Review by NextGenWarrior

Reviewed: 09/19/05

You'll love it so much you hate it

Advance Wars originated on Nintendo's first gaming console the Famicon. Dubbed Famicon Wars, gamers were launched into battle between The Red Star and Blue Moon armies. It was simple, yet strategic, and, as the series would be known for, difficult and addicting. Several squels later America finally gets a taste with Advance Wars for the GBA, and it was a hit. A sequel is soon released, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, which again proves that portable strategy gaming can be successful. Finally we come to this, the epic Advance Wars: Dual Strike for the Nintendo DS. It takes the elements from previous titles and doubles more than just the number of screens.

Graphics: I have never been one to say graphics are what make a game good, and I stand by that. The transition of graphic quality from Black Hole Rising to Dual Strke is slight, but that is not a problem. Battles are seen overhead, and with animation on you can see your units attack enemy units and vice versa. The character models are detailed and interesting. Not much to be said really.

Sound: Advance Wars: Dual Strike features excellent sound design. The battle sounds themselves are limited even with animations on, but the game has wonderful music. Each CO(commanding officer) has their own background music, and some are really good and fun to listen to. The sound may not be the game's highest point, but it stil adds to the experience.

Gameplay: This is the game's blessing, as well as its curse. When you first approach Advance Wars you can have several reactions:

1)This seems easy

2)This seems hard

3)This seems complicated

4)I HAVE to try this

The problem with the Advance Wars games are that they are unbelievable gameplay experiences. You will lose track of time playing, and once you get started with the multiplayer and map designer, say goodbye to your free time. Advance Wars is a drug, nothing more to it. They have to have put something in the coding to get you addicted(I knew there was a reason games have that smell). It is so much fun to strategize and try to figure out the best way to beat a level or certain situations, but the game can get so challenging that you will want to destroy your DS. Some say it is easier than other Advance Wars games, but that doesn't stop the game from puting all odds against you and expecting you to do the seemingly impossible (I'm looking at you Crystal Calamity), but you just have to suck it up and give it a go.

Multiplayer: Handled very well, I have only done single card, single DS matches, but what I have played of the multiplayer is just as good as previous titles.

Buy/Rent: I have to say buy, then again I don't think you can rent DS games anyways >_>

Overall: This is a game that will hook you, and then torture you. You will love the game, that love will bring you to some of the most challenging strategy moments ever, and that will bring the hate, but your love for it will never die.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike gets a perfect 10/10, best DS game to date.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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