Review by FoxDemon

Reviewed: 08/30/05

A great game with ridiculously hard A.I.

Advance Wars: DS is a turn-based war game for the DS. Although this is perhaps the best title for the DS right now, that isn't saying much. It has many modes of gameplay, well over a hundred maps, and the ability to create your own maps, but it is hindered by an insanely smart A.I. opponent. If you've never played an Advance Wars game before, you'll make it through the first few missions, and then get slaughtered over and over again. The ability to earn experience points in the War Room to boost your character's levels help you get through tougher campaign missions, but it takes a long time to actually learn skills that will make a big enough impact on the battle.

It's a great concept, and everything works well, especially the fact that you can alter the rules in the War Room to give yourself an advantage (less experience points earned for a victory), but it still could've used a difficulty tuner to make the game a bit easier for new players.

The graphics are very outdated, but it's a turn-based strategy game, so you have to almost expect 2D. Nothing special happens, no amazing cutscenes of any sort. There tends to be a lot of text though.

The same few tunes are repeated over and over again in the game too, and you will either like them or get sick of hearing them. It's a matter of preference.

The unlockables add replayability as well. By winning battles, you'll earn a score of up to 300 points. This score is the amount of experience points your commanding officer gets for winning the battle (they level up every 1,000 points), and those points are then sent to a bank which you can use to spend on new maps or the ability to change the appearance of different commanding officers.

So to wrap this all up (as simply as possible), I'm sick of hearing people say this game is easy, because it most certainly isn't, and for that reason (and that reason only), this would be perfect game gets bumped down to an 8.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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