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"Great gameplay makes this a must have for the DS"

Advance Wars: Dual Strike is the latest installment of the popular series. For those of you not familiar with Advance Wars, it's a turn based strategy series that became very popular on the Game Boy Advance. For those of you who have played previous Advance Wars games, then you already know what to expect.

Graphically the game is solid, but not spectacular. The graphics aren't bad, per say, but they aren't anything noteworthy. Each of the various armies' units have a unique look, and the terrain is somewhat varied. There are also some simple cut aways for CO powers. Most of the action takes place on the bottom screen, while the top screen is mainly used to display useful informations, such as unit statistics. However, on two-front maps the top screen can be toggled between that same information or the map of the second front.

There are two sets of controls, button control and touch control. Button control uses the DS buttons and is similar to the control style of the previous games in the series. Touch control allows you to use the DS stylus to move and command your units. My only problem with touch controls is that the buttons are fairly small and close together, making it easy to mis-command something by touching it.

The game play is great. Two front battles add a breath of fresh air to the series and make for an interesting change. There are several new units to use, which range from air craft carriers to guided missiles to the all new Megatank. If you thought the Neotanks from AW2 were overkill, the Megatank is simply a monster. It is balanced out, however, by its limited ammo. My only complaint is that the difficulty level seems to be a little easier than the previous Advance Wars games. This is probably due to the new CO tag system. You can now choose two COs instead of one, and swap them at the end of your turns. This allows you to maximize your strengths and overcome normal CO weaknesses. This also allows you to abuse certain overpowered pairs, such as Colin and Kanbei. The new tag system also brings with it CO Tag Powers. These game breaking abilities allow you to use one CO's super power, then the other's. As if that wasn't overpowered enough, you also get to move your units a second time, effectively giving you two turns at once! It takes a long time to charge these tag powers, but the effects are simply devastating and can completely change the face of a battle.

All in all this is a solid title and definitely a must have for DS owners.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/06/05

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