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    Time Survival Guide by Gameandwatch423

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    Advance Wars: Duel Strike
    Time Survival
    Copyright 2005 Shane Shafferman
    This walkthough gives hints on how to beat time survival mode.
    First off, you must pick two CO's.  I recommend choosing Kanbei and Sami.  
    Kanbei has a good strength which will help in some of the battles.  Sami is
    good for capturing the enemy's HQ.  There are a few things that are helpful
    to know before you start.  First, time does not continue while it is the 
    enemy's turn.  Second, time does not continue during battle animations, but
    does continue during capture animations.  It does not matter how many turns 
    you take but if you take long deciding where to move or what to build, you will
    be short on time at the end.
    Red Heart: Mission 1, Enemy CO: Jugger
    First off use the 3-health mechs that can reach the neotank.  Then when those
    are all destroyed use the 4-health mechs.  If you use Sami, you have a chance
    at beating this mission in one turn.  On Jugger's turn he will prpbably attack
    a 4-health mech.  On your next turn, just use the mechs you have left to finish
    him off.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - 50
    Power - 50
    Technique - between 20-35
    Frozen Pipes: Mission 2, Enemy CO: Olaf
    This mission is also very easy.  Do not worry about moving anything except for
    the bomber.  The artillery won't be able to attack you or escape.  Switch to
    your second CO to attack the artilleries.  Just bomb Olaf's units and you 
    should finish in about 5-8 turns.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - between 45-50
    Power - 50
    Technique - 50
    Bonus - between 10-25 (5 points for each pipe seam)
    Cape Splinter: Mission 3, Enemy CO: Lash
    You have very little units at the beginning, and you cannot build anything.
    Three out you units are black bombs, which only have one use.  Wait until most
    of the enemy units are right next to you then black bomb them, and start to
    finish them off with your two tanks.  He will try to move most of his units 
    back to the crystal to heal.  He will also move his artillery out of your units
    range, hoping to be able to hit them on he next turn.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - between 45-50
    Power - 50
    Technique - 50
    Bonus - 20 (20 points for destroying the crystal)
    Lake Fever: Mission 4, Enemy CO: Andy
    This mission is very easy seeing that you have lots of cities, therefore lots
    of money.  Just build rockets and take them over to the lake.  Andy will try
    to move his units out of range so just keep building rockets and send them 
    over.  You may also want to build infantry to go for the silos.  Keep in mind 
    that he will not be able to attack your units.  You may want to switch COs for
    the next battle.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - 50
    Power - 50
    Technique - 50
    Open Road: Mission 5, Enemy CO: Sami
    This mission is also easy.  First, load the infantry into the APC.  Then move 
    the recon to the northeast, out of the forest and move the APC into the forest.
    Sami will shoot at the recon you just moved, its no big deal just move it back
    to the forest before it dies.  Then move the APC to the shore next to the recon
    that is south of your position.  The battleships will not be able to hit you.
    Then move the APC into the forest one space to the right of it.  You can move
    the recon that was in the forest one space to the north and the battleships 
    will not be able to hit it.  One your next turn, move the recon that is 
    northeast of the APC's position, to the shore next to the forest the APC is in
    now.  Then move the APC into the empty forest.  Then, move the recon near you,
    to the east on space.  Now the APC can move into that forest.  On the next 
    turn, drop the APC into the forest south of the enemy HQ.  Then one the next 2
    turns capture it.
    Aprroximate Score
    Speed - between 45-50
    Power - 0
    Technique - 50
    The Middleman: Mission 6, Enemy CO: Hawke
    First, move the mid-tanks out of the space they are in and move the artilleries
    into those space.  Keep in mind that there is a sandstorm, which means all 
    units have a lower range.  Do not kill the minicannons, if you are careful you
    should not be hit very many times.  You should build rockets when you have 
    enough money.  Just keep using longe range units and you should be fine.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - 50
    Power - 50
    Technique - 50
    Bonus - between 10-120 (10 points for each cannon and 20 points for the 
    Stealth Fight: Mission 7, Enemy CO: Olaf
    First thing you should do is, load the infantry into the t-copter and move it
    south one space.  Move all of your stealth fighters into the ocean and have
    them cloak.  Continue to attack the ships with the stealth fighters.  Be sure
    to move the infantry down to the missle silo.  It will take a bunch of turns 
    to finish off all of his units.  
    Approximate Score
    Speed - between 40-50
    Power - 50
    Technique - between 45-50
    Tactical Decoy: Mission 8, Enemy CO: Javier
    This mission is very annoying but is not very hard.  You have lots of tanks in
    this mission but the enemy has lots of missle silos.  He will continue using
    the silos until they are all gone.  When the silos are gone, he will send his
    tanks up to where you are.  This mission can be done in two ways.  First, you
    can send one mid-tank south and group your other units together.  He will use
    the silos on the units you grouped together and ignore the mid-tank.  The other
    way is to spread your units as much as you can.  He will still use the silos
    but he will not be able hit as many units with each.  Then, he will bring up
    most of his units.  Just finish them off as they come up.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - 50
    Power - 50
    Technique - between 30-50
    Last Stand: Mission 9, Enemy CO: Colin
    This mission can be either very hard or very easy.  First, move your rockets
    back one space and the mech back two spaces onto the mountain.  Then move the
    APCs to the corner spaces behind your HQ.  After that, move the mega-tank back
    onto the HQ and the neotank onto the city one space south of that.  Colin will
    then bring his units over to you.  Just keep shooting them and you should win.
    Your units can also gain HP from being on the cities.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - 50
    Power - 50
    Technique - between 40-50
    Pursuit Plains: Mission 10, Enemy CO: Lash
    You start the mission with two infantry, and Lash has alot of 1-HP units.
    Use the infantry to attack the strongest unit possible.  On lash's turn she
    will work on moving all her units back to the crystals.  On your turn, start to
    build infantry so you can capture the cities.  Then work on building the
    strongest units you can and just go and finish off every unit.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - 50
    Power - 50
    Technique - between 30-50
    Fog Hunter: Mission 11, Enemy CO: Grimm
    If you are using Sami and have a tag power, this mission can be beat in 2-3
    turns.  Just load a black boat with an infantry to send north to his HQ.
    If you dont have Sami or a tag power, then just send units over the sea and
    around the bridge and either rout him or capture his HQ.  Of course this way
    will take more time and be harder.  If you have at least 5 minutes you should
    be able to accomplish this.
    Approximate Score
    Speed - between 30-50
    Power - between 0-50
    Technique - between 30-50
    Congratulations, you just beat time survival mode.  You will get a bonus 
    depending on how well you did.  You should have got an S or an A rank.  You can
    now buy champion course for 1000 points at battle maps.  This guide can be used
    for champion course because the levels are the same.
    If you have any questions or comments you can email me at

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