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    Multiplayer FAQ by Azp2k32

    Version: 0.0 2 0.0 | Updated: 05/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Yoshi Touch and Go Multiplayer FAQ
    By Azp2k32
    For any contributions (typos, strategies, etc.) you wish to send in, please
    e-mail them to SilentDominoer@hotmail.com with the title "YT&GMP" and include
    your username (if none is included, the name credited in the credits will be
    "Anon"), and if I include the changes, you will be credited.
    1. Table Of Contents [Tofcs]
    To jump to certain sections, search for the brackets and the stuff inside the
    brackets of the section you want to jump to by using the Find feature.
    1 - Table of Contents [Tofcs]
    2 - Version History [Versh]
    3 - Introduction  [Intro]
    4 - Stuff you Should Know About this Game[Stuff]
      4.1 - Story [Story]
      4.2 - How to Play [How2p]
    5 - Multiplayer [Mltip]
      5.1 Getting Started [Getts]
      5.2 Basic Tips/Strategy [Basts]
      5.3 More Advanced Strategy [Madvy]
    6 - Frequently Asked Questions [Fasqs]
    7 - Thanks To... [Creds]
    8 - Legal Info [Legos]
    9 - Outro/Contact Me [Outme]
    2. Version History [Versh]
    Version 1 (Not submitted)
    Convinced myself to finally make a FAQ, started the FAQ.  Created the crappy
    ASCII art currently at top.  Created all sections, finished Introduction, Stuff
    you Should Know About this Game, Story, How to Play, and Table of Contents.
    Version 1.01 (Not submitted)
    Made slight changes to Intro and How to Play sections.  Started Multiplayer,
    Getting Started,
    Version 2.00 (Submitted)
    OMG, it lives!  Finished Multiplayer, Getting Started, Basic Tips/Strategy,
    More Advanced Strategy, Thanks to..., Legal Info, and Outro/Contact Me.  In
    other words, totally finished pretty much everything, will probably only ever
    get updated for contributions.
    3. Introduction [Intro]
    Why hello there.  I'm Azp2k32.  If you frequent DS and GBA top 10 boards
    (particularly Pokemon D/P and the Megaman Battle Network boards at the time
    when this was posted), chances are you've seen one of my posts somewhere.
    Anyways, originally, I wasn't going to get this game.  I didn't care about it,
    and didn't want it.  But, I remembered I had a Competition of some sort in two
    days.  And since I had gone to this competition last year, I knew I would have
    tons of free time, and since all but 1 person on the 4 person team I was on had
    a DS, I wanted to grab a game with multi-player for those breaks, so me and my
    friends had something new to play on our DSes.  So, 1 day till the competition,
    I picked Yoshi Touch and Go up.  I wasn't impressed at first, but, it slowly
    grew on me, and soon I was addicted.  I brought it along, and played Vs. mode
    with my friends.  It was an instant hit with them.  All of them, including the
    DS-less one, loved it.  We played over 120 matches total easily.  Since it's
    only 2 players at a time, each of them were practically begging me to play it
    with them.  And I found it very fun, sending no end of red spikey dudes at each
    other, all developing our own little ways of playing.  Then, I saw the lack of
    walkthroughs currently submitted for this game.  So, I decided to write this
    FAQ, my first FAQ.  And, to you, the 1% of GameFAQers that actually read this
    part all the way through, congratulations and here, have a cookie.  It'll make
    you feel right as rain. </Matrix>
    4. Stuff you Should Know About this Game [Stuff]
    Came out in Japan on 1/27/05, came out in North America 3/14/05, came out in
    Australia 3/31/05, and in April 2005 in Europe.  It's rated E for Everyone, is
    a 2D Action Platformer, and was made by Ninteno.
    4.1 Story [Story]
    Okay, so this game's story is pretty much non-existant, but here's the version
    Nintendo has in the manual.  I dunno who they got to do the story, but they
    must be a god of some sort.  I could never make this game's story that long.
    "A lone stork flies hastily through the darkened pre-dawn skies.  Held firmly
    in its beak is a very special package; a pair of newborn twins, which the stork
    is hurrying to deliver to their parents!
    Just as the stork races through the skies over Yoshi's Island, something
    terrible happens!  A dark shadow rushes toward the stork with tremendous speed
    and crashes into it!  The startled stork drops the twin babies..."
    4.2 How to Play [How2p]
    The demo in the game is an excellent teacher, but anyways...
    Pretty much every single little thing in the game uses the touch screen, except
    for pausing, which is done by pressing start.  I wish they had added in pausing
    with up on the control pad like with WarioWare, but ah well.
    Draw Clouds:
    To do this, just put your stylus on the screen and scribble with it.  You can
    use these to control where Baby Mario moves, and use them to move enemies and
    move items, to a certain extent.
    This is simple.  If you make a mistake in drawing clouds or something, you can
    blow into the mic to make all clouds currently on the screen disappear.  You
    can have the sensitivity of the mic set to high, medium, low, or none (as in,
    you can't blow into the mic to make clouds disappear with none).
    Make/Throw Bubbles:
    To do this, you have to make a decent (not perfect, but they have to be decent)
    circle using clouds.  Not too small, not too big, don't use too many clouds for
    it, don't make them odd looking, just a simple circle (again, the demo is the
    best for showing about the size they should be).  If nothing is within them
    when made, the turn blue, and their only effect is to be thrown at Baby Mario
    and possibly knock him a little up and/or to the side, possibly preventing him
    from hitting an enemy, or knocking him onto where you've put clouds, so he
    doesn't miss coins or something.  When you draw the create the bubble around an
    object, a few things can happen.  If you form it around one of those green
    spiny things that bring their spikes in and out, the bubble will pop.  If you
    make the bubble around a coin, that coin will be contained within that bubble.
    This holds true even when multiple coins are circled, and when the bubble is
    popped, the coins will be released.  If it hits Baby Mario, he will recieve
    those coins.  When enemies are circled, they're turned into coins.  Depending
    on the enemy, you'll find different amounts of coins when the enemy is
    Draw Clouds, Blow & Make/Throw Bubbles:
    These functions are pretty much exactly the same in Ground as in Sky.
    Throw Eggs:
    Just tap the screen to select where you want to throw the egg.  Any coins hit
    by eggs are given to you, fruit hit by eggs falls, and enemies can be defeated
    with these.  These also bounce off walls, and can bounce pretty much forever.
    When shot at the little shapes (like little blobs) with white arrows on them,
    they bounce in the direction the arrows are pointing.  Each Yoshi can hold a
    certain amount of eggs, depending on their color.  Also, to recover eggs, you
    can have Yoshi eat fruits.  They can be brought over in bubbles, knocked down
    by eggs, or you can simply have Yoshi jump up to them.  From my eggsperiences
    (I know, horrible pun, horrible pun), Melons give you 20 (I think), Grapes give
    you 10 eggs, Watermelons (again, I think) give you 5, Bananas give you 3 eggs,
    and Apples give you 1 egg each.
    To do this, just tap Yoshi like you having him throw an egg at himself.  He'll
    jump into the air.  Once in the air, you can tap him more to make him do his
    little Flutter Kick, making him go higher, and stay in the air longer.  He can
    do the Flutter Kick as many times as you like.
    5 - Multiplayer [Mltip]
    Godly, truly godly.  One of the best parts of the game, no sky part
    unfortunately.  You're missing out on a lot if there isn't anybody around to
    play this with.  If you don't have anybody to play this with, here, have some
    5.1 Getting Started [Getts]
    Ok, this is a single pak (as in, 1 flash card required) only game.  From the
    screen when you start up the game, press Vs. in the upper right hand corner.
    Then, wait for someone to download the game from the "DS Download Play" screen
    on the DS.  Once they do, the game will ask you if you want to face whatever
    their DS name is (The Master, RNDUMPanda, FriendsFan, etc.).  If you say no,
    the game will go back to looking for an opponent.  If you say yes, the game
    will start downloading onto your opponent's DS.  Once it's done downloading,
    you can play.
    5.2 Basic Tips/Strategy [Basts]
    This is just like Challenge mode, only with an end (1000 meters) and no timer,
    plus you get get only a Green Yoshi.  There's the little green ball enemies
    that don't pop through bubbles, and the spikey ones that are green or red and
    pop their spikes in and out that do pop bubbles for enemies.  Walking on the
    clouds (which you have to do most of the time, there's not that much land)
    makes you go faster, and if you hit 3+ things with one egg (Bubbles, Fruit,
    Enemies) that many of the red version of the spikey dudes will pop up on your
    opponent's screen in some formation, touching each other vertically or
    horizontally.  Basically, what you want to do is take the route that requires
    the use of the fewest eggs, only using as many eggs as you need to survive on
    that path, only using eggs otherwise if you have a good shot at nailing 3+
    objects with one egg.
    5.3 More Advanced Strategy [Madvy]
    With this, you want to stay at the very beginning by just constantly drawing
    clouds vertically in front of Yoshi, so he can't move forward.  Then, you have
    2 options.  One, you can wait for your opponent to die off.  Two, you can wait
    for them to mass a ton of red spikeys in front of you, then you'll want to take
    out as many of them as possible, to make it near impossible for your opponent
    to pass, and cause them to die if they can't react quickly enough to get
    through the massive blockade.
    Run Like the Wind:
    A Risky strat.  Basically, you want to make clouds pointing diagonally down and
    forward, then have Yoshi jump on them, then have him jump to another one of
    those clouds once he reaches the bottom of it, and etc.  You have to be very
    quick with the egg shooting, and they may run out quickly though, so this isn't
    recommended unless you're very good at this.
    No Return:
    With this strat, you know those red spikey dudes, and how easy they are to all
    kill in a single shot when sent over?  You're just sending 3+ back, and are
    going to probably receive 3+ back again, and so on, till you're sending like 10
    back and forth.  I recommend you avoid those, and take paths they aren't on
    when they're sent over.  Otherwise, you probably are going to waste a lot of
    eggs on em' and die earlier, due to egg lackage.
    With this strat, you want to kill as many groups of 3+ spike dudes as possible
    as quickly as possible and overwhelm your opponent.  With any luck, they'll not
    pay attention to drawing clouds, or not have enough time to hit all the spike
    6 - Frequently Asked Questions [Fasqs]
    Q:  How do I get the 'Holy' very light blue Yoshi and Purple Yoshi?
    A:  Okay, this has no relevance to multiplayer, but I'll answer it anyways, but
    this exception I'll make for no other.  'Holy' Yoshi can only be gotten in Time
    Attack if you score 0 in the Baby Mario part.  You also have to have beaten the
    Time Attack record already.  It has unlimited eggs.  Purple Yoshi can only be
    gotten in Challenge if you score 0 in the Baby Mario part.  You also have to
    have beaten the Challenge record already.  It has 50 eggs (not unlimited), and
    moves very fast.  These, to my knowledge, cannot be gotten in any other modes.
    For any other questions you may have about multiplayer, send them to
    SilentDominoer@hotmail.com with the title "YT&GMP".  All flames, talking in
    1337, asking non-multiplayer related questions, total lack of spelling,
    punctuation, grammar, and capitalization, solicitations, talking about other
    games, and etc. will get your name on my junk list automatically.
    7 - Thanks To... [Creds]
    CJayC, for his site I've easily spent over a month's time (as in, 24 hours
    times 28/29/30/31 days) browsing.
    Me, for making this FAQ.
    My parents, for allowing me to get the game.
    Coca-Cola, for being the best pop drink ever.
    Nintendo, for making this game, the DS, GBA, SP, GC, and all its other great
    games and systems.
    8 - Legal Info [Legos]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2005 Azp2k32.
    9 - Outro/Contact Me [Outme]
    Mkay, thanks for reading, and here, have some ©©©©©Cookies©©©©© and
    ¹¹¹¹¹Pie¹¹¹¹¹ if you actually read the whole thing, including this.  Hope zis'
    gives you that edge to win, making you seem like you're experienced with YT&G
    multiplayer, even if you've never played it before.
    Anyways, for any comments, concerns, or etc. you wish to tell me about this
    FAQ, send them to SilentDominoer@hotmail.com with the title "YT&GMP".  All
    flames, talking in 1337, asking non-multiplayer related questions, total lack
    of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization, solicitations, talking
    about other games, and etc. will get your name on my junk list automatically.
    I also have AIM, and my name there is "SDSilentDominoer".  See ya'.

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