Review by NintendoMan099

Reviewed: 10/05/05

The best game on the DS

Personally, I have always been a fan of Advance Wars games. It was my first Turn based strategy game (not counting chess), and has always been my favorite. But enough about me, lets get on with the review.

Graphics 5/10
Nothing much to see here. Basically, it is a big board with squares that contain one of the many terrains like plains, roads, mountains, woods, sea, rivers, bridges and a few others. But what can you really expect from an RTS? Although, it would be nice if they made the battle scenes in 3D. The cut-scenes are basically pictures of heads with a few expirations. But then again, what more can you expect?

Music/Sound Effects 10/10
This part is great. The sound effects are really good, yet a bit repetitive. Many units make different sounds depending on what they attack, like a bomber attacking a tank makes a different sound than if it is attacked by a machine gun. But the music is the best. Every character has a different theme that suits their personality. Sometimes I just listen to the sound room option instead of my MP3 player.

Controls 10/10
The controls could not be simpler or easier. It mainly consists of selecting a unit, moving it, and than issuing it an order like wait, fire, capture, etc. You can use the buttons to do this, or you can just use the stylus for everything. If you are a fan of the other games in the series though, you will probably want to use the buttons like me. There is nothing that I would change about the controls.

Game-play 10/10
This is obviously the highlight of the game. The game-play is one of the best in a game that I have played in a while. You play the game in different missions that get harder and harder as you use the Allied Nations to fight of Black Hole, that has risen again. In the first nine missions, its real easy and like a tutorial. This is also when you learn about the new option to use two CO's (commanding Officers) and create a duel strike.

The story has many plot twists, many new, and in some cases strange new CO's. There are also new units like the almighty Megatank, the repairing Black Boat, the invisible Stealth unit, and many others.

But this is all just Campaign Mode. You can train and level up you CO's in War room and Vs. mode. You can play through Survival mode, where you have to beat a series of missions with one of three limitations. There's also Combat mode where you can play a fun real-time Advance Wars type game. Once you get enough points, you can go to battle maps and buy things, like new CO's, maps, and sometimes even new modes. Another thing that you can do is create your own map to play in. While you are doing this, you will earn medals for different things that you have accomplished, like how long you have played, how many units you have destroyed, and how many units you have created. And after you beat campaign once, you can buy sound room, which I told you about earlier. Also, if normal campaign was too easy for you and you are looking for a challenge, you can always play Hard campaign, which is of course very difficult. Now isn't that enough to last you for a while?

Rent or Buy?
Definitely buy. But if you don’t have the money, rent it. Then after you rent it go buy it as soon as possible.

Overall: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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