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"I'm addicted..."

On 8/22 a new advance wars game came out, I only have had this for less than 2 days, and I already put around 8 hours into the game.

Graphics- 8/10

This is the game's only weakness in my opinion. In order to make the graphics "better" they changed the field into a 3d view. (kind of like command and conquer 64). But by doing this, they made the units blurry (also like C&C 64), which therefore actually made the graphics worse! The landscape is extremely good though. If you look closely, you can even see birds flying over the battlefield.

Audio- 10/10

Nothing new here, except they took the old one, and remastered it, making it much better. Compare Hawke's music in AW2 to his music in this one. Also, some other CO sounds are modified.

Game Play- 9/10

For those of you who have played advance wars before, you know what to expect. New CO's and units though. Also, a tag team system which in some cases can be overpowered (like eagle and sami). The new units are good for the most part. The campaign is fun and has the same learning curve as advance wars 2. (first few missions are very easy, then it gets harder) There is also a double front field where you can fight on 2 fronts. IN campaign mode, on the missions where you have 2 fronts, you can either fight both fronts yourself or you can have the computer control the front (on the first double front mission you must use the computer). Another small change they made which i didnt really care for is they took away movement penalties for snow, and just made them use double fuel, which in some cases (like air units) is good, but it is bad for ground units. I do not see how a infantry or tank can move through snow drifts so easily. Oh well it's only a game and this change is very minor. There are also survival mode which is basically challenges where you need to beat a level in a certain amount of time, or with a certain amount of money, and there is combat mode which is a real time combat mini game.

Replayability- 10/10

As mentioned above, I've put 8 hours into this game and I feel as if I barely scratched the surface. Advance wars game are always like this. There are so many modes of game play that this game will keep you entertained for many hours.

Controls- 10/10

You can either use the traditional d pad way (which I prefer, seeing how im a vet of the GBA games), or you can use the stylus to move units. There are no control flaws in my opinion and I don't see how they could improve controls anymore than they did.

Overall- 10/10

This game is very fun and I would recommend it for anyone who is big on strategy or has played the GBA games. If you do not like strategy, you will probably not like this game, but for those who do like it, get it. It is currently one of the best DS games out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/29/05

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