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"Advance Wars Series just gets better with age"

Well, I must say that I'm an Advance Wars fanatic, and I bought my DS just for this game. An almost perfect game and I have it in GBA and there, It's almost perfect but something is missing........... Dual Strike! It's a fantastic combination of two CO that you selected and lets you move twice in that turn. Enough for that, let's rate this game. I divide the game ratings into 4 parts:

Graphics: 10/10

Oh man! The graphics of this game is so cool! You can see your infantry being wiped out by one Mega Tank, oh man how funny they get out of your DS screen just like a dead fly that's been blown by a strong wind or even a man that courageously confronting a hurricane. The graphics are simple. You can see the outline of a unit and how it attacks.

Originality: 9/10

Yeah, you read it right! A ten out of ten in my rating. One that impressed me is the dual strike mode in which can be activated when the COs power meter are full(COs not CO's). They also have unique units not found in any game like a Mega tank, black bomb, etc. This also includes the unique CO powers and Superpowers. A minus one for this because the fact that this game is reffered to a board game like scrabble, etc means that this game has no originality on this point of view.

Sound: 10/10

Another strike for the Advance Game! The sounds here are perfect! Very inspiring sounds in the COs of the Allies, orange star, blue moon, green earth and yellow comet. Originality also comes in the sounds of the units that are marching and the music of COs in Black Hole, sounds a little bit degrading, don't you think?

Game: 10/10

Pure and unadulterated carnage!!! Woo yeah!! He he he….. As I can say, this game rocks!!! Original gameplay and a perfect heir to Advance Wars 2 in GBA. Nice!! If you combine all of the factors above, be a warmonger in this game!! This is your time to rise up, beat your friends or even the hardest of all AI.

Generally, this game is great. Not great-great but awesomely great! I so recommend buying it with DS(how could you play this but if you have already, ignore this.) Advance Wars and its series are great to buy and its adventurous. Every release has a new story.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: Advance Wars: Dual Strike (US, 08/22/05)

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