• Coaches

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AnnBeat Kanto Singles with Kamio using Tachibana as the coach
    AoiBeat the Nationals Mix with Rokkaku A team
    AtobeUse Atobe as the player, Sakaki as computer partner, and beat the Maximum Overkill doubles
    InuiBeat Ultimate Singles
    NanjirouBeat Open Cup Singles with Nanjirou using Ryoma as a coach
    OjiClean Open Cup Singles with any Mix Team
    RinkoUnlock Smith Coach then pay Rinko when she appears in the shop
    RyomaClear U-1 tournament (TR Singles)
    SakakiClear Iron Plate 3
    SmithBuy all the goods that can be sold in the shop and then pay Smith to get him as coach
    TezukaBeat the National Singles with Tezuka using Yamato as a coach
    YamatoBeat Ultimate Doubles

    Contributed By: Chubbyfetus.

  • Goods

    Clear the conditions to receive the corresponding goods. The characters will wear them in the lower screen if turned on.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Akutsu Jin's school uniform:Clear Nationals MIX with Yamabuki Team A
    Ann's school uniformUnlock Tachibana Ann as a coach
    Atobe's school uniformClear Nationals MIX with the Hyotei Team B
    Coach Mizuki's broomClear Nationals MIX with the St. Rudolph Team
    Coach Nanjirou's cat (Karupin)Clear Nationals Singles with Ryoma while having Nanjirou as the bench coach
    Coach Sanada's sword:Clear Nationals MIX with Rikkaidai Team A
    Kabaji's flashing light:Clear Nationals Singles with Kabaji
    Kamio's headphonesClear Nationals Singles with Kamio
    Kawamura's RacquetClear Nationals Mix with Seigaku Team C

    Contributed By: Chubbyfetus.

  • Unlock Characters

    Clear the conditions to recieve the corresponding character.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AkazawaClear Area singles with Mizuki
    AkutsuClear Area Singles with Muromachi
    AtobeClear Iron Plate 3
    DanClear Top Of Lefty with Ryoma
    GakutoBeat Kanto doubles With Shishido and Ootori
    HigashikataClear Kantou Doubles with Sengoku and Akutsu
    HiyoshiClear King Of Strokers SV Singles Tournament
    IbuClear Area Singles with Kamio
    InuiClear Iron Plate 1
    ItsukiClear Kantou Doubles with Kurabane and Saeki
    KabajiClear R-1
    KaidouClear Seigaku Rankings Match
    KanedaClear Area MIX
    KikumaruClear Area Match Doubles with Fuji and Kawamura
    KiriharaClear Maximum Overkill Singles with Ryoma
    Kisarazu AtsushiClear Area Doubles with Fuji Brothers
    MinamiClear I-1
    MizukiClear Open Cup Singles with Ryoma
    OishiClear Kantou MIX with Seigaku Team B
    Osh*tariClear Kantou Singles with Shishido
    SakuraiClear Area Doubles with Momoshiro and Kamio
    SengokuClear Junior Selection
    ShinyaClear Iron Plate 2 (Doubles)
    TachibanaClear Kantou Singles with Ibu
    TezukaNationals Singles no miss clear using Ryoma (you cannot lose a single point)

  • Voice Cards

    Clear the conditions to recieve the corresponding voice cards

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Echizen RyomaBuy 256 unique trading cards by purchasing packs of random trading cards
    Fuji SyusukeClear all tournaments except DUS and have the total of your best times be below 2 hours
    Inui SadaharuGet 20 characters to high doubles level by feeding them the foods they like
    Kaidou KaoruHave a total of 5 hours spent in playing in tournaments
    Kawamura TakashiBreak 1000 total rackets in tournaments
    Kikumaru EijiHave 10 consecutive wins in the Underground tennis betting (in Smith's Shop)
    Momoshiro TakeshiHave 30 hours total time spent playing in tournaments
    Oishi SyuichirouBeat a tournament under 70 seconds (1 minute and 10 seconds)
    Tezuka KunimitsuWin 10 straight matches in D.U.S.

    Contributed By: Chubbyfetus.

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