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"The most bomb for your buck"

Strategy games have a certain something about them. This certain something seems to allow them to suck me in and devour my entire being like black hole. Final fantasy tactics, Fire Emblem 7, Fire Emblem 8, Advance wars one 1 and 2, and just about anything made by Nippon Ichi has done this in the past, but never to the level of Advance Wars DS. Let me try to do my best and explain why I firmly believe it will do the exact same thing to you.

Chances are you played Advance wars 1 and 2. If you did you know what to expect. This games is full of challenging turn based yet fast paced battles. Some time you have a set number of units and sometimes you are able to spend funds to beef up your forces. Mission objectives range from defending certain objects, capturing cities, destroying all the opposing forces, ect. Occasional other restrictions such as a time limit will be placed on you thus forcing your brain to work over time to develop tactics to meet your goal. That said, no matter what kind of arm chair general you are you will not breeze through this game. New additions to this version are of course new units and new Cos that i wont spoil for you, but thats not the biggest addition. What blew me away and added so much depth were the tag battles and the dual front combat. Many times you'll play as TWO Cos at once and be forces to command battles on the top and bottom screens and balance your resources and units between them. You will eventually learn to use the various powers and abilities of your officers to turn the tide of battle to your advantage. The tag team attacks can easily turn a win into a loss if used correctly. But be warned, the enemy can do this as well.
Once you defeat the campaign dont think your done. Multiple challanges still await you, but I'll cover those later.

Sound: 10/10
Simply put, this is some of the best music on a hand held system. The Co themes will be stuck in your head as you go about your daily routine, and the music and sound effects during missions fit the mood perfectly. I can not imagine how they could have made it any better than this. This is A+ stuff here folks.

Graphics: 9.5/10
I have to admit, that there are almost no upgrades from the previous games here. Thar being said, who plays advance wars for the graphics? The 2d slightly deformed sprites are perfect for this game and I for one am glad they stuck to a tried and true formula. Also keep in mind that while these graphics are the same thing we've seen before thats in no way a bad thing. They looked great back then, and they have aged very very well.

Replay factor: 10/10
Its tough. Unlike most games your going to need a lot of grey matter to get through this long campaign. Did i mention the hard mode? What about the expanded war room? We cant forget the battle mode, money survival, turn survival, and tons of things to unlock either can we? No of course not. This game will be in my DS for months and if you give it a chance im sure you will get a similar result. I can not stress enough the amount of content in this game.

Over all: 10/10
As I've tried my best to make clear. This game has it all, does it all, and does it all well. From the obvious greatness of the combat and multiple modes to the subtle humor and banter of the commanding officers, you will love this game. The only reason you shouldn't buy it is if you have to many social obligations, because this game may very well become an unbreakable addiction. You have been warned.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/31/05

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