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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AirMcnair

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    Tennis no Oji-sama 2005: Crystal Drive
    System: Nintendo DS
    Created by AirMcnair
    E-mail: arod60616@yahoo.com
    --------  ------  |\       |   ------                  
        |    |        | \      |      |       
        |    |        |  \     |      |       
        |    |---     |   \    |      |        
        |    |        |    \   |      |       
        |    |        |     \  |      |
        |    |        |      \ |      |
        |     ------  |       \|   ------
    |-------    |        |   |--------   ---------       
    |       |   |        |   |       |       |
    |       |   |        |   |       |       |
    |       |   |        |   |       |       |
    |       |   |        |   |       |       |
    |       |   |        |   |--------       |
    |--------   |        |   |  \            |
    |           |        |   |   \           |
    |           |        |   |    \          |
    |           |        |   |     \         |
    |           |--------|   |      \    ---------
      Table Of Contents
    1. Revision History
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls and Court Types 
    4. Rikkaidai Fuzoku
    5. Hyoutei Gakkuen
    6. Seishun Gakkuen
    7. Rokkaku
    8. Yamabuki
    9. Fudomine Gakkuen
    10.St. Rudolph
    14.Food List
    16.Legal Issuses
    1. Revision History
       Version 1
    This my first attempt at the faq and also first attempt at making a faq.  I am
    trying to do one school a week at max two.  I will do Rikkaidai Fuzoku this 
    If i can I will do both Hyoutei and Seishen Gakkuen by march 12.  I should be
    able to finish most of it by spring break or at the end of spring break.    
    I will work on it on the weekends and whenever I have free time so try and be 
    patience because I'm trying to balance two lifes.    6:29 PM 3/7/2005
    2. Introduction
    Pirince of tennis is about Ryoma Echizen the son of the famous tennis 
    player Nanjirou Echizen (In Japanese anime the last name goes first).  
    Ryoma is listed as a progidy in America because he won four straight 
    tourments before coming to Japan.He is now trying his luck in Seigaku
    to try and become a regular on supposed eliete tennis team.  If you 
    are wondering why I am using Teni Puri instead of typingin Prince of 
    Tennis is because I am using there chibi title name instead.  
    3. Controls and Court Types 
    Menu Controls
    D-pad: Move up and down.
    A button: Select.
    B button: Cancel
    Buttons Y, X, L, and R serve no purpose for rite now.
    Playing game
    A: Flat shot
    A+R: Underspin
    A+L: Topspin
    B: Lob
    B+R: A lob that is suppose to land faster but isnt hit as high.
    B+L: Drop Shot
    X: Two handed hit.  Good aganist specials so you wont get knocked down.
    Also if you do use it, then you will stop for a moment to recover.
    Y: Taunt to lower person's C-gauge.
    Y+R: Taunt to raise your own C-gauge
    Y+L: Taunt to raise your yellow bar, but it also gives a little boast to the 
    oppenents C-gauge.
    1/5: Useless
    2/5: Not as useless 
    3/5: Usefull if did right
    4/5: Good Special
    5/5: Excellent Special when Used    
    Court Types
    Clay Court
    Bound: 1
    Speed: 1
    Hard Court
    Bound: 3
    Speed: 2
    Grass Court
    Bound: 1
    Speed: 3
    Carpet  Court
    Bound: 2 
    Speed: 3
    Sanada's Tei
    Bound: 1
    Speed: 2
    Hiyoshi Dojo
    Bound: 3
    Speed: 3 
    Singles Court
     |o |                       |o|
     |u |                       |u|
     |t |____________|__________|t|
     |  |            |          | |
     |o |            |          |o| Front Court
     |u |____________|__________|u|
     |t |                       |t| Middle Court
     |  |                       | |
     |  |                       | |
                                   Back Court
    Doubles Court
     |  |                       ||
     |  |                       ||
     |  |____________|__________||
     |  |            |          ||
     |  |            |          | | Front Court
     |  |____________|__________| |
     |  |                       | | Middle Court
     |  |                       | |
     |  |                       | |
                                   Back Court
    Rikkaidai Fuzoku
    This is the team I consider to be the best overall in all of Japan.  They have
    won the National title the past two years and have won the Kantou tourment 
    the past fifteen years.  This is the year they are trying to go for there 16th
    consecutive Kantou finals win and third straight National title.  
    All regulars in this school are National level players and as the anime points
    out Tezuka's level which is national.  I think some of them on the team are
    better then Tezuka however.  Everyone of the Rikkaidai Fuzoku regulars has
    Genichirou Sanada(nickname: The Emperor)
    Rikkaidai Fuzku Senior 3rd year
    Blood Type: A
    Birthday: 5/21
    Height: 180 cm (dont know why anime use cm instead of feet)
    Grip: 5 
    Power: 5
    Speed: 4
    B. Speed: 3
    Quick: 4
    Spin: 3
    Taunt: 3
    Praise: 3
    C. Power: 5
    Recover: 3
    A. Time: 5
    Sight: 5
    Bio:  He is the vice-captain of Rikkaidai Fuzoku the #1 seed in the Kantou 
    tourment.  He is also ranked #1 in the curcuit of Junior High Tennis.
    He is a national level player and is supposely undefeated in tourment
    matches (I have to check on it).
    My opinion: Genichirou Sanada I consider to be within the top 5 players 
    in Japan.  He has the skills and the evil laugh to make him look evil. 
    He crushes Ryoma so bad that it made me wonder if Seigaku should a chance.
    He has his Invisible Swing and Invisible Serve in the anime that makes him 
    the overall best. 
    Menice Serve: L+R+A (seeen in magna) 
    Cost: 3 Bars
    Requirement: Service Game
    Description The serve is slow but it has its advantages.  If hit the 
    ball without using a special to return it then your gold bar is gone 
    and the added bonus is when you hit it the ball is lobbed and then he could 
    use a smash to finish it.  It can also be set up for one of Sanada's two 
    super specials.  Once the ball is lobbed thanks to the serve then you 
    should see the ring around Sanada singaling that you can use a 
    Super Special.  Little side not is in the game they dont have the 
    Invisible Serve for Sanada like in the anime. Special 5/5
    Invisible Swing: L+R+A (seen in ep 126)
    Cost: 4 Bars
    Requirment: In the Back Court
    Description: This is Sanada's best move I would say overall in 
    the game.  When you use this special you see a little kanji above 
    him and the way he hits the ball real fast makes getting a point 
    a breeze. Specail 5/5
    Return Swing: L+R+A    (aint sure about name) seen in ep 105 if not
     mistaken when Echizen says he will turn the game around with his serve.
    Cost: 4 Bars
    Requirment: Computering Serve
    Description:  There are two ways to describle this special.  The 
    first one is he will have the ball and hold it for who knows how long.
    Then he returns it to the otherside of the court just across from him. 
    The second form of this special is when he uses the special and 
    returns it, but it is to the oppenent.  The second form is usually used
    when you are playing aganist a friend which in that case this special 
    really sucks. Special 3/5  
    Back Spin Lob: L+R+A (Not sure bout the name and the move is in the magna)
    Cost: 2 bars
    Requirment: Netplay
    Description: My first impression on this special in glorious gold 2004 
    was what a waste because I returned it.  Then it said out and gave the 
    point to him so i thought it was interesting.  Anyway heres how it is 
    he will teleports to the ball when the special is used and hit it back. 
     When you return the ball it will be returned as a lob and if u 
    pressed up or down depending on where you are then it might go out. 
    Special 5/5
    Yanagi Renji(nickname: The Master)
    Rikkaidai Fuzku Senior 3rd year
    Blood Type: A
    Birthday: 6/4
    Height: 181cm
    Grip: 5 
    Power: 4
    Speed: 4
    B. Speed: 5
    Quick: 4
    Spin: 5
    Taunt: 2
    Praise: 3
    C. Power: 4
    Recover: 4
    A. Time: 2
    Sight: 5 
    BiO:  He is usually the singles 3 for Rikkaidai, but he can also play
    doubles.  He has the doubles experience when he teamed up with Inui 
    to become one of the best doubles pair in grade school.  Like Sanada 
    he is national level and he also got invited to the Junior Invitational
    during his 2nd and 3rd year of Junior High.
    My opinion:  He doesnt have that many specials, but it that doesnt 
    make him a bad player.  He has only 4 specials, but they all require 
    you to have skill to back the specials up.  His specials are ones that
    once you use it your C-gauge with stop growing and you are stuck with 
    it until a person gets a point.
    Data Tennis: L+R+Y (seen in ep 122)
    Cost: 4 Bars
    Requiremnet: Middle Court
    Description: It isnt Inui's Data Tennis, but in all it is one that 
    surpasses Inui's Data Tennis.  Explaining it is confusing if you 
    want to know more about it watch ep 122.  Anyway the point of this 
    special is to stop the opponent from during any specials till someone 
    gets a point.  Using this speical requires you to know how to play 
    well enough so you dont use specials to get a point.  Once you use 
    this neither you nor your opponent can use specials. Special 5/5
    Low Backswing Slice:L+R+A (seen in ep 122)
    Cost: 3 bars
    Reqiurement: Return Serve
    Description: It is suppose to be a topspin shot but he makes it a 
    low backswing slice aganist Inui in ep 122.  It is semi fast return. 
    Specail 4/5
    Data Tennis: L+R+Y (in magna)
    Cost: 2 bars
    Requirements: Baseline
    Description:  He does more reading this time you are dragged into 
    the middle and cant get out except by special.  Special 5/5
    Data Tennis: L+R+Y (in magna)
    Cost 2 bars
    Requirements: Unknown (guessing doubles) 
    Description: This is the 3rd and final form of data tennis which 
    I would consider to be his best Data Tennis Special.  This special
     makes the oppenent always lob the ball to you.  Specail: 5/5
    Yagyuu Hiroshi(nickname: The Gentleman)
    Rikkaidai Fuzku Senior 3rd year
    Blood Type: A
    Birthday: 10/19
    Hegiht: 177cm
    Grip: 2 
    Power: 3
    Speed: 5
    B. Speed: 3
    Quick: 5
    Spin: 5
    Taunt: 1
    Praise: 5
    C. Power: 3
    Recover: 5
    A. Time: 2
    Sight: 5
    Bio:  Yagyuu is one half of Rikkaidai doubles 1.  He when paired 
    with Masaharu Niou have been undefeated in all their matches when 
    they are paired.  He is a former golf player which Niou recuirted 
    when there captain Yukimura was injuired.
    My opinion:  I consider him to be just like Kabiji when it comes 
    to stats.  The reason why I say that is because he can copy a 
    person stats and has another form with different stats.  So all 
    together he has 3 different types of stats.  The first is speed, 
    the second one is power, and the third one is pretend were he 
    takes the strongest opponent's stats and copies them.
    Change Over: L+R+Y (This is not the real name of the special, 
    but I am copying Wakato's saying from the anime)
    Cost: 1 bar
    Requirement: Use special before ball is served.
    Description: The stats change and nothing else. Special 5/5
    Golf Swing: L+R+B(seen in ep 119)
    Cost: 2 Bars
    Requirement: middle court
    Descriptiion: I'm not sure if this is the real golf swing but 
    it looks like it.  The reason I dont know is cause there is 2 or 
    3 specials I cant do with Yagyuu. Special 2/5
    Laser Beam: L+R+A(seen in ep 119)
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirement: Baseline
    Description: A real fast return like Sanada's 
    Inivisible Swing. Special 5/5
    Charge up: L+R+Y (not real name)
    Cost: 2 bars
    Requirement: Netplay Doubles
    Description: Both you and your opponent's gold bar gets maxed.
    Special 3/5 
    Change Over: L+R+Y(this is a different form of it)
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirment: Anywhere before serve
    Description:  The way this is different is because instead of 
    taking another person's stats you change into another person.  
    If you are Yagyuu from the start you will change to Niou and 
    vice versa if you brought the items in the shop.  To do this 
    you need to hold X on either Yagyuu or Niou before picking 
    them. Special 5/5
    There is one more special I dont know how to do.  If you can 
    help I will give you credit for finding it.
    Masaharu Niou(nickname: The Man with the Moves)
    Rikkaidai Fuzku Senior 3rd year
    Blood Type: AB
    Height: 175cm
    Grip: 5 
    Power: 4
    Speed: 4
    B. Speed: 4
    Quick: 4
    Spin: 5
    Taunt: 5
    Praise: 1
    C. Power:1
    Recover: 1
    A. Time: 3
    Sight: 5
    Bio: Niou is the other half of Rikkaidai doubles 1.  He recuirted 
    Yagyuu and since then they have been undefeated when paired 
    together.  National level player with ok specials.
    My opinion:  Niou is good player to pick when you are in the 
    underground tourment for the simple fact that he can knock out 
    the opponents gold bar and has moves that really make him the man. 
    Most of Niou's moves however are from the magna.
    Laser: L+R+A (again not real name but it fast, and red) seen in ep 120 
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirements: Baseline 
    Description: Like most of the people in Rikkaidai it a fast return.
    Net shot: L+R+A (not real name have to check with magna)
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirements: Middle Court
    Description:  The ball will travel to the net and stay there for
    a while.  If you try to approach the ball it will turn into a lob
    and go over your head.  If you dont approach it then it will just
    go straight down in the direction the oppopents chooses.
    Change Over: L+R+Y 
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirements: Before service
    Description:  You change back into Yagyuu. Need item from shop 
    for this special to apply. Special 5/5
    Waving Hands: L+R+Y (Use in doubles)
    Cost: 2 bars
    Requirements: Netplay
    Description:  It might seem like a waste in bar but it really isnt.
    Niou waves his hands and when he is done waving when the opponent
    hit turns into a lob without choice. Special 4/5
    Gold Bar Bye: L+R+Y
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirements: Opponent has to activate gold bar
    Description:  Niou takes the gold bar away and gives him a gold bar
    full. Special 5/5  
    Teleporting Shot: L+R+A (seen in ep 121)
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirements: Opponent needs to hit special shot (I am not sure 
    bout it though)
    Description:  Niou teleports to the ball and hits it back. 
    Special 5/5
    Jackal Kuwahara(nickname: The defensive specialist)
    Rikkaidai Fuzku Senior 3rd year
    Blood Type: O
    Birthday: 11/3
    Height: 178cm
    Grip: 5 
    Power: 4
    Speed: 5
    B. Speed: 4
    Quick: 2
    Spin: 1
    Taunt: 3
    Praise: 3
    C. Power: 5
    Recover: 4
    A. Time: 5
    Sight: 5 
    Bio: Jackal is from Brazil and was taught tennis from one of the people there. 
    Jackal use to have hair but in respect to his senpai he cut his hair in 
    respect for him teaching Jackal tennis.  He joined Rikkaidai's tennis team
    because of their serious nature which didnt allow him to forget about his past.
    My Opinion: Jackal is a copy of Kadioh with the other a few differences in 
    Snake Shot: L+R+A (seen in magna)
    Cost: 1 bar
    Requirement: Middle Court
    Description: This is a Snake shot or as Ryoma calls it Buggy Whip Shot.
    Special 2/5  
    Boomerang Snake: L+R+A or B (Seen in ep 119)
    Cost 1 bar
    Requirement: Baseline
    Description:  It is just like Kadioh's boomerang snake. Special 2/5
    Fire Serve: L+R+A or B (seen in ep 118)
    Cost: 2 bars
    Requirement: Serivce game
    Description:  There are two varations or this serve.  The first one when you use
    L+R+A it is the fast one.  The second varation is when you use L+R+B which is 
    the slow one.  When you use L+R+B they charge straight to the net when they 
    return the ball. Special 4/5
    Defense up: L+R+Y(Not sure bout the name seen in ep 119)
    Cost: 2 bars
    Requirement: Middle Court 
    Description:  Jackal will wave his hands in the air and you will see two 
    images like Kamio's Speed up.  This one however will draw you to the ball 
    a little no matter where it is. The advantage to doing this is you can still 
    do specials after you use this specail. Special 5/5
    Defensive Shot: L+R+Y (Not sure bout the name)
    Cost: 4 bars  
    Requirement: Net Play
    Description:  Jackal will wave his hands again but this time the color is red. 
    I no real good part about this special maybe it is just to return one shot 
    without getting your raquet knocked out.  Until then I give this special a 1/5
    Marui Bunta(nickname: The volley Specialist)
    Rikkaidai Fuzku Senior 3rd year
    Blood Type: B
    Birthday: 4/20
    Height: 164cm
    Grip: 5 
    Power: 2
    Speed: 3
    B. Speed: 2
    Quick: 5
    Spin: 4
    Taunt: 5
    Praise: 4
    C. Power: 2
    Recover: 5
    A. Time: 4
    Sight: 5 
    Bio: Marui is the one in Rikkaidai always chewing on a piece of gum.  He 
    is paired with Jackal to form Rikkaidai's Doubles 2.  Marui calls 
    himself a genius which I dont deny since his specials are funny.
    My Opinion: Marui is a real genuis when it comes to him and his specials. 
    He has his ulimate move the Metal Bell Hit which bounces off the metal 
    part of the court and goes to the opponents side.  
    Metal Bell Hit: L+R+B (seen in ep 119)
    Cost: 3 bars
    Requirments: Netplay
    Description:  This is by far the best move Marui has and this is what I 
    think labels him as a genuis.  The Metal Bell Hit as I said early hits 
    the metal part and then goes to the opponents side.  The added bonus is
    you can decide on whether you want it to go far which turns it to a lob 
    or if you want it to be short.  To make it go long just hold down the 
    direction so it seems like you want a lob to go out. Special 5/5
    Tight-Rope Walking: L+R+A(seen in ep 119)
    Cost: 3 bars
    Requirements: Netplay
    Description: This is his other move that makes him a genuis.  The ball 
    will travel along the net and then drop.  The only way to return it is
    hit it before it drops or when it does drop then you have to lob it.
    Special 5/5
    Make us Take Off Wrist Weights: L+R+Y(seen in ep 118)
    Cost: 2 bars
    Requirements: Netplay
    Description: Marui will blow a peice of gum, but that is not it.  The 
    special will knock out your gold bar and you will have to start all 
    over to charge it up. Special 5/5
    Rushing Volley: L+R+B (in magna)
    Cost:3 bars
    Requirements: Middle court or Back Court in Doubles
    Description:  Marui will run to the ball and hit it.  The ball will 
    then go to the other court as a lob. Special 3/5
    Unknown: L+R+A
    Cost 4 bars
    Requirements: Unknown
    Description: I have yet to be albe to do this special.  Again if any
    has done this special can you please email me or tell me on the board.
    I will give credit.
    Akaya Kirihara(nickname: THe Junoir Ace)
    Rikkaidai Fuzku Junior 2nd year
    Blood Type: o
    Birthday: 9/25
    Height: 168cm
    Grip: 4 
    Power: 2
    Speed: 4
    B. Speed: 3
    Quick: 4
    Spin: 4
    Taunt: 4
    Praise: 4
    C. Power: 4
    Recover: 4
    A. Time: 3
    Sight: 5 
    Bio:  His nickname is the Junior Ace not only because he is a Junior
    but because he is the best Junior in all of kantou maybe Japan. 
    He had overcome a number of Rikkaidai senoirs and not to mention former
    grads of Rikkaidai.  He hasn't lost a match to anyone but Renji, Sanada,
    and Yukimura.  He tries to improve himself by facing other teams best
    players so that he can one day try and beat Sanada.
    My Opinion: Akaya in the game is a monster when it comes to RKO.  He has
    everything that makes him the Junior Ace.  If you want a person to get 
    you RKO fast even on hard then use Akaya cause his specials are used to
    try and injur the person.
    Knuckle Serve: L+R+A(seen in ep 124)
    Cost:4 bars
    Requirements: Serivce game
    Description: This is better then the twist serve in the game and in the
    anime.  When this serve is used it is highly likely that you will get 
    an RKO by it.  The Knuckle Serve is designed to go straight to the face
    like when shown in the anime. Special 5/5
    Red Trap: L+R+A(seen in ep 124)
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirements: Lobbed ball
    Description: I would suggest that you never lob the ball unless you are
    either fuji or ooshatari and can use the smash return.  This smash is 
    really devastating in it has a high possiblity of getting RKO.  If it 
    doesnt get an RKO it has a chance of lowering down the opponents speed.
    The smash is aiming for the knee so thats why it lowers down the speed. 
    Speical 5/5
    Red Laser: L+R+A (seen in ep 124)
    Cost: 4 bars
    Requirements: middle court or back court
    Description: This move also has a high possiblity of getting RKO.  
    The special aims straight for the person no matter were you try and 
    force the ball to.  Special 5/5
    Hit Net: L+R+Y(In magna)
    Cost: 0 bars
    Requirments: Lose point by special
    Description: This special can only be used once in the game so use it 
    wisely.  When you lose a point by special press L+R+Y and he will kick 
    the net.  By kicking the net you get a fully charged gold bar. 
    Special 5/5
    16. Legal Issuses
    Copyright 2005 Jonathan Mak.  You know the legal stuff I dont feel like
    writing it.  You cant use this faq without my permission another stuff.
    If you wanna use this faq email me and I will decide.  Using this faq
    without my permission is illegal and stuff you know the drill.    

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