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    Advance Wars: Dual Strike Guide - by the AW Revolution Team
    Firefox, FoGo, Raz Takasha, The Rose's Thorn, YoyoYoshi
    Version 0.2
    ---- 0 > GUIDE SUMMARY ----
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    1 - Version History                  (m1)
    2 - Copyright Notes                  (m2)
    3 - About Us                         (m3)
    4 - Introduction to Advance Wars     (m4)
    5 - Game Controls                    (m5)
    6 - Advance Wars: Dual Strike Basics (m6)
    7 - Normal Campaign                  (m7)
    8 - Hard Campaign                    (m8)
    9 - Survival Mode                    (m9)
    10- Secrets                          (m10)
    11- Credits                          (m11)
    ---- 1 > VERSION HISTORY ----
    Version 0.2 - 03/13/2006
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    Version 0.1 - 08/30/2005
                    - Most Campaign guides complete
                    - Many Money Survival guides complete
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                    - Secrets page nearly complete
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    The Advance Wars series that Americans have known to love 
    has a far longer history in Japan, where it originated. 
    FAMICOM WARS (1988) by Intelligent Systems - The first game 
    in the Wars series came on the Japanese version of the 
    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Famicom system. It 
    utilized a similar play style to Advance Wars but featured 
    just two armies, Red Star and Blue Moon, fewer maps, and 
    obviously not as good graphics. It was a Japan-only 
    GAME BOY WARS (1991) by Intelligent Systems - Game Boy Wars 
    released as the second Wars game, and unlike Famicom Wars, 
    it uses an unusual diagonal grid system rather than a 
    straight up grid. It still has two armies and unlike Famicom 
    Wars, plays in black and white since Game Boy Color would 
    not be released for a good several years. It was a 
    Japan-only release. 
    GAME BOY WARS TURBO (1997) by Hudson Soft - Hudson Soft took 
    over the reigns of the Game Boy Wars series, and added a few 
    more maps to the original version. Like the first two games, 
    it was a Japan-only release. 
    GAME BOY WARS 2 (1998) by Hudson Soft - Hudson Soft creates 
    the Game Boy Wars series in color for the first time, with 
    the release of Game Boy Color. It was a Japan-only release. 
    SUPER FAMICOM WARS (1998) by Intelligent Systems - The most 
    well-known of the pre-Advance Wars games, it is the closest 
    to the Advance Wars series and features four armies, though 
    still no campaign mode, and was released on May 1st, 1998. 
    There are a lot of units, including many that don't have a 
    counterpart until the release of Advance Wars: Dual Strike 
    (like four types of tanks), and many of its maps are shown 
    on the Advance Wars game pack. It was a Japan-only release. 
    64 WARS by Hudson Soft - Hudson Soft originally wanted to 
    make a N64 version of its Game Boy Wars series and make it 
    compatible with Game Boy Wars 2 but the plan fell through 
    and the game was cancelled. 
    GAME BOY WARS 3 (2001) by Hudson Soft - Hudson Soft improves 
    the graphics of the Game Boy Wars series even further on the 
    Game Boy Color. It was a Japan-only release. 
    ADVANCE WARS (2001) by Intelligent Systems - Advance Wars 
    for the Game Boy Advance system went into stock in stores on 
    September 9th, 2001 in the United States and was released to 
    the public on September 11th, 2001, and was nearly pulled 
    off the shelves because of the terrorist attack on America 
    the same day. However, it did make it to the USA, and was 
    the first of the series from Japan to reach America. It 
    released in Europe four months later, on January 11th, 2002, 
    and was pulled off the shelves in Japan. It is the first to 
    include a campaign mode and follows the Orange Star Army as 
    they fight across Wars World to defend their homeland. Japan 
    would not get the game until Game Boy Wars Advance 1+2 was 
    released in 2004. 
    ADVANCE WARS 2: BLACK HOLE RISING (2003) by Intelligent 
    Systems - The Advance Wars sequel continues on Advance Wars' 
    storyline, as Black Hole returns to take revenge on the 
    Allied Nations and conquer their territories. It was 
    released on June 23rd, 2003 in the US and followed in Europe 
    on October 3rd of the same year. It was never released in 
    Japan because they did not get Advance Wars prior to this. 
    GAME BOY WARS ADVANCE 1+2 (2004) by Intelligent Systems - 
    Japan decided to pull off Advance Wars off their shelves on 
    September 12th, 2001 after the terrorist attacks on the 
    United States, and did not get Advance Wars or its sequel. 
    Three years later, on November 25th, 2004, Intelligent 
    Systems released a combination game of both Advance Wars and 
    Advance Wars 2, with both campaign modes intact. Users may 
    then switch between AW and AW2 modes. It was a Japan-only 
    ADVANCE WARS: DUAL STRIKE (2005) by Intelligent Systems - 
    Known as Famicom Wars DS in Japan, AWDS features yet another 
    Black Hole invasion, with the Allied Nations trying to fight 
    the invaders. It was released on June 23rd, 2005 in Japan, 
    and will be released on August 22nd in the US, and September 
    30th in Europe. It will become the first game in the entire 
    series to be released universally. 
    The Advance Wars series is like chess played to a global 
    scale. With a compelling story, various commanding officers 
    and terrific music add to the reason why you'd want this 
    game.  As the advisor of a fighting force,  you maneuver 
    allied units into position, capture cities and bases, and 
    attack the enemy units while avoiding threats like the Black 
    Cannon and carrying  your plan to eliminate the enemies. 
    Every unit under your control have weaknesses  and strengths 
    with movement, hit points, attack restrictions, ammunition 
    and fuel that you must monitor often in order to defeat your 
    enemy. You can repair and supply battle units, deploy new 
    units, and use the special powers  of your commanding 
    officer to gain the upper hand on the enemy. Every mission 
    is an epic struggle that requires a firm grasp of the battle 
    tactics to win. 
    ---- 5 > GAME CONTROLS ----
    A: Use A to confirm a selection, select a unit on the map, 
    or activate the menu when it's not on a unit. 
    B: Use B to cancel a selection. Holding B while the cursor 
    is over a unit or a Black Hole structure (cannon, etc) will 
    show its attack range, or will make all the units 
    transparent (so you can see the battlefield) if the cursor 
    is not over any of the above. 
    L: This will move to the next that still can move.
    R: Use R to check information of your units and terrains.
    Start: Press Start after a mission briefing to enter a 
    Campaign Mission. This shows a mini-map in battle and when 
    designing maps, and also skips dialogue in Campaign Mode. 
    Select: Activate the menu.
    This section is composed of various mini-sections containing 
    basic information about the game. It goes from explanation 
    of the Mode Select Menu to info on the armies to the 
    different is calculated to explanation of what each score 
    (power/technique/speed) means. Reading it is a step closer 
    to becoming an Advance Wars: Dual Strike expert! 
    For advanced techniques, go to (m18).
    What's New?
    Since Advance Wars 2, the AI has gotten smarter and utilizes 
    its CO Powers better. It will also stop attacking transport 
    units indiscriminately, preferring to attack them only when 
    necessary. Also, the AI is now affected by Fog of War just 
    like the human player is. 
    Mode Select Menu
    VS. Mode: The versus mode allows you to battle against your 
    friends and/or the computer. You will take turns using the 
    same DS, so you'll need to pass it around. 
    Link Mode: The linking mode allows you to battle against 
    your friends where you use a Link Cable to link up your 2-4 
    DS, and allows for quicker battles. If the other players do 
    not have AWDS, then they can play a few limited maps, but if 
    they have the full version game, anything can be played. 
    Campaign Mode: You can't go without this mode. Campaign mode 
    plays out the storyline of Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and 
    you can save up to three slots. If you beat Normal Campaign 
    mode, you will be able to access Hard Campaign mode. After 
    each mission, you will get coins in which you can buy maps 
    from Battle Maps. 
    War Room Mode: Want a challenge? War Room's got it, and AWDS 
    has brought brand new maps to the mix! From easy 1v1 to hard 
    1v3 maps, you will be tested, given a score, and given coins 
    for your efforts. 
    Combat Mode: Fight in real time, real time strategy style!
    Survival Mode: Enough strategy for today? Try some puzzle 
      - Money Survival Mode: You are given a limited amount of 
    funds and forced to defend yourself with the units you 
      - Turn Limit Survival Mode: You're given a limit in the 
    number of turns you can move units. Defeat the enemy as soon 
    as you can. 
      - Time Limit Survival Mode: Similarly, you have a time 
    limit to destroy your enemies. 
    Design Room: Contains Design Maps and Design CO modes.
      - Design Maps Mode: Design Maps mode lets you create your 
    own map, and as usual, there's a limit of 60 properties. The 
    maximum size the map can be is 20x30, like the old games. 
    Have fun! You have three save slots that you can also name. 
    Design Maps Controls:
      A - Use A to choose and place a unit or terrain on a 
    certain square. 
      B - Use B to cancel your selection of the unit or 
      L - Use L to open the unit selection menu.
      R - Use R to open the terrain selection menu.
      Start - Display overhead map. Press again to close it.
      Select - Displays the Design Maps menu.
      - Design CO Mode: Like in Advance Wars 2, you can edit the 
    colors of your favorite (or least favorite) COs.  
    Design Maps Menu:
      - File: Use File to load, save, or name your design maps.
      - Help: Use Help to enter a Help screen for Design Maps, 
    if you need it. 
      - Intel: Use Intel to show how many properties and units 
    are already on the map for each army. 
      - Fill: Use Fill to fill up the entire design map with a 
    specific terrain. 
      - End : Use End to exit Design Maps mode.
    Battle Maps Mode: You might be asking...what do you do with 
    those coins you get in Campaign and War Room modes? Enter 
    Battle Maps mode to buy maps, COs, and edits with your 
    History Mode: Here you can view statistics of your gameplay 
    Sound Room Mode: Unlocked near the end, this gives you full 
    access to all the music AWDS has to offer. 
    ---- 7 > NORMAL CAMPAIGN ----
    Introduction (by YoyoYoshi)
    Advance Wars: Dual Strike is the latest installment of the 
    Advance Wars series worldwide, and it is by no means easy. 
    Graduated from Advance Wars 1 or Advance Wars 2: Black Hole 
    Rising? It's time for Advance Wars: Dual Strike. You'll 
    notice that the difficulty ramps up very quickly and often 
    inconsistently throughout the game, and we're here as a team 
    to help you beat the game that you love. With the largest 
    Advance Wars: Dual Strike guide writing team on the 
    internet, you can bet that we will find you the best 
    strategies you can use. 
    We'll take you on a ride through Campaign mode with the best 
    Advance Wars experts of all time. We deliver you only 
    mission guides that will give you the best of best ranks, 
    the 300-point perfect S-rank. Every mission guide starts off 
    with a turn-by-turn play through the mission, then a general 
    strategy for the rest of the mission. Our guides have made 
    it so that you will NOT even need to use force ranks to help 
    beat the game. The AI has gotten terribly random in Advance 
    Wars: Dual Strike, and we can provide you with the best 
    guides on the internet. 
    Now that has been said, good luck and have fun reading!
    Mission 1: Jake's Trial (by Firefox)
    General Strategy- Take out the tank unit on the first day, 
    and finish off the infantries within 2 days. 
    Day 1:
    Move mech 2 east and fire at tank. Move tank 2 east and 1 
    north and finish off enemy tank. Move infantry 2 east and 1 
    up and capture. End Turn. 
    Day 2:
    Finish capturing with infantry. Move tank 1 north and attack 
    infantry. Move mech 1 north and finish off enemy infantry. 
    End Turn. 
    Day 3:
    Move tank 1 east and 1 north and fire at infantry. Move mech 
    1 east and 1 north an finish off infantry. 
    Congratulations! Victory! 300 point S-Rank!
    Mission 2: The New Black (by Firefox)
    General Strategy- Just keep pounding the Artileries from Day 
    1and you should have no problem. 
    Day 1:
    East Artillery Fire at tank. West artillery move 1 west. End 
    Day 2:
    Both Artilleries fire at northern tanks. End Turn.
    Day 3:
    Both artilleries fire at the tank 2 north and 1 west from 
    each artillery. End Turn 
    Day 4:
    Move west artillery 1 south and 4 west. Move APC 4 north and 
    1 east to block path to injured infantry. End Turn 
    Day 5:
    Kill Last tank with artillery.
    Congratulations, Victory! 300 Point S-Rank!
    Mission 3: Max Attacks (by Firefox)
    General Strategy: Spread out your units on Day 1 trying not 
    get hit hard by the Black Bomb, and for land forces, stack 
    up behind copters and do and HQ run with t copter and mech 
    while hitting tanks hard. 
    Bottom Copter 5 west and 1 north. Move next copter up 2 
    south and 3 west onto reef. Middle Copter 6 west. Move top 
    copter 3 west and 3 north. Move last copter 3 west and 2 
    north. Artillery 1 west. T copter 2 south 1 west. East mech 
    2 west. APC on HQ. End turn 
    Day 2:
    Move bottom b copter 6 north. Move bottom copter 4 north and 
    1 east and join. Move west copter 2 east 4 north. Move b 
    copter below artillery 2 west and 1 north. Load East mech 
    into t copter. T copter move 5 south 1 west. Last b copter 3 
    west and 3 north and attack infantry. Move mech 1 south and 
    Artillery 1 west. End turn. 
    Day 3:
    T copter 5 west and 1 south. All full HP B copters attack MD 
    tanks along with artillery. End Turn 
    Day 4:
    Continue attacking with all units and unload mech in t 
    copter on HQ 
    Day 5:
    Kill of last of enemy units.
    Congratulations! Victory! 300 point S-Rank!
    Mission 4: Reclaiming The Skies (by Firefox)
    General Strategy: Take out the air units with your AA's and 
    missiles, and get the tank with your rockets and tank. 
    Day 1:
    Rocket attack tank. Tank go 2 east and 4 sotuh and kill 
    enemy tank. AA's each attack a bomber or fighter, and 
    missiles take out Copter. End Turn 
    Day 2:
    Finish off rest of bombers and fighters.
    Congratulations, Victory! 300 point S-Rank!
    Mission 5: Neverending War (by FoGo)
    Your CO: Rachel
    General Strategy: As Rachel points out, your going to want 
    to lure your opponents MD Tank off of their HQ. Send a Tank 
    to the Northeastern city with an 
    Artillery as back-up. Use the Artillery to weaken the MD 
    Tank and then finish it off the next turn. One you get rid 
    of the MD Tank it should be a walk in 
    the park to finish off your pre deployed opponent.
    Day 1:
    - Northern Mech 2N
    - Build Tank from Northern base.
    Day 2:
    - Hit the Recon sitting on your city with Northern Mech.
    - Move Tank 1N 4E
    - Build Artillery from Northern base
    - Build Infantry from Southern base
    Day 3:
    - Move Tank onto Northern City to attack Anti-Air
    - Move Northern Mech 1S
    - Move Artillery 1N 4E
    - Move Southern Infantry 3E
    - Build Tank from Northern base
    Day 4:
    - Hit MD Tank with Artillery.
    - Hit the weakened Anti-air with your Northern Mech
    - Move Tank from Northern base 1N 5E
    - Send Southern Infantry 2E onto your city.
    - Move Southern Mech 2S
    - Build Infantry from Southern base.
    Day 5:
    - Finish MD Tank with Artillery
    - Move full HP Tank 2E 1S and attack the Mech capturing the 
    neutral city. 
    - Move Northern Mech 2N
    - Move Infantry 2N to capture the neutral base.
    - Move Southern Mech 2E and hit the Tank.
    - Send Infantry from your base to capture the neutral city 
    Northeast of it. 
    - Build tank from Nothern Base.
    From here on out things will have gotten too random to 
    follow the day by day guide. In the North your going to want 
    to continue advancing tanks into Black Hole's territory. 
    Make sure to hit the units that can hurt you the most first, 
    even if it means waiting a turn to kill some of his weaker 
    units. Save the Artillery for last. If your Super CO power 
    charges, by all means use it. It'll speed matters up 
    In the South, continue to capture the base with your injured 
    Infantry. Use your Mech to finish off his Tank, and then 
    move it North to capture the neutral city (you may not have 
    a chance to finish capturing it before the end of the 
    Mission 6: The Ocean Blue (by The Roses Thorn)
    Your CO: Colin
    Be forewarned that the AI is improved and may not follow 
    this day to day guide perfectly, but if you do the steps on 
    day one, for the most part the level will be easy, and you 
    can just go off the basic idea of the strategy, being to 
    cream lash. The guide also ends prior to the end of the 
    mission, but at that point you have only minor cleanup left 
    to do. 
    Day 1: Colin
    • Rocket attack cruiser for 6.
    • Battleship attacks rocket for 8.
    • Sub moves 5E and dive.
    • Load infantry on APC.
    • Load APC and Tank on lander
    • Move lander 2E 4S.
    • Move Artillery 3E.
    • Move B-copter 2N 4E and attack B-ship for 2.
    Day 1: Lash
    • She moves Tank behind the rocket
    • She moves the rocket 3S 1W
    • Sub moves to 2 E of your battleship
    • She moves the lander down to 1E of your b-copter.
    • She moves her cruiser up to 1W of your b-copter and 
    attacks it for 4, taking 1 in return. 
    Day 2: Colin
    • Move lander 4E
    • Move cruiser3E 1S and attack sub for 9
    • Move sub 2N and attack b-ship for 6
    • Move b-copter 1S 1W and attack B-ship for 1
    • Move B-ship 1N 4E
    • Move rocket 1E
    • Move artillery 1E
    Day 2: Lash
    • B-ship attacks b-ship for 0
    • Sub attacks b-ship for 1
    • Tank moves 2E 1S
    • Rocket moves 3E 1N
    • Infantry moves to attack b-copter for 1, taking 3 in 
    • Cruiser is now in the second to last column in the 4th 
    • The lander is now in the last column in the 2nd row.
    Day 3: Colin
    • Rocket kills b-ship
    • Sub moves 2N 3E
    • Cruiser kills sub
    • Lander moves 3S 2E and unloads APC S, tank E
    • B-ship moves 1S 1E
    • B-copter attacks infantry for 4
    Day 3: Lash
    • Rocket attacks b-ship, taking it down to 6
    • Infantry moves to 1E of b-ship
    • Tank moves to 1S of b-ship and attacks tank for 5, takes 2 
    in return. 
    • Lander moves to 1W of the reef on the top row.
    • Cruiser moves to 1E of sub
    Day 4: Colin
    • B-ship does 3 to rocket.
    • Rocket moves 2N 1E
    • Sub attacks cruiser for 2
    • B-copter moves 1E 3S 1W and attacks tank for3, taking 1 in 
    • Cruiser moves 5N 1E
    • Tank attacks tank for 2, taking 2 in return.
    • APC moves 3E 2N and unloads infantry N
    Day 4: Lash
    • Uses SCOP
    • Infantry attacks infantry, doing 1 damage then dieing
    • Cruiser does 1 damage to sub and dies in the counter 
    • Tank does 0 to B-ship
    • Rocket does 2 to B-ship.
    Day 5: Colin
    • Use SCOP
    • Move sub 4N 1E and kill lander
    • B-ship kills rocket
    • B-copter kills tank
    300pt. S rank
    Mission 7: Fog Rolls In (by FoGo)
    Day 1:
    - Move your Infantry 2E to reveal Koal's Artillery. Proceed 
    to attack it with your Recon and your Battle Copter. Move 
    your indirect units as far forward along the road as 
    possible, and then do the same with your non-infantry direct 
    - Finally load your Mech into your APC and move it 3N 3E.
    Day 2:
    - Send your Battle Copter to attack the BH Tank from the 
    Eastern side. You should reveal an APC just North of where 
    you attack from. 
    - Your Rocket should be able to move into two forests. Send 
    it into the Northern one. 
    - If you failed to kill his Artillery, it will have most 
    likely moved into the forest south of where it started. 
    Reveal it with your own Artillery and then crush it with 
    your Anti-air. 
    - Move your recon 1N.
    - Move your APC just North of your Rocket.
    - Move your Tank just above the BH recon and attack it.
    - Move your Infantry East to capture the neutral city.
    - If you didn't use your Artillery and your Anti-air to 
    finish BH's Artillery, move your Anti-air to finish the 
    enemy's Recon. Move you Artillery just behind it. 
    Day 3:
    - Use your Rocket to finish the BH Tank.
    - Send your Artillery North so that it can fire on the 
    Lander in the reef. 
    - Use your Tank to hit the APC revealed by your Battle 
    - Move your Battle Copter 2E 3N 1E and attack the Mech 
    capturing your city. You should reveal an Artillery in the 
    forest North of your Battle Copter. 
    - Move Recon 3N 1E to reveal the Lander hidden in the reef.
    - Move your Anti-air just under your Recon.
    - Move your APC into the forest 5E.
    - Finish capturing the city with your Infantry.
    Day 4, and for the rest of the mission:
    Make sure you finish off BH's Tank, as it is their last 
    direct unit capable of causing significant damage. You 
    should also be able to kill off one of his Infantry and at 
    least damage his Lander with your Rocket. That leaves him 
    with an Artillery, two injured transportation units, and an 
    Infantry. You should be able to finish his Artillery and 
    Infantry on day 5. On Day 6, all you need to do is mop up a 
    couple transports, and your done. 
    Mission 8: Tag Battle (by FoGo)
    Your CO: Max
    Day 1:
    - Build 2 Infantry
    Day 2:
    - Move Western Infantry NE to capture the neutral city.
    - Move Eastern Infantry 3E.
    - Build Tank from Western base.
    - Build Infantry from Eastern base.
    Day 3:
    - Move Eastern most Infantry SE to capture neutral base.
    - Move Infantry on Eastern Base 1W 1S.
    - Move Tank on Western Base 1E 1S.
    - Finish capturing city with Infantry.
    - Build APC from Western Base.
    Day 4:
    - Move your tank onto the forest just North of the 
    Piperunner and attack it. 
    - Move the only Infantry that can reach the APC into it, and 
    then move the APC 1E 5S and drop the Infantry onto the 
    neutral base. 
    - Finish capturing base with Infantry.
    - Build APC from base just East of your HQ.
    Day 5:
    - Start capturing the base near the Piperunner.
    - Finish Piperunner with Tank.
    - Move the Infantry near your HQ 1S 1W to start capturing 
    the neutral city. 
    - Move newly built APC 6E, and then move the Infantry that 
    just finished capturing the Eastern base into it. 
    - Move your other APC 2N 3E.
    - Build an Infantry from the base 2E of your HQ.
    - Build an Infantry from the base farthest East.
    Day 6:
    - Finish capturing city 2S of your HQ.
    - Finish capturing base near the pipes.
    - Move Infantry built from the base just East of your HQ 3S 
    into the APC, and move the APC onto the bridge, unloading 
    the Infantry onto the neutral base. 
    - Move Tank by the pipes 5E.
    - Move Infantry just built from the base farthest East 2E 1N 
    to capture the neutral city. 
    - Move APC 6S and unload infantry inside it onto the neutral 
    - Build an Infantry from your Easternmost base.
    - Build a Tank from your base just West of your HQ.
    Day 7:
    - Start capturing airport
    - Start capturing neutral base with injured Infantry.
    - Finish capturing City in the Northeast.
    - Move newly built Infantry on the Northeastern base 
    Northwest to capture neutral city. 
    - Send your Tank in the middle to attack the enemy 
    - Move APC in the middle 2S.
    - Move APC on the Eastern island 4N 2W.
    - Move Infantry from the city just South of your HQ 3E.
    - Move Infantry on the base near the pipes 1N.
    - Send Tank on Western base 5S and hit the enemy Tank.
    - Build a Tank from the base near the pipes.
    - Build Infantry from Northeastern base.
    Day 8 and beyond:
    From Day 8 on out things should be pretty easy going. Finish 
    capturing the airport, and get Infantry in position to 
    capture the other two cities sharing the island with the 
    airport on the next day. Advance Tanks down the West side of 
    the map while you advance B-Copters down the East side of 
    the maps. Continue to capture the base in the middle. 
    Try and get your Tanks in position so that you can use them 
    to block off Black Hole's Western base by turn 10. On turn 
    11 you should be able to block off his Eastern Base as well. 
    Black Hole will use their tag power on Day 11, but they will 
    have so few units by then that it shouldn't make a 
    difference. Finish off your opponents remaining troops on 
    Day 12 for the win. 
    Mission 9: Victory or Death! (by The Roses Thorn)
    Suggested COs: Jake/Max
    Pick Jake first so he gets control of the bottom map.
    The AI follows a basically set pattern, but you really only 
    need the first day or 2 to be the same. After that just 
    follow the general strategy listed below (don’t worry, it’s 
    Day 1:
    • Send all air units except for the fighter 2N of the HQ to 
    the top screen. 
    • Move the bottom mech 2E
    • Move the top mech 1W 1S and begin to capture the city
    • Move both infantry 2E and begin to capture the properties 
    at those locations. 
    • Move the tank 2E
    Day 2:
    • Finish capturing everything, and move the bottom mech 1E 
    and start to capture that. 
    • Move tank 2N 1E and attack recon for 6
    • Move fighter 2N 4E
    After that attack the AA with your tank, continue to 
    capture, build an AA at your bottom base. Use your fighter 
    to kill the north B-copter. Use the newly built AA gun to 
    kill the southern b-copter that kills your mech. Send the 
    fighter to the top screen. Build a bomber, and get it within 
    14 spaces of the black crystal, but be careful not to enter 
    the fighter, AA gun, or black ark’s range. When the black 
    ark has been destroyed, Max will come down and have almost 
    all of his power meter filled. Swap to max and fill his 
    meter the rest of the way. As soon as it’s full, swap to 
    Jake. The next turn, use your Tag and move the bomber 
    towards the black crystal with Jake. Swap to Max who uses 
    his 190% attack power to obliterate the crystal. You should 
    be able to finish in 9 days with perfect power and technique 
    for the 300 point S rank. 
    Mission 10: Black Boats Ahoy! (by The Roses Thorn)
    Suggested COs: Max/Jake
    Select Max first so he gets the first turn.
    Day 1:
    • Move recon 6E and attack artillery for 4
    • Move bottom mech 1S and load onto the APC.
    • Move lander 1N.
    • Load APC onto lander
    • Move sub 5E and dive.
    • Move northern tank 5E
    • Move other tank 5E
    • Move AA 5E
    • Move artillery 5E
    • Move mech 1E
    • Move northern infantry 2E
    • Move southern infantry 3E
    Basically what you want to do, is load the mech in an APC on 
    the lander, and send them at the island with the HQ. You 
    want to capture the first neutral city (nearest you) as it 
    contains a lab map for black boats (which are ever so 
    handy). Aside from that, use your sub to take out 1 black 
    boat, then the b-ship, then the other black boat to 
    obliterate Kindle’s navy. If she’s about to use her COP get 
    off of cities, if she’s saving up for her SCOP you want to 
    kill as much stuff as possible beforehand. Have Max go first 
    by selecting him first, and attack the artillery with the 
    recon, and then advance on her position. Your forces are 
    larger and should be able to take over that island, just 
    don’t let her attack you from a city. That 140% offense 
    hurts. When the lander gets to the island unload the APC, 
    and then move the APC and drop the mech off right in front 
    of the artillery, he can’t attack the mech, only the APC, 
    and the mech will proceed to kill the artillery. 
    Mission 11: The Long March (by The Roses Thorn)
    Suggested COs: Jake/Rachel Sasha/Colin
    You do want to select the COs in that order so they get the 
    turns first, so select Jake and Sasha first for their 
    respective teams. This map relies heavily on Sasha’s use of 
    Market Crash. You need to delay or stop their tag for as 
    long as possible. That means don’t always do as much damage 
    as you possibly can with Jake/Rachel. 
    Day 1: OS
    • Rocket attacks Neotank for 6 damage.
    • Artillery attacks black boat for 6 damage
    • Artillery kills black boat
    • Rocket sinks sub
    • Move recon on city 2S onto the forest
    • Move recon 1N 3E onto forest
    • Move infantry 1N onto mountain
    • Move mech 1W and load onto APC
    • Move APC 1N 4E
    • Move tank 2N 4E
    • Move Md. Tank 2S 3E
    • Move Artillery 1S 2E
    • Swap to Rachel
    Day 1: BM
    • Western B-chip does 5 to full health Neotank
    • Other B-ship does 5 to Md. Tank
    • Infantry 1S 2E and capture
    • Build infantry at eastern base
    • Move sub 4N 1E and dive
    From here on out be very careful. You do not under any 
    circumstances want to give them their tag break without 
    charging Market crash at the same time. You might want to 
    take out the tank at 2hp though, as you will be able to get 
    Market Crash next turn after what is shown above, I didn’t 
    in my game though, so its fine, just stop attacking as OS a 
    bit early. Send that APC with the tank escort and the recon 
    spotter to the neutral cities and bases and capture a base. 
    You will use this APC and mech to capture the lab. You will 
    want to reveal as much of their army as possible for Sasha 
    to hit with b-ships, and you will want to kill the black 
    boat with your sub, which in turn will get killed letting 
    you use market crash again later. If it dies while you 
    aren’t gain9ing anything from your power being active, no 
    worries, it doesn’t hurt a thing. Also, do not concentrate 
    your damage, spread it out amongst the big units, doing 5 to 
    both neotanks or 5 to both Md.s. gets them to join them, 
    effectively cutting down 1 neotank from their army, but also 
    forcing them to not be able to move that neotank that turn. 
    Try and get the OS tag break, as even if you just got hit by 
    theirs after slipping as BM, if you’ve still got a good 
    amount of your units left, Rachel’s SCOP can decimate their 
    forces for Jake to clean up, and you can still win. There is 
    artillery on the lab, and a tank nearby. 
    Try and win around turn 8 for the 300pt. S rank.
    Mission 12: Lightning Strikes (by The Rose's Thorn)
    Suggested COs: Rachel/Max
    Day by Day:
    Day 1: Rachel
    • Move AA 1S 1W and send it to the top screen.
    • Move mech 2W
    • Build APC at base by HQ
    • Build infantry at other base
    Day 1: Max
    • Move infantry 1S and load onto APC
    • Move eastern recon 1SMove AA 1S 1E
    • Move tank that’s below artillery 1E
    • Move artillery 1S 1W
    • Move recon 1S 1E
    Day 2: Rachel
    • Move mech 2W
    • Move APC 4N
    • Move infantry 1N 1E and capture city
    • Build an artillery at the base that is NOT by your HQ
    Day 2: Max
    • Do nothing
    Day 3: Rachel
    • Kill infantry with artillery.
    • Continue to capture
    • Move mech 2N and load onto APC
    • Move APC 5N and unload N
    • Build an infantry at the base by your HQ
    Day 3: Max
    • Do nothing
    Day 4: Rachel
    • Finish capturing the city
    • Move artillery 1E
    • Move mech 1N and capture airport
    • Move infantry 3N
    • Move APC 3S
    • Build AA gun at base by HQ
    Day 4: Max
    • Do nothing
    Day 5: Rachel
    • If he moved the infantry down and started to capture, 
    don’t touch the artillery and move the infantry 1W 2N, if he 
    moved towards you, blow that sucka outta the water with the 
    art followed by the infantry. 
    • Move the AA 1S 1E and send it to the top map
    • Finish capturing with the mech
    • Move the 10 hp infantry 3N and load onto the APC
    • Build a tank at the base that is NOT next to your HQ
    • Move APC 3E
    Day 5: Max
    • Move 7hp recon 2S 1E and join
    • Take out the top 2 b-copters with AA guns
    • Join the 3 hp tank in the west with the one in the east 
    (move the western one) 
    • Move artillery 1E
    From here on out the AI plays differently, in general, what 
    you want to do is this: 
    Use the artillery to hold off any mechs or infantry that try 
    to come over the river (it’s probably been hit with a 
    missile strike, and is at 7 hp. Deal with the mech, build an 
    infantry at that base to help out, then get it on the base 
    to heal. Capture the city with the mech first before using 
    the missile. Build lots of tanks and b-copters. Also, you 
    want them to be regular old tanks, not Md. Tanks, and not 
    Neotanks. I cannot stress that enough. You will want a few 
    more tanks than b-copters but you will need a lot of tanks 
    and b-copters…again build a lot of tanks, and 2-3 b-copters. 
    The tanks will deal with AA and other ground units, and the 
    b-copters will help with ground units a bit more. Don’t 
    build too many more tanks than b-copters though, or he’ll 
    build b-copters of his own, which will be hard to impossible 
    to destroy while winning on the turn Max comes down with the 
    tag break. If he builds 1 or 2 b-copters you should be okay. 
    If he starts to build b-copters, build your own, they’ll be 
    what can deal with them on the tag break. Do not build any 
    more AA for the top front, your goal up there is to 
    eliminate the copters, and keep the APC with the infantry in 
    it alive. Move the APC down to his HQ after the b-copters 
    are dead, and capture it. During that on the bottom front 
    you should use your tanks and b-copters to take the center 
    island. You should have the center island, and an infantry 
    or mech on 2 of the missiles there a few turns before the 
    time Max captures Sensei’s HQ. 
    You do have a bunch of tanks and b-copters by now, right? 
    Well here we go. Once Max comes down (you should have taken 
    the center island from the tanks and b-copters a few turns 
    ago and are within striking distance of his units) use your 
    tag break. Following that, launch the missiles you can with 
    infantry. Now he should have taken a ton of damage, Kill as 
    much as you can and swap over to max who should be able to 
    kill the last few easily. 
    Try and finish around day 13 for the 300 point S rank (it’s 
    not as hard as it seems, just have a good mix of tanks and 
    b-copters that’ll be able to mop up their super weakened 
    forces the turn you get the tag break) 
    Mission 13: Frozen Fortress (by The Roses Thorn)
    Suggested COs: (OS) Sensei/Grimm (BM) Colin/Sasha
    No skills used
    NOTE: This map contains the lab map for black bombs. It’s in 
    the NE city that’s blocked off by mountains, so it shouldn’t 
    be too hard to get it without harassment. 
    The reasoning behind the teams are as such (will help you 
    understand the general strategy if you read it). You should 
    choose the COs in the order listed so that the proper COs 
    get the first turn. 
    Sensei/Grimm: When you capture the 3 communication towers in 
    your area, Grimm’s rockets become 160/80 day to day, and can 
    fire on Jugger/Kindle’s bases, crippling or OHKOing anything 
    they touch. Sensei gives you stronger infantry at the very 
    beginning, faster transports, and the 1 star tag affinity 
    for 5% luck on Grimm. 
    Colin/Sasha: The increased income/cheaper units allow you to 
    build a decent force despite having few properties. Add in 
    GR and MC you can out produce them and prevent them from 
    tagging, leaving them with little to do (already can’t build 
    from the rockets of Grimm/Sensei). The 3 star tag affinity 
    also gives them a nice 15% luck boost, which is quite 
    Day by Day:
    Day 1: OS
    • Build 3 infantry
    Day 1: BM
    • Build 2 infantry
    Day 2: OS
    • Take your 2 further back infantry and start to capture the 
    cities that are within their reach. 
    • Move the middle infantry 1S 2E and start to capture the 
    • Build 3 infantry
    Day 2: BM
    • Move northern infantry 1N and begin to capture.
    • Move southern infantry 1N 2W and begin to capture.
    • Build 2 infantry
    • Swap to Sasha
    Day 3: OS
    • Continue capturing with everything
    • Move middle infantry out (no specifics as the infantry 
    will hit you on varying sides) and attack the infantry 
    taking it down to 2, and you to 9. 
    • Move top infantry 1S 2E
    • Move remaining infantry 1S 2E
    • Build infantry at top base
    • Build APC at middle base.
    Day 3: BM
    • Finish capturing both cities.
    • Move northern infantry 3W
    • Move southern infantry 3N
    • Swap back to Colin.
    Day 4: OS
    • Continue capturing neutral base
    • Move northern most infantry 2S and load onto APC
    • Move APC 2S 5E and unload E
    • Basically continue to capture out that starting section
    • Build an APC at the western base, and an infantry at the 
    middle one. 
    Day 4: BM
    • Move southern infantry 2W 1N and begin to capture the 
    • Move easternmost infantry 3W and begin to capture the 
    • Move your western of the 2 infantry left 1W
    • Move the remaining infantry 2N
    • Build a tank at the top base
    Day 5: OS
    • Continue capturing everywhere, and move your infantry 
    except for the newly built one so that they can capture next 
    turn, or start capturing. 
    • Move your Eastern APC such that it can load an infantry 
    next turn to carry over to the Eastern side of the map. 
    • Move your remaining infantry (newly built) 2W and load it 
    onto the APC 
    • Move APC 5S
    Day 5: BM
    • Continue capturing everywhere.
    • Move your northern infantry 2N and begin to capture that 
    • Move infantry on mountain 1W and join it into the 
    capturing infantry. 
    • Move your tank 1N 5W and attack the capturing infantry
    • Build an Md. Tank at the top base
    • Swap to Sasha
    Ok, from here on out the AI starts to do other things. So 
    general strategy time! You want to finish capturing up OS’s 
    starting position, and then place rockets at the tips that 
    can fire on BH’s 2 bases. Get your first rocket by taking 
    the 6 hp infantry off the base, but within range of one of 
    your further back ones and joining them for the small boost 
    to cash you need. Then build the rocket at the newly 
    captured base. Once you have the rockets swap to Grimm so he 
    can use the dandy 160/80 units to shred anything they try 
    and build. You also want to take the NE base and the SW base 
    to build more units to support BM. Meanwhile, as Colin/Sasha 
    you want to take that infantry that’s going to capture the 
    base to march up and take the city that’s blocked off by 
    mountains from BH’s position. It contains the lab map for 
    black bombs. You have their bases covered with rocket fire 
    from Grimm, and you can deny them a tag with Market Crash. 
    Just eliminate what remains of BH by making good use of Md. 
    Tanks, and the support given by Grimm. If you manage to take 
    the airport, a bomber can help, though often more Md. Tanks 
    work just as well if not better. 
    You should win around day 11 for the 300 point S rank 
    (remember to use Md. Tanks, support BM with tanks from the 
    NE and SW bases, and to eliminate anything they try to build 
    with rocket fire and it will be a breeze). 
    Mission 14: Lash’s Test (by The Roses Thorn)
    Suggested COs: Jake/Rachel
    Once again, select them in that order so Jake goes first.
    Day by Day:
    Day 1:
    • Move B-copter 1W 5N
    • Move Neotank 6W
    • Move infantry 2E and load onto the APC
    • Move APC with infantry 6W and drop W
    • Move APC 6W
    • Move bottom mech 1S 1W and load onto APC
    • Move top mech 2W
    • Move AA 4W 2N
    • Move Western tank 4W 1N
    • Move remaining tank 4W 1N
    • Move top Md. Tank 4W
    • Move remaining Md. Tank 3W 2N
    • Move Western Artillery 5W
    • Move top artillery 5W
    • Move remaining artillery 5W
    • Move rocket 1N 4W
    Day 2:
    • Move B-copter 1W 2N and attack the pipe seam
    • Move infantry 1S 2W and begin to capture the tower.
    • Move APC with mech in it 1S 5W and unload W.
    • Move Western tank 4W 2N
    • Move remaining tank 6 W
    • Move top Md. Tank 1N 4W
    • Move rocket 4W 1N
    • Move Neotank 2W 4N
    • Move remaining Md. Tank 2W 3N
    • Move AA 3W 2N and attack the pipe seam
    • Move remaining APC 2E 4N
    • Move mech 1N 1W
    • Move Eastern artillery 2W 3N
    • Move top artillery 1W 4N
    • Move remaining artillery 3N
    Once again the AI starts to play differently here, so on to 
    the general strategy! This map should actually be pretty 
    easy. Keep busting at the eastern pipe seam with the 
    b-copter, and you’ll eventually get the black bombs out, get 
    an APC ready to refuel them. You want to blow the pipe seams 
    in the west too to let those ones out…and get a nifty 10 
    points for each one you destroy. Once you have both towers, 
    your forces are about even, with them being slightly 
    stronger, but you have 6 freaking black bombs. Just mass 
    detonate on them and clean up the mess. Use your indirect 
    both to deal with the first wave of attackers, and to 
    quickly destroy the seams. Beat Down (Jake’s COP) is your 
    friend as it gives him both increased movement, but 
    increased range, and extra damage on plains. After they’ve 
    been weakened with the black bomb, most to 1 health, just 
    about anything kills them and cleaning up shouldn’t be too 
    much of an issue, just attack as much as you can. The key to 
    the mission is getting all 6 black bombs before their fuel 
    runs out, but the ones on the mainland shouldn’t be a 
    problem, and the ones on the island can be freed in time by 
    the b-copter. Just be sure to have an APC ready for when you 
    free the island ones. 
    If you try and destroy all the pipe seams for extra points 
    you should finish around day 8 for the 320 point S rank (5 
    extra per pipe seam). 
    Mission 15: Verdant Hills (by The Roses Thorn)
    Suggested COs: (OS) Colin/Rachel (BM) Grimm/Sensei
    Select the COs in that order so the right COs get the first 
    There are 2 ways to win with the 300 point S rank, both will 
    be covered later, they have the same day to day start off. 
    Day by day:
    Day 1: OS
    • Build 2 infantry
    • Move recon 3S
    • Move tank 4S
    Day 1: BM
    • Move NW mech 1N onto the mountain
    • Move NE mech 1N 1W onto the mountain
    • Move NE rocket 1W into the forest
    • Move furthest east in the SE mech 2N onto the mountain
    • Kill Javier’s eastern artillery with fire from both of 
    your artillery 
    • Move western most mech 1N onto the mountain
    • Attack his AA gun for 5 with your artillery
    • Move remaining mech in the SW corner 2W
    • Move SW APC 2N 1W
    • Attack Javier’s western Md. Tank with your western rocket 
    for 3 
    • Attack Javier’s eastern Md. Tank with your eastern rocket 
    for 3 
    • Move remaining SE mech 2E
    • Move SE APC 4N
    • Move SE recon 1N 4W
    Day 2: OS
    • Move western infantry 2W and begin to capture
    • Move eastern infantry 2E and begin to capture
    • Move recon 1S
    Day 2: BM
    Day by day no longer works.
    Starting at Day 2 BM for general strategy: Attack as much as 
    you can with your indirects. 
    Focus on high defense units first as when they go back to 
    Javier these will be a pain to deal with. Also, go after her 
    own indirects as a high priority too, as only they can get 
    at your indirects right now, and as Grimm your units aren’t 
    too hardy. Move both extreme 1 side mechs (far east far 
    west) 2N and into their respective APCs which will carry 
    them up to the tower and drop them off 1 space below them. 
    You want to capture these as they lower Javier’s stats by 
    20/20 and give you +20/0, making for a nice power change. Go 
    ahead and move the SW mech 2E and attack Jess’s AA if she 
    moved it to that space, as it will most likely turn out 8-2 
    in your favor. After that turn, the strategy becomes this. 
    Build a Md. Tank with Colin, and swap to Rachel, who will be 
    playing OS for the rest of the game. Her SCOP if charged 
    will cut Jess/Javier’s units down to nothing rapidly. 
    Well before Rachel’s SCOP should be charged (probably the 
    turn right after their first tag break), you should send a 
    mech towards their HQ, most likely it’s the mech on the SE 
    side. Also, using Grimm’s SCOP you can do a ton of damage to 
    the GE army with those indirects when they are mostly in a 
    position to attack their units. 
    Try and constantly be building units as Rachel, maybe a tank 
    and an infantry, or even 2 infantry, this will help your 
    technique immensely (previously I tried using a 
    Rachel/Sensei team for technique with his powers and that 
    turned out nicely with another 300 point S rank, but the 5% 
    luck addition to Grimm and fast Md. Tank with Colin is too 
    much more of an advantage). Indirects also help for her when 
    she can get her Md. Tank on the city. 
    You should either destroy all units or capture their HQ 
    around day 8, you may never get Rachel’s SCOP from all the 
    damage inflicted by Grimm’s beefed up indirects, and in 
    fact, it is likely you won’t, but so long as you keep 
    building with her and clog that city with her Md. Tank you 
    should be good technique wise. Speed isn’t really an issue 
    for this mission, and neither is power, as you don’t really 
    need to destroy that many on one turn. 
    300 point S rank
    Mission 16: Snow Hunters (by The Rose's Thorn)
    Suggested COs: Grimm/Sensei
    NOTE: This map contains the lab map for the piperunner. To 
    get access to the piperunner mission you must capture the 
    city on the SE island. 
    Day by day:
    Day 1:
    • Move missile 1N 2W
    • Move lander 3W 1N
    • Move mech 1S 1E and load it onto the lander
    • Rocket on HQ attacks western pipe seam for 71%
    • Move eastern tank 3W and attack pipe seam for 19%
    • Remaining rocket attacks northern pipe seam for 71%
    • Move remaining tank 5N and attack pipe seam for 19%
    • Move western Md. Tank 2N 2W
    • Move western AA 3W
    • Move eastern AA 5W 1N and attack pipe seam for 13%
    • Move remaining Md. Tank 3W 2N
    • Move northern artillery 1W 4N
    • Move remaining artillery 4N
    • Move infantry 1N 1E and load onto the APC
    • Move APC 4S 2W
    Day 2:
    • Destroy the western and northern pipes with the tanks that 
    are next to them 
    • Destroy the bomber with your missiles
    • Move lander 4S 2E
    • Move northern AA 3S 2W and kill the infantry
    • Move APC 4W and drop S
    • Move northern artillery 1E 1N
    • Move both rockets 3N
    • Move remaining artillery 1E 3N
    • Move remaining AA 1S 2W
    • Move eastern Md. Tank 1N 3W
    • Move remaining Md. Tank 3N 1W and attack pipe seam for 
    • Move mech 1N
    Day 3:
    • Use missiles to kill the b-copter N of your AAs.
    • Kill the remaining b-copter with the AA 1E of it
    • Move southern Md. Tank 5W
    • Launch missile silo centered on Hawke’s western Neotank
    • Blow up the infantry above the neutral base with a 
    • Move remaining AA 1N 5W and attack the mini cannon for 
    • Move lander 4E (not 5…I do mean 4)
    • Move western tank 2W 2N and blow up the pipe seam
    • Move remaining Md. Tank 2S 1W
    • Move remaining tank 1S 1E
    From here on out what you want to do is this: Pummel all of 
    Hawke’s units that try and get through the north pipe seam. 
    Move the lander 1E and unload E, you want to take the city, 
    not the tower, but the city over the next 2 days. Continue 
    to destroy the mini cannons, but don’t destroy the last one 
    until you’ve captured that city and gotten the lab map, and 
    you should go ahead and use your COP or SCOP on a turn that 
    you’ll be able to destroy a lot of stuff for power, but be 
    very careful you don’t give Hawke another black wave or you 
    won’t be able to capture the lab map in time. 
    I suggest taking out the tank with the artillery and a mech, 
    then moving the tank in front of the mech or your indirects 
    will take a beating, and you want to be dishing it out, not 
    the other way around. 
    You should win around day 6 with a 345 point S rank.
    Mission 17: Spiral Garden (by The Rose's Thorn)
    Suggested COs: Sensei/Javier
    Sensei’s faster transports will help you to capture faster, 
    and Javier’s indirect defense bonus will help you with the 
    piperunners. Select the COs in that order so Sensei goes 
    Day by Day:
    Day 1:
    • Move infantry 2W onto the APC
    • Move APC 7W
    • Use each artillery to attack the pipe in their range
    • Move recon 1S 6W
    • Move western tank 1E and attack the pipe seam
    • Move remaining tank 1W 1N and attack the pipe seam
    • Move mech 1S 1W and start to capture the city
    • Build an infantry at the bottom base and an APC at the top 
    Day 2:
    • Finish capturing with the mech
    • Blow up both pipe seams that you damaged last turn with 
    the artilleries. 
    • Move infantry 1N and load it onto the APC
    • Move newly built and loaded APC 2N 4W and drop west
    • Move western tank 6W and attack the pipe seam
    • Move remaining tank 3N 3W and attack the pipe seam
    • Move remaining APC 1W and drop west
    • Move recon 1W
    • Swap to Javier.
    Day 3:
    • Move northern infantry 3W and begin to capture the base.
    • Move northern APC 1W
    • Northern tank attacks pipe seam
    • Move eastern artillery 4W 1N
    • Move mech 1N and begin to capture city
    • Build AA gun at top base.
    • Move remaining tank 6E
    • Move infantry 1E into APC
    • Move recon 4E
    • Move APC 3E
    Day 4:
    • Finish capturing with the infantry and mech
    • Move AA 4W and kill the b-copter
    • Northern Artillery attacks the pipe seam 1N of the 
    northern tank 
    • Move northern tank 2E
    • Move remaining tank 1S 5W
    • Move recon 4W 1N
    • Move artillery 3W
    • Move loaded APC 1W
    • Build a tank at the top base
    Day 5:
    • Artillery attacks tank for 6
    • AA gun attacks piperunner for 3
    • Tank kills tank
    • Artillery destroys pipe seam
    • Move northern tank 1E and attack recon for 8
    • Remaining tank
    • Move mech 1W 1N and kill recon
    • Move northern infantry 3E into the APC
    • Move the northern APC 3E 3N and unload W
    • Move remaining APC 1N
    • Move remaining tank 1S 4W
    • Move recon 3W
    • Build 2 tanks at the bases by your HQ
    Day 6:
    • Move AA 1E
    • Move western most of the fully healed tanks 5W and do 6 to 
    the piperunner 
    • Move northern tank 3W 3N and attack infantry for 6
    • Move infantry 1W 1N and capture airport
    • Move northern most remaining tank 2E 3N and attack the AA 
    for 5 (take 1 in return) 
    • Move remaining full health tank 1E 3N and kill the AA
    • Move mech 1N 1E and attack piperunner for 5
    • Move northern APC 2S 3E
    • Move loaded APC 1S 5W and unload W
    • Move full health artillery 1S 4W
    • Move 6 hp artillery 4W 1N
    • Build an AA at the top base by your HQ
    For the most part day by day ends here. You want to finish 
    off the piperunners. Load the mech onto the APC and carry it 
    up toe the neutral city. Use AA and the tanks on the left to 
    take out that side, and support it with another tank 
    soon…you do not want to lose that neutral city. Use 
    artillery to deal with the Md. Tank on the right. Also build 
    an artillery on the inside of the pipe base. Later just 
    destroy random pipe seams with that artillery for extra 
    points. Don’t use megatanks on this mission; they’re too 
    slow. Keep taking cities. If you take all the neutral cities 
    except for the base up in the NE corner, and the BH ones 
    that are on your side of the pipe you will only need to take 
    1 of her base ones, which will be rather easy when you use a 
    tag break, not to mention all those mechs will help your 
    technique if you got careless. Transports are very important 
    for this map. Once you capture the airport, launch the 
    missile next to it, and then create a t-copter so you can 
    take the BH city quickly, and when you take the SW city move 
    the APC so that it’s 3 spaces above it so you can load the 
    infantry onto it, and carry it to the next BH city in one 
    turn. She will often take out the infantry capturing the BH 
    city on the east side with an artillery. To counter this 
    build an infantry at the base you have just inside the 
    pipes, and get a t-copter 3 spaces from it. Carry the 
    infantry to within 3 spaces of the city. That way when you 
    use your tag break to capture the one in her area you can 
    also take the piped in city. Sometimes she will ignore it 
    and move on, and sometimes she’ll stay and destroy the 
    infantry. If she does the latter you are screwed. A bomber 
    does a great job of breaking killing whatever unit is on the 
    other side of the pipe when you’re ready to tag capture one 
    of her cities when used alongside an artillery, so you will 
    want to buy a bomber too. On the tag break destroy as much 
    as you can for power 
    With blowing up random pipe seams you should win around day 
    14 for a 335 point S rank. 
    Mission 18: Omens and Signs
    Mission 19: Into The Woods (by YoyoYoshi)
    Allied Nation COs: Max/Rachel (Orange Star), Grimm/Jess 
    (Blue Moon) 
    Black Hole COs: Kindle/Lash
    Orange Star Units: 1 Infantry, 1 Mech, 1 APC, 2 Tanks, 2 
    A-Air, 2 Medium Tanks, 1 Neotank, 1 Megatank 
    Blue Moon Units: 3 Mechs, 1 Recon, 2 APC, 2 Artillery, 1 
    Tank, 1 A-Air, 2 Rockets 
    OS Day 1:
    - Move Neotank 1N 5E
    - Move bottom tank 3N 3E
    - Move top medium tank 1N 4E
    - Move bottom medium tank 2N 3E
    - Move bottom A-Air 2N 4E
    - Move top A-Air 1N 5E
    - Move Megatank 3E
    - Move top tank 1N 5E
    - Move artillery 2N 2E
    - Move mech 2E
    - Move infantry 2E
    - Move APC 1S 5E
    BM Day 1:
    - Move tank 6E
    - Move A-Air 6E
    - Move mechs 2E
    - Move artilleries 5E
    - Move recon 8E
    - Move top rocket 5E
    - Move bottom rocket 2N 3E
    - Move missile 1N 2E
    - Move top APC 2N 4E
    - Move bottom APC 6E
    BH Day 1:
    - Advance units into range, particularly the recon and the 
    OS Day 2:
    - Move mech 1S into APC
    - Move APC 1S 5E
    - Drop mech to the right onto the mountain to spot an 
    artillery, recon, and two mechs 
    - Move bottom medium tank 4E to spot recon
    - Move top medium tank 4E to destroy recon
    - Move Megatank 1N 1E
    - Move Neotank 1S 3E
    - Move left tank 1N 2E
    - Move infantry 2E
    - Move left A-Air 1E
    - Move artillery 2E
    BM Day 2:
    - Move tank 2E to attack A-Air and spot two tanks and an 
    - Move A-Air 1N
    - Move recon 3E to reveal two tanks, two A-Airs, and a 
    - Move top artillery 4E
    - Move right rocket 1N 2E
    - Move left rocket 5E
    - Move bottom artillery 4E
    - Move top and bottom mechs into APCs
    - Move middle mech 1E to capture city
    - Move missile 4E
    - Move bottom APC 1N 3E
    - Drop mech south
    - Move top APC 1N 5E
    - Drop mech to the right
    BH Day 2:
    - Reveals Oozium 238
    - Attack your OS mech with mech
    - Reveal two battle copters, rocket, and missile
    - Switch to Lash
    OS Day 3:
    - Move top medium tank 1N 3E to destroy rocket
    - Attack Oozium with Megatank, Neotank, and bottom tank (you 
    may have to move one or two of these units to do so) 
    - Move top medium tank 2E to destroy left artillery
    - Move top tank 3E to attack artillery
    - Move bottom A-Air to attack newly revealed recon
    - Move top A-Air 3E to destroy artillery
    - Move artillery 1N 4E
    - Attack mech with mech
    - Move infantry 1N 1E and capture city
    - Move APC 1N 1W
    BM Day 3:
    - Destroy battle copter with missile
    - Destroy top tank with top rocket
    - Destroy bottom tank with bottom rocket
    - Destroy A-Airs with both artilleries
    - Move injured A-Air 2S 2E to attack battle copter
    - Move injured tank 2N 2E to attack recon
    - Move recon 1S 1E
    - Move bottom mech 2E
    - Move top mech 1S 1E to capture city
    - Finish capturing city with remaining mech
    - Move bottom APC 1N 2E
    - Move top APC 2S
    BH Day 3:
    - Use Dual Strike (Tag Power)
    - Attack a whole lot of units, including destruction of OS 
    General Strategy (Days 4-11) : By this point, things will 
    have gotten random. Keep taking cities and destroying the 
    units near you that you've already discovered. You'll find 
    that facing BM about 5 squares to the left of the HQ are two 
    medium tanks, a mech, an APC, and an Oozium, so watch out 
    and stay at the tower or left of it and prepare your 
    indirects before you attack those. You should also capture 
    the tower while you're preparing, with the bottom mech. 
    Place the BM recon on the forest square to the 1S 1E of the 
    tower to spot the bottom medium tank's range, because if 
    you're unaware it can also hit your OS units when you 
    advance. You'll find little resistance to the south: just a 
    mech and a recon, but be aware that the northern BH units 
    can hit OS units at the bottom too. 
    When you feel like you're ready, advance! You now have far 
    more units, and far stronger units, than Kindle/Lash has. 
    You can lure a medium tank or two with an extremely injured 
    unit, since you'll need to lose a unit anyway. Advance those 
    tanks and indirects, and finish off those last two mechs, 
    APCs, and medium tanks. Lure the Oozium south so you can 
    destroy it with a combined tank force from all sides. It'll 
    be around where the mountain range ends, near the HQ. You'll 
    also find a Neotank on the HQ and another Neotank nearby, so 
    use your big tanks for those after you take out the Oozium. 
    Don't forget that you can use the missiles and/or your CO 
    powers if you feel that it's necessary, but I didn't need 
    it. Take Black Hole out by 11 days with brute force at the 
    Speed: 100 Pts
    Power: 100 Pts
    Technique: 100 Pts
    Ooziums: 80 Pts
    Total: 380 Pts S-Rank
    Mission 20: Muck Amok!
    Coming soon!
    Mission 21: Healing Touch (by YoyoYoshi)
    Allied Nation COs: Jake/Colin (Orange Star), Grimm/Rachel 
    (Blue Moon) 
    Black Hole COs: Kindle/Jugger
    Orange Star Units: 1 Infantry, 1 Mech, 1 Recon, 1 APC, 1 
    Artillery, 1 Tank, 1 A-Air, 1 Rocket, 1 Medium Tank, 1 
    Neotank, 1 Megatank 
    Blue Moon Units: 2 Mechs, 1 APC, 1 Transport Copter, 1 
    A-Air, 1 Battle Copter, 1 Missile, 1 Rocket, 1 Fighter, 1 
    Bomber, 1 Stealth 
    Black Hole Units: 3 Infantry, 2 Mech, 5 Recon, 3 APC, 2 
    Artillery, 2 Transport Copter, 3 Tank, 6 A-Air, 4 Battle 
    Copter, 2 Missile, 2 Rocket, 3 Medium Tank, 2 Neotank, 2 
    Fighter, 2 Piperunner, 2 Bomber 
    OS Day 1:
    - Move recon 4S 1W to destroy tank (make sure this happens)
    - Destroy infantry with rocket
    - Move megatank 3N to destroy black crystal
    - Move A-Air 3E to destroy fighter
    - Move neotank 4N 1E to destroy mech
    - Move medium tank 2N 3E to destroy rocket
    - Move tank 4N 2E to destroy A-Air
    - Move artillery 4N 1E
    - Move mech 2S into APC
    - Move APC 3S
    - Drop mech right
    - Move infantry 3N to capture tower
    BM Day 1:
    - Move left mech 1N 1W to destroy APC
    - Move bomber 4N 2W to destroy black crystal
    - Move right mech 2N to capture tower
    - Move A-Air 3S to destroy A-Air
    - Move fighter 5N 1W to destroy bomber
    - Move stealth 4N, then hide
    - Move battle copter 3N to destroy battle copter
    - Destroy artillery with rocket
    - Move missile 2N
    - Move APC 2N 1W
    - Move transport copter 2N
    BH Day 1:
    - Attack a lot of units
    - Switch to Jugger
    General Strategy (Days 2-4): From now on, you'll want to 
    keep destroying black crystals with your Megatank, your most 
    powerful unit. Keep hitting their units with both OS and BM, 
    and fire the two missiles nearby to keep their HPs low, and 
    keep capturing the towers. Just keeping attack. HP is on 
    your side, even if unit number isn't, so advance by taking 
    out everything in your area, plus use your 
    Megatank/bomber/Neotank/medium tank/stealth to attack the 
    black crystals. Use Super CO Powers when you get them too; 
    don't wait for your Tag powers. You should get them by Day 
    4. Don't worry about destroying every unit after you're down 
    to your last two crystals. Just focus on taking out the 
    crystals. Once you do so, you win! 
    Speed: 100 Pts
    Power: 100 Pts
    Technique: 100 Pts
    Black Crystals: 120 Pts
    Total: 420 Pts S-Rank
    Mission 22: Crystal Calamity
    Mission 23: Dark Ambition
    Mission 24: Pincer Strike
    Coming soon!
    Mission 25: Ring of Fire (by YoyoYoshi)
    Allied Nation COs: Grimm (Bottom), Jake (Top)
    Black Hole COs: Koal (Bottom), Kanbei (Top)
    Top Front:
    Orange Star Units: 3 Mech, 1 APC, 2 A-Air, 1 Battle Copter, 
    1 Missile 
    Black Hole Units: 2 Infantry, 2 Mech, 2 APC, 8 Battle 
    Copter, 1 Rocket, 1 Neotank 
    Bottom Front:
    Orange Star Units: 2 Infantry, 8 Mech, 2 APC, 3 Artillery, 3 
    A-Air, 2 Battle Copter, 1 Missile, 4 Rocket 
    Black Hole Units: 2 Infantry, 2 Recon, 2 APC, 4 Artillery, 5 
    Tank, 4 Black Boat, 2 A-Air, 6 Medium Tank, 6 Neotank, 1 
    Bottom Front, Inner Ring:
    OS Day 1:
    - Bottom left rocket destroys artillery
    - Right rocket attacks Neotank
    - Top left rocket attacks Neotank
    - Move top left mech 2N
    - Move left artillery 2S 1E
    - Move mech below that 2E to attack tank
    - Move mech below that 2E to capture tower
    - Move mech below that into APC
    - Move APC 1S 5E
    - Move mech to the right of that 1E
    - Move bottom artillery 1N
    - Move right artillery 2S 1W
    - Move mech above that 2N
    BH Day 1:
    - Units move
    General Strategy beyond Day 1 (Days 2-11): Finish capturing 
    the towers and help take the neutral airport with the inner 
    ring APC. Continue attacking units inside the volcanic 
    center with indirects. Move rockets up towards the volcanic 
    middle on Day 2 so you can have better aim against the other 
    units, and move right artillery 2S 1E this turn to aim for 
    outer ring BH units. As long as you can aim at anything in 
    the outer ring with a rocket or artillery from the inner 
    ring, do so. Aim missiles at the megatank and surrounding 
    units. Make sure to hit as many Neotanks/medium tanks along 
    with it as you can. The point is to try to kill as many 
    units from the outside as you can with indirects (inside is 
    second priority, since there are less units). Tag Power from 
    winning the top front should help sweep up the remaining 
    units, since Black Hole can't build very fast. 
    Bottom Front, Outer Ring:
    - Top mech 1N to capture city
    - Top infantry 1S to capture city
    - Bottom infantry 2E to capture city
    - Bottom mech 1N 1W to capture city
    - Move APC 4N 2W
    - Send all other units through the HQ to the top screen
    BH Day 1:
    - Units move
    General Strategy beyond Day 1 (Days 2-11): Finish capturing 
    cities and prepare to take the neutral base. After you grab 
    the airport, build as many bombers as you can to eliminate 
    the eastern front and the center. Continue destroying units 
    within the inner ring. Keep building bombers till you take 
    out the entire front! Tag Power from winning the top front 
    should help. 
    Top Front:
    - Start capturing towers with the two mechs
    - Move all other units towards the volcano but not within 
    the volcanic square area 
    General Strategy Day 1 and beyond: Advance battle copters 
    and A-Air, and the rocket to near the mountain range. Use 
    the mechs to capture the towers, and do not advance to the 
    volcanic center. Let the battle copters and Neotank get into 
    your range. They'll arrive Day 2, so then you send in your 
    A-Air and battle copters to wipe out most of the BH air 
    force in one day. You might also want to surround the 
    Neotank so it doesn't run from your rocket's range. After 
    you rid the Neotank and battle copters, take out the mechs 
    in the middle OUTSIDE of the plains in the middle (use shoal 
    or cities so you won't get hit by the volcano), and then 
    march towards the rocket. After you take it out (about Day 
    10), you've got a Tag Power down below! 
    That was easy!
    Speed: 100 Pts
    Power: 100 Pts
    Technique: 100 Pts
    Oozium: 40 Pts
    Total: 340 Pts S-Rank 
    Mission 26: Surrounded!
    Coming soon!
    Mission 27: For the Future! (by YoyoYoshi)
    Allied COs: Jess/Javier (Orange Star), Hawke/Lash (Blue 
    Moon), Eagle/Sami (Green Earth) 
    Enemy CO: Von Bolt
    Orange Star Units: 2 Infantry, 1 APC, 1 Artillery, 1 A-Air, 
    1 Missile, 1 Neotank, 1 Megatank 
    Blue Moon Units: 1 Infantry, 2 Mech, 1 Cruiser, 1 Submarine, 
    1 Battleship, 1 Carrier 
    Green Earth Units: 1 Infantry, 2 Mech, 1 Battle Copter, 1 
    Fighter, 1 Bomber, 1 Stealth 
    Black Hole Units: 3 Infantry, 5 Mech, 2 Recon, 4 Artillery, 
    2 Black Boat, 2 Tank, 2 A-Air, 1 Battle Copter, 2 Medium 
    Tanks, 1 Cruiser, 1 Fighter, 1 Submarine, 1 Bomber, 1 
    OS Day 1:
    - Move left infantry 2N 1W
    - Move right infantry 2N 1E
    - Move megatank 2N
    - Move Neotank 3N
    - Move medium tank 3N
    - Move rocket 2N
    - Move artillery 3N 1E
    - Move missile 2N
    - Move A-Air 4N
    - Move APC 2N
    - Build two infantry
    BM Day 1:
    - Move right mech 1S 1E to capture city
    - Move infantry 3N
    - Move left mech 1N 1E
    - Move battleship 3N 1W
    - Move cruiser 5N
    - Move sub 4N 1W
    - Move carrier 3N 2W
    - Build APC
    GE Day 1:
    - Move bomber 6N 1W
    - Move battle copter 6N to attack minicannon
    - Move fighter 6N 2E
    - Move stealth 6N
    - Move left mech 1S 1W to capture city
    - Move right mech 1N 1W
    - Move infantry 3N
    - Build a battle copter
    BH Day 1:
    - Move all units down
    OS Day 2:
    - Move both top infantry up 2N to capture towers
    - Move Neotank 1S 1W
    - Move megatank 1S
    - Move A-Air 1E
    - Move medium tank 1E
    - Move rocket 2N
    - Move artillery 1N
    - Move missile 1N
    - Move left infantry 3N
    - Move right infantry 3N into APC
    - Move APC 1N and drop left
    - Build two artillery
    BM Day 2:
    - Attack minicannon with battleship
    - Dive sub
    - Finish capturing city with mech
    - Move APC 4N
    - Move other mech 2N
    - Move infantry 1N 2E
    - Build artillery
    GE Day 2:
    - Finish capturing city with mech
    - Move infantry 2N 1W
    - Move other mech 2N
    - Move bottom battle copter 6N
    - Move top battle copter 5N 1E to attack minicannon
    - Move stealth 5N 1E
    - Move fighter 4N 2W
    - Move bomber 1N to destroy minicannon
    - Build a battle copter
    BH Day 2:
    - Move units down
    - Destroy battle copter with battle copter and fighter
    OS Day 3:
    - Attack medium tank with rocket
    - Attack Neotank with artillery
    - Finish capturing towers
    - Move APC 1S
    - Move up both artillery 4N
    - Build two infantry
    BM Day 3:
    - Destroy minicannon with battleship
    - Move sub 2S 1E
    - Move cruiser 1S 1E
    - Move carrier 1S
    - Move infantry 3N to capture city
    - Move bottom mech 2W
    - Move APC 2S 1W
    - Move top mech 2E
    - Move artillery 4N 1W
    - Build infantry
    GE Day 3:
    - Move fighter 1N to attack fighter
    - Move infantry 2N 1W to capture city
    - Move stealth 2N to destroy fighter
    - Move bomber 3N 1W to destroy black crystal
    - Move next top copter 6N
    - All other units irrelevant, but do build an infantry and a 
    BH Day 4:
    - Move units
    - Attack a few units
    - Destroy left OS infantry
    OS Day 4:
    - Attack Neotank with left artillery
    - Destroy left medium tank with middle artillery
    - Attack right medium tank with right artillery
    - Destroy right medium tank with medium tank
    - Destroy bomber with missile
    - Attack right mech with rocket
    - Move megatank 2W to destroy Neotank
    - Move Neotank 2N 1W to destroy infantry
    - Move infantry on 2nd column within the pipes 1N onto the 
    - Retreat the right injured infantry 3S
    - Move A-Air 1N to destroy infantry
    - Move two infantry off bases
    - Build a piperunner from the left base and an infantry from 
    the right base 
    BM Day 4:
    - Move sub 2N to attack black boat
    - Destroy black boat with cruiser
    - All other moves irrelevant
    GE Day 4:
    - Move bomber 5N 1E
    - Destroy battle copter with stealth and battle copter
    - All other moves irrelevant
    BH Day 4:
    - Ex Machina to freeze OS units for one turn
    - Destroy a few OS units
    - Attack cruiser with cruiser
    OS Day 5:
    - Attack with as much as you can without being in artillery 
    - Build two infantry
    BM Day 5:
    - Move sub 4N 1E
    - Attack cruiser with cruiser
    - Move battleship 1N 2W
    - Other actions irrelevant
    GE Day 5:
    - Destroy loaded T-Copter
    - Destroy minicannon nearby with stealth (make sure it's out 
    of range) 
    - Most importantly: Move bomber 2N 5W
    BH Day 5:
    - Destroy a lot of US units
    OS Day 6:
    - Use Tag Power and kill as many units as you can
    - Build 4 units (first two should be tanks of some sort)
    BM Day 6:
    - Kill as many units as you can
    - Build whatever
    GE Day 6:
    - Build as many units as you can
    - Move bomber 1N 1W to destroy obelisk
    You've won!
    Mission 28: Means to an End
    Coming soon!
    ---- 8 > HARD CAMPAIGN ----
    Note: No force ranks or skills are EVER used in our Hard 
    Campaign guides. It takes more skill to win without them, so 
    we did not use them. 
    Mission 2: The New Black (by Raz Takasha)
    Vs. Jugger
    Your CO’s - Grit and any CO
    Day One- Fire on both Mid Tanks with the two eastern 
    artillery, and move your available eastern artillery east 
    one space. Move infantry SouthWest to the city, and leave 
    your tank there. Move the western artillery east. Move 
    neotank west to attack infantry. 
    Day Two- Move the southwester artillery to the east of the 
    city. Attack both Mid Tanks again, and use the remaining 
    artillery to attack the southern neotank. Attack remaining 
    infantry with neotank. 
    Day Three- Destroy the mechs with your full artillery, and 
    move the remaining artillery west. Move neotank west and 
    attack. If infantry is still alive, destroy it with 
    Day Four- Use COP. Attack the northern force with all four 
    artillery. The Mid and neo tanks should be wiped out or 
    close to it. Move neotank west and attack if in range. Move 
    infantry NW. 
    Day Five- Move infantry further NW. Attack anything in range 
    with your tank and neotank. Move artillery west. 
    Day Six - Attack neotank with artillery. Attack tank with 
    neotank, and Aair with tank. 
    Day Seven - Attack APC with neotank and tank, win on Day 7
    300 Point S Rank
    Mission 3: Max Attacks (by Raz Takasha)
    Vs. Lash
    Your CO’s- Kanbei and any CO
    Day One- Move two SW Bcopters SW towards the black bomb, but 
    stay out of range of minicannons. Use four of the remaining 
    copters to attack the northern minicannon. Move your ground 
    forces west. 
    Day Two- Move two injured Bcopters north towards your main 
    force, staying out of minicannon fire. Use a bcopter to 
    attack the northern BH infantry, out of range of Mid Tank 
    fire. Advance forces west, loading a mech into the Tcopter 
    and taking it west. Unload the mech. Place your rocket in 
    range to attack the western minicannon. 
    Day Three- Attack the far Mid Tank with rockets. Attack the 
    1HP infantry with a mech. Attack the weakened Mid Tank with 
    one full bcopter and one of your weakened copters. Attack 
    the full HP Mid Tank with three Bcopters, staying out of 
    range of the minicannon. Destory the BH infantry on the BH 
    Day Four- Load a mech into the tcopter, and send it south 
    with two full Bcopters. Attack the Mid Tank with one 
    bcopter, and attack the two tanks with bcopters to kill 
    them. Attack the western mini cannon with your rockets, and 
    send any remaining forces back to the double bridge beside 
    your HQ. 
    Day Five- Move artillery and rockets onto OS cities beside 
    the bridge, and surround with Bcopters on the west. Continue 
    with tcopter and two bcopters towards BH HQ, out of range of 
    Day Six- Attack recon and APC with artillery, rockets, and 
    one bcopter. Allow neotanks to attack bcopters. 
    Day Seven- Use COP. Attack the tank on BH HQ with two 
    bcopters, and unload the mech. Attack both neotanks with 
    artillery and rockets, and finish with bcopters. Send 
    remaining copters south to destroy minicannons. 
    Day Eight- Move rockets to attack minicannon. Use bcopters 
    to attack minicannons, and begin takeover of HQ. 
    Day Nine- Destory remaining minicannons, and take over HQ. 
    Win on Day 9. 
    340 Point S Rank (40 Pts. For 4 Minicannons.)
    Mission 4: Reclaim the Skies (by Raz Takasha)
    Vs. Jugger
    Your CO’s- Grimm and any CO
    Day One- Attack both tanks with both rockets. Use the 
    northern missile to destroy the bomber, and the NW Aair to 
    destroy the Bcopter. Destory the mech with the NE Aair, 
    leaving it in range of the eastern bomber. Move tanks east, 
    but outside of the east bomber’s range. Attack the remaining 
    mech with the SW Aair, and use the other SW Aair to attack 
    the bomber. Move SE missiles NW, and attack the Bcopter and 
    bomber with remaining Aair. 
    Day Two- Jugger’s SCOP is so haphazard, the results can very 
    greatly. You should have lost two Aair’s and the northern 
    missile. Use your SCOP. Attack his Bomber and Bcopter with 
    your two northern Aair. Use southern Aair to destory his 
    bomber. Put tanks in copter and bomber attack ranges. 
    Day Three- Destroy remaining planes with your Aair. Win on 
    Day 3. 
    297 Point S Rank (Possibly 300 because of Jugger’s SCOP)
    Mission 5: Neverending War (by Raz Takasha)
    Vs. Koal
    Your CO’s- Colin and Kanbei
    Day One- Move north mech NW towards the city, and the middle 
    mech SE out of the enemy mechs’ range. Send the artillery 
    and APC north, load the mech into the APC, and your tank one 
    space out of range of the enemy tank. Build an infantry on 
    the southern city. 
    Day Two- Begin capturing city with infantry, and move tank 
    onto the OS city. Move artillery north, and the APC to block 
    the bridge, unloading the mech onto the factory. Begin 
    capturing the northern city. Move the remaining mech south. 
    Build an Aair on the southern factory. Swap CO’s to end 
    Day Three- Finish capturing both properties, and begin 
    capturing the factory. Move your artillery east beside the 
    APC. Use the Aair and mech to attack the enemy mech 
    capturing a city, and attack the enemy tank with your tank. 
    Stay out of cannon fire range. 
    Day Four- Capture the factory, and advance your NW mech 
    east. Move the infantry east, and attack the Bcopter with 
    your Aair. Attack the mech capturing the southern factory 
    with your tank. Move your northern artillery east to block 
    up the Bcopter. Change Co’s 
    Day Five- Move your artillery one space east onto the 
    bridge, and your mechs to the forest and road on the west of 
    your artillery. Attack the southern mech with your Aair, 
    even though it will still capture the factory next turn. 
    Move your mech and infantry east, in position to attack the 
    weakened mech. Use COP, leaving you with 41000 Funds. Build 
    an Aair north, and two tanks south, Swap CO’s to end turn. 
    Day Six- Attack the north Bcopter with your Aair, and the 
    Aair with your 5hp mech. Do not move your 2hp mech. Send 
    your north tank north, and your other tank east, attacking 
    the 1hp bcopter. Attack with your infantry, destroying the 
    mech on the factory, and begin capturing with your mech. 
    Day Seven- Attack the southern tank with your tank, and 
    continue capturing the factory. Move your infantry west 
    towards the neutral city. Move your Aair beside the enemy 
    Aair to block it up, but do not attack. Build an artillery, 
    and move your tank east. Change CO’s 
    Day Eight- Attack the enemy tank with yours, and move your 
    artillery to the west of the tank, blocking it in with your 
    factory. Begin Capturing the neutral city in the south, and 
    finish the tank with your tank. Capture the factory. Use COP 
    for approx. 65000 funds. Build a tank on your southern 
    factory, an artillery on your middle factory, and another 
    artillery on your northern base. Swap Co’s. 
    Day Nine- Destroy the BH tank in the north. Move your 
    weakened artillery onto the east OS city, and your full 
    artillery right beside it. Move your southern artillery 
    north, and your tank east. Advance your mech and tank east, 
    beginning to attack the minicannon. Build an artillery in 
    the north, and a tank in your SE factory. 
    Day Ten- Attack the minicannon with your three tanks and 
    mech, and move your infantry east. Build an APC on the SE 
    factory. Continue moving your eastern artillery NE, and 
    advance your 3hp artillery one space north. Attack the Aair 
    with your artillery, and move your tank forward to attack 
    the infantry where the Aair was. Build an Artillery in the 
    north base. Build a tank on the northern base by your HQ. 
    Day Eleven- Attack the 3 infantry with your artillery in the 
    north, and advance the remaining right behind your artillery 
    line. Attack with your tank to finish an infantry. Build a 
    tank on the north base., and advance your SW tank north. 
    Load your infantry into the APC. Attack the minicannon with 
    a single tank on the east side, and attack the BH mech with 
    two tanks. Send your mech east. Send the APC east, to unload 
    the infantry beside the airport. 
    Day Twelve- Use SCOP. Attack all three neotanks with three 
    different full artillery, and use your 4th to attack the 
    southern neo. Attack the east neotank with the tank, and 
    advance your western tank right behind your artillery. 
    Destory the minicannon, and begin attacking the BH artillery 
    in the south. Build a tank in the north and SE factories. 
    Day Thirteen- Attack the full joined neotank with your 
    artillery, and bring one tank forward to attack it. Bring an 
    artillery right below the OS city, and put a tank beside it 
    to block. Keep a tank on the OS city as well. Put an 
    artillery on the road beside the bridge. In the south, move 
    the built tank NW through the forests to assist the north. 
    Capture the airport and attack the artillery. Change CO’s 
    Day Fourteen- Attack the neotank with all three artillery. 
    Use your full tank to attack the rockets, and your other 
    tank to attack the 8 HP tank. Bring your south reinforcement 
    tank north. Attack the other minicannon with your tanks. 
    Capture cities with your mech and infantry in the south, and 
    use COP. Approx. 73000 funds. Build a bomber and 4 tanks, 
    Swap CO’s to end turn. 
    Day Fifteen- Attack minicannon with tanks, and the mech with 
    your bomber. Finish capturing cities in the south. In the 
    north, advance all units, destroying the infantry and tank. 
    Build another bomber. 
    Day Sixteen- Attack the Mid tank with your bomber, out of 
    range of Aair, and the other minicannon with your bomber. 
    Continue capturing cities in the south. Destory what’s 
    possible in the north. Change CO’s. 
    Day Seventeen- Attack the neotank with artillery and a 
    bomber, and the Aair with tanks. Use COP, for approx. 65000 
    funds. Attack the remaining Aair, and build another bomber. 
    Build in every factory for technique. Swap CO’s. 
    Day Eighteen- Use SCOP. Destory the neotank, and begin 
    attacking the minicannon. Build in all factories, plus a 
    Day Nineteen- Destory the minicannon, build on all 
    factories, and then the two Aair. Win on Day Nineteen. 
    317 Point S Rank
    Mission 6: The Ocean Blue (by Raz Takasha)
    Vs. Lash
    Your CO’s- Grit and Kanbei
    Day One- Use rockets to attack both mechs, killing them. 
    Load mech onto APC. Load artillery and Mid Tank onto the 
    lander, and send it to the middle island. Unload. Advance 
    sub NE, but do not dive. Advance Bship, cruiser, and both 
    bcopters NE, outside of all attack ranges. 
    Day Two- Advance sub NE and dive. Bring your lander back to 
    the NW island and load the apc. Move the rocket south 
    towards the lander. Advance your rocket on the middle island 
    one space east, outside of Bship attack range. Move Mid Tank 
    outside of Bship attack range, and move the artillery NE 
    outside of attack range. Move the north bcopter between the 
    shoal and reef right outside of cruiser attack range. Move 
    your other bcopter anywhere directly outside of attack 
    range. Place your bship in range to attack the enemy bship, 
    so BH’s is in danger. 
    Day Three- Watch the placement of Lash’s dived sub. Send 
    your sub next to it, and then attack with your cruiser. 
    Advance your bship NE right outside of enemy bship attack 
    range, and move your copters to attack the lander.. Load 
    your rockets onto the lander, and move it to the western 
    shoal on top of the middle island. Unload the APC on the 
    south and rockets on the east. Put your Mid Tank into attack 
    range of Bships, on the OS city. 
    Day Four- Use COP. Attack the cruiser with your artillery, 
    the bship with your two rockets, and the second cruiser with 
    your weakened bship. Destroy the remaining cruiser with your 
    sub, and continue attacking the lander with your copters. 
    Change CO’s. 
    Day Five- Attack the Bship with your sub, and move your 
    Bship south. Protect it with your copters to avoid sub fire, 
    and load one rocket and the Mid Tank on your lander. Move 
    the lander south around the island. Move your rockets onto 
    the OS city. 
    Day Six- Destory the Bship, and attack the neotank with your 
    Bship. Move the lander east, but do not dock or unload. 
    Day Seven- Move your sub south and rise. Move your APC east 
    to the shoal to supply it next turn. 
    Day Eight- Use COP. Attack neotank with Bship, copters, and 
    Mid Tank. If the copters destroy the Neotank, send the Mid 
    Tank north. 
    Day Nine- Attack the Aair with your Mid Tank, then Aair. 
    Attack the neotank with your Bship, or send it north if the 
    neo was destoryed and bcopter north to attack the artillery. 
    Destory the sub with your sub. 
    Day Ten- Attack the Artillery with your Mid Tank, and the 
    APC with your Bship and two copters. Win on Day 10. 
    300 Point S Rank
    ---- 9 > SURVIVAL MODE ----
    Money Survival Mode Guide (by YoyoYoshi)
    Welcome to Money Survival Mode. Money Survival Mode only 
    gives you a funding amount of 500,000G to spend on 11 maps, 
    so you'll have to use your money wisely. Select a combo of 
    COs Colin and Rachel, and let's begin! 
    Mission 1: Silo Sweep
    Enemy CO: Jess
    Allied Units: 1 Medium Tank
    Enemy Units: 3 Neotanks
    Day 1: Build two infantry and move your medium tank 2W.
    Day 2: Move top infantry 2N 1E and bottom infantry 2S 1E.
    Day 3: Move both infantry 3E. Move medium tank 1E 2S.
    Day 4: Move both infantry 2E and use the missile silos to 
    weaken all 3 Neotanks to 4HP. Then move the medium tank 2N 
    Day 5: Since two Neotanks joined and moved east, use the 
    last two missile silos by moving two infantry 2E to bring 
    that down to 2HP. Move medium tank 3E to destroy the left 
    Day 6: Destroy the final Neotank with your medium tank.
    Speed: 50 Pts
    Power: 50 Pts
    Technique: 50 Pts
    Total: 150 Pts S-Rank
    Piece of cake!
    Mission 2: Bad Pangaea
    Enemy CO: Sami
    Enemy Units: 1 Infantry, 1 APC
    Day 1: Build an artillery in the NW base, a rocket in the SW 
    base, and an infantry in the NE base. Switch to Rachel. 
    Day 2: Use those two units to destroy the minicannon to the 
    right of the infantry, then move the infantry 2E 1N. 
    Day 3: Start capturing the HQ. Attack the infantry with your 
    Day 4: Kill the infantry with your rocket, then finish 
    capturing the HQ. 
    Speed: 50 Pts
    Power: 50 Pts
    Technique: 50 Pts
    Total: 150 Pts S-Rank
    Piece of cake!
    Mission 3: Chokepoint
    Enemy COs: Sasha, Colin
    Allied Units: 1 Tank, 1 Neotank
    Enemy Units:
    Colin: 1 Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 Medium Tank, 1 Megatank
    Sasha: 1 Infantry, 1 Rocket, 1 Neotank, 1 Megatank
    Day 1: Build two infantry. Switch to Colin.
    Day 2: Move both infantry 2N to capture towers. Build two 
    more infantry. Build a battleship. 
    Day 3: Finish capturing towers. Bottom left infantry should 
    move 1W to capture that tower, while the other infantry 
    should move 2S to capture that one. Build a Megatank from 
    the SW base. Move battleship 1N 4W. Switch back to Rachel. 
    Day 4: Finish capturing towers and have the other two 
    infantry capture the remaining top towers. Move Megatank 2S. 
    Attack BM Megatank with battleship. 
    Day 5: Attack GE Neotank with battleship. Move Neotank 6W 
    and the regular tank 1S 4W. Finish capturing towers. Of the 
    remaining infantries that aren't capturing towers, move the 
    left one 2E 1S and the right one 2W to capture that one. 
    Day 6: Destroy the GE Neotank by moving your Neotank 1S 1W, 
    and the BM Megatank with your Megatank. Keep capturing 
    towers and advancing troops. Move the tank 5W and the 
    battleship 1S 4W. 
    Day 7: Attack the GE Megatank with your battleship, then 
    move your Neotank 1N 4W to destroy the GE Megatank, and the 
    tank 2W 1S to destroy the artillery. Advance infantry 
    westward to take towers. Kill the BM infantry, too. 
    Day 8: Advance Neotank through the GE rocket range. Destroy 
    GE artillery with tank, and attack BM medium tank with 
    battleship. Keep advancing units towards the remaining BM/GE 
    Day 9: Destroy GE rocket with Neotank. Move battleship 2W 2S 
    and keep moving the Megatank towards BM. 
    Day 10: Destroy BM artillery with battleship. Advance 
    Megatank westward. 
    Day 11: Finish off the BM medium tank with your battleship.
    Speed: 50 Pts
    Power: 50 Pts
    Technique: 49 Pts
    Total: 149 Pts S-Rank
    Mission 4: Cold Shoulder Enemy CO: Nell
    Day 1: Build two Megatanks.
    Day 2: Move them 4E. Build two more Megatanks.
    Day 3-5: Finish off all units.
    Speed: 50 Pts
    Power: 50 Pts
    Technique: 50 Pts
    Total: 150 Pts S-Rank
    Easy enough.
    Mission 5: Crowded Plain
    Enemy CO: Rachel
    Allied CO Units: 1 APC, 2 Rockets
    Enemy CO Units: 1 Megatank
    Day 1: Move the Piperunner 1E 4S.
    Day 2: Tag Team Power! Finish off the Megatank with your 
    Piperunner after Rachel's missiles have weakened the 
    Megatank to 1HP. 
    Speed: 50 Pts
    Power: 50 Pts
    Technique: 50 Pts
    Total: 150 Pts S-Rank
    Nice and simple!
    Mission 6: Narrow Road
    Enemy CO: Kindle
    Enemy Units: 7 Megatanks
    Day 1: Build an APC from the northern base and an infantry 
    on the southern base. Switch to Colin. 
    Day 2: Build an APC from the southern base and an infantry 
    on the northern base. Move northern APC with loaded infantry 
    2N 4W. 
    Day 3: Move top APC 5W 1N, bottom APC (with loaded infantry) 
    3S 3W. Build two infantry. 
    Day 4: Move both APCS 5W. Move top infantry 3N and bottom 
    infantry 3S. 
    Day 5: Do not move top and bottom infantries. Move top APC 
    5W and unload the infantry to the left. Move bottom APC 6W. 
    Day 6: Fire missiles with the top left, top right, and 
    bottom infantries on the Megatanks to reduce every Megatank 
    to 1HP. Move bottom APC 5W and unload infantry to the left. 
    Build two Medium tanks, then change to Rachel. 
    Day 7: Use top and bottom left infantries to weaken the 8 HP 
    Megatank to 2HP, then send Medium tanks left to destroy the 
    last two Megatanks! 
    Speed: 50 Pts
    Power: 50 Pts
    Technique: 50 Pts
    Total: 150 Pts S-Rank
    ---- 10 > SECRETS ----
    AW1/AW2 Info (by Firefox)
    If you stick a AW1 cartridge into the bottom slot of the DS, 
    and then play AWDS, you can goto battlemaps, and 2 secret 
    maps and a AW1 wallpaper will be available for purchase. 
    If you stick a AW2 cartridge into the bottom slot of the DS, 
    and then play AWDS, you can goto Battlemaps, and 2 secret 
    maps and a AW2 wallpaper will be available for purchase. 
    Battle Maps Pricing (by YoyoYoshi)
    Oozium 1000
    Hard Campaign 1000
    Sound Room 2000
    Gallery 2000
    Time Champion 1000
    Turn Champion 1000
    Money Champion 1000
    Hard Combat 1500
    Advance Warpaper 1
    Advance Warpaper 2 1
    Hachi's Land 1
    Sturm's Land 1
    Lash's Land 1
    Sasha 600
    Grimm 600
    Javier 600
    Nell 2000
    Hachi 2000
    Flak 1000
    Lash 1000
    Adder 1000
    Hawke 1000
    Jugger 3000
    Koal 3500
    Kindle 4000
    Combat Mode COs
    Flak 1000
    Lash 1500
    Adder 2000
    Hawke 2500
    Color Edits
    Rachel 150
    Andy 150
    Max 150
    Sami 150
    Olaf 150
    Grit 150
    Colin 150
    Sasha 150
    Kanbei 150
    Sonja 150
    Sensei 150
    Grimm 150
    Eagle 150
    Drake 150
    Jess 150
    Javier 150
    Nell 200
    Hachi 200
    Flak 200
    Lash 200
    Adder 200
    Hawke 200
    Jugger 300
    Koal 300
    Kindle 300
    Little Lion 500
    Megalopolis 500
    Pipeline 500
    Rabbit Island 500
    Watery Downs 500
    Fortress Isle 500
    Treble Ridge 500
    Four Acres 500
    Final Battle 500
    Silo Nation 1000
    Risky Duo 1000
    Helix Peninsula 1000
    Trifecta Isles 500
    Ocean Prison 500
    Narrow Ridge 500
    Deadlakes 500
    No-Exit Isles 500
    Arrow Point 500
    Crater Reef 500
    Lost Road 500
    Capital Clash 500
    Islands Agogo 500
    Grand Battle 500
    Pipes Aplenty 500
    Frigid Finale 500
    Fan Isle 500
    Gridlock Glen
    Kidney Island 500
    Marine Cross 500
    Axle Roads 500
    Worm Canal 500
    Broken Land 500
    Rough Terrain 500
    Deep Forest 500
    Scramble Isle 500
    Danger Pool 500
    Dark City 500
    Clover Pond 500
    Cross Cape 500
    ---- 11 > CREDITS ----
    Credits go to:
    - Gamefaqs and CJayC for hosting our Advance Wars: Dual 
    Strike guide. 
    - Readers for reading this guide.
    Copyrighted 2005, Advance Wars Revolution. All rights 
    reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or 
    transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, 
    mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without 
    prior written permission of Advance Wars Revolution. Full 
    credit must also be given. Should you do anything of the 
    kind, you will be sued, and you will lose. Ignorance is not 
    a legal way out. Good day. 

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