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"Meteos? This game will leave that back at the starting line."

Introduction: Advance Wars. Ah, precious Advance Wars. Our little baby has hit the dual screens, and it looks very pretty on them. OK, let's start off at the top here. AW (Advance Wars) came out in 2001. I couldn't tell you, but that was a major hit. Then AW2 came along about 2 years after that. This is when I jumped in the boat. It was a very solid, fun game that you could never put down (unless, of course, it got stolen from you....). Well, now we have here AW for the Nintendo DS, and I tell you, with four truck loads of new stuff, it deserves so much higher than that 10.

Graphics: 10/10 There is nothing to say about the graphics. Well, nothing besides THEY ROCK!!! Although graphically enhanced, however, I don't really like the way they drew the characters. In AW2 (maybe AW1-couldn't tell ya), they looked happy and a little cartoony. That's OK. I like that. But in this, they look less cartoony, and most of them look very angry or stressed...or constipated (Jess is the only exception I can think of right off the top). Still, everything looks better (except some of the characters).

Story: 4/10 Ugh. This is really my only big gripe about this game. Black Hole strikes again!! Wait....where does this sound familiar.....? Let me think.....anyway, that's basically the plot there. The only reason it got a 4 is because the way they put it, and how you really have no in-sight about what these characters are about.

Audio: 10/10 Perfection on steroids. What else can be said here? They revamped the songs even more, now you can REALLY hear the Missile Silos launching, among many, many, many more things. And the best part about the music is the fact that Colin's theme song doesn't sound like he's in a circus!! YAY!

Gameplay: 10/10 Oh, I think I'm going to faint at the beauty of this game. Well, when you play your first game, you get kind of a weird vibe, especially if you played atleast 1 previous version. At first, you also say "Well, it's allright, but it seems like it gets kind of repetitive and it's too hard to figure out and blah blah blah." You keep coming up with excuses why NOT to play this game. I know. I did it too. Play it for a half hour. Or until your Mother tells you dinners ready. Then put it in sleep mode, eat, then come back. There. Half hour up yet? You're addicted, aren't you? Same thing with me. Same thing with everybody. Really though, if you look through all the good points of this game (and that takes a long time to get through), you see that it is basically the same game. That's true. About 35% true. Let's pretend we're in a versus match. Select your level, then your character. Then go to the "setup" type of thing. It's brilliant, but rather useless, fun idea is put in here. Your land. Flip this around a couple times. You will see snow, wasteland, and a few other things. But the best part is, it's only decoration! It doesn't even affect gameplay! That means for all you snow-loving-but-not-Olaf-fans out there can have it snow without any penalties! There is also a new weather. It's called Sandstorm. I believe that the only thing it does is make all indirect units lose 1 space. So, Grit loses 50% of his advantage right there. If you where to use Max's Artillery, it couldn't do anything! Speaking of Max, I'd like to make one quick point. I think he's the "broken one" now. He gains his direct-unit-power-up as usual, and he loses the the indirect space. But if I'm not mistaken, his indirect units don't lose any power! C'mon, people! He hates indirects, why would they be normal strength?! Oh well. Then, of course, you still got your campaign, and the other modes too, but the one mode. One new mode, is nearly as good as the regular one. Combat Mode. In this mode, you first have 20,000 bucks. You use that money to buy units. There are about 5-6 units in this mode. Mechs, Recons, Tanks, Artillery, seems like I'm forgetting one....anyway, there prices have dropped down a little (except the artillery). You blow that 20,000 on units. Those units are basically lives. Well, when your done shopping, you go into battle. It looks the same as a regular one. Except there's a problem. You control your unit. No, not with a cursor, with the D Pad. You ask "Well, who the heck came up with this masterpiece?" Well, if you were sarcastic there, it is actually a masterpiece. In order to win, you do it just like a regular fight. Either destroy all of his or her units, or go capture the HQ. Any unit can capture properties in this mode too. You control one unit at a time, when one dies, you select another one to come back. There are about 8 COs to choose from too, all with unique abilities. In conclusion, the gameplay rocks, the game rocks.

Replaybilty: 10/10 I said it for AW2, I'll say it for AW3-endless. With War Room, Versus, Campaign, Combat, Battle Maps,Gallery, and about 10 more modes, you won't put this game down. And if you do, you watch the DS very closely until you play it again. A new view also helps spruce things up. Instead of the top-down look that we're so used to, now there is a top-diagonal type view You can also now have 3 saved campaign files, and, oh, it's endless!! New COs, about 40 new maps, on top of the 50 that was already in it, this game is perfect in every way.

Final Verdict: Buy What's that? Got stuck with buying that crappy PSP that don't do squat? So you can't get this game? Well, go trade in your PSP, all the "games" that you have for it, and go get yourself a brand spankin' new DS with AW. It's impossible to be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/24/05

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