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    Yoshi's Touch and Go FAQ  
    by raymath
    3/30/05 - Ver. 1
    3/31/05 - Ver. 2 - wording change for what walls pop bubbles,
    Enemies section added.
    4/02/05 - Ver. 3 - All sections basically complete, barring corrections.
    Added enemies I missed, clarified bubble popping further, 
    added different types of bonus areas in Marathon mode,and the Bonuses 
    section.  Egg capacity of the Yoshis added.  Added the Clouds section.
    4/29/05 - Final - Added an enemy, info on additional colored Yoshis.
    This is the final version of this FAQ, barring corrections or
    Any questions, comments, suggestions or corrections may be directed
    to: deathduelist@yahoo.com
    Thanks to Jonathan Edwards for info on the additional Yoshis.
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    	1. Overview
    	2. Techniques
    II. Gameplay Modes
    	1. Score Attack
    	2. Marathon
    	3. Time Attack
    	4. Challenge
    	5. Versus
    III. Miscellaneous
    	1. Yoshis
    	2. Bonuses
    	3. Enemies
    	4. Secrets
    I. Introduction
    1. Overview
    	Depending on which mode you're playing, the objective of the game
    changes slightly.  However, the basic premise is the same.  Navigate
    Baby Mario and Yoshi through various traps and hazards, with only the
    Touch Screen at your disposal.  Draw clouds to guide Baby Mario to
    safety. Draw paths, leap, hover, stomp and throw eggs at enemies to
    safely navigate the side scrolling area with Yoshi.
    2. Techniques
    a.  Egg aiming
    	Shooting an egg is fairly simple.  Tap the Touch Screen and Yoshi
    will launch an egg towards the crosshair.  Eggs will dislodge
    floating fruit, pop bubbles, or destroy enemies.  Aim properly, and
    you can hit multiple enemies with a single egg, garnering a bonus to
    your score.  Hitting five objects at once is the minimum for a bonus.
    	In Marathon mode, every several hundred miles you may encounter a
    screen that is relatively free of objects in the lower screen, but
    has multiple objects to hit in the upper screen.  Practice, and find
    the best place to aim in order to hit the most number of objects.  
    	Inclined ledges or walls can alter the direction of the egg.  E.g.,
    * - coin
    / - wall
    	Launching an egg straight at the third / will propel it upwards,
    thus hitting all five coins at once.  
    b. Bubbles
    	Drawing a circle using the stylus will make a bubble.  If an enemy
    is on the lower screen, it is generally better to encase it in a
    bubble to save eggs.  Bubbles will also give bonuses easier than
    shooting, requiring only 2 enemies encased in bubbles for the bonus. 
    Coins and fruit do not count.  
    	If a large coin or a piece of fruit is inaccessible, or you want it
    right away, encase it in a bubble and drag it to Yoshi to immediately
    collect or eat it.  
       Bubbles may be tossed in the Sky portion to the upper screen for 
    Baby Mario to collect.  Bubbles will put him slightly off course when
    hit, except bubbles containing a star.  
    	Cloud-made bubbles will pop if touched by spiked enemies, certain 
    surfaces, or Yoshi.  Surfaces include the little diagonal ledges that 
    often appear in Challenge mode, the large leaves at the end of Sky 
    portions, and others.
    c. Super Baby Mario
    	Collecting a star in the Sky stages of Time Attack or Challenge
    will change Baby Mario into Super Baby Mario (SBM) for a short time. 
    SBM is invincible and floats down faster.  Collecting another star as
    SBM will extend the duration of the effect.
    	On the Ground stages, you can get a star by collecting 100 points
    in Marathon mode.  Yoshi will then disappear and you will control
    SBM.  SBM behaves differently on the ground.  He runs very quickly,
    and yu can tap him to make him jump.  You can also shoot an unlimited
    amount of stars, which behave like eggs.  
    	SBM will run across clouds, but when he reaches the end of a cloud
    path, if there is no nearby cloud path he will run onto the bottom
    part of the cloud path he is on.  Be sure to draw paths in advance
    for SBM.  If SBM gets stuck behind a cloud wall for long enough, he
    will blow away all clouds on screen, so be careful.
    d. Enemies
    	There are numerous types of enemies that you will encounter.  In
    the Sky stage, three hits from an enemy will end the game, and on the
    Ground only one hit will end your game.  Enemies have distinct
    movement patterns.  Some just walk, or float.  Others will run/float
    directly towards Baby Mario/Yoshi.  Most can be blocked in using
    clouds, but some can break through them, so be wary.  Specific
    information on enemies can be found in a following section.
    	Eggs pass through some enemies, and stop at others.  Keep this in
    mind when going for combos.
    f. Clouds
    	Clouds are your primary means of guiding both Baby Mario and Yoshi.
    In the Sky portion, Baby Mario will slide along cloud paths you've 
    drawn.  However, he will never be on the lower screen, so you need 
    to predict his path and draw clouds to guide him accordingly.  He will
    slide along a path, and go down whatever way it is sloping.  You can 
    also draw clouds to block enemies' path.  
    	On the Ground, Yoshi can use clouds as paths over gaps.  Block his 
    way by drawing clouds like a wall in front of him.  Some enemies can
    break through your cloud paths.  In a particular section of Marathon Mode, 
    winds will randomly blow, blowing away your paths.  
    	If Baby Mario or Yoshi gets stuck in a cloud nook for too long, the 
    clouds will begin to break apart one at a time until they find a way 
    II. Gameplay Modes
    1. Score Attack
    	The objective in this mode is to gain as many points as possible. 
    Points you gain in the Sky Stage are part of the total score.  The
    initial High Score for this mode is 300 points.
    	The Score Attack stage, both Sky and Ground is the same every time
    you play it, along with coin, enemy and fruit placement.  Practice
    often to get the best score.
    	The Sky stage is fairly easy to navigate.  Draw cloud paths along
    the coin lines, avoid the spiked enemies, and bubble as many enemies
    as you can.  
    	The Ground stage has numerous opportunities for combos with egg
    shooting, so look for the spots to shoot and aim carefully!  Most
    people will not have to worry about running out of eggs in Score
    2. Marathon
    	Marathon is an 'endless' mode.  After guiding Baby Mario towards
    the ground, you will progress the rest of the way as Yoshi.  Every
    thousand yards, Baby Mario is passed onto a Yoshi of the succeeding
    color, which means you will have a bigger egg capacity.  
    	The placement of the various sections is random, though the
    individual pieces of each section are static.  Think of it as a
    jigsaw puzzle arranged differently each time you play.  Thus, you can
    replay Marathon mode and practice navigating the stages, even if they
    are somewhat random.
    	As mentioned, every few hundred yards you will encounter a 'bonus'
    type area, where you can aim at objects in the upper screen, usually
    encased in obstacles.  Aim carefully and use the lay of the land to
    your advantage.  If you need some time to think about your approach,
    block Yoshi's way with clouds to have him stop for a little while.
    Marathon 'Bonus' Portions
    a. 10 floating apples around a small diamond shaped rock
    - bounce eggs off the walls and try and knock off as many apples as
    b. 3 rows of coins arranged in a pyramid, with a watermelon floating 
    over a hole to the right.
    - if you knock off the watermelon, bubble it quickly and drag it to 
    c. 2 rows of shy guys, and a row of red and blue coins at the top.
    - you can get a very good combo score if you manage to get an egg
    to bounce all the way to the top row.
    d. 3 columns of coins and fruit, ending with a Red coin and a
    - as always, use the terrain to your advantage and get as many bounces
    as you can.  Bubble the fruit that falls and drag them to Yoshi.
    e. Coins floating with green arrow bumpers.  
    - aim carefully and avoid the bumpers, as they are positioned to
    divert your shot.  And don't count on a ceiling to bounce your eggs,
    since there isn't one.
    f. Rotating green arrow bumper, with coins and fruit to the side.
    - pretty tough to get what you want here, if you get anything at all.
    g. Shy guys along a diagonal slope, with a small opening into a 
    row above filled with coins.
    - use the diagonal walls to your advantage and try and get an egg
    into the small nook with the coins.
    h. Three nooks in the roof with coins, and a watermelon in the middle 
    - fairly easy to get three eggs into all three nooks.  If you're lucky 
    one will bounce into all three.
    3. Time Attack
    	One of the two modes in which you are put under time pressure.  You
    must be able to navigate both Sky and Ground stages as quickly as you
    can.  Both stages will not change with every play.  
    	The Sky stage is filled with bumpers, which can hinder you from
    progressing speedily.  Try and avoid these, while collecting as many
    stars as you can.  Getting a Yoshi other than green will also help
    you greatly in the Ground portion.  
    	On the Ground stage, try and keep your Yoshi running on clouds
    rather than on the ground.  If the cloud color is yellowish, your
    Yoshi will run faster on it.  Killing enemies except the ones
    carrying Baby Luigi will not be of much use, so unless you must, just
    concentrate on avoiding them instead.  
    	Keep running for a bit and you will soon see the enemies carrying
    Baby Luigi.  Hit them a few times, and one should be separated from
    the others.  Hit that enemy one last time to send it away for good. 
    Repeat with the others.  
    	Unless you're running low on eggs, try not to eat the fruit strewn
    about the path, since it slows you down some.  
    4. Challenge
    	Another timed mode, but only for the Ground portion.  After
    completing the Sky portion, Yoshi is given an initial 100 seconds. 
    Killing enemies will give him more time.  Reach 3000 yards before
    time runs out to beat the minimum High Score.
    	Eggs are a vital commodity in this mode.  Get a Yoshi that can
    carry as many as possible.  
    	Be wise with your shooting.  Wait until the spiked enemies' spikes
    have retracted, then shoot.  Eggs will then pass through them.  
    	The POW block will turn all enemies on screen to coins.  If the POW
    block lands on the ground, it is activated instantly.  If not, Yoshi
    needs to touch it first.  
    	The further you go, the less fruit there will be and the more
    enemies there will be on screen.  Conserve your eggs and shoot
    wisely.  Running out of eggs as you get farther is almost certain
    	The small pink bubbles will not pop even if hit by a wall or enemy.
    If you are in dire need of fruit, drag it over quickly without
    worrying about popping it.  If you use a cloud bubble to get fruit,
    make sure the path is clear before trying to get it to Yoshi.  
    5. Versus
    	Information will be added as soon as I play a few multiplayer games.
    III.  Miscellaneous
    1. Yoshis
    	Depending upon your performance in the Sky stage, you will get a
    particular colored Yoshi.  
    Green Yoshi    Default                       Holds 20 eggs
    Azure Yoshi    60 points in the Sky portion  Holds 25 eggs
    Pink Yoshi     80 points  "  "   "   "       Holds 30 eggs
    Blue Yoshi     100 points                    Holds 35 eggs
    Yellow Yoshi   120 points                    Holds 40 eggs
    Red Yoshi      140 points                    Holds 45 eggs
    Black Yoshi    160 points                    Holds 50 eggs
    Purple Yoshi   0 points in Sky Challenge     
    L. Azure Yoshi 0 points in Sky Time Attack
    Bronze Yoshi   Gain a distance of 10000 yards
    		         in Marathon mode
    White Yoshi    ?
    2. Bonuses
    	You can also get bonuses for encasing more than one enemy in bubbles.  
    Coins or fruit do not count.  Every 2 enemies encased is a +2 bonus, 
    and for every enemy bubbled in addition to that is another +2.  I have 
    not been able to bubble more than 4 enemies at once, so I am unable to 
    test this formula for more than +6.  
    	Help with deciphering the formula for egg shooting bonuses, or 
    Baby Mario coin collecting is appreciated.  Contact info is at the 
    beginning of the document.
    3. Enemies 
    	This is a list of the enemies encountered in the various modes, a
    short description, and their behaviors/characteristics.
    Unless stated, they do not break through clouds and can be encased
    bubbles.  If I missed any or you know their proper names, please
    contact me.
    All enemy projectiles can be destroyed by tapping them with the
    1.  Blusty (small, fast moving white cloud like object)
    2.  Gusty (similar in appearance to a Blusty, but move in a pattern
    in a small area)
    3.  Shy Guys
    	a.  Green Shy Guy - moves about in a small area
    	b.  Blue Shy Guy - Stays in the upper screen, and swoops down on
    Yoshi when he gets close
    	c.  Red Shy Guy - may either fly or walk, usually in a straight
    line, until it comes to a cliff face
    	d.  Flashing Shy Guy - hides in the ground, then accelerates
    straight up.  May not be bubbled.(?)
    	e.  Brown Shy Guy - flies in and throws a round projectile, then
    flies away.
    4.  Toady (similar in appearance to a Green Shy Guy, but has a
    - goes toward Yoshi / Baby Mario once they appear.  Eggs do not go
    through them.
    5.  Brier (spiked circular red/green, green without spikes) 
    - stationary.  The spiked variants retract and extend their spikes. 
    Hit them with an egg while their spikes are retracted to it go
    through.  Spiked variants can't be bubbled, and pop any cloud drawn
    bubbles that touch them.  Variants without spikes may be bubbled.
    6.  Spiked Fun Guy (small yellow/grey moving along the ground) 
    - moves in a straight line.  Hitting it with an egg causes it to roll
    backward for a short period, destroying enemies in its path.  Will
    resume walking forward once it stops rolling.  Can only be killed by
    rolling it off a cliff, or it hits another Spiked Fun Guy.  
    Cannot be bubbled.
    7.  Cheep Cheep (red/blue fish) 
    - Jumps out of the water straight up or in an arc.  Red ones can be 
    bubbled, blue ones cannot.  Blue Cheep Cheeps break through clouds.
    8.  Mole (a brown mole) 
    - Jumps out of the ground and runs toward Yoshi.
    9.  Lakitu (Koopa that throws spineys) 
    - Usually hides in the background, and pops out to throw spineys.  
    Cannot be bubbled.  Eggs do not go through them.
    10. Monkey (a brown monkey) 
    - either runs around, or clings to a tree trunk and throws non-spiked 
    Briers.  Eggs do not go through them.
    11. Bat (small purple bat like creature)
    - flies forward in a transverse pattern.
    12. Red Toady (a slightly larger Toady with a red cloak)
    - found only in Time Attack Mode, carries off Baby Luigi.
    13. Pirannha Plant (plant with a mouth, may spit out spineys)
    - the ones that grow out of the ground only bite.  takes three hits 
    with eggs to kill, but stationary.  
    14. Baby Stork (bird that flies on the upper screen)
    - hit it once with an egg to make it drop to the ground, then
      again before it rolls off screen.
    15. Skeletal bird (either carrying mines in Challenge mode, or other enemies)
    Point Rewards - either for hitting them with an egg, or the value 
    of the coin that appears in the bubble
    1. Blusty - 4 points (Red coin)
    2. Gusty - 2 points (Blue coin)
    3. Shy Guys
      a. Green Shy Guy - 2 points (Blue coin)
      b. Blue Shy Guy - 2 points (Blue coin)
      c. Red Shy Guy
        1. Walking - 1 point (Gold coin)
        2. Floating - 2 points (Blue coin)
      d. Flashing Shy Guy - 4 points
      e. Brown Shy Guy - 2 points (Blue coin)
    4. Toady - 2 points (Blue coin)
    5. Brier 
      a.  Spiked (red/green) - 2 points (Blue coin)
      b.  Non-spiked - 1 point (Gold coin)
    6. Spiked Fun Guy - 4 points, 1 point per hit if hit by a star
    7. Cheep Cheep
      a. Red - 2 points (Blue coin)
      b. Blue - 4 points 
    8. Mole - 2 points (Blue coin)
    9. Lakitu - 2 points
    10. Monkey - 2 points (Blue coin)
    11. Bat - 2 points (Blue coin)
    12. Red Toady - no points
    13. Pirannha Plant - 1st two hits, 1 point
    		               3rd hit, 2 points
    14. Baby Stork - 4 points
    15. Skeletal bird - 2 points
    4. Secrets
    	Attain the 1st rank in the High Score of all 4 modes.  There will
    be balloons floating in the background of the Main Menu.  Tap one to
    go to a balloon popping mini-game.
    This FAQ was written with the wonderful voice of Sakamoto Maaya in
    the background.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2005 Andrew Jose.

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