
    //L\//|        c.  Time Attack Mode                                  |
    //L\//|        d.  Dristone Driller £                                |
    //\\//|        e.  Driller Store                                     |
    //S\//| 8.  Vs. Mode*                                                |
    //P\//|        a.  Single Cart                                       |
    //I\//|        b.  Multi Cart                                        |
    //R\//| 9.  Miscellaneous                                            |
    //I\//| 10. FAQS                                                     |
    //T\//|                                                              |
    Note: If you find anything that I have missed, just email me at the address 
          below the title.
          Please do not correct my spelling of some words, as I am English and 
          spell words the english way. ie. color = colour.
                           #=-  I. Version Information  -=#
    0.1   Wrote Introduction section.
    0.3   Wrote Controls and How to Play sections.
    0.5   Wrote Characters section.       
    0.6   Added Contact info, wrote 'Aim of the Game' section, and started Game
          Mechanics. Corrected typos, and changed some wording of senteces to make
          them easier to understand.
    0.6b  Added Info about Usagi.
    0.8   Added Undergrounder theory, Search Codes, and finished the Block Joining
          section in Game Mechanics.
    1.0   Completed Game Mechanics section
    1.6   Completed descriptions of first 3 missions in Mission mode.
                           #=-  II. Game Info  -=#
    Official description by Nintendo Europe
    "As the titular power-tooled miner, it’s your job to dig through layer
    upon layer of colourful blocks, scramble for air capsules, dodge cave-ins and
    race to rescue fellow Drillers. This all-new Nintendo DS version of Namco’s 
    cute action-puzzler features precise Touch Screen control, three different
    game modes (Mission, Time Attack and the frantic Pressure mode), six playable
    characters and a wireless Driller Race mode for up to five people. You’ll dig
    this game – literally!"
    System:             Nintendo DS
    Release Date:       30.11.2004 (US)
    (D/M/Y)             02.12.2004 (JP)
                        11.03.2005 (EU)
    Genre:              Puzzle
    Developer:          Namco
    Publisher:          Namco
    Number of Players:  Up to 5 (Single or Multi Card)
    Multiplayer Type:   Simultaneous
                           #=-  III. Find Codes  -=#
    Use Ctrl + F to Find.
    Section                Code
    1. Introduction        #10#
    2. Controls            #11#
    3. How to Play         #12#
    4. Characters          #13#
    5. Aim of the Game     #14#
    6. Game Mechanics      #15#
    7. Single Player       #16#
      a) Mission Mode      #90#
      b) Pressure Mode     #91#
      c) Time Attack Mode  #92#
      d) Dristone Mode     #93#
      e) Driller Store     #94#
    8. Vs Mode             #17#
      a) Single Cart       #95#
      b) Multi Cart        #96#
    9. Miscellaneous       #18#
    10. FAQS               #19#
    The following codes are contained within the Miscellaneous of the guide.
    Undergrounders         #50#
    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
    #10#                   *~-  1. INTRODUCTION   -~*
      The whole series of Mr. Driller is very loosely based on Dig Dug (a game for
    the SNES). From what I have gathered, Mr. Driller himself (otherwise known as 
    Susumu) is the son of the guy in Dig Dug. This means that Taizo (head chief of
    drilling council) was the guy in Dig Dug. If you read the manual, It tells you
    that Susumu is the son of Taizo anyway, so it all works out.
      Drill Spirits doesnt make good use of the touch screen, unless you have super
    quick reactions and a touch screen made of fibreglass. Most of the time you 
    have to jab fiercely at the touch screen to make it work. I find the D-Pad is 
    much more useful as you can drill very quickly with more control.
    #11#                   *~-  2. CONTROLS   -~*
              |          ___________________          |
              |         |                   |         |
              |         |                   |         |
              |         |                   |         |
              |         |                   |         |
              |         |                   |         |
              |  .....  |                   |  .....  |
              |  .....  |                   |  .....  |
              |  .....  |___________________|  .....  |
              |          ___________________          |
            |/________   ___________________   ________\|
            |   ___   | |                   | |  __ __  |
            |  |___|  | |                   | | (__|__) |
            |    _    | |                   | |         |
            |  _| |_  | |                   | |   (X)   |
            | |_   _| | |                   | | (Y) (A) |
            |   |_|   | |                   | |   (B)   |
            |         | |                   | |         |
            |         | |___________________| |         |
            |_________|                       |_________|
            |                                           |
            |            ||               ||||          |
    (A)    Drill
           Confirm Action
    (B)    Drill
           Cancel Action
           Go back to last menu
    (Y)    Drill
    (X)    Fireball        (in Pressure Driller only)
           Choose Dristone (in Dristone Driller only)
    START  Pause (During Game)
           Confirm Action
    SELECT --no use--
    D PAD  Move
           Climb up blocks
    |L/    Drill
    \R|    Drill
    Power  Turn off system (duh!)
    #12#                   *~-  3. HOW TO PLAY   -~*
      When you begin a game, you will be dropped onto some blocks. In case you 
    hadnt realised these are what you have to drill through. To drill, press either
    (A), (B), (Y), |L/, or \R|. To choose the direction to drill, use the D PAD.
    To summarize:
      1. Use the D Pad to choose direction to drill.
      2. Press (A), (B), (Y), |L/, or \R| to drill.
    Occasionally, youll see green cylinders. These are AIR TANKS. Collect them. 
    They are good. To collect them, just move over them using the D PAD. 
    WARNING: Most of the time, these air tanks are underneath other blocks When you
    collect the tanks, the block above will fall down and crush you. So you have 
    to be quick. Here is an example using amazing ASCII art.
         R R R R R(B)
         Y G R R G #  [*]G
         Y G R R R R R G G
    R   Red block
    Y   Yellow block
    G   Green block 
    B   Blue block
    #   Air Tank
    [*] Character
    If the character moves left:
        R R R R R(B)
        Y G R R G #<-[*]G
        Y G R R R R R G G
    And collects the air tank under the blue block:
        R R R R R(B)
        Y G R R G[*]    G
        Y G R R R R R G G
    The blue block will crush them, and they will lose a life.
    Thats if they didnt move right quickly BEFORE the blue block fell.
        R R R R R(B)
        Y G R R G #  [*]G
        Y G R R R R R G G
        R R R R R(B)
        Y G R R G[*]    G
        Y G R R R R R G G
        R R R R R
        Y G R R G(B) [*]G
        Y G R R R R R G G
    Note: Really, this bit about the block falling should have been in Game
          Mechanics. But I put it here. And its not moving.
    *   *   *
    Very regularly you will see brown blocks called X-Blocks They are called
    this because they have an 'X' on them. Like so:
    These blocks take FIVE drills to get through them. And then they release
    a poisonous gas thet loses you 20% of your air. These Blocks are best left
    On the right of the screen in Mission, Pressure, Dristone and Vs. Modes,
    will be your air meter. This gradually empties during the game, so air
    tanks are crucial. Air tanks will restore 20% of your air minimum, but
    this can be changed as you get upgrades from the driller store.
                             *         *        *
    Block types:
    Red       \
    Blue       \ These are just normal blocks that only take one drill to break
    Green      / More about these in Game Mechanics. Seen in all modes.
    Yellow   _/
    X Blocks  -  These blocks take 5 drills to break them and when you do, they
                 will release a poisonous gas that takes off 20% of your air.
                 Seen in all modes.
    Mud       -  These blocks will not stick to others (see Game Mechanics) 
    (White)      and will just fall down regardless. Quite annoying, but they 
    Block        only take one drill to break them. Seen in all modes.
    Crystal   -  These will break after about a second when they come into view 
                 on the touch screen. Seen in all modes
    Metal X   -  These cannot be drilled through, so just drill around them.
                 Only seen in Time Attack Mode.
                             *         *        *
    Air capsule    - You know about these already. Gives you 20% - 45% air 
                     (depending on upgrades). Rarity: *
    Power Capsule  - Only in Pressure mode. Gives you a grade one fireball.
                     This is added to your total fireball power (maximum 3).
                     If your power meter is already full, you will not collect
                     the power capsule and it will just fall down the screen.
                     Rarity: *
    ? Block        - As the name suggests, these are blocks with ? on them. They
    (Random Block)   can do a variety of things:
                     Good effects :- Full Air  Will refill your air tank to the 
                     :)                        top.
                                   - Max Up    Will add 5% to your maximum air 
                                   - Speed     Increases Movement and drilling 
                                               speed for a while
                                   - Erase     Destroys all blocks on the two 
                                   - Slow      Slows down falling blocks for about
                                               10 seconds
                                   - Barrier   Adds a barrier, which will stop you
                                               being crushed by a block once.
                     Bad effects  :- Turn      Rotates the screen 90 degrees
                     :(                        clockwise
                                   - Crystal   Changes all blocks of one colour to
                                   - Mud       Changes all blocks of one colour to
                                     (White)   mud (white) blocks.
                                   - X Block   Changes all blocks of one colour to
                                               X blocks
                                   - Flip      Flips the screen horizontally
                                   - Reduce    Takes away half of your air.
                     Random Blocks are only found in two stages: 2000m Moon Stage,
                     and the infinity meter stage Outer Space. These blocks are 
                     only in mission mode. Rarity: *
    Time Reducer   - These reduce the total time in Time Attack mode. They come in
                     6 varieties: 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The number on the circle
                     shows how many seconds your time will be reduced by. They are
                     sometimes essential for victory. Only in Time Attack Mode. 
                     Rarity: * to ****
                     (0.5) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
    Flip Switch    - These flip the screen horizontally when collected. Only in
                     Time Attack mode. Rarity: ****
    Turn Switch    - These turn the screen 90° clockwise when collected. Only in
                     Time Attack mode. Rarity: ****
    Crystal Switch - These create crystal blocks when they are collected. Only in
                     Time Attack mode. Rarity: *****
    Undergrounder  - Not really an item, but sometimes, when you drill a block,
                     one will appear and fall down the background of the screen.
                     They look like little blue blobs with arms and legs (like
                     Kirby, really). When you have a large amount of points, and
                     you find an undergrounder, you may get an extra life. These
                     are found in all mission mode lessons, except The Moon and 
                     Outer Space stages.
    Space          - Exactly the same as a normal undergrounder, but they are
    Undergrounder    yellow. Only found in The Moon, and Outer Space stages.
    #13#                   *~-  4. Characters   -~*
    The following is a list of the characters in Mr. Driller, along with special
    abilites and description.
    Name              Description                            Special Abilities
    Susumu            A well-balanced character. Suitable    Nothing in particular
    (Soo-Soo-Moo)     for drillers of all skill levels.
    Puchi             Suitable for Novice drillers.          Can climb up 2 blocks
    (Poo-chee)        Despite of his appearances, he is       at once
                      actually quite intelligent.
    Holinger-Z        Suitable for Novice Drillers. He's     Has one automatic
    (Hol-ing-ger zed) This robot is quite fast at             barrier
    Anna              Suitable for intermediate drillers.    Moves faster than
    (Ann-ah)          She is always competing with Susumu     normal
                      to become the best driller.
    Taizo             Suitable for advanced drillers. Taizo  Drill speed is faster
    (Tie-zoh)         is head of the drilling council, and    than normal
                      is also Susumu's father.
    Ataru             Suitable for advanced drillers. Ataru  Moves and drills
    (At-ta-roo)       is also Taizo's son, but Taizo has      extremely fast.
                      disowned him.
    Rabbit/Usagi      Ataru's mysterious friend. It appears  Drills 3-ways at once
    (Oo-sah-gee)      to have special abilities of some      Uses air quickly
                      kind...                                Can climb up 2 blocks
                                                              at once
    As you know, you dont start off with all of these characters, you have to unlock
    them as you go through mission mode. The following is a list showing how to
    unlock different characters.
    Character         How                              Depth of level
    Puchi             Complete Japan                   500m
    Holinger-Z        Complete China                   800m
    Anna              Complete India                   1000m
    Taizo             Complete Egypt                   1500m
    Ataru             Complete America                 2000m
    Usagi £           Complete The Moon with Ataru     2000m
    #14#                   *~-  5. Aim of the Game  -~*
    The aim of Mr. Driller is to get to the bottom of the pit without losing all
    of your lives. This is a very simple, yet addictive, concept.
    #15#                   *~-  6. Game Mechanics  -~*
    To start with, lets look at BLOCK JOINING. This may happen when you drill.
    Block joining is when one block falls down, touches the side of another block
    of the same colour, and they join into two or three blocks of the same colour.
    I will show you using ASCII art.
    ---------------------------                      R |Red Block
     _ ___ _   ___ _ ___                             B |Blue Block
    |R|B B|Y| |Y Y|B|X X|                            Y |Yellow Block
    |R|B|Y|R|@|G G G G G|                            G |Green Block
    |B B|Y|G|R|G|Y Y|X X|                            X |X Block
                                                     @ |Character
    ---------------------------                      % |Disappearing Block
    If you drill the Red block, 
    the Yellow block will fall and
    join with the two Yellow blocks
    already joined together.
     _ ___ _   ___ _ ___ 
    |R|B B|Y| |Y Y|B|X X|
    |R|B|Y|  @|G G G G G|
    |B B|Y|G|R|G|Y Y|X X|
     _ ___     ___ _ ___ 
    |R|B B|_  |Y Y|B|X X|
    |R|B|Y Y|@|G G G G G|
    |B B|Y|G|R|G|Y Y|X X|
    This will happen with blocks of all 
    When there are 3 or more blocks joined 
    together, and a block of the same colour
    falls down and joins with them, they
    will disappear. To summarize: 3 or more
    blocks of the same colour will disappear
    when another block joins onto them.
    #  Summary of the last bit #
     _ _ _   _ _____ ___ 
    |R|B|G|_|Y|B B B|X X|   The Yellow block is currently in midair, just about 
    |R|B|Y Y|  @|G G G G|   to fall.
    |B B|Y|G|R|G|Y Y|X X|      
     _ _ _     _____ ___ 
    |R|B|G|__ |B B B|X X|   The Yellow Block falls, thus joining onto the 3 
    |R|B|Y Y Y|@|G G G G|   already joined blocks below.
    |B B|Y|G|R|G|Y Y|X X|
     _ _ _     _____ ___ 
    |R|B|G|   |B B B|X X|   Then the 4 blocks disappear, leaving the green block,
    |R|B|% % %|@|G G G G|   that they are supporting, to fall.
    |B B|%|G|R|G|Y Y|X X|
     _ _ _     _____ ___ 
    |R|B|G|   |B B B|X X|   By now, the yellow blocks have disappeared, and the
    |R|B|  _ _ @|G G G G|   green block is in midair.
    |B B| |G|R|G|Y Y|X X|
     _ _       _____ ___ 
    |R|B|     |B B B|X X|   The green block falls to join with the other green 
    |R|B|___ _ @|G G G G|   block below.
    |B B|G G|R|G|Y Y|X X|
    Also, when 4 or more already joined
    blocks fall one or more spaces, they
    will disappear.
     _________   _ ___
    |R R R R R| |G|B B|     If the character drills the yellow blocks, which 
    |R|Y Y Y Y|@|G|B|G|     will all disappear as they are joined together,
    |B|G G|R R|Y Y|B B|     It will leave an empty spacein those 4 spaces.
     _________   _ ___
    |R R R R R| |G|B B|
    |R|___ ___ @|G|B|G|
    |B|G G|R R|Y Y|B B|
     _________   _ ___
    |R R R R R| |G|B B|     Then the character moves into the space below the
    |R|@__ ___ _|G|B|G|     reds, and drills the green blocks beneath.
    |B|G G|R R|Y Y|B B|
     _________   _ ___
    |R R R R R| |G|B B|     Then the character drills the blue block next to
    |R|    ___ _|G|B|G|     them.
    |B|@  |R R|Y Y|B B|
     _________   _ ___
    |R R R R R| |G|B B|
    |R|    ___ _|G|B|G|
       @  |R R|Y Y|B B|
                 _ ___
     _________  |G|B B|     Then the red blocks fall down and join onto the two
    |R R R R R|_|G|B|G|     red blocks below them. Predictably, they will
    |R|@  |R R|Y Y|B B|     disappear.
                 _ ___
                |G|B B|
    |% % % % % _|G|B|G|
    |%|@   % %|Y Y|B B|
                 _ ___
                |G|B B|     Then the character is left without any blocks around
               _|G|B|G|     them.
       @      |Y Y|B B|
    That was all you need to know 
    about block joining.
    Next, I will tell you about Air,
    Power, and the actual game screen.
                                       *  *  *
    Air, obviously, is what you breathe.
    But in the game, you lose air more rapidly than you do in reality.
    So this effect of losing air is countered by collecting air tanks. These are
    green cylinders. with the word 'AIR' in white writing on it. They look rather
    much like this-
                     /    \
                    /      |
                   / /\    |
                  /  \/_  /
                 /  \ \  /
                / /\ \  /
               /  \/\  /
               |   \  /
               |     /
    - except more rounded.
    These replenish your air, by adding 20% onto your current total (This figure
    may be 25%, 35%, or 45%, depending on your upgrades from the Driller store.
    Your Air is represented by the tank on the right of the touch screen, with a
    percentage showing the amount of air left.
    Power, is what you use in pressure mode to kill the Death Drill (This is the
    massive thing on the top screen drilling downwards trying to kill you, if you
    hadnt guessed already). 
    Unlike air, power doesnt deplete over time (Also unlike air, power is in a red
    capsule). Your amount of power is represented by the tank on the right of the
    touch screen, right next to your air, and it has a number next to it. This
    number shows how many power tanks you have collected.
    To summarize, the more tanks that you have, the more damage that fireball
    will do (The more tanks you collect, the more pain he'll get).
    Press (X) to shoot a fireball. This fireball will travel upwards.
    #16#                   *~-  7. 1 Player  -~*
      This is the main game, in which you will find 4 modes. They are:
    Mission     - This is where you will get new characters to play with - there 
                  are 7 in total.
    Pressure    - This is the mode where you escape an evil guy with a massive 
                  drill. And guess what - hes trying to kill you.
    Time Attack - As the name suggests, you attempt to complete various stages as
                  fast as you can.
    Dristone    - You lose 1% air every time you drill, and you use the power of 
                  dristones to aid you. This is a more tactical version of the 
      Reach the single player menu by selecting the 1P Driller option on the main 
    #90#                   *~-  7a) Mission Mode   -~*
      There are 9 ($7) wells to unlock, two being endless, and Driller Lab serving 
    as a training level, so you dont get a character from that.
    They are (in order):
    Driller Lab      300m
    Japan            500m
    China            800m
    India           1000m
    Egypt           1500m
    America         2000m
    South Pole    Endless   £
    The Moon        2000m   $ Endless
    Outer Space   Endless   £
    * * *
    The following are detailed descriptions of each mission, with a 'level' being 100m.
    Driller Lab - 300m        Character unlocked: None
    Level 1
    All blocks mostly Blue, Green and Yellow, with a few red blocks at the 
    beginning. The majority of X blocks are around the side, with only a small 
    amount in the middle. Lots of air capsules.
    Level 2
    A simple, easy 2 colour level, so you shouldnt have too much difficulty with 
    this one. Minimal amount of X blocks, and a few mud blocks. Less air capsules
    than Lv. 1
    Level 3
    All colours in this level, more yellows than any other colour. Above average 
    amount of air capsules. Only small groups of blocks.
    Japan - 500m       Character unlocked: Puchi
    Level 1
    All types of coloured block in this level. Above average amount of air 
    capsules. Small groups of blocks.
    Level 2
    A tricoloured level, with red, blue and yellow. More blues and reds than yellow
    blocks. Average amount of X blocks.
    Level 3
    Only blue and yellow coloured blocks here. Few X blocks.
    Level 4
    Same as level 1, but this time, with MUD BLOCKS!
    Level 5
    Same as level 4, but with far more X blocks.
    China - 800m       Character unlocked: Holinger-Z
    Level 1
    All types of coloured blocks, lots of air capsules, and X blocks usually
    surrounding them. Few crystal blocks.
    Level 2
    Yellow, green and blue blocks. X blocks usually surrounding the average ammount
    of air capsules. A few mud and crystal blocks.
    Level 3
    Very much like level 1, without as much air capsules, and a lot more X blocks.
    No crystal blocks, but a couple of mud blocks.
    Level 4
    Easy level, with large amounts of red and yellow blocks. X blocks scattered
    around the level randomly. Half as many air capsules as there are X blocks.
    Level 5
    All colours of blocks, with a large amount of X blocks. A few crystal and mud
    blocks. Lots of air capsules.
    Level 6
    Red, green and yellow blocks, with a few mud blocks. Any air capsules are 
    trapped inside the large amount of X blocks.
    Level 7
    All colours of blocks, with only a couple of air capsules. A few mud blocks and
    lots of X blocks.
    Level 8
    All colours of blocks, with a huge amount of X blocks. One or two air capsules,
    and a couple of mud blocks.
    #91#                   *~-  7b) Pressure Mode   -~*
    #92#                   *~-  7c) Time Attack Mode   -~*
    #93#                   *~-  7d) Dristone Mode   -~*
    #94#                   *~-  7e) Driller Store   -~*
    #94#                   *~-  9. Miscellaneous   -~*
      The following are random facts about the game which dont fit anywhere else in
    this guide. 
    | #50# | The Undergrounders\
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |    You need to find 15 undergrounders, and the 16th will give you           |
    |    a life                                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    \\WIP [Work In Progress]\\
    +Copyright 2005 Rikki Tooley+
    +                           +
    +This FAQ is only to be used+
    +on the following sites:    +
    +                           +
    +    www.gamefaqs.com       +
    +    www.supercheats.com    +
    +    www.ndscommunity.com   +
    +                           +
    +If it is anywhere else,    +
    +please email me.           +

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