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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Patt3rson

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    |                                                                            |
    |   SPRUNG: THE DATING GAME                                                  |
    |                                                                            |
    |   FAQ/Walkthrough for DS                            Written by Patt3rson   |
    |                                                                            |
    |   Version FINAL                                          January 24 2009   |
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    |   patt3rson[at]gmail[dot]com                            www.patt3rson.nl   |
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    | T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                          |
     ___ ________________________________________________________________________
    | 1 | INTRODUCTION                                                           |
    1.1  - Copyright
    1.2  - Additions
    1.3  - Preparations
     ___ ________________________________________________________________________
    | 2 | GAME                                                                   |
    2.1  - Review
    2.2  - Story
    2.3  - Characters
    2.4  - Controls
     ___ ________________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | WALKTHROUGH                                                            |
    3.1  - Lift Off (Brett)
    3.2  - The Locker Room (Brett)
    3.3  - Ski Brat (Brett)
    3.4  - Big Babe Hunting (Brett)
    3.5  - Bonus: Conor Sez (Brett)
    3.6  - 3's a Crowd (Brett)
    3.7  - The Crush (Brett)
    3.8  - 3's a Crowd...Thrice (Brett)
    3.9  - Bonus: Truth or Dare (Brett)
    3.10 - Indecent Proposal (Brett)
    3.11 - Playing Doubles (Brett)
    3.12 - Bonus: Ski Noir (Brett)
    3.13 - Cupid Behind the Scenes (Brett)
    3.14 - Scavenger Hunt (Brett)
    3.15 - Club Mare (Brett)
    3.16 - Nightskiing (Brett)
    3.17 - Forlorn Friend (Brett)
    3.18 - Bonus: Big Spender (Brett)
    3.19 - The Sting (Brett)
    3.20 - The Hot Tub Rub (Brett)
    3.21 - Bonus: Dumped (Brett)
    3.22 - Reunite the Lovers (Brett)
    3.23 - The Ex File (Brett)
    3.24 - Bonus: 2 Fast 2 Flirtatious (Brett)
    3.25 - Hormone Havoc (Brett)
    3.26 - Golden Bonus: Dan'd Up Stand-Up (Brett)
    3.27 - Sprung (Brett)
    3.28 - The Arrival (Becky)
    3.29 - The Lost Model Scout (Becky)
    3.30 - The Sketchy Ex-Boyfriend (Becky)
    3.31 - Guess Who (Becky)
    3.32 - Gift of Gab (Becky)
    3.33 - Blind Date (Becky)
    3.34 - Shot by a Hippy (Becky)
    3.35 - Southern Comfort (Becky)
    3.36 - Bonus: Snow Bird Shopping Spree (Becky)
    3.37 - Ex-Boyfriend Roadblock (Becky)
    3.38 - Conquering Conor (Becky)
    3.39 - Bonus: Kiss Face Race (Becky)
    3.40 - Motivational Speakers (Becky)
    3.41 - Bonus: Becky's Cine-Dream (Becky)
    3.42 - Ready, Set, Date (Becky)
    3.43 - Snow Bird Catfight XXI (Becky)
    3.44 - The Great Mingler (Becky)
    3.45 - Snow Bird's Top Models (Becky)
    3.46 - Clashing Cliques (Becky)
    3.47 - Bonus: Panic Room (Becky)
    3.48 - Best Friend Connection (Becky)
    3.49 - Double Date Dysfunction (Becky)
    3.50 - Bad News for Erica (Becky)
    3.51 - Bonus: Hyp Hyp Hooray (Becky)
    3.52 - Seeking the Truth (Becky)
    3.53 - Serving the Freezing Dish (Becky)
    3.54 - Bonus: Say It in Snowboard (Becky)
    3.55 - An Eye for an Eye (Becky)
    3.56 - Golden Bonus: Trading Places (Becky)
    3.57 - Final Level Part I: Finding Friends (Becky)
    3.58 - Final Level Part II: Ripping the Jacker (Becky)
    3.59 - Final Level Part III: Old Enemies, New Friends (Becky)
    3.60 - Final Level Part IV: Blast the Past (Becky)
    3.61 - Final Level Part V: Moments of Truth (Becky)
     ___ ________________________________________________________________________
    | 4 | CONCLUSION                                                             |
    4.1  - Final Word
    4.2  - Credits
    | 1 | I N T R O D U C T I O N                                                |
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 1 | 1 | COPYRIGHT                                                          |
    This document may not be distributed or copied in parts or as a whole. This
    file may only be printed or saved for personal use. For usage in other ways or
    for other locations, written permission has to be acquired from the author.
    Even online files are covered by the international copyright law, usage
    without permission can thereby be fought out in court. Permission can be asked
    using the contact address below, but is not guaranteed.
    If you find this file at another location than the allowed locations below,
    please contact me using the same contact address. The newest version of this
    file can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com. For questions and/or remarks
    about this file, including the walkthrough, you can also use the contact
    address below. Only serious questions of which the answer isn't already in
    this file will be responded to.
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    | 1 | 2 | ADDITIONS                                                          |
    No additions have been made to the contents of this file. The layout has been
    changed and generating it is now automated. No further additions will be made
    to this document.
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 1 | 3 | PREPARATIONS                                                       |
    The proposed sentences in this walkthrough will help you through the chapter
    in a correct way. It is by no means the only way to successfully complete a
    section. So experiment with answers you would pick if you want, if you can
    figure out what the goals of a conversation are it is sometimes pretty easy to
    get good results.
    The walktgrough covers both characters, Brett and Becky. It is mentioned when
    you unlock an item or image, but with images that sometimes depends on how
    many items you've collected and that in turn is connected to the levels you've
    completed with both characters in certain ways. It's possible that Art Gallery
    notes are not entirely correct, because you didn't achieve the same results or
    follow the same route as I did. I first played with Brett, then with Becky,
    first as a model and then as a waitress.
    There are two mysterious parts of the game of which it's unknown hoe to unlock
    them. A Golden Line stays open after finding generally all of them with both
    characters. There's also an image in the Art Gallery that won't unlock, no
    matter how you play the levels. If somebody does know how these two parts can
    be unlocked, please let me know.
    | 2 | G A M E                                                                |
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 2 | 1 | REVIEW                                                             |
    A review for this game written by me can be found at
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 2 | 2 | STORY                                                              |
    Brett and Becky are spending there winter sports holiday on Snowbird Mountain
    with a lot of male and female friends. Everybody is determined to hook up with
    someone and to have a lot of fun. As Becky or Brett you need to take in
    account all the relationships between people to reach your own goals, by
    playing people against each other, make them feel special or to confront them.
    Who knows how your vacation on Snowbird Mountain will end.
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 2 | 3 | CHARACTERS                                                         |
    The male playable character. Best friend of Becky, but secretly has a crush on
    Becky’s ex-boyfriend, who cheated after a relationship of two years and got
    dumped by Becky.
    Model scout for a local ski magazine. Uses his job sometimes to hook up with
    cute girls.
    A friend of Brett and a bit of a dork. Can’t really depend on his appearance,
    but his humor makes up for it.
    A friend of Brett, a bit of a tough guy who’s chasing the ladies all the time
    but carries a dark secret with him.
    His father is the owner of a couple of enterprises on Snowbird Mountain. He
    doesn’t have a nice relationship with him, but it does get him money.
    The female playable character. Of Dutch heritage and former girlfriend of Sean
    for two years. Brett’s best friend.
    First she was a good friend of Becky, but she kisses everything she can get
    her hands on and that doesn’t work for a lot of people.
    A very direct, tough, dark haired lady who doesn’t beat around the bush and
    has some weird habits.
    A very shy friend of Becky. She has a bit of a dorky appearance and some very
    uninteresting hobbies.
    Alex can be your best friend or your worst enemy, there’s not much in between.
    This tough blonde chick either likes you or not.
    A dreamy and not so down to earth kind of girl, a modern hippy dealing with
    astrology and spiritual stuff.
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 2 | 4 | CONTROLS                                                           |
    Up    = Move text selection upwards
    Down  = Move text selection downwards
    Left  =
    Right =
    A = Select
    B = Cancel
    X =
    Y =
    Left  =
    Right =
    Touch screen = Select text
    Microphone   =
    Start  = Pause menu
    Select = Inventory
    | 3 | W A L K T H R O U G H                                                  |
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 1 | LIFT OFF (BRETT)                                                   |
    You’ll start this level with the below items in your inventory. Becky will
    teach you the tools of the trade, you’ll need it in the rest of the game.
    {Museum: Cell Phone – Brett’s #, Brown Wallet} (1) ‘Great Lakes’ great or
    ‘Great Houdini’ great? (2) The trails? (3) No, you look like an aerobics
    instructor. { Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett – No, You Look Like An
    Aerobics Instructor} (4) If you were I’m sure I wouldn’t learn anything. (5)
    Yes, oh dear God, yes! (6) OK. Let’s do this. (7) Compliment her. (8) You have
    the most beautiful eyes. (9) I get it. (10) Introduce myself. (11) Hi, I’m
    Brett. (Thirds option!) (12) I get it. (13) I like to break the ice with a
    joke. (14) Hey, who do gorillas have such big nostrils? (15) I get it. (16)
    Buy her a drink. (17) Can I get you an apple martini? (18) I get it. (19) Ask
    her name. (20) So do angels have names? (21) Your name isn’t Angela. (22) Do
    you not like your name? (23) I take you seriously! (24) That’s not true! (25)
    I totally forgot about the flagpole incident. (26) Children can be so cruel.
    (27) That bucktoothed bitch. (28) They were all just jealous, Becky. (29) Ask
    for her number. (30) So can I call ya sometime? (31) Oh, I see. That’s OK,
    don’t worry about it. (32) No, you shouldn’t. All men are scum. (33) No, of
    course not me. That’s why I never get lucky. {Museum: Rabbit’s Foot} (34) Ask
    for a date. (35) Wanna grab a cup of coffee after this? (36) Thank her for a
    great evening. (37) Thank you for the pleasure of your company this evening.
    (38) Tell her how pretty she is. (39) It’s so cute how your cheeks get all red
    in the cold. (40) Just go for it! (41) Yes! {Museum: Chewing Gum, Amorous
    Action} {Art Gallery: Stud}
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 2 | THE LOCKER ROOM (BRETT)                                            |
    You’re having a conversation with two of your friends, Danny and Lucas. In
    this case it doesn’t matter who’s side your own, the outcome will be the same.
    You’ll always get the same items, but you do need to finish the scene. In my
    case I went along with Danny.
    (1) You think I can’t do it? (2) Yeah, she would, wouldn’t she? (3) You know,
    WTV has come a long way in terms of story development and production quality,
    Lucas. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett – You Know, WTV Has Come A Long
    Way In Terms Of Story Development And Production Quality, Lucas} (4) What if
    Becky thinks of me as ‘just a friend?’ (5) I’d be happy being just friends
    with the funniest, smartest, most beautiful woman I know. (6) Yes. (7)
    Absolutely. (8) Guys, knock it off! (9) You tell him! (10) Enough! I’m going
    to ask Becky out! {Museum: Rose, Devil’s Zephyr Cologne, Bronze Medal, Cell
    Phone – Lucas’ #, Cell Phone – Danny’s #, Pocket Knife, Pepper Spray, Joke
    Book – The One About The Guy With The 5 Legs} {Art Gallery: Big Decision,
    Erica And Danny}
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 3 | SKI BRAT (BRETT)                                                   |
    You’re in a lengthy conversation with Conor. You can do it more quickly, but
    this way you’ll take as much money as possible from hem, which is good for
    your Museum items.
    (1) I’ll be there. {Museum: Cell Phone – Becky’s #} (2) How do I get one? (3)
    Sure did. (4) [Take the money] {Museum: Money – One Hundred Bucks} (5) Yeah,
    of course...can I help you with something? (6) Try one on, see for yourself.
    (7) It’s completely overpriced, I know. (8) This purple one here looks nice.
    {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett – This Purple One Here Looks Nice} (9)
    Not really, no. (10) I didn’t. But my name is Brett. (11) Brett. (12) Brett.
    (13) I’m sorry, we got off on the wrong foot, let’s start over. (14) The
    display racks don’t really do them justice. (15) [Take the money] {Museum:
    Money – Fifty Bucks} (16) No, should I have? (17) Actually, I don’t know much
    about this stuff. (18) Alright, here you go. (19) Brett. (20) I’m sorry, we
    got off on the wrong foot, let’s start over. (21) Aye, aye, Cap’n Observation!
    (22) [Take the money] {Museum: Money – Twenty Bucks} (23) No, should I have?
    (24) Try one on, see for yourself. (25) You can afford it. (26) I’m sorry,
    that was unfair of me. (27) I recommend the Mystic Powder. (28) Alright, here
    you go. (29) Brett. (30) I was just kidding man, relax! (31) Sounds great!
    (32) Sure, what do you need? (33) You’ll bring them back, right? (34) How much
    does this favor mean to you? (35) Just kidding. What do you need? {Museum: VIP
    Sanctuary Club Pass} (36) You’re welcome, Gary. {Art Gallery: Who The Man?}
    {Museum: Cell Phone – Conor’s #, Unlocking Social Anxiety, Heimlich Maneuver
    Pamphlet, Sunglasses}
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 4 | BIG BABE HUNTING (BRETT)                                           |
    You’re in a bet to get as many phone numbers from ladies as possible. You
    can’t get Erica’s, so get a total of four numbers from the other ladies using
    the choices below.
    (1) Alright, I’m in for $50 {Museum: Lint Brush} (2) You know most of the
    women here, right? (3) Which women here would be most likely to give me a
    phone number with the least amount of effort? (4) Can I get your number? (5)
    Sorry, I was just kidding. (6) So how about that phone number, Erica? (7)
    Thanks for the tip! (8) Black hair. (9) It’s a shame for someone as beautiful
    as you to be sitting alone. (10) So where are you from? (11) Argentina? (12)
    Oh, I thought you meant the continent of South America. (13) So I guess I’ll
    just walk away now like a dog with his tail between his legs. (14) Didn’t you
    say you were from Georgia? {Museum: Cell Phone – Leanne’s #} (15) Not yet,
    I’ll be right back. (16) Red hair. (17) I’m Brett. It’s a relief to meet a
    woman who makes the first move! (18) I like your...headwrap thing. (19) Sure!
    (20) Perfect! Maybe I should get your number first. (21) Did you come here
    with anyone? (22) I really like your distinct personality. (23) Sounds like a
    pretty snobbish perspective. (24) Do you chant often? {Museum: Cell Phone –
    Shana’s #} (25) Not yet, I’ll be right back. (26) Blonde hair. (27) Anyone
    sitting here? (28) Do you come here a lot? (29) That’s a pretty judgmental
    statement considering you don’t even know who I am! (30) None of your beeswax,
    biznatch! Ow! Yeah! How do you like it, huh?! {Museum: Golden Line Notebook
    For Brett – None Of Your Beeswax, Biznatch! Ow! Yeah! How Do You Like It,
    Huh?!} (31) My buddy Lucas is into martial arts. (32) I could hook you and
    Lucas up if you want. (33) He’d love it. (34) Can I get your number? {Museum:
    Cell Phone – Alex’s #} (35) Not yet, I’ll be right back. (36) Brown hair. (37)
    I’m sorry to bug you, but I need some help with a bet. (38) Use item. (Select
    the Rose!) {Museum: Ear Plugs, Cell Phone – Kiki’s #} (39) Yeah, I’m done.
    (40) Four. {Art Gallery: Hello Ladies!, Becky In Pencil} {Museum: Raw Dead
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 5 | BONUS: CONOR SEZ (BRETT)                                           |
    In this section you’re just busy remembering the order in which the characters
    appear and then repeat it by picking the right names. Every time a new
    character is added to the previous one, so in the list below all the
    characters are repeated and followed by the new person.
    (1) Becky. (2) Becky. (3) Lucas. (4) Becky. (5) Lucas. (6) Danny. (7) Becky.
    (8) Lucas. (9) Danny. (10) Kiki. (11) Becky. (12) Lucas. (13) Danny. (14)
    Kiki. (15) Lucas. (16) Becky. (17) Lucas. (18) Danny. (19) Kiki. (20) Lucas.
    (21) Becky. (22) Becky. (23) Lucas. (24) Danny. (25) Kiki. (26) Lucas. (27)
    Becky. (28) Kiki. (29) Becky. (30) Lucas. (31) Danny. (32) Kiki. (33) Lucas.
    (34) Becky. (35) Kiki. (36) Danny. (37) Becky. (38) Lucas. (39) Danny. (40)
    Kiki. (41) Lucas. (42) Becky. (43) Kiki. (44) Danny. (45) Leanne. {Museum:
    Finger Printing Kit}
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 6 | 3'S A CROWD (BRETT)                                                |
    A short scene in which you’re sent from Leanne to Shana and then Erica, but it
    also ends there.
    (1) Alright! One hour. {Museum: Magic Bandana} (2) What the hell is this?
    {Museum: Joke Book – The Hippie Joke, Joke Book – The Blonde Joke} (3) Come
    on, don’t be like that. (4) Sure did. (5) Did you ask me for something? (6)
    When you asked me to bring something sweet, I thought you meant me. (7) Sure.
    (8) I don’t think they sell candy here. (9) Hey, alright! Why not? (10) Let’s
    do it. (11) Sure, no problem.
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 7 | THE CRUSH (BRETT)                                                  |
    Your goal is to get the toadstools from Erica, which can be done in multiple
    ways. The choices below will do this the nicest way.
    (1) I need your fungus. (2) You grow toadstools, right? (3) I need some
    toadstools...they’re for Leanne...kind of... (4) I don’t have that much. (5)
    Give me some toadstools and I’ll give you the fish. (6) I’m sure we could work
    something out... (7) No, I’m not talking about sex, I’m talking about fungus!
    {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett – No, I’m Not Talking About Sex, I’m
    Talking About Fungus!} (8) Maybe I could hook you up with someone. (9) I’ll
    see what I can do. (10) I promise. {Musuem: Toadstools, Cell Phone – Erica’s
    #, Hay} {Art Gallery: Brett The Funghi}
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 8 | 3'S A CROWD...THRICE (BRETT)                                       |
    Again you need to remember a specific order. It gets longer every time, but is
    completely new every time. Most emotions you can recognize, the orders are
    mentioned below.
    (1) Yeah, I got your good luck token. (2) Use item. (Select the Toadstools!)
    (3) Alright, what do we do? (4) How do I do that? (5) You got it. (6) Anger.
    (7) Disgust. (8) Anger. (9) Suspicion. (10) Laughter. (11) Attraction. (12)
    Laughter. (13) Disgust. (14) Suspicion (15) Anger. (16) Attraction. (17)
    Suspicion. (18) Laughter. (19) Disgust. (20) Anger. {Museum: Candy} (21) I’ve
    got a spa thing that I have to be at, bye! (22) Use item. (Select the Candy!)
    (23) You had me pretty worried there. (24) I’m glad you stopped me before I
    left the club. (25) I bet you get hit on a lot. (26) You seem a little... (27)
    That’s the word. (28) Heard any good gossip lately? (29) What’s the dirt on
    Alex? (30) What’s the dirt on Erica? (31) Hang on, I’ll be right back! (32)
    Wow. (33) Moo. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett – Moo} (34) I see
    something. (35) Wow, you look great! (36) What I just heard you say was very
    interesting. (37) Your hands are very soft. (38) You smell fantastic. (39)
    <ACTION> Kiss her. {Museum: Candy} (40) Is that the time?! I’m supposed to be
    taping Jeopardy for my Uncle Vicki right now, sorry! [Leave] (41) Use item.
    (Selecteer de Candy!) (42) What’s the dirt on Erica? (43) What’s the dirt on
    Kiki? (44) Use item. (Selecteer de Hay!) {Museum: Wisdom Stone, Candy, Camera}
    (45) Use item. (Selecteer de Candy!) (46) What’s the dirt on Kiki? {Art
    Gallery: Three Of A Kind}
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 9 | BONUS: TRUTH OR DARE (BRETT)                                       |
    You’ll ask questions and challenges from other people, but Brett is kind of
    happy to do it all himself.
    (1) Shana- truth or dare? (2) If you had to make out with one person in the
    room, who would it be? (3) Pick me! Me me me me me me! (4) Dare! (5) Lucas-
    truth or dare? (6) What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to some one? (7)
    Pick me! Me me me me me me! (8) Truth! (9) Leanne! (10) Leanne- truth or dare?
    (11) Eat... (12) An entire bottle of hot sauce! {Museum: Texas Flame Hot
    Sauce} (13) Pick me! Me me me me me me! (14) Cool, let’s do it up! {Museum:
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 10 | INDECENT PROPOSAL (BRETT)                                         |
    A short scene with a new character, but he’s chasing Becky. Make sure you get
    what you want without giving up Becky.
    (1) Sorry, do I know you? (2) Smashing to make your acquaintance. I’m
    Bartholemew Arugula Paisley. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett -
    Smashing To Make Your Acquaintance. I’m Bartholemew Arugula Paisley.} (3) That
    kid? He’s far too plebeian for my tastes. (4) At least my friends aren’t
    inbred, walking couture billboards. (5) Who, Becky? (6) She just went through
    a really bad breakup, actually. (7) I don’t think it’s gonna happen. (8) Wow.
    How very ‘Indecent Proposal’ of you. {Museum: Cell Phone – Elliot’s #,
    Business Card} (9) I guess. I’ll try to get her to come. (10) Right. I’ll
    bring her. {Museum: Money – Twenty-five Bucks} {Art Gallery: Hard Day At Work,
    Alex And Shana}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 11 | PLAYING DOUBLES (BRETT)                                           |
    You’ll arrange a date for Elliot and Becky, but you do have to go on a double
    date with Alex.
    (1) Sweet digs. (2) So about Becky... (3) Hi Becky. (4) How are you doing? (5)
    Are you sure you’re OK? (6) You haven’t responded, have you? (7) Becky, no!
    (8) This trip was supposed to be about making a fresh start, remember? (9)
    Look, you sit under a cow’s ass, you’re gonna get crapped on. {Museum: Golden
    Line Notebook For Brett - Look, You Sit Under A Cow’s Ass, You’re Gonna Get
    Crapped On} (10) There’s a lot of guys here who would kill to have a chance
    with you. (11) Like Elliot. (12) I heard he hand picks the models for most of
    his father’s catalogues. (13) Not only is he rich, but he’s really nice. He
    met me and offered me a job on the spot. (14) I could introduce you... (15)
    That’s cuz it is. Please God say yes. (16) Because I think you’ll like him.
    (17) Um... (18) You both like jazz and rice cakes. (19) His great grandfather
    was a lion tamer. (20) He owns a BMW roadster convertible. (21) So what do you
    think? (22) Why do you hate me? (23) I guess I have no choice. (24) [Talk to
    Alex.] (25) That tattoo on your arm is really cute. (26) I had a fake tattoo
    once, but those wash right off. (27) ........ (28) [Talk to Becky.] (29)
    Thanks for coming. (30) He’ll be here. (31) Double date, remember? (32) [Talk
    to Becky.] (33) You should say hello to Elliot, Becks. (34) Um... (35) Once I
    went bungee jumping... (36) naked! (37) [Talk to Elliot.] (38) She’s not that
    bad, is she? (39) For real, like if I look at her I am so gonna turn to stone
    or something. (40) ....... (41) [Talk to Alex.] (42) What, right here in front
    of everybody? (43) Who are you interested in? (44) No way, I am so done
    hooking up people with other people. Done done done. (45) Secret first. Help
    later. (46) What do you want? (47) Use item. (Selecteer de Cell Phone – Lucas’
    #!) (48) Well, she’s happy, if really, really strange. How about the other
    two? {Art Gallery: Sprung!}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 12 | BONUS: SKI NOIR (BRETT)                                           |
    A short chapter in which you try to get the details of the theft with smart
    remarks in film noir style.
    (1) Who took those phat boards?! Talk, you! (2) Ski jockey, eh? I’ll do the
    slalom with your yapper all night until you’re ready to spill the beans,
    kitten. (3) Where’d they stash ‘em? Talk, you! (4) Aw, come on, kitten, I
    think it’s the yeast you can do for me. (5) How’d they pull this scam? Talk,
    you! (6) About as long as it takes for you to get that artificial sheen to
    your hair, blondie. {Museum: Umbrella}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 13 | CUPID BEHIND THE SCENES (BRETT)                                   |
    The first part of this chapter consists of a converation with Elliot, in which
    you determine the plans for a later conversation with Shana. Your goal is to
    remember everything correctly with Elliot and say this when talking to Shana.
    (1) I’m glad the irony’s not lost on you. (2) What do you have in mind this
    time? (3) So you were never even interested in Becky to begin with! (4) You
    couldn’t be more deep if I threw you down the well myself. {Museum: Golden
    Line Notebook For Brett - You Couldn’t Be More Deep If I Threw You Down The
    Well Myself} (5) OK, I follow you. (6) Let’s mark out a game plan. (7) You
    sure you don’t want a little prep time? (8) You wouldn’t act this way if it
    was a board meeting. (9) Let’s figure out what you’re going to say. (10) Let’s
    start out simple. (11) Which of Shana’s features do you like the best? (12)
    Okay...let’s focus on the fashion sense. (13) There might be a more tactful
    way of saying that. (14) No...try again. (15) What do you admire most about
    her? (16) Let’s go with her worldly wisdom. (17) What do you think you have to
    offer her? (18) I say we narrow it down to just your animalistic spirit. (19)
    Okay, enough of this. (20) Let’s jump right into the meat of our plan. (21)
    Now we’re talking. (22) ‘Our love is destiny! It’s meant to be!’ (23) ‘I’ll do
    whatever it takes.’ (24) ‘Let’s just have fun and see what happens.’ (25) ‘I
    take what I want, and I want you.’ (26) Moving on... (27) No time, soldier!
    (28) Eye contact. It’s all about the eye contact. (29) (let me buy you dinner)
    (30) (i can’t stand my family’s money either) (31) (my childhood pet was very
    sick, and got dropped on his head]) (32) (well...) (33) (tell her about
    yourself!) (34) (your animalistic spirit!) (35) (what the heck is an animal
    oracle?) (36) (compliment her!) (37) (on her style!) (38) (tell her why you
    like her!) (39) (insightful) (40) (sagacious) (41) (worldly wise nature) (42)
    (cut to the chase) (43) (it’s the moment of truth- just go for it!) (44) (i
    take what i want, and i want you.) (45) (let’s just have fun and see what
    happens.) (46) (i’ll do whatever it takes.) (47) (our love is destiny! it’s
    meant to be!) (48) (well?) (49) (uh huh?) (50) (ok...) (51) (yeah?) {Musuem:
    Earrings, MP3 Player} {Art Gallery: Pulling The Strings}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 14 | SCAVENGER HUNT (BRETT)                                            |
    You need to get your hands on two items, both of characters you won’t expect
    it from. In this chapters it’s pretty easy to insult people and fail because
    of it, but using the choices below that won’t happen.
    {Museum: Rose} (1) No way, man, this is stupid! (2) If you’re so gung-ho about
    it, why don’t you do it instead? (3) Long black hair? (4) Can I buy you a
    drink? (5) Heh, heh...whatever you’re drinking? (6) Yo, barkeep, a beer! (7)
    Have you ever heard of a Scavenger Hunt? (8) I need your underwear. (9) Yep,
    that’s my band of morons. (10) They’re not. (11) How can I sell them any
    shorter, look at them! (12) You really know someone named ‘Jocko’? (13) Use
    item. (Selecteer de Camera!) (14) [Snap the photo] {Museum: Dragon Tattoo}
    (15) [Talk to someone else] (16) Leanne? (17) Can I buy you a drink? (18) For
    you, the world. (19) Bartender? One bottle of Kristal. Chilled. (20) I’m
    Brett, I was wondering if you can help me with something. (21) Can I get
    personal for a second? (22) I’m sorry, I can’t do this. (23) Long black hair?
    (24) Yo, barkeep, a beer! (25) I’m Brett, I was wondering if you can help me
    with something. (26) Can I get personal for a second? (27) Can I have your
    underwear? I’m supposed to get women’s, but nobody could know the difference
    if you gave me yours! {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett - Can I Have
    Your Underwear? I’m Supposed To Get Women’s, But Nobody Would Know The
    Difference If You Gave Me Yours!} (28) Yep, that’s my band of morons. (29)
    What would you know? (30) Medicare Mama? (31) Can I buy you a drink? (32) Heh,
    heh...whatever you’re drinking? (33) A bourbon over here! (34) Have you heard
    of a Scavenger Hunt? (35) You have really beautiful eyes. (36) Come on,
    what’re you gonna do, whip me?! (37) [Take the glowing wonder that tempts
    you.] {Museum: Granny Panties} (38) [Exit] {Art Gallery: Reservoir Pups}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 15 | CLUB MARE (BRETT)                                                 |
    Another short sequence in which you collect some footwear and lose it all at
    the end.
    I {Museum: Sneakers} (3) Mom? (4) You’re the leader of a cult that believes
    humans are the product of alien cloning 25,000 years ago! {Museum: High Heels}
    (5) Do you come here often? (6) You think you’re a dog! {Museum: Go-Go Boots}
    (7) Not too shabby! {Museum: Cards}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 16 | NIGHTSKIING (BRETT)                                               |
    You need to convince Lucas not to go down the mountain in the middle of the
    night. Eventually you will also discover his big secret.
    (1) Sorry, I got caught up in something. (2) I don’t need this right now,
    Lucas. (3) Maybe I was late because something happened, Lucas. (4) Yeah, maybe
    a little too crazy. (5) Yeah...I’m not so solid about this right now. (6)
    Dude, nobody thinks you’re a poseur. (7) Really? That was easy. (8) What? (9)
    What?! (10) WHAT?! (11) Don’t sweat it, dude, nobody cares about that stuff.
    (12) I don’t think his cousin counts, dude. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For
    Brett - I Don’t Think His Cousin Counts, Dude} (13) Dude, that girl from
    Canada doesn’t exist! (14) See?! (15) To impress girls? (16) Lucas, at the
    risk of sounding like an afterschool special... (17) It’s true, man. {Museum:
    Silver Medal} (19) Lucas, I can’t take this, are you nuts?! {Art Gallery:
    Downhill Daredevils, Becky And Brett}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 17 | FORLORN FRIEND (BRETT)                                            |
    Danny is keeping you from your date with Becky, so you can help him arrange a
    date with Leanne.
    (1) Who is it this time? (2) Come with me to the mountain, we can talk on the
    way. (3) I have to go meet someone. (4) Nunya. (5) Nunya Holsevice, she’s a
    Slovakian ski instructor, you don’t know her. (6) You just said you’re in love
    with someone! (7) Danny, what do you want? (8) *ACTION Don’t. Please. (9) Are
    you taking your meds? (10) Leanne?! That sounds like a perfect match made in
    Hell! (11) You don’t want to mess around with her, man, she’s bad news. (12) I
    just don’t want to see my boy get hurt, that’s all. (13) What exactly happened
    between you and Leanne? (14) By ‘not exactly nothing’ are you sure you don’t
    really mean ‘nothing’? (15) Danny, you’re hopeless. (16) Sorry, dude. (17) I
    am? (18) So, wait. You held me up here...while I was going to the
    mountain...to ask me if I would go meet someone at the mountain for you? (19)
    I hate you, Danny. {Museum: Joke Book – Yo Mama Joke} (20) I guess this is a
    good time to tell you that I’ve always hated that damn hat. (21) I wish I
    knew. (22) Great! (23) Yeah, usually I try to hit the hay early to avoid
    talking to people like you. (24) Becky warned me that you were an ignorant
    debutante...OOPS! (25) Thank you very much. (26) Something about that made me
    very uncomfortable, so I’m going to change the subject...what do you think
    about my friend, Danny? (27) He’s pretty amazing, huh? (28) That’s cool, I’ll
    let him know. Seeya. (29) What? (30) You don’t go to Dippy Donuts if you’re
    looking for a steak. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett - You Don’t Go To
    Dippy Donuts If You’re Looking For A Steak} (31) Did you hear the one about
    the guy with five legs? (32) It’s funny, right? (33) Can you imagine a guy
    walking down the street wearing a huge glove below the waist! (34) Actually, I
    can’t take credit for that joke, Danny told it to me. (35) Will you go out
    with him just once? (36) Oh, come on. (37) Please? (38) Just once? (39) Forty
    bucks. {Art Gallery: Dan The Ladies Man}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 18 | BONUS: BIG SPENDER (BRETT)                                        |
    You’ll get a coupon from Elliot, but when you get to Lucas in the store you’ll
    notice that it doesn’t have a lot of value. The bad news is that you can only
    pick one item.
    {Museum: Gift Card} (1) I just got my bonus. (2) I think I’ll buy...
    OPTION 1
    (1) The gloves. {Museum: Gloves}
    OPTION 2
    (1) The sleeping Bag. {Museum: Sleeping Bag}
    OPTION 3
    (1) The poles. {Museum: Racing Poles}
    OPTION 4
    (1) The cheap stuff. {Museum: Hand Warmers, Baseball Hat}
    (1) No prob. {Museum: Hedgehog}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 19 | THE STING (BRETT)                                                 |
    A long conversation with Conor will follow over the phone. Your goal is to
    make him say specific stuff, so that he can’t deny anything when you confront
    him at the end.
    (1) Watch and learn! (2) Hey, it’s Brett. (3) I just wanted to see how those
    new skis were handling. (4) I’m not calling for the store, I’m calling because
    I want to buy my own pair. (5) You broken them in yet? (6) Must be great to
    have some one-on-one time with the slopes. (7) So shorter skis are usually
    racing skis, right? (8) So if you over-compensate on a right turn, you trash
    your right ankle. (9) Hey, before you go, there was another thing I wanted to
    ask you. (10) Listen, I was having some girl trouble and I thought maybe you
    could give me some advice. (11) Listen- I ain’t lookin’ to swipe a steak from
    you, I just want you to throw me a bone. (12) Do you know anybody who’s in to
    me? (13) Are you talking about Alex? (14) What I really want is dirt. (15) I
    heard a specific female specimen is a drop-dead awesome kisser. (16) Yeah-
    Alex. (17) Who are some of the hottest girls? (18) Just wanted a frame of
    comparison is all... (19) Oh jeez! There was another reason I wanted to talk
    to you! (20) We should go skiing some time- you and me. (21) That’s cool.
    You’re scared, I understand. (22) Do it, then. I dare you. (23) And I suppose
    you have more important people tackle runs with. (24) And who is that? Or is
    it whom? (25) Wait wait wait! One more thing! (26) No reason. Just wanted to
    chat. (27) You heard about any good parties lately? (28) Actually, this is the
    first I’ve heard of it, but it sounds cool though. (29) No, I honestly didn’t.
    (30) But do you think I can be invited to this one? (31) I could be a model! I
    just don’t apply myself. (32) I bet Elliot would flip if he could take
    pictures of me. (33) I heard you owned Sanctuary. What’s the deal with that?
    (34) No thanks, I’d rather just dance there. (35) Yeah, it is kind of hard for
    me to be as classy as a guy who dresses like a pirate. {Museum: Golden Line
    Notebook For Brett - Yeah, It Is Kind Of Hard For Me To Be As Classy As A Guy
    Who Dresses Like A Pirate} (36) Yeah- what’s his deal? (37) Which ankle? (38)
    I don’t know a whole lot of people on the mountain, and I thought we could be
    friends. (39) Look, if you can’t take a joke... (40) I saw you kissing Alex on
    the ski lift. (41) Look- I know I could have been mistaken. I just wanted to
    see if there was an explanation for it, that’s all. (42) But you said you were
    skiing every day this week. (43) But you said you never skied alone. (44) So
    you were skiing with Sean or Elliot, like you said. (45) But you said Elliot
    has been busy with 12-hour photo shoots. (46) But you said he hurt his ankle.
    (47) But it was his left ankle, so his right turns would have been weak. (48)
    But you said Alex was an awesome skier. Why would she be on the bunny hill?
    (49) And you did say she was attractive though, didn’t you? (50) And she does
    have that reputation for being an incredible kisser. {Art Gallery: Revealing
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 20 | THE HOT TUB RUB (BRETT)                                           |
    By asking the right questions and giving the right answers Kiki will give you
    some hints. You need seven of them to find out her preference in color,
    flowers and music. There are more topics available, so if you do something
    wrong you have some more chances. With the choices below you will get the
    seven hints and the result of that in the quickest way.
    {Museum: Book Of Love Sonnets} (1) What, I don’t always look nice? (2) Any
    idea what I’m doing differently? (3) Maybe later you can run your fingers
    through it. (4) [Kiss her!] (5) Yeah, you’re right. (6) But I want to! (7)
    Things, like what kind of things? (8) Rock on. Let’s do it. (9) What kind of
    hints? (10) What friends? (11) What kinds of music? (12) What types of
    flowers? (13) What colors? (14) Ok, I’m game. But you’d better be ready for
    some hot tubbing. (15) Let’s keep talking to see what else I can get out of
    you. (16) Are you a dog person or a cat person? (17) Why don’t you like cats?
    (18) They’re very low maintenance, very clean. (19) And you have dated some
    dogs in your past, haven’t you? (20) Pay up! (21) Let’s keep talking to see
    what else I can get out of you. (22) I really like your top. (23) I guess it’s
    good you’re not a cat person, otherwise that’d be less a blouse and more a
    sweater! (24) Pay up! (25) Let’s keep talking to see what else I can get out
    of you. (26) Did I ever tell you about my niece? (27) (holding up three
    fingers) She’s this many. (28) Okay- yes I’m saying it to impress you, but I’m
    not making it up. (29) Pay up! (30) Let’s keep talking to see what else I can
    get out of you. (31) Tell me about your family. (32) One time I gave her a
    piggy back ride just because she was wearing pig tails. (33) Pay up! (34)
    Let’s keep talking to see what else I can get out of you. (35) East Coast or
    West Coast? (36) So it sounds like you’re West Coast until your mom moves.
    (37) Pay up! (38) Let’s keep talking to see what else I can get out of you.
    (39) Have you ever been sky diving? (40) It’s actually pretty easy once you
    get the jumping part out of the way. (41) No but I really want to. (42) Only
    if you hold my hand the whole way through. (43) Let’s keep talking to see what
    else I can get out of you. (44) So I have to come clean, I’ve had a crush on
    you since the first time I saw you. (45) Pay up! (46) Let’s keep talking to
    see what else I can get out of you. (47) You ever tried Yoga? (48) Actually, I
    don’t do yoga. But thank you. (49) I don’t really know anything about Yoga.
    (50) Can they make you do the whole human pretzel thing? (51) I hope you don’t
    think me forward, but I have an overwhelming urge to chew on you. {Museum:
    Golden Line Notebook For Brett - I Hope You Don’t Think Me Forward, But I Have
    An Overwhelming Urge To Chew On You} (52) Pay up! (53) Okay, I’ve got some
    stuff figured out. (54) If I’m not mistaken... (55) Becky’s... (56)
    ...favorite flower... (57) ...has to be... (58) ...tulips! (59) Becky’s...
    (60) ...favorite music... (61) ...has to be... (62) ...indy! (63) Becky’s...
    (64) ...favorite color... (65) ...has to be... (66) ...pink! (67) Erica’s...
    (68) ...favorite flower... (69) ...has to be... (70) ...posies! (71)
    Erica’s... (72) ...favorite music... (73) ...has to be... (74) ...pop! (75)
    Erica’s... (76) ...favorite color... (77) ...has to be... (78) ...purple! (79)
    Shana’s... (80) ...favorite flower... (81) ...has to be... (82) ...roses! (83)
    Shana’s... (84) ...favorite music... (85) ...has to be... (86) ...classic
    rock! (87) Shana’s... (88) ...favorite color... (89) ...has to be... (90)
    ...orange! (91) Your... (92) ...favorite flower... (93) ...has to be... (94)
    ...carnations! (95) Your... (96) ...favorite music... (97) ...has to be...
    (98) ...hip hop! (99) Your... (100) ...favorite color... (101) ...has to be...
    (102) ...green! (103) That’s it for now. (104) Okay, I’ve got some stuff
    figured out. (105) Um...on second thought, where could I get a glass of water?
    (106) Carnations instantly! {Museum: Carnation} (107) Um... (108) Okay, I’ve
    got some stuff figured out. (109) Let me put some music on. (110) Let’s get
    some hip hop thumping up in this piece. (111) Okay, I’ve got some stuff
    figured out. (112) Let me adjust the lights in the hot tub. (113) [Hit the
    green lights] {Art Gallery: Rub A Dub Dub}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 21 | BONUS: DUMPED (BRETT)                                             |
    A short scene in which you can help Danny to dump Leanne in multiple ways. The
    route below is the nicest way to do so.
    (1) Why are you breaking up with Leanne? (2) Are you sure? (3) Really? (4)
    Really? (5) Don’t worry, I’ll help you. (6) No harm in being nice. (7) A real
    man always does things face to face. (8) You should start off... (9) Leanne, I
    think you’re a wonderful person... (10) But I think we have nothing in common.
    (11) And I wish you the very best. (12) [Watch it play out.] {Museum: Magic
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 22 | REUNITE THE LOVERS (BRETT)                                        |
    In this scene you will help Lucas to get Alex back. You will give up an item
    for it, but if you play it out like this you will get back more in return for
    (1) [Go talk to Lucas.] (2) Hey. (3) Not right now. (4) .... (5) Why’d you do
    it? (6) Who? (7) I don’t know, I’d say you’re as cute as a chickpea on some
    cornpone. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett - I Don’t Know, I’d Say
    You’re As Cute As A Chickpea On Some Cornpone} (8) Yeah, you really screwed
    up. (9) Let me talk to her. (10) [Talk to Alex.] (11) Hey, Alex. (12) Yes.
    (13) He wants to say he’s sorry. (14) He’s afraid he’s lost the only woman
    he’s ever really loved. (15) [Go talk to Lucas.] (16) She wants you to come
    talk to her. (17) Tell her you know you made a mistake. (18) And you’ll do
    whatever it takes to make it up to her. (19) Offer her some nice jewelry. (20)
    Use item. (Select the Earrings!) (21) Leanne, you have to get out of here
    quick! (22) They’re bombing the building. For termites. (23) Forget them. Your
    safety is all that matters to me. (24) No problem. {Museum: Vintage LP, Box Of
    Chocolates, Gold Medal} {Art Gallery: Re-Matchmaker}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 23 | THE EX FILE (BRETT)                                               |
    Becky’s previous boyfriend, Sean, shows up in front of you. You need to get
    rid of him to get that music box. Play things like mentioned below and you’ll
    lose the business card, but you’ll gain a Golden Line.
    (1) [Pretend like you didn’t hear him.] (2) [Ignore his presence and whistle a
    jaunty tune.] (3) I was hoping you were just a figment of my imagination. (4)
    It seems to me that you’re the one with the problem. (5) I’m going to a
    player’s anonymous meeting tonight. Maybe you should come. {Museum: Golden
    Line Notebook For Brett - I’m Going To A Player’s Anonymous Meeting Tonight.
    Maybe You Should Come} (6) A lot has gone down since you and Becky broke up.
    (7) Becky’s way out of your league, now, my friend. (8) She’s the most popular
    girl here. (9) She’s a big fashion model now. (10) She might stay here instead
    of going back to New York. (11) (lying) She only hangs out with the ‘A’ of the
    ‘A’ list. (12) So she’s at a fashion shoot right now. {Museum: Music Box} {Art
    Gallery: Scaredy Cat, Kiki And Conor}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 24 | BONUS: 2 FAST 2 FLIRTATIOUS (BRETT)                               |
    A round in which you need to convince all the ladies to prefer you. At the end
    you can choose in which order you put them, but the below choices are based on
    my own preferences.
    (1) I wish I had more time to get to know you. (2) Baby, I’m just after your
    blog URL. (3) Listen, I wanted to get to know you before this silly contest.
    (4) Wow. You must have an awesome avatar! (5) I had a great time. (6) So tell
    the truth- how have the other guys been? (7) Even ground’s fine- I’m taller.
    (8) What do you want to know about me? (9) Alex trust me- there are no
    ‘little’ rumors involving me. (10) You’re my top rank so far. (11) I can tell
    from your eyes that you have a genuine soul. (12) Sum yourself up in three
    words. (13) The other two would have to be resplendent- transcendent. (14) I
    had a great time. (15) I guarantee that if you kiss me, you’ll want more. (16)
    (Kiss her!) (17) Screw chemistry- we’re both hot, let’s make this happen. (18)
    (kiss her) (19) You’re my top rank so far. (20) If we quit and leave together
    it would cause the biggest scandal!  Let’s do it! (21) Let them talk!  You’re
    the only one who matters! (22) I just overheard the news. There’s a bomb- we
    only have three minutes to live! (23) Perish the thought! (24) You’re my top
    rank so far. (25) So tell the truth- how have the other guys been? (26) That
    sounds like a big act to follow. (28) I can tell from your eyes that you have
    a genuine soul. (29) I ranked you 6th. (30) I ranked you 2nd. (31) I ranked
    you 5th. (32) I ranked you 3rd. (33) I ranked you 4th. (34) I ranked you 1st.
    {Museum: Chips, Styrofoam Cup}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 25 | HORMONE HAVOC (BRETT)                                             |
    You need to get everyone inside the V.I.P. room, but Becky asked you to make
    sure no romantic things happen. So you need to make sure that two people that
    like each other are not together without you there. You can do this with the
    selections below.
    (1) A present for me? (2) Fine I promise. (3) Bye! (4) Do I want to... (5)
    Talk to Alex (6) I’ll try not to take that personally. (7) What?  Are you
    saying I’m boring? (8) Smacks?  What does that mean, like, smells? (9) No,
    taste makes sense, you can make a smack sound with your lips, so maybe it’s a
    mouth thing. (10) If there’s one thing I’m known for it’s half-decency. (11)
    Chocolate fudge, actually. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Brett - Chocolate
    Fudge, Actually} (12) Well, I’m no Danny. (13) I was joking. (14) You’re not a
    fan of dancing, are you? (15) Revolution- Man, what’s up with club names? (16)
    Like Pantheon. (17) Yeah, or like Apollo. (18) WORSHIP THE DANCE!  WORSHIP THE
    DANCE! (19) For once, you’re right- I am the classic dancing fool. (20) I’m
    actually not nearly as bad as Danny. (21) Hey, I am NOT a dork. (22) I stand
    by my French Horn skills. (23) Please please please go in with me? (24) Do I
    want to... (25) Talk to Erica. (26) How are you holding up? (27) Nobody’s
    looking at you. (28) The perfect ratio of people are looking at you. (29) Glad
    enough to come in with me? (30) Only for a few minutes. (31) But only for a
    few minutes! (32) You’re lookin’ fiiiiiiine. (33) Definitely. Except maybe the
    glasses. (34) Hey- a lot of people are into the whole sexy librarian thing.
    (35) The fifth amendment was written for moments like these. (36) The VIP room
    is going to be HOT! (37) Nothing we can’t handle, right? (38) What say we go
    inside? (39) Do I want to... (40) Talk to Danny. (41) Oh yeah. You are so
    money. (42) Think more like nickels and dimes. (43) Coin humor aside, you look
    fine, so don’t sweat it. (44) That would require serious change on your part.
    (45) You want to go inside? (46) Sure. Why not? (47) You watch too much
    wrestling. Or read too much poetry. I’m not sure which. (48) If you know so
    much, then why aren’t the girls lining up? (49) Why not have both? (50) You
    have your eye on anyone in particular? (51) You like Erica, don’t you? (52)
    You can’t hook up with her tonight. (53) Yeah...I know it’s selfish. (54)
    Let’s get you in the VIP room and away from her. (55) Do I want to... (56)
    Talk to Lucas. (57) Um, not with crappy Access pass situation. (58) What do
    you suggest? (59) Who you callin’ smart? (60) No, I just wasn’t aware your
    puny sentience could grasp my magnificent capacity for cognition. (61) Oh
    yeah?  Why? (62) Crap. You digging Alex? (63) A little. (64) You just told me,
    stupid. (65) Well I’m screwed. (66) If you hook up with Alex, my chances with
    Becky are blown. (67) Sorry, this whole things got me not thinking straight.
    (68) Phase two? (69) Why would you want melted ice?  Isn’t that just water?
    (70) Have you been yet? (71) It’s off the hook. (72) And by that, I mean tons
    of hot girls. (73) And I haven’t confirmed this, but I think a few may
    have...gone wild. (74) Oh, and don’t forget the fireman poles. (75) Enough
    talk. Let’s head in. (76) Do I want to... (77) Talk to Lucas. (78) Yes. (79)
    Do I want to... (80) Go outside. (81) Talk to Danny. (82) Yes. (83) Do I want
    to... (84) Go outside. (85) Do I want to... (86) Talk to Erica. (87) Yes. (88)
    Do I want to... (89) Talk to Danny. (90) Over Erica? (91) You’re not
    claustrophobic are you? (92) Just focus on the hundreds of people stealing
    your air. (93) Do I want to... (94) Talk to Alex. (95) Yes. (96) Do I want
    to... (97) Talk to Lucas. (98) Hey, before you do... (99) Alex told me
    something important and I don’t want her to see me tell you. (100) She’s not
    into you, she’s into Danny.  (101) Do I want to... (102) Talk to Danny. (103)
    Dirty look?  What dirty look? (104) Ready to get your dance on? (105) Do I
    want to... (106) Go outside. (107) Do I want to... (108) Talk to Lucas. (109)
    Uh... (110) Well look who’s here! {Art Gallery: Sanctuary}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 26 | GOLDEN BONUS: DAN'D UP STAND-UP (BRETT)                           |
    To be able to play this level you should have unlocked at least ten of Brett’s
    Golden Lines up until now. In this level you play as Danny and you need to
    make the right jokes to score with the ladies.
    (1) Maybe I should try some individualized humor... (2) I think it’s THE
    religion in terms of body image. - how often is somebody’s  god allowed to
    have a pot-belly? (3) Never marry for genetics- people will start accusing you
    of having an auxotrophy wife. (4) What does an interrupting cow sound like?
    (5) The south is the only place where saying something’s as hot as a ‘goat
    fart in a pepper patch’ is a good thing. (6) I mean, I knew she was an ice
    queen, but I didn’t know she doubled as the abominable snowman! (7) Who am I
    kidding- you have about as much chance of laughing as I do getting laid by
    (40) {Museum: Swizzle Stick}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 27 | SPRUNG (BRETT)                                                    |
    This last chapter for Brett can be played in multiple ways and is a big
    problem for a lot of people even if you do everything correctly. Start out as
    you want and choose which lady to take with you at the end, the item for the
    Art Gallery you get depends on this decision.
    Use the senctences below to get as much money from Conor as you can. Decide
    for yourself how many times you want to say More to get to an amount you don’t
    have yet, repeat the chapter multiple times to fill in the gaps.
    (1) Sure, what’s on your mind, Conor? (2) You want to just forfeit this
    contest before it starts, Conor? (3) I’m smart enough to know that listening
    never killed anyone. (4) Becky. (5) Great. (6) Yeah, well, me too. (7)
    whatever, don’t pull any punches for my sake. (8) More. (Skip this to get
    Museum: Five Hundred Bucks!) (9) More. (Skip this to get Museum: A Thousand
    Bucks!) (10) More. (Skip this to get Museum: Two Thousand Bucks!) (11) Deal.
    (If you've said More three times, you'll get Museum: Five Thousand Bucks!)
    (12) Forget that chump, I’m in for the long haul with a wallet full of cash!
    If you’re not going for the money but for the last joke in the Joke Book,
    choose these options in this order from the beginning.
    (1) You’re damn right we gotta talk! (2) Sorry, bro, no time for chatter. I
    have to go meet some ladies and I don’t want to keep them waiting. (3) Oh,
    that’s right, sorry, I forgot! (4) Erica. (5) Are you happy now, blondie? (6)
    Sure did, Fabio, would you rather me say something about the size of your
    gynormous head? (7) That’s pretty impressive. (8) May the best man win. (9)
    No. (10) No. (11) Yeah, I get it. I just didn’t think it was funny. {Musuem:
    Joke Book - The Skunk Joke}
    (1) I’d be happy to buy, what’re you drinking? (2) So...who’s first, ladies?
    (3) Why don’t we go to the Nature Trail? (4) Erica, you’ll give me your
    Fantasy Pendant, right? (5) Erica, I really want to win this contest, just
    give me your Token and you’d  really be helping me out. (6) We’re not breaking
    any rules! (7) Erica, I will take you on the cruise with me if you give me
    your Dating Token. (8) I promise. {Museum: Green Pendant} (9) [Get back to the
    lodge, take Conor down, and grab the woman of your choice for a Caribbean
    cruise!] (10) I got a pendant, how about you? (11) Whatever, Kiki. Becky,
    let’s get it on. (12) Let’s go to the Nature Trail. (13) It’s so quiet. (14)
    Conor, shut up! (15) DUDE STOP IT! (16) Becky, if you wanted to haul office
    furniture cross-country in a semi-truck, I’m sure I could arrange something
    with my father. (17) Yeah, I don’t think I’m really into her, though. (18) Not
    Kiki either. (19) Use item. (Select the Ear Plugs!) (20) Just ignore him,
    Becky. (21) No. (22) Yeah, she’s nice, but I’m kind of into someone else. (23)
    I’m just going to have to wait and see what the deal with Erica is. (24) Dude,
    you know those pills Elliott gave you are laxatives, not steroids, right? (25)
    I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t get my head that
    far up my own butt. (26) Oh, didn’t you hear?  They developed a vaccine for
    Herpes Simplex Idiot. (27) If you were any stupider, you’d have to be watered
    twice a week. (28) OH!  Thanks for reminding me!  I forgot to clean out your
    mom’s cage! (29) I didn’t say anything! (30) Conor, your blatant attempts to
    talk smack are wearing thin. (31) Becky, don’t be so superficial! (32) QUIT
    POINTING YOUR FINGER GUN AT ME! (33) What?! (34) I don’t think I have any
    change. (35) Tails. (36) What is it? (37) Nevermind. Give it to Conor. (38)
    Becky, I don’t think that you should go with either of us. (39) This whole
    thing is completely juvenile. You’re a woman, not a prize. (40) Becky, let’s
    head straight for the top, it’s time to get up there and snatch our dreams...
    (41) Sure, we may be just a couple of punks with nothing but a nickel in our
    shoes and some big dreams... (42) ...We’ll burn garbage for warmth and live in
    a refrigerator box right outside the Empire State Building if we have to! (43)
    Well...? {Museum: Blue Pendant, Red Pendant}
    (1) Erica. {Art Gallery: Erica On The Deck}
    (1) Becky. {Art Gallery: Game On!}
    (1) Kiki. {Art Gallery: Do Not Disturb}
    {Art Gallery: Strike A Pose}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 28 | THE ARRIVAL (BECKY)                                               |
    Becky’s first chapter and not a tough one. If you play like described below
    you will get all the items available, if you don’t you can miss out on the
    necklace. You’ll start with below items in your inventory.
    {Museum: Cell Phone – Sean’s #, Make-up Kit, Bracelet, Baby Picture Of Sean}
    (1) We’re gonna rock this mountain so hard. (2) Thank you, Brett. (3) Thanks
    for coming to the mountain with me. (4) It’s okay. Good riddance. (5) I think
    she has a crush on you. (6) Wherever her attraction is coming from, we can be
    sure it’s not your life jacket. (7) Yeah, he’s all about you. All about
    running away from you! (8) Darn right. (9) You aren’t actually capable of
    thinking before speaking, are you? (10) What?  Ho Bird Mountain? {Museum:
    Golden Line Notebook For Becky - What? Ho Bird Mountain?} (11) Get outta here,
    Kiki! (12) Me too. (13) That was in sixth grade. (14) Thanks for your advice,
    Erica. (15) Don’t worry, we’ll find someone for you. (16) By the time you
    leave this mountain I promise you will have gone on at least one date. (17)
    Thank you, and you’re my...BFF. {Museum: Best Friends Forever Necklace} (18)
    Thanks, Erica. {Museum: Pepper Spray} {Art Gallery: Mountain Girl Becky}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 29 | THE LOST MODEL SCOUT (BECKY)                                      |
    In this chapter you will make an important decision that will determine the
    outcome of the rest of Becky’s story. You will get the chance to become a
    model, but you can also be a waitress. Connected to each profession there are
    a few specific sections that will not appear in the other story.
    OPTION 1
    Take this route if you want to be a model.
    (1) How’s it going? (2) Terrific! (3) How’s your day been? (4) Good to hear
    it. (5) Well, not professional... (6) Who’s ‘we’? (7) That sounds interesting.
    (8) (lying) I’ve worked the occasional gig. (9) SO MUCH! (10) I do! (11) I’ve
    wanted to be a model ever since I was three years old! {Museum: Golden Line
    Notebook For Becky - I’ve Wanted To Be A Model Ever Since I Was Three Years
    Old!} (12) I don’t think that’s such a good idea. (13) I’d hate to ruin our
    work relationship. (14) The one we might have. (15) I have to be professional.
    (16) Perhaps someday it could work out. (17) Perhaps we can negotiate that...
    (18) How about fifty dollars a day? (19) Plus a free lift ticket. (20) And a
    bus pass. (21) That’s all I want. {Museum: Business Card, Cell Phone –
    Elliot’s #, Hairbrush, Chewing Gum, Gasoline} {Art Gallery: Born To Model}
    OPTION 2
    Take this route if you want to be a waitress.
    (1) So I hear you’re looking for models? (2) Calm down there, cutie. (3) It
    must be tough, dealing with all these lunatics. (4) So, you having a good day?
    (5) So, I hear you’re looking for models? (6) Well, not professional... (7)
    How much are you paying? (8) I’d be perfect for that! (9) (lying) I’ve worked
    the occasional gig. (10) SO MUCH! (11) I do! (12) I’ve wanted to be a model
    ever since I was three years old! {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky -
    I’ve Wanted To Be A Model Ever Since I Was Three Years Old!} (13) I don’t
    think that’s such a good idea. (14) (lying) I’m married. (15) I’m not really
    married. (16) I’m divorced. (17) If I hook up with you, will you make me a
    model? (18) What’d you have in mind? {Museum: Keys} (19) (Wait for him to walk
    away then sneak out through the back exit)
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 30 | THE SKETCHY EX-BOYFRIEND (BECKY)                                  |
    A confrontation with Sean, nothing special in this section.
    {Museum: Cell Phone – Alex’s #, Nail File} (1) Sean. (2) Juggling cabbages.
    What does it look like I’m doing? (3) You’re serious? (4) As serious as
    cheating on your girlfriend of two years? (5) No you’re not. (6) ... (7) ...
    (8) ... (9) ... (10) ... (11) ... (12) You done? (13) Are you freakin’ kidding
    me? (14) Friends don’t do what you did. (15) What? (16) That’s a pretty messed
    up world view, even for you. (17) When did I ever lie to you? (18) It was a
    surprise party!  If I didn’t lie it wouldn’t have been a surprise! (19) No!
    (20) Look... (21) I really can’t do this. I pretty much hate you right now.
    (22) Eat yellow snow and die. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky - Eat
    Yellow Snow And Die. (23) Sean, I hate you!  Get out of my life! (24) No way!
    {Art Gallery: Breaking Free}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 31 | GUESS WHO (BECKY)                                                 |
    Brett sends Becky on a blind date and in this chapter you’re trying to find
    out who that is.
    (1) It’s all right, I guess. (2) Right. Bring on the boys. (3) Who? (4) A
    blind date?  Sounds fun. (5) There’s Leanne over in the lounge. If there’s
    gossip to be had, she’s got it! (6) Hi Leanne. (7) We haven’t met. My name’s
    Becky. (8) Buy you a drink? (9) A mint julep? (10) You know everything there
    is to know around here, right? (11) I have a question for ya... (12) Do you
    know who Brett set me up with? (13) Couldn’t hurt to try buttering up Brett
    one more time, maybe he’ll cave. (14) You tell me, buuudddy. {Museum: Golden
    Line Notebook For Becky – You Tel Me, Buuuddy} (15) Sounds fun. Mind if I join
    you? (16) That’s gender discrimination! {Museum: Texas Flame Hot Sauce} (17)
    There’s Leanne over in the lounge. If there’s gossip to be had, she’s got it!
    (18) Hi Leanne. (19) Use item. (Select the Texas Flame Hot Sauce!) (20) I have
    a question for ya... (21) Do you know any of Brett’s guy friends? (22) Sure!
    {Museum: Sweatshirt, Cell Phone – Leanne’s #} (23) Hey, who’s the dark and
    handsome stranger on the dance floor? (24) Hi. Are you Lucas? (25) Use item.
    (Select Sweatshirt!) (26) Why shouldn’t I tell her? {Museum: Cell Phone –
    Lucas’ #} (27) Don’t worry, I won’t tell her. (28) What does he look like?
    {Museum: Rose} {Art Gallery: Blind Date Fantasy}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 32 | GIFT OF GAB (BECKY)                                               |
    An easy section in which you’re just collecting some information to pass on
    the Leanne later on.
    (1) [Talk to Erica.] (2) Sure! (3) The green one. Definitely. (4) Got any dirt
    on Kiki? (5) [Talk to Kiki.] (6) Pucker-up pink! (7) No, I gotta get ready to
    go meet Danny. (8) Let’s talk about other people. (9) Thanks Kiki, that’s
    perfect! (10) [Talk to Alex.] (11) So Alex, heard any good gossip? (12) I’m
    really sorry about that. (13) Really? (14) [Go tell Leanne.] (15) Guess what I
    just heard! (16) Well... (17) Hmmm... (18) Actually... (19) So what d’ya
    think? {Museum: Gift Card} {Art Gallery: Leanne And Lucas}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 33 | BLIND DATE (BECKY)                                                |
    Most of the items in this chapter you’ve gotten before or are available later
    on in another way. But you do have to play this level more than once if you
    want to unlock everything there’s available, in the form of items, Art Gallery
    material and a Golden Line.
    OPTION 1
    Choose this route for the Joke Book, the Laxatives and the Art Gallery
    material named Poor Poor Danny.
    (1) Uh huh. Danny, right? (2) Nice to meet you, Danny Dan Daniel. {Museum:
    Cell Phone – Danny’s #} (3) Non (4) The raw oysters. (5) What? (6) I think I’m
    gonna be sick. (7) No, I just may have caught a stomach bug. Excuse me. [Run
    to the bathroom.] (8) [Call a friend for advice.] (9) [Call Brett! He got you
    into this mess!] (10) You can’t be serious? (11) Danny’s not really my type,
    Brett. (12) Wow. Cheap shot. (13) I’ll let him off easy. But you owe me. (14)
    [You return to the table.] (15) I’ll have... (16) The cracked crab with
    truffle sauce. (17) OK. What do you want to know? (18) The truth?  I love
    tearing down the side of a mountain. (19) Really? (First choice!) (20) OK.
    (First choice!) (21) Maybe. (First choice!) (22) No... (23) Don’t be, I’m
    having a lovely time. (Second choice!) (24) Really. (25) [Call for help!] {Art
    Gallery: Poor Poor Danny} {Museum: Joke Book, Laxatives} (26) Did you get
    anything else? {Museum: Pocket Knife}
    OPTION 2
    Choose this route for the available Golden Line in this chapter.
    (1) Yes. You must be Danny. (2) That’s really nice of you. Thanks. {Museum:
    Cell Phone – Danny’s #} (3) Smoking (4) I usually order the chicken salad. (5)
    I give up. (6) I think I’m gonna be sick. (7) No, I just may have caught a
    stomach bug. Excuse me. Run to the bathroom.] (8) [Climb out the bathroom
    window.] (9) [Sneak around to the front for your coat.] (10) [Stop and wave at
    him.] (11) Actually, I was just leaving. (12) Right...Would you get it for me?
    (13) [Laugh awkwardly.] (14) Oh come on!  This is A material!  You can use it
    in your act! (15) Hey, my grandma called. She wants her hat back. {Museum:
    Golden Line Notebook For Becky - Hey, My Grandma Called. She Wants Her Hat
    Back} (16) [Cry like a girl.] {Museum: Laxatives}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 34 | SHOT BY A HIPPY (BECKY)                                           |
    You will only play this level if you chose to be a model in the beginning.
    There are no hard choices or multiple directions, so just go along the options
    (1) It’s...fuzzy... (2) So how’s it going? (3) Got it, no need to repeat. (4)
    So how’s it going? (5) Probably the same place you left your brain,
    tree-hugger. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky - Probably The Same Place
    You Left Your Brain, Tree-hugger} (6) So how’s it going? (7) Can I punch you
    in the face? { Museum: Love Beads} (8) I have something to tell you. (9) Salad
    chocolate burger. (10) Yellow spectacular read. (11) Sandals hyperventilate
    water. (12) Phone wolf dear. (13) Brain salad quirk. (14) Molasses funky
    dream. (15) How was that...? {Museum: Peace Sign Button} (16) How should I
    pose for the shoot? (17) Should I pose by the steps? (18) With the skis? (19)
    And make an apathetic face? (20) On the steps. (21) With the skis. (22) And an
    apathetic face. {Museum: Incense, Money – Fifty Bucks, Cell Phone – Shana’s #}
    {Art Gallery: Smile For The Camera}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 35 | SOUTHERN COMFORT (BECKY)                                          |
    You will only play this level if you chose to be a waitress in the beginning.
    There are no hard choices or multiple directions, so just go along the options
    (1) What do I have to do? (2) I got it. (3) Hello, my name is Becky. (4) What
    do you do for fun? (5) Do you ever go skinny-dipping? {Museum: Golden Line
    Notebook For Becky - Do You Ever Go Skinny-Dipping?} (6) Are you ready to
    order? (7) What can I get you to drink? (8) Soda? (9) Coffee? (10) Tea? (11)
    What can I get you to eat? (12) Almond-crusted salmon? (13) Linguini in clam
    sauce? (14) Chef salad? (15) Would you like anything else? (16) If that’s
    everything... (17) Let me get your food and beverage... (18) Absolutely,
    ma’am. (19) Water. (20) Bacon and beans with corn. (21) Shepherd’s pie. (22)
    How’s your meal? (23) Don’t worry, it’s good for you. (24) Just cause a
    chicken’s got wings don’t mean it can fly. (25) Look, you’re my first
    customer. (26) Please please please please!  I’m sure we can work this out!
    {Museum: Money – Twenty-Five Bucks} (27) Of course. {Art Gallery: Born To
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 36 | BONUS: SNOW BIRD SHOPPING SPREE (BECKY)                           |
    In this chapter you can add a lot of items to your Museum, but you can only
    keep a couple of them. That’s why you need to make a choice and say you don’t
    want to purchase the items. You do need enough money if you want to be able to
    get the Radio and the Silver Ring, if you don’t have it you can just skip that
    (1) Yes...I did... (2) The best I’ve ever seen. (3) Yes. (4) Radio for $50
    {Museum: Radio} (5) No. (6) Ring for $50 {Museum: Silver Ring} (7) No. (8)
    Mittens for $25 {Museum: Mittens} (9) Candle for $25 {Museum: Candle} (10) No.
    (11) Wallet for $25 {Museum: Pink Wallet} (12) Comb for $25 {Museum: Comb}
    (13) Yes. {Art Gallery: Becky With The Boys}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 37 | EX-BOYFRIEND ROADBLOCK (BECKY)                                    |
    Becky is trying to get into the club, but her ex-boyfriend Sean is guarding
    the door and gives you trouble.
    (1) Hey, I’m in a hurry. (2) How’s the new job? (3) You’re looking good.
    (Second choice!) (4) So, you’re the doorman? (5) Think you can get me in? (6)
    No, I don’t have time! (7) I have to meet someone in there. (8) Erica. (9) As
    long as it takes. (10) Not sure yet. (11) Yes. (12) Bird bending bush back.
    (13) Yellow yoyo yawning you’re yuck. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky
    - Yellow Yoyo Yawning You’re Yuck} (14) Where were wonderful weasels? (15)
    Diving dogs dumps donkeys down. {Museum: VIP Sanctuary Club Pass} {Art
    Gallery: Find Me At The Club}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 38 | CONQUERING CONOR (BECKY)                                          |
    Nothing special about this level, just keep selecting the below choices and
    ignore the phone call because it’s useless.
    (1) [Ignore It] (2) Hey cuteness, how’s it hanging? (3) I’m your fantasy, but
    you can call me Becky. (4) I know. (5) I’ve been watching you. (6) So, what do
    you do for fun? (7) I ride a soft-tail. (8) It’s this new kind of board that
    just came out. (9) I lied, there’s no such thing. (10) Cause snowboarders are
    so hot. (11) Let’s talk about something else... (12) So, where do you work?
    (13) Do you two get along? (14) Do you want to talk about it? (15) You should
    just ignore him. (16) Let’s talk about something else... (17) So, what’s the
    craziest thing you’ve ever done? (18) You don’t have to. (19) I’ve got an even
    crazier story! (20) One time, my friend mixed ketchup with apple sauce and I
    ate it. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky - One Time, My Friend Mixed
    Ketchup With Apple Sauce And I Ate It} (21) Another time, I kissed my best
    friend Erica on the lips. (22) Let’s talk about something else... (23) Wanna
    hang out this weekend? {Museum: Cell Phone – Conor’s #} {Art Gallery: Conor Is
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 39 | BONUS: KISS FACE RACE (BECKY)                                     |
    There’s a timer on the screen on the right and you need to clear this chapter
    before that time is up. So remember what you have to say and cancel all the
    texts to save time. You also need to have received the Nintendo DS within the
    time limit to really finish the chapter successfully.
    (1) Do you like skiing? (2) [Kiss Him!!!] (3) That’s an interesting hat... (4)
    [Kiss Him!!!] (5) The square root of 16,641 is less than 132? (6) [Kiss
    Him!!!] (7) Sure, but make it quick? (8) [Kiss Him!!!] (9) Kiss me!!! (10)
    [Kiss Him!!!] (11) You’re so annoying! (12) [Kiss Him!!!] {Museum: Nintendo DS}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 40 | MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS (BECKY)                                     |
    Again, nothing special in this chapter. Just go along the sentences below and
    you will get all the available items.
    (1) [Get advice from Brett] (2) Hanging out. (3) Erica. (4) Listen, I’m sorta
    going out with this guy and I need dating advice. (5) You don’t know him. (6)
    Skip. (7) I met him in a ski-lift. (8) Look Brett, I really need advice. Can
    you help me or not? (9) What should I talk about? (10) How should I act? (11)
    What should I wear? (12) Thanks so much, Brett, I really appreciate it. I
    gotta go. {Museum: Cell Phone – Shana’s #, Book Of Horoscopes} (13) Shana?
    (14) Use Item (Select the Book Of Horoscopes!) (15) This book is as inane as
    you are! {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky - This Book Is As Inane As
    You Are!} (16) Sure, I don’t want this crap. (17) Shana, do you have something
    for me? {Museum: Hairpin} (18) I need dating advice. (19) What should I talk
    about? (20) How should I act? (21) What should I wear? (22) Thanks for your
    help, Shana. (23) [Get advice from Erica] (24) Hey, I’m going on this date and
    I need your help. (25) It probably won’t even work out. (26) He’s really cute.
    (27) Conor. (28) We’ll see what happens. (29) Can you give me any advice for
    the date? {Museum: Perfume From Erica} (30) [Get advice from Kiki] (31) Hey,
    Kiks! (32) I need dating advice. (33) I promise. {Museum: Perfume From Kiki}
    (34) [Get ready for your date] {Art Gallery: Hopeless Romantic}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 41 | BONUS: BECKY'S CINE-DREAM (BECKY)                                 |
    A weird chapter during a dream Becky has. You can’t do anything wrong really,
    check out this solution.
    (1) Who’s Ms. Raine? (2) If you’re my employee could you fetch me a drink?
    {Museum: Drinks} (3) Just please tell me what’s going on!!! (4) Estate? (5)
    Toss the innocent act Elton. If I was interested in humble, I would have
    ordered a pie. (6) Oh, I’ve driven snow like yours before, and always down a
    dead end street. (7) [Slap him] (8) Talk! (9) Police Station? (10) Brenault! 
    You old horse thief, you carpet bagger! (11) And who says I haven’t come back
    to set the crooked things straight? (12) My interpreter’s on holiday, Jack, If
    you’ve got something to say to me say it in plain English. (13) So fess up!
    (14) Pier? (15) Stop flapping your gums like you were the keynote speaker at
    some crazy dental convention- I need info! (16) Sister, the only place you’re
    expanding is into the midsection of that three dollar dress you’re wearing.
    (17) Spill the beans! {Museum: Hedgehog, ID}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 42 | READY, SET, DATE (BECKY)                                          |
    You’re going on a date with Conor and need you look your best. If you don’t do
    everything below, especially the right order of make-up, Conor will not
    appreciate the kiss at the end.
    {Museum: High Heels, Go-Go Boots, Slippers} (1) I need advice on Conor... (2)
    What’s his family like? (3) What’s his favorite food? (4) That’s all. (5) Use
    Item (Use the Nail File!) (6) Use Item (Use the Hairbrush!) (7) Use Item (Use
    the Chewing Gum!) (8) Use Item (Use the Perfume From Erica!) (9) Use Item (Use
    the High Heels!) (10) Use Item (Use the Make-Up Kit and first choose Cover-Up,
    then Lipliner and then all remaining options from top to bottom!) (11) Time to
    go... (12) Hey, Conor. (13) Thank you. (14) Thanks. (15) Pretty good. (16) So,
    what’d you do today? (17) I went on a nature hike. (18) In the woods. (19) So,
    what do you feel like doing tonight? (20) We could go to the ski lift. (21)
    You wanna look down girls’ shirts. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky –
    You Wanna Look Down Girls’ Shirts} (22) We could go to the Tap Room. (23) The
    soup. (24) So, what’s your family like? (25) I’ll bet you’re a momma’s boy.
    (26) So, you’re pretty cute... (27) Your face is just... (28) Your eyes...
    (29) Your lips... (30) [Hold his Hand] (31) [Kiss Him] {Art Gallery: Conor
    Gets Lucky}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 43 | SNOW BIRD CATFIGHT XXI (BECKY)                                    |
    Again another extra scene, in which there’s some insulting going on.
    (1) If you were twice as smart as you are now, you’d be absolutely stupid. (2)
    I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t get my head that
    far up my butt. (3) Is it just me, or have you put on weight since we started?
    (4) Oh, Danny? (5) Do you have a mirror on your fly? (6) Cause I can see
    myself in your pants. (7) Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn’t have
    given you worse advice. (8) How can you love nature when it did THAT to you?
    (9) Whatever look you were going for with that outfit...you missed. (10) Oh,
    Danny... (11) (Kiss Him!!!) (12) At least what you’re lacking in intelligence,
    you more than make up for in stupidity. (13) Are you always this ugly, or is
    today a special occasion? (14) I love what you’ve done with your hair. How did
    you get it to come out of your nostrils like that? {Museum: Magic Dove}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 44 | THE GREAT MINGLER (BECKY)                                         |
    A few reactions in this section depend on your choice to be a model or a
    waitress in the beginning, but it doesn’t affect what you can and can’t get or
    the progress in later levels.
    OPTION 1
    Follow this route if you chose to be a model earlier in the game.
    (1) Hey, Eliot! (2) Great. (3) Hanging out with Conor. (4) Going skiing. (5)
    Going home to sleep.
    OPTION 2
    Follow this route if you chose not to be a model earlier in the game.
    (1) Hey, Eliot! (2) Yes. (3) I tried to become a model. (4) I didn’t get the
    job. (5) I love your apartment.
    (1) We’re just dating casually. (2) Every other day. (3) Very. (4) So much.
    (5) Of course. (6) Good talking to you. (7) Later. (8) Hey, Leanne! (9) I’m
    great, how are you? (10) What’s wrong? (11) Play a trick on him to show him
    you like him. (12) Make sure you touch him very casually while he’s talking to
    you. (13) Also... (14) Make sure you talk a lot about yourself. (15) Be sure
    to ask him lots of questions about himself. (16) And... (17) Keep him
    wondering about if he’s getting a goodnight kiss. {Museum: Golden Line
    Notebook For Becky - Keep Him Wondering About If He’s Getting A Goodnight
    Kiss} (18) So what do you think? (19) Wanna play a game? (20) It’s a word
    game. (21) Grits? (22) Reckon. (23) Frog Strangler? (24) How’d I do? (25)
    Pleasure talking to you. (26) Bye. {Museum: Texas Flame Hot Sauce} (27) How
    you doing, Erica? (28) Can you please stick it out a bit longer? (29) Please!
    (30) Thank you! (31) Hey, Conor. (32) Great. (33) She’s cool. (34) Cool. (35)
    Thank you. {Museum: Watch} {Art Gallery: Charge It!}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 45 | SNOW BIRD'S TOP MODELS (BECKY)                                    |
    You will only play this level if you’re a model, not if you’re a waitress.
    (1) [Go to see Eliot] (2) Do you have anything for me? (3) Are you sure? (4)
    Sure. {Museum: Pinecone} (5) Use Item (Select your Cell Phone and then Shana’s
    #!) (6) It’s your phone, Shana. (7) Yeah. Look, can you set up equipment for
    Kiki’s photo-shoot today? (8) You promise? (9) Use Item (Select your Cell
    Phone and then Kiki’s #!) (10) Kiki? (11) Please get up. (12) I don’t believe
    you. (13) No, get up now! (14) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up!!! {Museum: Golden Line
    Notebook For Becky - Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake Up!!!} (15) Yes, I’ll be over in a
    few minutes. (16) [Go see Kiki] {Museum: Sneakers, Go-Go Boots, High Heels,
    Slippers} (17) Let’s get you ready. (18) Use Item (Choose the Go-Go Boots!)
    (19) Sure. (20) Use Item (Choose the Hairbrush!) (21) Use Item (Choose the
    Make-Up Kit and first use the Cover-Up, then the Lipliner and then the rest
    from top to bottom!) (22) Time to go! (23) Use Item (Select your Cell Phone
    and then Shana’s #!) (24) Shana? (25) Me? (26) Shana!!! (27) Shana, it’s
    Becky. (28) Right...Listen, I need your help. (29) You promised! (30) [Go see
    Shana] (31) Yes... {Museum: Modeling Portfolio} (32) [Go to see Eliot] (33)
    Great. (34) Yes. (35) Yes. (36) Use Item (Select the Modeling Portfolio!) (37)
    What do you think? (38) What? (39) You like them? {Museum: Money – One Hundred
    Bucks} {Art Gallery: Im Too Sexy, Soulmates}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 46 | CLASHING CLIQUES (BECKY)                                          |
    You will only play this level if you’re a waitress, not if you’re a model. You
    can collect a lot of things in the form of Museum item, a Golden Line and an
    Art Gallery item. The bad news is that you’ll need to play this level three
    times to get everything.
    OPTION 1
    Pick these sentences of you want to collect most of the items. The section
    won’t end as well, but you won’t get to game over.
    (1) Kiki, you have to leave her alone. (2) Because she’s my friend. (3) I am.
    {Museum: Tray Of Food, Bar Towel} (4) Alex, please just put the water down and
    step away from the glass... (5) She does. (6) Because you’re hotter than she
    is. {Museum: Glass Of Water} (7) Kiki, are you okay? (8) Where are you going?
    (9) I’m really sorry. (10) You should be nicer. (11) Don’t get Alex fired.
    (12) You’ll just feel awful about yourself.
    OPTION 2
    Pick these options if you want to earn the Golden Line, but you will end in
    game over.
    (1) Eh, I hate that girl. (2) Screw it, go bother the hell out of her. (3)
    Really? (4) Eh, go ahead. She deserves it. (5) She is. (6) Don’t do it!  We’ll
    all get fired! (7) Yes! (8) Kiki, are you okay? (9) Where are you going? (10)
    I’m really sorry. (11) It’s all my fault. (12) But you can’t get me fired.
    (13) Because you’ll just feel awful about yourself. (14) Alex, can I talk to
    you for a sec? (15) Let me explain Kiki to you. (16) She can be extremely
    difficult. (17) You can’t let her get to you. (18) She only does it because
    she lost her pet lizard in a tragic boating accident. {Museum: Golden Line
    Notebook For Becky - She Only Does It Because She Lost Her Pet Lizard In A
    Tragic Boating Accident} (19) Have I told you how much I enjoy working with
    you? (20) I’m serious, you’re the best coworker I’ve ever had. (21) I really
    admire the way you handle the customers. (22) You make working here so much
    easier. (23) Maybe you should apologize. (24) Kiki is a mixed up person. (25)
    But there’s people like her all over this mountain. (26) So we need to stick
    OPTION 3
    Pick these choices of you want to correctly finish the scene and also get the
    Art Gallery image.
    (1) Can you please leave her alone? (2) Because I’ll get fired. (3) Look Kiks,
    I really need this job. (4) You. (5) Alex, please just put the water down and
    step away from the glass... (6) She does. (7) Because you’re hotter than she
    is. {Museum: Glass Of Water} (8) What happened? (9) You’re not mad, are you?
    (10) I’m really sorry. (11) It’s all my fault. (12) Don’t get Alex fired. (13)
    Don’t ruin Alex’s life. (14) Alex, can I talk to you for a sec? (15) I need
    you to apologize to Kiki. (16) She might get you fired. (17) She definitely
    will. (18) Then you should apologize to Kiki. (19) Tell her you’re sorry you
    two never got along. (20) Do it for us! {Museum: Money – Fifty Bucks} {Art
    Gallery: Make Peace, Sprung Gang}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 47 | BONUS: PANIC ROOM (BECKY)                                         |
    A very short scene in which you need to keep Erica calm and get the item she
    drops at the end.
    (1) How can you tell? (2) Oh, we’re not that high up. (3) Erica, panicking
    isn’t going to solve anything. (4) OK, now you’re starting to freak me out.
    (5) Yeah, it is so too late for that. (6) Once there was a toadstool... (7)
    Become invisible. {Museum: Microchip}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 48 | BEST FRIEND CONNECTION (BECKY)                                    |
    In this chapter you can take two directions. You’re trying to convince Brett
    to go on a date with Erica, which you work or not. Which level you’ll play
    later on depends on this outcome.
    {Museum: Raw Dead Fish} (1) Thanks, Brett! (2) I’m sorry we haven’t hung out
    in so long... (3) It’s not okay, I’ve been a bad friend. (4) I’ve just been so
    busy...saving peoples’ lives. (5) Old man Riley. (6) He lives in a cave,
    plotting out evil against us ‘kids’. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky -
    He Lives In A Cave, Plotting Out Evil Against Us ‘Kids’} (7) We will...just
    not right now... (8) Erica is so awesome...
    OPTION 1
    Follow this route if you want Brett to go on a date with Erica.
    (1) She’s really cute... (2) She is cute. (3) She has a wonderful smile. (4)
    She’s really smart... (5) She just gets nervous. (6) Because she’s got a crush
    on you. (7) You’re so cute, going fishing in the hot tub... (8) You’re the
    coolest guy on the mountain. (9) You are. (10) You are. (11) You are. (12)
    Thank you. (13) You’re the sweetest guy on the mountain. (14) You’re the first
    boy I kissed. (15) I’ve known you my whole life. (16) You’re my best friend.
    (17) We ran away together when we were nine...for two hours. (18) Of course.
    (19) So, you’ll go out with Erica? (20) Let’s make a deal... (21) Let’s make a
    trade. (22) I’ll give you... (23) My Best Friends Forever necklace... (24)
    Your granny’s panties... {Museum: Granny Panties} (25) Okay, we’ll
    double-date. (26) Use Item (Select your Cell Phone and then Erica’s #!) (27)
    Cool, I’ll talk to you later. (28) A Best Friends necklace... {Museum: Best
    Friends Forever Necklace} {Art Gallery: Hooked Up!}
    OPTION 2
    Follow this route if you don’t want Brett to go on a date with Erica.
    (1) She’s really smart... (2) She is smart. (3) She was the valedictorian at
    our high school! (4) She’s a really good friend... (5) She’s been a good
    friend to me. (6) She gives great advice. (7) You’re so cute, going fishing in
    the hot tub... (8) You’re the sexiest guy on the mountain. (9) You are! (10)
    Brett, you really are hot. (11) Fine, you’re not. (12) You’re the coolest guy
    on the mountain. (13) You are. (14) You are. (15) You are. (16) Thank you.
    (17) So you’ll go out with Erica? (18) Let’s make a deal... (19) I’ll do
    something extra special for you... (20) I’m sure you do. (21) I’ve been
    waiting my whole life for this. (22) I prefer to see what I’m doing. (23)
    You’re the only person in the world I want to do this with. (24) Ready.
    {Museum: Pocket Knife} (25) How’s that? (26) How’s that? (27) How’s that?
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 49 | DOUBLE DATE DYSFUNCTION (BECKY)                                   |
    You will only play this level if you made sure that Brett is going on a date
    with Erica in Best Friend Connection.
    (1) Conor... (2) Shut up, big head. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky –
    Shut Up, Big Head.} (3) No. (4) I need you to lay off Brett. (5) Maybe, but
    you need to be the bigger person. (6) Because I need you to. (7) Brett... (8)
    You should talk to Erica. (9) Flirt with her. (10) Yes. (11) Yeah, go ahead.
    (12) Eyes. (13) Erica... (14) Right... (15) You should talk to him. (16) I’ll
    whisper in your ear what you should say and all you have to do is repeat it.
    (17) ‘Hi.’ (18) ‘You look nice tonight.’ (19) ‘I think I’ll have the trout.’
    (20) ‘Isn’t Becky the most awesomest?’ (21) Conor... {Museum: Bucket} (22)
    Fine. (23) Use Item (Use the Bucket!) (24) It’s just right. (25) Let’s order.
    {Art Gallery: Double Date Dance}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 50 | BAD NEWS FOR ERICA (BECKY)                                        |
    You will only play this level if you made sure that Brett is not going on a
    date with Erica in Best Friend Connection.
    (1) So, about Brett... (2) Brett’s been acting really weird since we got to
    this mountain. (3) I’m worried about him. (4) Sometimes I think Brett might
    have mental retardation. (5) Haha...Brett’s a retard...funny... {Museum:
    Golden Line Notebook For Becky - Haha...Brett’s A Retard...Funny...} (6) Stop
    bashing yourself. (7) Because it’s not true. (8) How can you not see how
    incredible you are? (9) The only difference between a hot girl and one who’s
    not is confidence. (10) Why can’t you see yourself like everyone else does?
    (11) You’re an incredible person. (12) Do you have any idea how many girls
    wish they were as hot as you? (13) You have the most incredible eyes. (14)
    There’s no one I’d rather have Brett be with than you. (15) I really wish I
    could be as strong and independent and free-spirited as you. (16) Brett’s a
    tool. (17) He’s an idiot for not going out with you. (18) He has no idea what
    he’s missing out on. (19) He doesn’t deserve to be on the same mountain as
    you. (20) I know so. (21) I think there’s been a misunderstanding. (22) I’m
    not in love with Brett. (23) I don’t feel that way about Brett. (24) Erica, I
    promise you the reason it didn’t work out with you and Brett has nothing to do
    with me. (25) Of course. {Museum: Chewing Gum} (26) Let’s go to the spa. (27)
    We’ll figure something out. {Art Gallery: Day At The Spa}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 51 | BONUS: HYP HYP HOORAY (BECKY)                                     |
    An extra bonus scene in which you’re having fun hypnotizing Conor and Elliot.
    There aren’t any weird things to take in account, but do watch which options
    to pick!
    (1) You HAVE to teach me how to do that. {Museum: Lighter} (2) Use Item (Use
    the Lighter!) (3) Nothing important, Elliot. (Second choice!) (4) Positive.
    (Third choice!) (5) See that you do! (First choice!) (6) So Elliot...how’s the
    skiing been? (First choice!) (7) I just love getting to relax on vacation. (8)
    I know what you mean- I’m so uptight that sometimes I need to just relax my 
    standards. (9) And that’s all I intend to do on this trip- just kick back and
    relax. (10) [clap in his face] (11) Sleep! (12) Elliot!  Give me a present!
    {Museum: Brown Wallet} (13) Use Item (Use the Lighter!) (14) Don’t worry
    Conor, nobody’s going to hypnotize you. (Third choice!) (15) Why would you be
    worried? (Second choice!) (16) Don’t worry- without Leanne’s help I wouldn’t
    know how! (Third choice!) (17) Probably- I’m already tired from all the
    effort. (18) My uncle did something like that, but now he’s reTIRED. (19) You
    never get tired of talking about yourself do you? (20) [clap] (21) Sleep! (22)
    Conor, admit you have stupid name!
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 52 | SEEKING THE TRUTH (BECKY)                                         |
    The best result in this section you can get when you’re not friends with Alex,
    that’s the case if you chose to be a model and not a waitress. Only then can
    you get the Golden Line in this chapter.
    (1) [Alex] (2) Can I talk to you? (3) Remember that time you needed someone to
    hook up with your boyfriend and I was right there, helping you out? {Museum:
    Golden Line Notebook For Becky - Remember That Time You Needed Someone To Hook
    Up With Your Boyfriend And I Was Right There, Helping You Out?} (4) I’m sorry
    I haven’t been so nice to you. (5) I really wanna make it up to you. (6) Is
    Conor cheating on me? (7) Who with? (8) There’s a picture?! (9) [Kiki] (10)
    Have you heard anything about a picture that’s floating around? (11) You’re my
    friend, right Kiki? (12) Why are you lying to me? (13) I know you have the
    picture. (14) Who are you trying to protect? (15) Do you know the person Conor
    was making out with? (16) Skank! (17) Give me the photo, slut. {Museum: Photo
    Evidence} (18) I’m outta here. You better watch your back. (19) [Conor] (20) I
    can’t believe you cheated on me, you bastard! (21) Oh, really? (22) Then what
    would this be? (23) Use Item (Select the Photo Evidence!) (24) I hate you!  Go
    get in an accident! (25) Get out of my face, you big-headed bastard! (26)
    Heels. {Museum: High Heels}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 53 | SERVING THE FREEZING DISH (BECKY)                                 |
    There are multiple routes in this section and multiple things you can do to
    get back at Conor. The one below is the easiest and freakiest one.
    (1) I have to talk to you. (2) So, your father... (3) Does he still hate your
    guts? (4) He has a lot of connections on the mountain. (5) A financial
    advisor. (6) He loves you. (7) Because you owe me. (8) [Take his dad’s number]
    {Museum: Cell Phone – Conor’s Father’s #} (9) So can I have the number? (10)
    Please! (11) Fine, forget it. (12) [Call up Conor’s father] (13) Mr. Hamilton,
    you need my help. (14) A friend of your son’s. (15) To help you. (16) Conor is
    romantically involved with your mistress. {Art Gallery: Lick My Boot}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 54 | BONUS: SAY IT IN SNOWBOARD (BECKY)                                |
    A little scene in which you have to say cooler stuff about your skiing
    performace than all your opponents.
    (1) I’m gonna bomb a jump at 50 miles! (2) As if, lottoey. I’ll be shredding
    the mountain while you face plant on the bunny hill. (3) Hey Lucas, can you
    teach me how to nose manual later? (4) ..... (5) I can gap the frozen creek in
    the backcountry trail. (6) You’re like an Artic Cougar only young and poor.
    (7) First you gotta come with me and rip the sweet cherry powder on the South
    side. (8) ...... (9) I can boost ten feet off of the tabletop with my eyes
    closed. (10) ....... {Museum: Ski Equipment}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 55 | AN EYE FOR AN EYE (BECKY)                                         |
    The progress in this chapter kind of depends on your chosen profession.
    OPTION 1
    Go along this route if you’ve been a model throughout the game.
    (1) Hey there, Elliot (2) Fabulous. (3) I want to talk about Conor. (4) Well,
    I guess Kiki is too hot to resist. (5) Yeah, I heard him mumbling something on
    his cell phone... (6) With Leanne... (7) Like this. (Second choice!) (8) I
    don’t remember exactly... (9) Maybe. The voices in my head say a lot of
    things. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky - Maybe. The Voices In My Head
    Say A Lot Of Things} (10) I want to talk about you. (11) I just think you’re
    really brilliant. (12) I just think you’re really cute. (13) Taye Diggs cute.
    (14) I wanna know what makes Elliot flow. (15) Your sense of adventure? (16)
    Your business sense? (17) Your charming, sensitive side? (18) Your sense of
    style? (19) So, wanna get in the hot tub? (20) What is it? (21) Are we still
    talking about Conor? (22) By mad, do you mean filled with a blind, murderous
    rage?!! (23) Get in the hot tub or I’ll scream! (24) Look, when I put an offer
    on the table, guys don’t turn me down. (25) [Kiss Elliot.] {Art Gallery:
    Elliot, Watch Out!} (26) Conor! (27) What right do you have to be mad? (28)
    [Taunt Conor.] (29) He’s a much better kisser. {Museum: Candy}
    OPTION 2
    Go along this route if you’ve been a waitress throughout the game.
    (1) Hi there, Elliot (2) Before he broke my heart! (3) That’s interesting, he
    said some stuff about you too... (4) Yeah, I heard him mumbling something on
    his cell phone... (5) With Leanne... (6) Like this. (Second choice!) (7) I
    don’t remember exactly... (8) Maybe. The voices in my head say a lot of
    things. {Museum: Golden Line Notebook For Becky - Maybe. The Voices In My Head
    Say A Lot Of Things.} (9) I want to talk about you. (10) I wanna know what
    makes Elliot flow. (11) Your sense of adventure? (12) Your business sense?
    (13) Your charming, sensitive side? (14) Your sense of style? (15) So, wanna
    get in the hot tub? (16) What is it? (17) Water under the bridge. Speaking of
    water... (18) How can I be mad on a night as beautiful as tonight? (19) Get in
    the hot tub and I’ll free YOUR mind. (20) Oh, stay and look at the stars with
    me. (21) No, will you show me? (22) I don’t see it. (23) Is it that one? (24)
    [Kiss Elliot.] {Art Gallery: Elliot, Watch Out!} (25) Conor! (26) What right
    do you have to be mad? (27) [Taunt Conor.] (28) He’s a much better kisser.
    {Museum: Candy}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 56 | GOLDEN BONUS: TRADING PLACES (BECKY)                              |
    You will only play this section if you got more than ten Golden Lines in one
    playthrough and you will play it with Conor.
    (1) You must be new here. (2) I’m Conor. So what’s it like, being the
    prettiest girl in the room? (3) That’s right. Casually dating. (4) And now I
    understand why she’s never introduced us. (5) I know. I hardly get to see her
    either. (6) Anyone in particular? (7) I couldn’t agree more. (8) That depends.
    hat makes you very important? (9) Oooh, Becky said you were a good kisser, but
    I had no idea. {Museum: Lock Pick}
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 57 | FINAL LEVEL PART I: FINDING FRIENDS (BECKY)                       |
    The first of the final bunch of Becky’s last levels, the way Alex reacts can
    depend on your relationship with her.
    (1) Hey, Danny. (2) What the hell is your problem? (3) How’d you find out? (4)
    How’d you really find out? (5) Look, let me explain what happened. (6) It was
    a favor to Brett... (7) Yes. (8) Have you seen Brett anywhere? (9) What’d he
    say? (10) Where’s Erica? (11) Thanks, Danny. (12) Hey... (13) What’s wrong?
    (14) I’m so sick of you. (15) You know what would be really cool?  If I gave a
    crap what you thought! (16) I guess I’d be upset too if I looked like a guy.
    (17) Where’s Erica? (18) Thanks, Alex! (19) Erica, where have you been? (20)
    What’s going on here?! (21) I do! (22) What did Brett say to you? (23) Are you
    serious? (24) That was when we kissed. (25) What should I do? (26) I think I
    might be in love with him. (27) What else did he say? (28) I’ve gotta find
    him. (29) I’ve gotta go! (30) And you’re gonna be fine? (31) I know someone
    who’d be perfect for you. (32) Lucas. (33) I’m calling him. (34) Use Item.
    (Select your Cell Phone and then Lucas’ #!) (35) Hey Lucas, it’s Becky. (36)
    Am I the only one who doesn’t know? (37) There’s something I gotta ask you...
    (38) You know Erica, right? (39) So, what do you think of her? (40) So, she’s
    free tonight... (41) Later. (42) Well? (43) I promise to call you. {Museum:
    Toadstools} (44) Thanks.
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 58 | FINAL LEVEL PART II: RIPPING THE JACKER (BECKY)                   |
    A timer is started and you need to complete most of the conversation before
    you run out of time.
    (1) Get out of my way, Kiki. (2) Thanks for hooking up with my boyfriend. (3)
    I really thought he was the one. (4) Until I found out he was such a
    whale-hunter! (5) I wonder why I never hooked up with him. (6) Oh yeah! 
    Because of his disease. (7) Guys seem to want to hook up with you... (8) But
    they always want to date me. (9) And by the way... (10) Remember when we first
    met? (11) You were so cute in your little sun dress. (12) Now it’s more of a
    moon dress. (13) We became friends the first time we met. (14) Because no one
    else liked you. (15) Remember prom? (16) Oh wait, your date took off with
    someone else and never showed up. (17) Of course, Kiki.
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    You’ll make friends with Leanne, give back the stuff you found to Shana and
    hear from Elliot that Brett is leaving, so you need to be able to get past
    Sean to reach him.
    {Museum: Sunglasses, Magic Bandana, Camera} (1) Leanne... (2) The truth is I
    hooked up with Elliot. (3) But I didn’t know you two were together. (4) And I
    know he loves you. (5) I can tell by the way he looks at you. (6) I made out
    with him to get back at Conor. (7) If I had known you two were trying to get
    together I wouldn’t have done it. (8) Except Conor never really loved me.
    Elliot really cares about you. (9) No problem. (10) How’s it going, Shana?
    (11) Sure. (12) Use Item (Select the Sunglasses!) (13) Use Item (Select the
    Magic Bandana!) (14) Use Item (Selecteer the Camera!) (15) Use Item (Selecteer
    the Hairpin!) (16) That’s everything. (17) Where’s Brett? (18) Okay, I’ll go
    now. (19) I don’t have time for this. (20) To find Brett. (21) At his
    apartment. (22) How do you know? (23) Yeah, right. (24) I was just there and I
    didn’t see him. (25) Are you lying to me? (26) Where is he? (27) Sean, please
    tell me where Brett is? (28) Because he’s in love with me! (29) Why would you
    help me? (30) I guess people deserve second chances. I trust you. (31) Thanks.
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 60 | FINAL LEVEL PART IV: BLAST THE PAST (BECKY)                       |
    You've almost found Brett, but first you need to take care of Conor.
    (1) Go away. (2) You’re such an embarrassment! (3) Your best friend hooked up
    with me. (4) Your father still pays your rent. (5) Your friends like me more
    than you. (6) I can’t believe you still get an allowance. (7) People don’t
    like you, they like your money. (8) You okay there, Conor? (9) I think we
    should get back together. (10) I’m serious, I really miss you. (11) I’ve
    thought about it and I want to give you another chance. (12) I miss the way
    you used to hold my hand. (13) I guess I’m just lonely. (14) You made me
    realize nothing’s more important than you and me. (15) So what do you think?
    (16) Definitely!  I’ll schedule you in for a nice time between ‘when pigs fly’
    and ‘when hell freezes over’! (17) By the way, I just saw your father. (18) I
    ran into him at the Tap Room. (19) I invited him to sit at my table. (20) He
    ordered the steak. (21) He even paid for my meal... and the wine. (22) And
    then he offered me a ride home. (23) I never kiss and tell. (24) We both call
    him daddy.
     ___ ____ ___________________________________________________________________
    | 3 | 61 | FINAL LEVEL PART V: MOMENTS OF TRUTH (BECKY)                      |
    The final level, in which you can choose to start a relationship with Brett or
    (1) Hey, Brett. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. (2) What the hell are
    you talking about? (3) I have no idea what she’s talking about. (4) She’s just
    mad because I ripped her a new one. (5) Have you ever known Kiki to tell the
    truth? (6) Why would I even do that? (7) Brett, you don’t believe her do you?
    (8) It’s been a long day. (9) So you were gonna leave without saying goodbye?
    (10) So I hear. (11) Everyone knows.
    OPTION 1
    Pick the answers below if you want Brett and Becky to become a couple.
    (1) I guess I always knew. (2) I think I’m in love with you. (3) Since high
    school. (4) You were dating someone then. (5) I thought it was just a phase.
    (6) She’s liked you as long as I have. (7) I’m a little worried our friendship
    will be over. (8) But then again, that means we’re already halfway there. (9)
    I was just using him. (10) I was so angry at Conor and I wanted revenge. (11)
    Thankfully, I know you love me no matter what mistakes I’ve made. (12) What
    about it? (13) Don’t worry, I’d do the same thing. (14) No, I probably should.
    (15) He didn’t mean anything. (16) But he didn’t turn out to be the person I
    expected. (17) And it’s actually a good thing all that went down... (18)
    Because otherwise I wouldn’ve realized how amazing you are. (19) I’ve known
    you practically my whole life... (20) You and I haven’t always gotten along...
    (21) And we don’t always agree on everything... (22) But you’ve always been
    there for me no matter what. (23) Sometimes, when I’m looking at you... (24)
    You make me laugh... (25) Without even trying... (26) And nothing’s sexier
    than that. (27) Other people that know us... (28) Don’t always get you... (29)
    And they don’t always get me... (30) But we always get each other. (31) So...
    (32) Just biological, I guess. {Art Gallery: True Love}
    OPTION 2
    Pick the answers below if you want Brett and Becky to just stay friends.
    (1) I had no idea. (2) I think we make better friends than lovers. (3) It
    wouldn’t work out... (4) We’re too similar. (5) We’re both too aggressive. (6)
    What if we end up in different parts of the country? (7) Who knows where we’ll
    be in a year? (8) We’ve been friends for so long, how can we change that now?
    (9) I need you as a friend... (10) You’re like a brother to me. (11) I
    couldn’ve made it through childhood without you. (12) You were the first
    person I called when Eddie broke my heart. (13) You were there for me when
    Judy told everyone I ate my boogers. (14) And when your grandfather got sick,
    rabid dogs couldn’t tear me away from you. (15) I would never want to risk
    losing any of those things. (16) We don’t have the right chemistry... (17)
    Physical attraction is only the first ten minutes of a relationship. (18) But
    if it’s not there at first, there’s nothing you can do about it. (19) And
    while you’re my best friend ever, I can’t see you any other way. (20) I wish I
    could see you in that way, but I can’t. (21) I’m sorry Brett, I just can’t
    stop seeing you as that kid I spent my childhood with. (22) You need someone
    else... (23) I’m not ready for a relationship. (24) You need someone who’s
    ready for a relationship now, and not wavering. (25) You need someone like
    Erica. (26) You could hang out with her as a friend and see if you like her.
    (27) You need someone with the same goals as you. (28) Does that make sense?
    {Art Gallery: Just Friends}
    | 4 | C O N C L U S I O N                                                    |
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 4 | 1 | FINAL WORD                                                         |
    A couple of people mentioned Sprung as being a game ‘without gameplay’, so it
    wouldn’t really be a game. Of course there’s gameplay, but it just consists of
    selecting text as a response to your conversational partner. Not really a game
    that demonstrates the features of the DS effectively, but the game does
    contain a couple of good one-liners and funny situations.
     ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________
    | 4 | 2 | CREDITS                                                            |
    Not really a game that fits in with the rest of what they developed or
    published, but it does stand out because of that.
    For the information in his walkthrough about some harder parts and writing out
    most of the in-game text. While playing the game myself I corrected some
    spelling errors and copied some from the game and also improved the
    walkthrough or documented it in another way if possible.
    For hosting this document.
    For hosting this document.
    For hosting this document.

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