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"Build, capture, seige, kill"

Advance Wars DS was released by Nintendo on August 22 2005. Now a few days ago I picked up this game and was blown away at how addicting this game can be. First off, the storyline is this: After a few months of peace in Marco Land, (after the allied commanders from each group had done their duty of killing Black Hole) Omega Land was having trouble. It seems that Black Hole had re armed it self very quickly was under the new leadership of Von Bolt. The allied leaders from Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet and Green Earth have to quickly marshal their troops again to battle the new Black Hole under the leadership of Von Bolt.

Game play 10/10: The game play is a turn based strategy type of game. On each mission you pick one or two commanders and then on your turn you can move troops, make new units, capture buildings with infantry or do battle with the enemy forces (Note: the types of buildings are: normal city buildings, naval yard, missile silo, war factory, and air field. After that you end your turn and then the enemy decides what to do on his or her turn. You do this until either side has no units left or if your (or the enemy) capital falls from being captured. Also each commander has their own special fighting ways and abilities. For instance Sensei has better infantries and helicopters while Sasha gets extra funds from the buildings her infantry captures. Each commander also has their own unique powers. Again for instance Rachael has the ability to launch missile strikes on enemy units while Jake can make his tanks stronger. Lastly as the title implies you can make a "dual strike", which means you can attack twice instead of once. However both of your commanders energy bars must be full in order for you to use the attack. Each allied nation and the Black Hole have their own commanders. They are listed in the review. Orange Star: Andy, Rachael, Nell, Jake, Max, and Sami. Blue Moon: Colin, Sasha, Grit, Olaf. Green Earth: Jess, Javier, Eagle, Drake. Yellow Comet: Kanbei, Sensei, Grimm, Sonja. Black Hole: Von Bolt, Kindle, Koal, Hawke, Lash, Jugger.

Music 9/10: Each commander has their own unique theme song. Each time they appear their song would be played. The songs are not bad. They range from childish tunes to serious type of tunes. There are a total of 67 different theme songs in the game.

Multiplayer 10/10: The game supports multi player (which is good). Just like the in the story mode each player takes turns commanding, building, capturing, attacking, and defending their bases (on their own Ds or you can this all using one Ds and having each person take turns). Each player doesn't need to have the game but it just makes it kind of fun because not every one would have the same amount of commanders to use. In multiplayer you can choose from many different types of maps, the climate and where you put your self on the map. You could also do fog of war and alliances as well.

Controls 10/10: In this game the styles is not used (which I am thankful for). The buttons you would be using is A, B and the D-pad. The A button is for starting, selecting units, building units, commanding units and accepting the next missions. The B Button is for all the canceling and stuff. The D-pad is for moving around the map and moving the distance and direction of your units.

Graphics 10/10: For a hand held a Ds doesn't really disappoint unlike most hand helds (Neogeo pocket, Wonder Swans and WS colors, and Game Boy colors, GP2X, etc). The screen has a back lit and the batteries life isn't bad either. (Most system that do have back lit have a crappy battery life).

Extras 7/10: The extras that you can unlock in the game are assortments of maps and galleries. To unlock some of the maps you need to have the older versions of Advance Wars (from the Game Boy Advance). Also you can buy new commanding officers, harder difficulties and maps as well from the shop. Also you can make your own maps as well. However you only can make three maps. Other options with in the game allow you to raise the rank of your favorite commander. The reason I give this a lower score is because you have to buy the older version to unlock every single thing in the game. There a mini game that allows you play as the units themselves as you try to kill your opponents. This mode can also done in multiplayer as well.

If you ever find this game pick it up. I was surprised to find that the game was discontinued. I think the game is worth every penny. It will not disappoint you ( unless you are looking for a challenge. This game is kind of easy for most of the missions). You can probably find it online for like about thirty to forty dollars.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/17/07

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