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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NDS_Master

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    Yoshi Touch and Go: Table of Contents
    1. Copyright
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
    4. Yoshis
    5. Enemies, Coins, and Fruit
    6. Tips and Techniques
           6a. Sky Area
           6b. Ground Area
    7. Score Attack
           7a. Score Attack Sky Area
           7b. Score Attack Ground Area
    8. Marathon
           8a. Marathon Sky Area
           8b. Marathon Ground Area
    9. Time Attack
           9a. Time Attack Sky Area
           9b. Time Attack Ground Area
    10. Challenge
           10a. Challenge Sky Area
           10b. Challenge Ground Area
    11. Bubble Mini-Game
    12. Versus Mode
    1. Copyright 2005 NDS_Master
    This guide is property of NDS_Master and is copyrighted and 
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    Therefore, the use of this guide in any websites, publications, or any 
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    with your request.
    2. Introduction
    Yoshi Touch and Go is a game for the DS that ignores button controls and 
    focuses only on the touch screen and microphone. This game is based of the 
    storyline of Yoshi’s Island for the Super NES, but with an all new style of 
    game play. Using the touch screen and microphone, you shoot eggs, draw 
    cloud paths, and do other things to safely guide Baby Mario and Yoshi to 
    While this game does not give you the full storyline of Yoshi’s Island, it 
    is evident from that they are nearly the same. A single stork is flying 
    through the air, holding two baby twins. The twins are Mario Mario and 
    Luigi Mario, and the stork is hurrying to take them to their parents. The 
    trip is going smoothly until a dark creature swoops in out of nowhere and 
    takes one of the twins. That creature is Kamek, an evil Magikoopa and 
    guardian of Baby Bowser.
    That is where the storyline of Yoshi Touch and Go ends. In Yoshi’s Island, 
    Baby Mario falls onto Yoshi’s back and they have to travel Yoshi’s Island 
    together in order to rescue Baby Luigi from the clutches of Kamek. In Yoshi 
    Touch and Go, the storyline pretty much ends after Kamek takes Baby Luigi. 
    After falling through the sky in Yoshi Touch and Go, Baby Mario lands on 
    Yoshi’s back, who must then take him through various environments to gain 
    points and get high scores. While the storyline of Yoshi Touch and Go is 
    not detailed on exact like it is in other games, it does set the mood for 
    hours of entertaining game play.
    3. Controls
    Baby Mario (Sky)
    Move the Stylus along the Touch Screen: Create Clouds
    Draw a Circle: Create a Bubble
    Touch a Bubble: Take Control of the Bubble
    Blow into the Microphone: Blow Away All Clouds
    Start: Pause
    Close DS System: Activate Sleep Mode
    Baby Mario (Ground)
    Move the Stylus along the Touch Screen: Create Clouds
    Draw a Circle: Create a Bubble
    Touch a Bubble: Take Control of the Bubble
    Blow into the Microphone: Blow Away All Clouds
    Tap the Touch Screen: Shoot a Star at the Tapped Location
    Tap Baby Mario: Jump
    Start: Pause
    Close DS System: Activate Sleep Mode
    Move the Stylus along the Touch Screen: Create Clouds
    Draw a Circle: Create a Bubble
    Touch a Bubble: Take Control of the Bubble
    Blow into the Microphone: Blow Away All Clouds
    Tap the Touch Screen: Shoot an Egg at the Tapped Location
    Tap Yoshi: Jump
    Tap Yoshi in the Air: Flutter Kick
    Start: Pause
    Close DS System: Activate Sleep Mode
    4. Yoshis
    Depending on how well you did in the sky area, you will receive different 
    color Yoshis.
    0-60 Points: Green Yoshi - 20 Eggs - Extremely Slow
    60-80 Points: Light Blue Yoshi - 25 Eggs - Very Slow
    80-100 Points: Pink Yoshi - 30 Eggs - Slow
    100-120 Points: Blue Yoshi - 35 Eggs - Medium
    120-140 Points: Yellow Yoshi - 40 Eggs - Fast
    140-160 Points: Red Yoshi - 45 Eggs - Very Fast
    160+ Points: Black Yoshi - 50 Eggs +1 For Each Point Over 160 - Extremely 
    Special Yoshis
    10,000 Yards in Marathon: Bronze Yoshi - 50 Eggs - Extremely Fast
    20,000 Yards in Marathon: Purple Yoshi - 50 Eggs - Ultra Fast
    Performance Related in Marathon Mode: White Yoshi - Unlimited Eggs - Fast
    0 Points in Time Attack: White Yoshi - Unlimited Eggs - Fast
    0 Points in Challenge Mode: Purple Yoshi - 50 Eggs - Ultra Fast
    Note on White Yoshi: I am not totally sure how you earn the white Yoshi. 
    Occasionally you will switch over to him at the checkpoint in marathon 
    mode. While I do know that earning him relies on your performance, I am not 
    exactly sure what you must do to earn him. I have already worked through a 
    variety of theoretical situations to earn White Yoshi, but so far they have 
    been unproductive. I will keep working in order to learn the secret of 
    White Yoshi, but for now I must say that earning him is performance 
    5. Enemies, Coins, and Fruit
    There are a variety of enemies that you can defeat, coins that you can 
    collect, and fruit that you can eat. Each different enemy and coin has its 
    own value, and each piece of fruit has its own number of eggs that it will 
    give you.
    Albatross: 4 Points
    This big bird will give you plenty of point; you just need to fully defeat 
    him. Occasionally he will fly across the screen, mainly in the ocean area. 
    When you hit an Albatross with an egg, it will fall to the ground and begin 
    to run. You have to hit it when it is on the ground to receive its points.
    Bat: 2 Points
    Bats are commonly found in caves, but you will find them in other areas as 
    well. They fly across the screen, going up and down. It is difficult to hit 
    them with an egg because of their unusual flight pattern, although it is 
    possible. Since they are not confined by the walls of levels (they can go 
    straight through walls), it is usually best to use bubbles in order to 
    defeat these foes.
    Blusty: 4 Points
    Blusty occasionally appear both the sky and ground area. If you defeat him, 
    you get his four valuable points. However, his high speed makes him 
    difficult to defeat. Keep your eyes open and be prepared to strike whenever 
    he comes onto the screen.
    Bonus Lakitu: 5 Points x the Number of Times You Have Consecutively Hit 
    Bonus Lakitu usually appear after you get several combos. He flies slowly 
    across the screen in his cloud, almost as if he is begging you to shoot 
    him. When you hit him the first time, you receive five points. The second 
    time you hit him you receive ten points, and the point value keeps on 
    increasing until it stops at thirty. However, if you miss bonus Lakitu, the 
    point value goes all the way back to five and you have to start all over 
    Brier: 2 Points
    The spiky fellows come in two colors: red and green. Briers are 
    particularly annoying because the break through both clouds and bubbles, 
    making it difficult to avoid them and get bubbles past them. Every Brier 
    has two positions: spikes out and spikes in. When their spikes are out, 
    they will stop an egg when it hits them. If their spikes are in, an egg 
    will go straight through them, allowing the eggs to hit additional enemies. 
    The only difference between the red and green Briers is when their spikes 
    come out. When the spikes are out on the green Brier, they are in on the 
    red Brier. This makes it difficult when there are a large amount of Briers; 
    it is hard to defeat them all at once.
    Catfish: 2 Points
    Catfish are possible the most frightful enemies in the game. Fortunately, 
    they are only in the ocean are of marathon. Catfish spend a large portion 
    of their time in the water. However, they occasionally jump out of the 
    water at great heights. Because they are spiky, Catfish can go straight 
    through clouds and bubbles. If you are unable to defeat them before you 
    reach the water where they lurk, you will need to go high to avoid them.
    Cheep Cheep: 2 Points
    Cheep Cheeps are fairly harmless, and they are only found in the ocean 
    area. They spend most of their times in the water, and the occasionally 
    jump out of the water. Since they are not spiky, a simply line of clouds 
    above the water where they reside will stop them. Bubbles are another 
    effective way to eliminate these pests.
    Flashing Lakitu: 4 Points
    Flashing Lakitus are exactly like regular Lakitus. They throw spikes at you 
    and they appear and disappear. The only difference is that they are worth 
    more points.
    Flashing Shy Guy: 4 Points
    Flashing Shy Guys are difficult to hit, but they are worth the effort. They 
    hide by the ground, waiting for you to come near. As soon as you get close, 
    they quickly fly away into the air. Since they will go straight through 
    clouds, it is difficult to stop them. While it is possible to shoot them as 
    they fly into the air, it is easiest to hit them while they are still in 
    Fly Guy: 2 Points
    Fly Guys are like regular Shy Guys; the only difference is that they fly. 
    There are four types of Fly Guys, and they are red, green, yellow, and 
    blue. The red Fly Guys typically fly in a circular pattern, sometimes 
    around an object. Green Fly Guys typically fly straight up and down. Yellow 
    Fly Guys usually hold an item, such as a coin or a fruit. You can shoot the 
    item from them, or you can knock it down using a bubble. Yellow Fly Guys 
    display their wares for only a small period of time, and then they fly 
    away. Blue Fly Guys tend to lurk on the top screen. When you come near, 
    they swoop down to attack you. A line of clouds at the top of the screen 
    will usually keep them away, but bubbles and eggs are also useful.
    Gusty: 2 Points
    Gusties are annoying little enemies that will give you a few points. They 
    fly either up and down or left and right. They are easily blocked by a line 
    of clouds, but you can also defeat them with eggs or bubbles. Since there 
    are commonly several Gusties close together, it is a good idea to try to 
    capture a few of them in a single bubble.
    Lakitu: 2 Points
    Lakitus are only found in the grassy mountain area of marathon mode. It is 
    a good thing too, as they are deadly. Lakitus appear from behind rocks just 
    long enough to throw a spike at you. While you can easily stop a spike by 
    simply tapping it, they do tend to cause trouble. If you do not destroy a 
    Lakitu and it pops out when you are next to it, you will instantly die. 
    Make sure that you defeat all Lakitus on the lower screen before you reach 
    them, or else you may regret it later.
    Little Brier: 1 Point
    Little Briers are similar to Briers, but they are not as deadly. Because 
    their spikes are not fully developed, they will not pop bubbles or go 
    through clouds. For the most part, these stationary creatures are harmless. 
    Their low point value and threat allows you to mostly ignore them.
    Mole: 2 Points
    Moles are pesky enemies who can deal you a death blow if you are not 
    cautious. As you near them, they jump out of the ground. When they jump 
    out, they will destroy any clouds that are above them. Once they are out of 
    their hole, however, they are not that deadly. Clouds will stop them when 
    they are on the ground, and you can defeat them with a bubble or an egg. 
    When an egg hit a mole, it will stop. This can get annoying when there are 
    several moles and you have to shoot an egg to defeat each individual mole. 
    Bubbles are the recommended way to defeat these enemies.
    Monkey: 2 Points
    Monkeys are the most annoying enemies in this game. They hang from trees, 
    throw things at you, and run wild around the course. When you first 
    encounter a monkey, it is usually hanging on a tree. Some of the monkeys 
    throw spikes at you from the tree. A simple tap will eliminate the spikes, 
    but you still need to be wary of them. When a monkey jump off of a tree 
    onto the ground, he becomes even more annoying. Monkeys run quickly, and 
    they jump around. They can even jump through lines of clouds, so you need 
    to watch out for them. There are a variety of ways to eliminate monkeys. 
    Eggs work well when they are in tree, but they tend to jump off the trees 
    while your egg is in mid-air. On the ground it is easier to hit monkeys 
    with eggs, but an egg will stop after it hits a monkey. Because of that, 
    bubbles are an effective way to dispose of them.
    Piranha Plant: 1 Point per Hit, 2 Points for Kill
    Piranha Plants come in two forms. Some of them simply bite, while others 
    shoot things out of their mouths. Each form requires three hits to kill it. 
    The Piranha Plants and the objects they shoot are not bound by clouds, so 
    you must be cautious. Three precise hits with an egg will eliminate this 
    threat before it can harm you.
    Skeleton Albatross: 1 Point
    Skeleton Albatrosses swarm the skies in some area. Many of them carry 
    enemies that they will drop onto the ground. In challenge mode, Skeleton 
    Albatrosses carries red Briers. If you do not defeat the Briers that they 
    hold, several red Briers will appear on a later part of the course. While 
    bubbles will knock the enemies away from the Skeleton Albatross, you will 
    need eggs to eliminate these top screen flyers.
    Shy Guy: 1 Point
    Shy Guys are weak enemies that walk around on the ground. Because they are 
    not worth much it is usually best to use a bubble to eliminate them. They 
    frequently ride with Skeleton Albatrosses, you watch for them lest they 
    fall from the air.
    Spiked Fun Guy: 1 Point per Hit, 4 Points for Kill
    Spiked Fun Guys are anything but fun. Their armor-like body makes them 
    impervious to attacks, both from eggs and from bubbles. They will pop 
    bubbles that touch them, and they will plow through any clouds that get in 
    their way. The one good characteristic is that you can knock them into 
    other enemies. They will destroy any enemies that they roll into. The only 
    way to defeat these guys is to knock them into one of their own kind 
    (knocking them off an edge works as well, but you do not get points).
    Toady: 2 Points
    Toadies are Kamek’s personal minions. Unlike other enemies which simply 
    stay on their own course, Toadies are specifically there to capture Baby 
    Mario. They will home in on you, heading straight towards your location. 
    Although they are touch, they are also slow. A simple line of clouds will 
    keep them away, and you can sometimes run away from them. Because they will 
    stop an egg when it hits them, it is wisest to use bubbles to stop this 
    enemy. They also commonly come in hoards, so you can capture several of 
    them with a single bubble.
    Yellow Coin: 1 Point
    Blue Coin: 2 Points
    Red Coin: 4 Points
    Apple: 1 Egg
    Banana: 3 Eggs
    Watermelon: 5 Eggs
    Grapes: 10 Eggs
    Melon: 20 Eggs
    6. Tips and Techniques
    This section contains all of the information on general tips and techniques 
    for this game. If you have a question about generally game play, it is 
    probably covered in this section of the guide. Questions on points, game 
    play, and controls are all covered here, so make sure that you take a look.
    6a. Sky Area
    In each of the four game modes, there is a sky mode that you must travel 
    through. In the sky mode, you must draw clouds and bubbles to guide Baby 
    Mario to safety. Baby Mario will travel downward, and he will slide along 
    the clouds as he travels. Clouds are an important part of sky attack, as 
    you cannot get many points without them. Not only can you use clouds to 
    guide Baby Mario, you can also use them to keep enemies away from Baby 
    Mario. Clouds will block any enemy except a Brier, so take care to avoid 
    Along with the clouds, bubbles are an important part of the sky area. By 
    drawing a circle around an enemy, you can encase it in a bubble. When an 
    enemy is trapped in a bubble, it dies and its value in coins will appear 
    inside the bubble. To collect points for the bubble, you simply need to 
    toss the bubble to Baby Mario. If you capture multiple enemies inside of a 
    single bubble, you will earn bonus points when you create the bubble. 
    Because there are so many enemies, bubbles are important if you want a good 
    Yoshi. Just as with the clouds, bubbles can capture any enemy except a 
    Brier. In fact, if you move an existing bubble to close to a Brier, it will 
    pop. Watch out for this, as you will need to adjust the way you toss some 
    bubbles to avoid hitting Briers.
    There is also a way that you can earn bonus points by collecting coins. 
    Whenever Baby Mario collects a lot of coins consecutively, a number will 
    pop onto the screen. The number is equivalent to the number of coins that 
    you. Every five coins you collect without stopping, you receive two bonus 
    points. If you collect five coins, you get two bonus points, and if you 
    collect ten coins, you get four bonus points. When you turn enemies into 
    coins and toss them to Baby Mario, they can also count as points. By 
    collecting bonus points from the many lines of coins, you can edge your way 
    up to a better Yoshi.
    As you near the ground, you will be able to get some last minute points to 
    upgrade your Yoshi. The enemies near the ground are usually grouped 
    together, so you can easily capture two or more in a bubble. That gives you 
    bonus points along with your regular points. Also, the leaves near the 
    ground often hide valuable coins. Simply tap the leaves to knock them off 
    of the trees, and then use clouds and bubbles to guide Baby Mario to their 
    contents. When you reach the ground, Baby Mario will hover in the air as 
    Yoshi walks onto the screen. While you wait for Baby Mario’s balloons to 
    pop, you can tap Baby Mario to make him giggle. Soon Baby Mario’s remaining 
    balloons will explode, and he will fall onto the back of the dinosaur you 
    6b. Ground Area
    The ground areas have so many variations depending on the mode, but there 
    are a few basic things that are true for all modes. First, clouds are used 
    in all modes of game play. Clouds are an important part of the sky area. 
    Using clouds, you can guide Yoshi over pits, enemies, and obstacles. You 
    can also use clouds to keep enemies away from Yoshi. The latter is an 
    important use, especially when you are running low on eggs. However, a 
    large number of enemies have some way to break through clouds, so you are 
    not always safe with your cloud barriers.
    Bubbles are another useful part of the ground area. Using bubbles, you can 
    capture enemies, coins and fruit. When an object is encased in a bubble, 
    you can bring it to Yoshi to gain the points or eggs from the object. As 
    you move the bubbles around, make sure that they are not popped. Certain 
    enemies and parts of the environment will pop bubbles, so you will need to 
    keep the bubbles away from those things. As with the sky area, you receive 
    bonus points if you trap multiple enemies inside of a single bubble.
    Yoshi’s ability to shoot eggs comes in handy during the ground area, and it 
    is the most important skill to master. Whenever you tap the touch screen, 
    Yoshi will shoot an egg at the location you tap. Eggs will bounce off any 
    walls they come to, and they will destroy nearly any enemy they hit. 
    Sometimes they will destroy an enemy and keep going, while other times the 
    will stop when they hit an enemy. You can also use eggs to collect coins, 
    which will be very useful as you go through the game. One important thing 
    to remember about your egg supply is that it is limited; search for fruit 
    to gain more eggs.
    As you shoot, you can also earn bonus points if you hit several things in a 
    row. If you hit at least five things with one egg, you will receive bonus 
    points. The amount of bonus points that you receive varies depending on 
    what and how many things you hit. Usually the number of bonus points you 
    receive will be two to three points less than the number of things that you 
    hit, but occasionally you will receive just as many bonus points as the 
    number of things that you hit with a single egg. Because of that, you will 
    want to try to earn bonus points whenever you can.
    Besides shooting multiple objects with a single egg, there is another way 
    to earn bonus points. Occasionally, a Lakitu will float across the top 
    screen in a cloud (he usually does this after you score several bonus 
    combos). If you hit him, you receive five points time the number of times 
    that you have consecutively hit him. The first time he appears and you hit 
    him, you receive five points, whereas the second time you hit him you 
    receive ten points. The number keeps on going up until you reach thirty 
    points, which is the limit. However, if you miss him as he flies across the 
    screen, the next time he appears you will only receive five points, 
    starting the process all over again.
    7. Score Attack
    Score Attack is the first mode of game play in Yoshi Touch and Go. 
    Throughout the course of the game, you will encounter two different areas: 
    a sky area and a ground area. First, you must carefully guide Baby Mario 
    through the sky area, using your stylus to keep him safe from enemies. When 
    he begins his fall, Baby Mario has three balloons. Each time an enemy 
    touches him, Baby Mario loses one of his balloon. In order to guide Baby 
    Mario safely to the ground, you must keep him safe from enemies. Also, the 
    more points that you gather as you fall through the air, the better Yoshi 
    you will ride in the ground area.
    Once you have completed the sky area, you will move onto the ground area. 
    In the ground area, you must use Yoshi to defeat a variety of enemies and 
    bring Baby Mario back to the stork. Be careful though, as one hit from an 
    enemy will defeat you. When you have completed Score Attack, you will see 
    how well you did against other high scores. If you beat the number one 
    score, you will unlock Time Attack.
    7a. Score Attack Sky Area
    As the game begins, a Blusty will fly across the sky, either from right to 
    left or left to right. You could try to capture him in a bubble as he flies 
    across, but that is extremely difficult to do. Instead, draw a straight 
    line of clouds in front of him, forming a wall he cannot get past. When 
    Blusty is trapped by the wall, you can easily capture him in a bubble. 
    After you do that, take hold of the bubble with your stylus and toss it to 
    Baby Mario. You will receive four points.
    Next, draw clouds to guide Mario to the first three coins. Draw a cloud 
    path along the first three yellow coins, and continue the cloud path to 
    lead Mario to the next set of three yellow coins. After you have done that, 
    create a bubble around the little Brier. Take hold of the bubble, and throw 
    it so that it will hit Mario as he collects his third yellow coin. If you 
    hit Mario at the correct time, you will receive two bonus points for 
    collecting so many coins at once. At this point you should have ten points.
    Draw a line of clouds from the next set of three coins that Mario will 
    reach to the first coin in the line of six coins. Immediately after that, 
    draw another line of clouds to lead Mario across the line of six coins. 
    When that is done, create a bubble around the Fly Guy on the right side of 
    the screen. Toss the bubble at Mario. While Mario collects the second line 
    of three coins, draw a line under the first coin in the line of twelve 
    coins. Draw the line of clouds from the first coin to the third coin. After 
    that, draw a bubble around the Shy Guy on the left side of the screen. As 
    Mario reaches his fourth coin in the line of six coins, gently toss the 
    bubble to him. Do not toss it too hard or he will be knocked off course. If 
    you threw the bubble gently enough, Mario will collect the coins in a short 
    enough period of time to earn two bonus points. After that, you should have 
    twenty-four points.
    Draw a line from the left side of the fourth coin in the row of twelve 
    coins, and curve it down to just past the ninth coin. Make it so that Mario 
    will collect the tenth coin in the row as he falls down to the four blue 
    coins. As he goes, a Blusty will fly across the screen. Draw a wall to stop 
    the Blusty, and then turn the Blusty into a bubble. Lightly toss the bubble 
    over to Baby Mario, and make sure that you throw it gently enough so that 
    you do not knock Baby Mario off course. After you have done that, try to 
    capture at least one of the two Shy Guys on the right side of the screen in 
    bubbles. Gently toss each bubble towards Baby Mario to earn the points from 
    the enemies. Also, try to capture the eleventh and twelfth coins in a 
    single bubble that you can lightly toss Mario’s way. By the time Mario 
    reaches the fourth blue coin, you should have collected at least a total of 
    fifteen coins. A short time later a fifteen will appear, and you will 
    receive six bonus points. If you knocked Mario too far with a bubble, you 
    may not get all six bonus points, so be careful.
    As Baby Mario collects the first of the four blue coins, draw a line from 
    the fourth blue coin to the slanted row of coins containing two blue coins 
    and three yellow coins. Immediately after that, draw another line of clouds 
    starting under the first blue coin in the row of five coins all the way to 
    the next set of five coins. Quickly draw another line of clouds under the 
    second row of five coins. Just before Mario reaches the first set of five 
    coins, a Gusty will fly onto the right side of the screen. Quickly encase 
    it in a bubble, and toss it gently to Mario for an additional two points. 
    Soon after that, another Gusty will come onto the right side of the screen. 
    You have only a small amount of time to capture him, so be ready with your 
    stylus. After you turn him into a bubble, toss the bubble over to Baby 
    As Mario reaches the first blue coin in the second row of five coins, draw 
    a line from the end of that row to the first blue coin in the next row of 
    three coins. When that is done, a Blusty will fly across the screen. Use a 
    wall of clouds to trap him, and then capture him in a bubble. Lightly toss 
    the bubble to Baby Mario, and then draw a line of clouds under the row of 
    three coins that has two blue coins and a yellow coin. Extend the line of 
    clouds past the line of three coins, going over the Brier and leading to 
    the top of the next blue coin. Having done that, capture the Fly Guy on the 
    left side of the screen in a bubble, and gently toss the bubble to Baby 
    When that is done, draw a line of clouds under the two blue coins that are 
    grouped together. Continue the line onward past the two blue coins, and 
    continue it to the fourth coin in the next line of coins. Next, capture the 
    Fly Guy on the right side of the screen in a bubble, and gently toss the 
    bubble over to Baby Mario. Then, draw another line on the left side of the 
    fifth coin, and curve it down under the ninth and final coin in the line. 
    Turn the Toady on the lower left portion of the screen into a bubble. Toss 
    that bubble gently over to Baby Mario.
    As you do that, a Blusty will fly onto the screen. Quickly stop the Blusty 
    with a line of clouds, and then turn him into a bubble. Toss the bubble 
    over to Baby Mario. If the Blusty comes before you are finished dealing 
    with the Toady, draw the line of clouds to stop the Blusty so you can deal 
    with it later.
    After you are finished with the Blusty, draw a line from the last coin in 
    the row of nine coins, all the way to the line of coins made of two blue 
    coins and two yellow coins. After that is done, draw a bubble around the 
    Gusty on the right of the lower screen, and gently toss the bubble over to 
    Baby Mario. Next, draw a line of clouds under the first coin in the line of 
    seven coins, and keep it going until it is under the third coin. Draw 
    another line starting on the right side of the fourth coin, and curve it 
    under the seventh coin. Keep the clouds going until you reach the first 
    coin in the next line of coins.
    As you finish doing that, draw a circle around the Fly Guy on the left side 
    of the screen to turn him into a bubble. Toss the bubble over to Mario, and 
    then draw another line of clouds under the entire row of nine coins. 
    Immediately after that, capture the Fly Guy on the top right of the screen 
    in a bubble. After you toss that bubble to Baby Mario, proceed to capture 
    both the Fly Guy on the left and the Gusty on the right in bubbles. Toss 
    each bubble gently over to Baby Mario. During this time, another Blusty 
    will fly across the screen. Use a wall of clouds to help you turn it into a 
    bubble that you can toss toward Baby Mario.
    As Mario goes collects over the final cloud, there will only be four 
    Gusties and a few leaves blocking him from the ground. Capture all four of 
    the Gusties in bubbles (try to get two together in a single bubble for 
    bonus points), and toss all of the bubbles to Baby Mario. Also, tap all of 
    the leaves to open them up, and draw lines of clouds and bubbles in order 
    to get the coins you find.
    When you reach the ground, you will be rewarded with a different colored 
    Yoshi depending on how well you did. By following the directions above, you 
    will earn more than enough points to get Black Yoshi, which is the best of 
    all the Yoshis that you can earn in Score Attack. In fact, you do not even 
    need to do everything perfectly in order to get Black Yoshi; there is some 
    room for error. However, if you make too many mistakes you will receive a 
    Yoshi that is not as good. Keep trying, and soon you will be able to get 
    Black Yoshi
    7b. Score Attack Ground Area
    In the ground area, you must help Yoshi find the stork. You will encounter 
    a variety of enemies, and you will have to defeat many of those enemies in 
    order to reach the goal. Since the goal of score attack is to get as many 
    points as possible, you will want to destroy as many enemies as you can. 
    The amount of enemies that you will meet is proportionate to the skill of 
    the Yoshi you get; if you have a better Yoshi you will encounter more 
    enemies. Also, the length of your journey will vary depending on which 
    Yoshi you get.
    Green Yoshi: 300 Yards
    Light Blue Yoshi: 600 Yards
    Pink Yoshi: 700 Yards
    Blue Yoshi: 800 Yards
    Yellow Yoshi: 900 Yards
    Red Yoshi: 1,000 Yards
    Black Yoshi: 1,000 Yards
    Because of the varying enemies and length, it would be virtually impossible 
    to do a full guide on the ground section of score attack. Also, score 
    attack relies on precise aiming with the touch screen, so it would be 
    impossible to tell you exactly where to shoot with a guide. However, there 
    are a few tips that you can use.
    First, try to gain combos. If you hit five or more things with a single 
    egg, you will gain extra combo points. These additional points will 
    definitely up your score. At the beginning of score attack, where the coins 
    spell DS, there is a potential for several combos. If you hit enemies as 
    you go for coins combos, you will increase your score even more. Watch for 
    lines of coins, as they appear often in the level and will help you attain 
    combos. The more combos you get, the higher your score will be.
    Also, make sure you hit Lakitu whenever he flies across the screen. He is 
    in a cloud, and he slowly moves across the screen. He usually appears after 
    you get several combos, and he is an important part of gaining a high 
    score. Each time you hit him, you receive five points time the number of 
    times that you have hit him. For example, the first time you hit him you 
    receive five points. The next time he flies across the screen and you hit 
    him you receive ten points, and so on. The maximum points that you can get 
    from a Lakitu is 30. If you score big early on and hit Lakitu several 
    times, you will be able to get enormous points out of a single hit.
    Do not be afraid to use bubbles in the score attack ground area. While they 
    are not recommended most of the time, there are some times when it is 
    advantageous to use them. If you get more than one enemy trapped inside of 
    a bubble, you will get bonus points. Since you only need two enemies in one 
    bubble to receive bonus points, you can gain more points with bubbles than 
    with eggs. However, you miss out on a lot of action when you spend time 
    creating bubbles, so use bubbles sparingly.
    That is about it for the ground section of score attack mode. Shoot often, 
    shoot wisely, and never be afraid to use bubbles. Because Blusties give you 
    many points, try to shoot them whenever you see them. If you are a good 
    aim, use combos, and take advantage of the bonus Lakitus, you will score 
    well in this mode. At the end of the area, you will meet with the stork. If 
    you have over three hundred points, Luigi will be on the back of the stork. 
    After you meet the stork, tap the touch screen to head over to the high 
    score area.
    8. Marathon
    In Marathon Mode, your only goal is to go as far as you can without dying. 
    Because it would get dull if you only faced the same obstacles every time, 
    this mode has a variety of different areas, enemies, challenges, and Yoshis 
    that you will encounter. As with other modes, Marathon Mode has two basic 
    areas: a sky area and a ground area. The first one thousand yards are spent 
    in the air, while the rest of the game is on the ground. The length of this 
    game is entirely up to you, since you determine whether Yoshi will live or 
    8a. Marathon Sky Area
    The sky area of Marathon is the least important of any sky area. You do not 
    need to move quickly because of time, and you do not need to worry about 
    getting a great Yoshi. The main goal of the sky area is to finish, though 
    it would be nice to get a fairly good Yoshi during the course.
    When you begin, you will enter one of a variety of sky courses. Each sky 
    area follows the same general concept, so it is not difficult to figure out 
    what to do. Draw clouds to lead Mario along the lines of coins, as they 
    will give you the most points. Use any free time that you have to capture 
    enemies in bubbles, and make sure that you toss them Baby Mario’s way. Use 
    cloud walls to stop Blusties, and then use bubbles to give their points to 
    Mario. Follow the coins, stay on course, and make your way safely to the 
    bottom of the level in order to finish this part of the game.
    If you want a few extra points for a better Yoshi, do not forget to tap the 
    leaves near the bottom of the course. Also try to get multiple enemies 
    trapped together in a single bubble, as they provide bonus points. Usually 
    a large group of little brier will wait near the bottom of the course, and 
    you can easily trap two to three of them in a single bubble. When you reach 
    the ground, you will be rewarded with a Yoshi and you will move onto the 
    ground section of this mode.
    8b. Marathon Ground Area
    The ground area of Marathon Mode never ends; you just need to try to make 
    it as far as you can. After the sky area, you will begin your journey with 
    the colored Yoshi that you earned. Because marathon is about the distance 
    your travel instead of the points you receive, it is not as important to 
    collect points in this round. However, gaining points can provide you with 
    valuable aid on your journey.
    As you begin the ground area, you will enter one of the various 
    environments that you can encounter. There is a field area, a cave area, an 
    ocean area, a mountain area, a forest area, and a grassy mountain area. 
    Each area has its own challenges, but those challenges are rarely ever the 
    same since each area has so many variations. After you travel one thousand 
    yards, you will switch Yoshis. If you are a color lower than black, you 
    will move up a Yoshi color every one thousand yards. If you do well enough, 
    however, you may switch to White Yoshi instead of another Yoshi. After 
    10,000 yards, you receive Bronze Yoshi. As you travel through the areas, 
    your egg supply will slowly diminish because you will shoot so often. Try 
    to avoid shooting eggs when you can; bubbles will usually suffice. Also, do 
    everything that you can in order to get fruit, as they will help you 
    greatly. As soon as you die, the stork will fly down onto the screen. If 
    you made it over 3,000 yards, Baby Luigi will be with him.
    Every time you reach one hundred points, you will receive a superstar. This 
    allows you to turn into Superstar Mario. Superstar Mario is extremely 
    useful for a variety of reasons. He moves extremely fast, he cannot be 
    harmed, and he has an unlimited supply of stars. When you become Superstar 
    Mario, quickly draw a line of clouds to keep him from falling off of the 
    stage, and then rapidly tap the touch screen in order to shoot stars. As 
    soon as you turn back into Yoshi, you will be invincible for an additional 
    second in order to keep you from any surprise deaths.
    Each one thousand yard journey has three parts: the beginning area, a bonus 
    area, and the second area. The first and second areas are randomly chosen 
    from the various main areas. The first area last around three hundred 
    yards, the bonus area lasts around two hundred yards, and the second area 
    lasts the final five hundred yards (if your second area is a cave, you will 
    skip the bonus area and go straight to it).
    The field area of the unit contains long, grassy plains and a few holes. 
    There are a number of different obstacles that you may face. First, there 
    are regular enemies (Shy Guys, etc.) but you will also encounter Bomb 
    Shooting Shy Guys, Piranha Plants, Spiked Fun Guys, and other enemies. The 
    Bomb Shooting Shy Guys and Piranha Plants both shoot something at you. 
    Their shots cannot be defended with clouds. You could should eggs to defeat 
    their shots, but it is easiest if you simply tap them with the touch 
    screen. Collect coins, defeat enemies, and carefully weave your way through 
    this area to make it to the next area.
    The cave area begins where the bonus area should be; therefore, it is 
    considerably longer than the other areas. The cave area is filled with bats 
    and Shy Guys, and occasionally other enemies will lurk in there as well. 
    Because there are so many walls in the cave, eggs will easily bounce 
    around. That is extremely convenient, as it is easy to collect several 
    coins and defeat several enemies with just a single egg. However, there is 
    one negative point to the walls -- enemies such as bats can go through the 
    wall, so you cannot harm them with eggs. This is particularly deadly when 
    they wall they go through is right next to your location, so as soon as 
    they come out they kill you. In order to alleviate this problem, simple 
    turn the bats into bubbles if they go through a wall.
    The ocean area is fun, but a few of its enemies make it intense. Along with 
    the usual enemies, you also encounter two enemies specific to this area -- 
    the Cheep Cheep and Catfish. These enemies remain mostly in the water, but 
    occasionally they will jump out. The Cheep Cheeps are the easiest to deal 
    with; a simple line of clouds will keep them in line. The Catfish are 
    hardly, as they will go through any clouds that you draw. That is deadly 
    when you happen to go over the clouds at the same time they jump out. They 
    also are not able to be confined by bubbles, making them an even greater 
    threat. The only way to deal with the Catfish is to shoot them before they 
    leave the water, or to walk way over them. Albatrosses are also common in 
    this area, and the large ones can give you a large helping of points.
    The mountain area is similar to the field area, but there are a few 
    differences. The mountain area is made of many rocky peaks, while the field 
    area is mainly grassy plains. While it has the same types of enemies, the 
    mountain area does have addition problems. Wind is a major problem in the 
    mountains; if you see or hear leaves blowing, you had best be prepared to 
    draw a new line of clouds. When the wind strikes, all of the clouds on the 
    screen blow away. This commonly happens above bottomless pits, so make sure 
    you are ready to draw new clouds whenever old ones blow away.
    The forest area is full of annoying little critters, mainly monkeys. 
    Monkeys are difficult to hit with eggs, as they jump around so much. Some 
    monkeys even throw spikes at you. In order to conserve eggs, tap the spikes 
    to eliminate them. Monkeys can also occasionally jump through clouds, so do 
    not think that clouds alone will keep you safe. Also, the underside of 
    branches is spiky, so it will kill Yoshi and pop bubble. Choose caution 
    when trekking through the forest area.
    The grassy mountain area is full of grassy plains, rocky ledges, and 
    dangerous enemies. There are a variety of paths to choose from, as various 
    holes allow you to go through different portions of the grassy mountain. 
    The safest route is usually the lowest route, as you lose control over your 
    Yoshi when your travel on higher routes. Lakitus swarm the rocky areas, and 
    they will frequently pop out to throw spikes at you. Although you can 
    easily defeat the spikes by tapping them, a Lakitu can easily defeat you if 
    he pops out when you are next to his hiding spot. Because of that, you 
    should do everything you can to defeat the Lakitus before you reach them. 
    Spiked Fun Guys also roam the grassy mountain, and they can cut through the 
    clouds you draw. Stay above them, knock them off the edge, or knock them 
    into each other to avoid them. Be wary as you traverse this area.
    In between the first a second areas of a one thousand yard section, there 
    is a bonus area (unless you second area is a cave). There are a variety of 
    bonus areas, and each one requires you to do specific things to maximize 
    your points from the area.
    One bonus area has three diamond shaped patches of land on the bottom 
    screen, and three alcoves on the touch screen. A few coins lie between the 
    diamond shaped patches of land, but the majority of the coins are on the 
    top screen. Each alcove has five yellow coins in it. Along with the yellow 
    coins, the first alcove has a blue coin, the second one has a watermelon, 
    and the third alcove has a red coin. To get the coins, simply shoot a coin 
    at an angle in between the diamond shaped patches of land. If you shoot it 
    right, you can get the coins in all three alcoves with a single egg. 
    However, you will probably have to use one egg for each alcove. After you 
    knock the watermelon down, use a bubble to bring it to Yoshi. When you pass 
    all three alcoves, you will finish the bonus section.
    9. Time Attack
    Time Attack is the mode that is most similar to a normal level. While it 
    does have the two areas, it has a specific goal that you must accomplish. 
    You must rescue Baby Luigi before the Toadies take him away. To keep this 
    mode from getting dull once you beat it, there is another aspect to it. You 
    are timed, so you want to try to move as quickly as possible.
    9a. Time Attack Sky Area
    The sky area of Time Attack relies on stars to help you get down the ground 
    as quickly as possible. If you do it right, you should be able to get to 
    the bottom in less the one minute and ten seconds (less than one minute is 
    ideal). Collect all of the stars, get most of the coins, defeat many of the 
    enemies, and you should be able to get Black Yoshi with a good time.
    Black Yoshi is not that hard to get, as it is possible to get well over 160 
    points. However, it is not necessary or useful to get every single point 
    that you can. Getting over 160 points will give you additional eggs, but 
    additional eggs are usually not helpful in the ground area of this mode. 
    Because of that, you should only aim to get 160 points. Since you only need 
    160 points, it is okay if you cut corners. You do not need to draw exact 
    lines to the next set of coins. Baby Mario is large; you can usually get 
    coins even if you are not directly on them. Carefully choose which coins 
    you can risk leaving to get a faster time, as that is the most important 
    part of this mode.
    It is possible to get White Yoshi on score attack by not getting any points 
    in the sky area. By capturing stars alone in bubbles and tossing them to 
    Baby Mario, you can also finish sky attack in a very short amount of time. 
    However, White Yoshi does not move as quickly as Black Yoshi, so it is 
    better to take the additional time and effort in order to get Black Yoshi. 
    If you are having difficulty getting Red Yoshi or higher, you may want to 
    think about going for White Yoshi.
    The following instructions will tell you exactly what you need to do to get 
    Black Yoshi. However, they mainly just follow the coins that are already on 
    the screen. If you have a fairly good idea of what to do; you do not have 
    to read the next several paragraphs. You should read the next paragraph, 
    because it contains information that you may not have thought of before.
    As you begin, Baby Mario will fall down quickly. When he slows down, a star 
    will appear on the right of the screen. Quickly trap the star in a bubble, 
    and toss it to Baby Mario. He will turn into Superstar Mario, and he will 
    go much faster. Let him go straight down and collect the next star with the 
    four coins. Underneath the fourth coin, draw a line to the right, stopping 
    at the first coin. There is another set of four coins, with another star.
    Quickly draw another line under the star to the left, drawing it under the 
    first three coins. After that, draw another line along the right side of 
    the column of coins, curving it down towards the Brier (since Superstar 
    Mario is invincible he will defeat the Brier).
    Beginning at the left of the Brier, draw another line and curve it down 
    under the star and the next row of four coins. Keep it going until it 
    reaches the top of the next column of coins. From that column, draw a line 
    starting at the right and curving under to the star. When that is done, 
    draw another line one Baby Mario length away from the star, and have it go 
    straight down. It will trap the Gusty that is flying around so Mario can 
    destroy it.
    When the cloud wall is complete, draw another line under the first coin in 
    the next set of coins, and continue it on to the third coin. Draw another 
    line under that star at the bottom of that set of coins, and curve it just 
    a little past the blue coin on the right. From there, draw another line 
    under the final blue coin in that set, and extend it until it is fully 
    under the next star.
    After that star is a slanted line of five coins (three blue, two yellow). 
    Draw another line of clouds under that row of coins, stopping at the last 
    yellow coin. From there, draw another line to the left, starting at the 
    last blue coin and going to the star. The star is above a line of four blue 
    coins. Yet again, draw clouds under those four coins, and keep the line 
    going until you reach the next star.
    Draw another line under that star, and continue it to the left. Draw 
    another line under the next set of coins, and stop it when you reach the 
    first coin in the straight column of coins. As Superstar Mario goes across 
    down that column of coins, draw a line from the lowest coin. Bring the line 
    to the right of the bumper, and lead it under the next star. Keep it going 
    until it is just above the first blue coins in the next, long set of coins.
    Next, draw a line starting under the first blue coins, and stop it at the 
    second yellow coin. Then, draw another line starting at the eighth coin, 
    and keep it until the tenth coin. Let Mario fall straight onto the star, 
    and draw a line leading Mario right of the bumper. Continue that line to 
    the right until you reach the next star, lodged quietly above two Briers. 
    Let Superstar Mario fall straight through the Briers. Draw a line that 
    starts on the right of the briers, and slant it with the coins to the left.
    For a short period of time there will be no coins, but keep drawing the 
    line. Soon two blue coins will appear close together. Continue the line 
    past them until you reach the column of five blue coins and a star. Let 
    Mario fall straight down through the column, and then draw a line leading 
    him barely to the left of the bumper. Immediately after that, use another 
    line to lead him to the two coins directly below the bumper.
    As Mario heads downward, draw a line from the bottom of the second blue 
    coin, and bring it over to the star. With that line drawn, use another 
    small line of clouds to keep Mario from hitting the bumper (do not draw the 
    line too far, or Mario will miss the Brier that is next to the bumper).
    Draw another line under the Brier that goes to the right. It should stop 
    just before the next Brier, which has a star under it. Use clouds under the 
    star to guide Superstar Mario to the left, until he is just above the two 
    blue coins and the star. At that point, your mission should be done. You 
    should have Black Yoshi and a decent time. If you need more points to get 
    Black Yoshi, open the leaves and use bubbles to give the coins that you 
    find to Mario. Do not use clouds, as they will slow you down.
    9b. Time Attack Ground Area
    The ground area of score attack is always the same. It has the same 
    enemies, the same obstacles, and the same length. The course is 1500 yards, 
    but the first 500 are made of an obstacle course. To do well in this area, 
    you need to have a good Yoshi. The better Yoshi you have, the faster you 
    will go. Since this game is all about speed, having a good Yoshi is the 
    most important thing.
    Besides having a good Yoshi, there is also something you need to remember 
    to do well: Yoshi walks faster on clouds than on the ground. Whenever Yoshi 
    is walking, he should be on clouds. If he is not on clouds, you seriously 
    hinder his ability to complete this area quickly.
    As you begin the ground are of time attack, Yoshi will jump into the air. 
    Take that time to draw a line of clouds under Yoshi, and slant them to the 
    top of the touch screen. When the clouds reach the top of the screen, keep 
    them going straight until you reach the mountain.
    When you reach the mountain, you will temporarily lose control of Yoshi. 
    You will have to stand back as he slowly treks over the large peak. While 
    Yoshi is traveling, a large group of purple Toadies will fly by. It is 
    possible to shoot the last Toady, it is not necessary and it slows you 
    As Yoshi goes over the peak, draw a line of clouds under the many Briers 
    that are there. Because it takes time to shoot eggs, it is faster to simply 
    go under the first group of Briers. After that, curve the clouds upward to 
    go over the small hill (remember, you never want Yoshi to walk on the 
    ground). When you are over the hill, shoot several eggs to clear a path 
    through the next group of Briers. Draw a line of clouds to escort Yoshi 
    over the remaining Briers. Immediately after that, you will encounter yet 
    another group of Briers. Use eggs to make a path, and then use clouds to 
    guide Yoshi safe through.
    Past the three groups of Briers, you will encounter a grassy area beginning 
    with a hill. Draw clouds so that they go barely over the hill, and continue 
    them on straight from there. In the grassy field, you will find a Spiked 
    Fun Guy. As soon as you see him, quickly shoot him to knock him back. While 
    he rolls backward, two blue Fly Guys will swoop down. Use a line of clouds 
    at the top of the screen to keep them away, and then shoot the Spiked Fun 
    Guy again. You will knock him into the two Piranha Plants, giving you a 
    clear path.
    After they are gone, draw a line of clouds over the Spiked Fun Guy. Go 
    under the next Brier that appears, and then shoot the highest Brier in the 
    next line of Briers. Draw a line of clouds going over the other three 
    Briers. Keep drawing the cloud until you reach the next peak. When Yoshi 
    goes over that peak, the final showdown will begin.
    Make sure that you have clouds for Yoshi to land on. Yoshi can catch up to 
    the Toadies and Luigi is he is on clouds, but he cannot if he is on the 
    ground. Many pieces of fruit are scattered on the ground, but do not get 
    them unless you absolutely have to; they slow Yoshi down. Shoot frequently 
    at the Toadies to knock them away. When you hit the group three times, one 
    of the Toadies will fall back. If you shoot that Toady once, he will leave. 
    If you wait too long, however, he will rejoin the group. Keep shooting 
    until there is only one Toady left. At that time, all of the purple Toadies 
    that you saw earlier will swarm around the remaining Toady. It only takes 
    one hit to eliminate a purple Toady, but you do not want to waste time on 
    them. After you shoot the final Toady twice, he will sink to the bottom of 
    the top screen and dots will appear over his head. At that point you only 
    need to hit him one more time to free Luigi.
    10. Challenge
    Challenge is the most challenging mode of game play (obviously). In 
    challenge, you must attempt to make it as far as you can before Kamek comes 
    to get you. The only thing stopping Kamek from making an instant kill is a 
    small counter, so you must carefully weave your way through the level and 
    collect time to stay alive.
    10a. Challenge Sky Area
    The sky area of challenge is extremely important; it will determine what 
    Yoshi you will ride on for the entire ground area. Because the ground area 
    of this mode becomes so intense, you want to get the best Yoshi you 
    possibly can. Besides the normal colors of Yoshis, there is also another 
    special Yoshi that you can earn in challenge sky area by earning zero 
    points; Purple Yoshi. While the fifty eggs and super speeds you get with 
    Purple Yoshi are nice, they also make the game difficult. Since Purple 
    Yoshi moves so quickly, it becomes very hard to stay alive. Black Yoshi is 
    the preferred character for challenge.
    The setup of the challenge sky area is always nearly the same; therefore, 
    it is easy to figure out what to do. Spend the majority of your time making 
    cloud paths for Baby Mario to travel on. Follow the coin paths that appear, 
    and don’t be afraid to send Baby Mario into a midst of enemies when he has 
    a star. Since there are so many stars in challenge mode, there is little 
    need to draw bubbles around enemies. Simply smash into them when you are 
    invincible to get easy points.
    Although challenge mode is mostly the same, certain parts of it change. I 
    have done some tests to try and determine why the certain parts of it 
    change, but so far all I have come up with is that it is completely random. 
    One of the changing parts of the course involves a section where around 
    eighteen Blusties fly onto the screen in a short period of time. Needless 
    to say, several Blusties worth four points each can give you a lot of 
    points. It is possible to get a Black Yoshi without all of these Blusties; 
    however, by destroying all of the Blusties you can boost your score to well 
    over two hundred. Since you receive one additional egg for egg point over 
    160, you can acquire a lot of eggs for your journey on the ground area. The 
    easiest way to capture Blusties is to draw lines similar to the ones below 
    (keep in mind that this is not completely perfect; it is the best I could 
    do with text.
    \ \
    \ \
    If you draw clouds fairly close together in that fashion, it creates the 
    ideal path to defeat Blusties. Whenever a Blusty flies into the clouds, he 
    will slide off of the outside cloud walls and get caught in the curves on 
    the inside cloud walls. If you draw the clouds close enough together, 
    Superstar Mario will be able to float down and wipe out all of the Blusties 
    that are caught, giving you a large amount of points.
    It is plain to see that the Blusties are important when attempting to get a 
    great egg supply in challenge mode. Because of that, you should always make 
    sure that you get to the section with Blusties when you play the sky area. 
    If you do not get the Blusty section, it is best to restart and try again. 
    After all, the more eggs you have, the safer you will be.
    10b. Challenge Ground Area
    The ground area of challenge mode becomes very intense, very quickly. In 
    the upper right corner of the screen, you see how much time you have 
    remaining. When this reaches zero, Kamek will come in for an instant kill. 
    To avoid that, you need to do everything that you can in order to keep the 
    timer from reaching zero. Whenever you defeat enemies or get coins, you 
    receive extra time. Each object’s time value is equal to it point value; 
    items worth two points will add two to the timer. As you go throughout the 
    game, more enemies will appear, making it more intense. Your egg supply 
    will also make the game intense, as it is easy to run low on eggs as you 
    attempt to keep the timer up. Your stylus skills will be put to the 
    ultimate test as you embark on this journey. When you die, Kamek will fly 
    onto the screen to taunt you. If you made it over 3,000 yards, Baby Bowser 
    will be with him.
    The bottom screen is made mostly of Briers, while the top screen has a 
    variety of enemies that fly across it. Since gaining time is an essential 
    part of this mode, you need to do everything that you can to gain time. Of 
    course, you only have a limited amount of eggs, so you need to be cautious 
    when you go for additional time.
    Since Briers are the most common enemy, you will gain most of your time 
    from them. When a Brier’s spikes are out, an egg will stop when it hits it. 
    If its spikes are in, the egg will go straight through the Brier so it can 
    defeat additional enemies. Because it is wasteful to shoot a whole egg at 
    every single Brier, try to wait for their spikes to go in so that you can 
    defeat multiple Briers with a single egg.
    Besides the things on the lower screen, there are also things on the top 
    screen. The most common enemies on the top screen are Skeleton Albatrosses 
    with red Briers. Whenever you see a Skeleton Albatross with a red Brier fly 
    onto the screen, do everything you can to knock the red Brier out of its 
    grip. If a Skeleton Albatross flies all the way across the screen with a 
    red Brier, several red Briers will appear further on in the course. Since 
    red Briers extend their spikes at different times than the green Briers, it 
    is difficult to defeat multiple Briers at once when red Briers are on the 
    Skeleton Albatrosses are not the only things on the top screen; other 
    enemies and items lurk there as well. Occasionally a balloon with a POW 
    block will float across the screen. If you pop the balloon, the POW block 
    will fall to the ground. If it lands on a cloud, Yoshi must step on it to 
    activate it. If it lands on solid ground, it will activate immediately. The 
    POW block destroys all enemies on the screen (except for Bonus Lakitus), 
    and turns them into their coin equivalent.
    Sometimes Bonus Lakitus will fly across the screen. If you hit a Bonus 
    Lakitu, your timer will be increased by five times the number of times you 
    have consecutively hit the Bonus Lakitu. The number can go up to thirty 
    (approximately fifteen seconds), so you can gain a lot of time by hitting a 
    single enemy. You need to make sure that you do not miss the Bonus Lakitu 
    when he flies across the screen, or you will have to start all over again.
    Because you need to shoot frequently in order to keep your time up, your 
    egg supply will decrease faster. If you want to be able to continue 
    shooting, you will need to feed fruit to Yoshi. If fruit is above you on 
    the lower screen, you could use a single egg to knock it down to Yoshi. 
    Bubbles are another way to get fruit that is above or below you. You need 
    to make sure that the bubbles do not pop on the Briers when you are 
    bringing the fruit over to Yoshi, as you cannot afford to lose it. 
    Occasionally fruit will appear in little bubbles on the lower screen. These 
    super small bubbles can only be popped with eggs, so you can easily bring 
    them over to Yoshi. Fly Guys on the top screen also bring down fruit, but 
    they fly away after a short amount of time. Knock the fruit away from them 
    before they leave, and you will be able to add more eggs to your supply. 
    As you go through the course, new enemies will appear on the lower screen. 
    At around 3,000 yards, bats will begin to appear. After five thousand 
    yards, Gusties will join you on the lower screen. Finally, at approximately 
    7,000 yards, blue Fly Guys will appear on the top screen, ready to swoop 
    down at you. Treat this enemies as you would in any other mode, just make 
    sure that you do not let them kill you.
    11. Bubble Mini-Game
    The bubble mini-game is an entertaining reward that you receive after 
    getting first place in all four modes of play. Once you have gotten first 
    place in all four modes of play, small bubbles will float in the background 
    of the main screen. When you touch one of the bubbles, the screen will move 
    to the right, and the game will begin.
    The object of the bubble mini-game is to gain as many points as you can by 
    popping bubbles. To pop a bubble, all you have to do is tap it with your 
    stylus. There are many different color bubbles – Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, 
    Light Blue, and Green. Each bubble color corresponds with one of the colors 
    of the main Yoshis in the game. Also, the bubbles that are colored the same 
    as the faster Yoshis move faster than the bubbles colored the same as 
    slower Yoshis. Therefore, the red bubbles move the fastest while the green 
    bubbles move the slowest.
    The goal of this game is to get a high score. While you would think that 
    this involves quickly tapping every random bubble that comes on the screen, 
    it does not. There are ways to increase the amount of points that you 
    receive. For each different colored bubble you pop, you receive one point. 
    If you pop another bubble that is the same color as the previous bubble 
    that you popped, you receive two points. Therefore, if you pop a red bubble 
    and then a blue bubble, you would receive one point for each bubble. That 
    would be two points. If you popped a green bubble and then another green 
    bubble, you would receive one point for the first bubble and two points for 
    the second bubble. That would give you a total of three points. You would 
    continue to receive two points per bubble until you popped a bubble that 
    was a different color.
    In order to maximize your score, you need to use a combination of both 
    rapid bubble popping and color matching. If you want points, you will need 
    to quickly pop the bubbles, but for high points, you need to pop bubbles of 
    the same color together. When you begin the game, pop a lot of bubbles and 
    look for groups of bubbles that have the same color. Quickly pop all of the 
    bubbles on the screen that have the same color, and then move onto another 
    color. Do not wait for just one color, because you will waste precious time 
    that you could have used to pop other bubbles. Simply clear the screen of 
    one color of bubble, and then move onto another color.
    After the game has gone on for thirty seconds, all of the bubbles will 
    explode, and the game will end. To start a new game, simply tap the white 
    bubble that floats across the screen. If you want to return to the main 
    screen at any time, simply tap the black bubble on the lower left side of 
    the screen. It has the return sign on it. On the top right of the lower 
    screen, you will see both the high score and your current score for the 
    game. You can only view the high score by going into the game.
    12. Versus Mode
    Versus allows you to challenge you friends to the ultimate test of stylus 
    skills. Because it is single pak download play, you can play versus mode 
    against someone even when you are the only person with the game. To begin 
    versus mode, select it on the main screen. Your opponent needs to go into 
    download play on the DS’s main menu and select your game. After confirming 
    your desire to play against the person, your DS will begin transferring 
    data. After a minute or so, you will be able to play.
    The game play in versus mode is a watered down version of the single player 
    game play, but it is still fun. The sky area is unavailable, as are all 
    Yoshi colors besides green. Also, you only use one screen to play. The top 
    screen allows you to view your opponent’s progress, but you can shoot eggs 
    onto it or even jump up to it. There is a ceiling at the top of the bottom 
    screen, so do not draw your cloud path too high or you will get stuck. The 
    microphone is also disabled during versus mode, so you cannot eliminate any 
    clouds that you draw by mistake.
    The only things that you can do during versus mode are shoot eggs, draw 
    clouds, and create bubbles. Since you can only use Green Yoshi, you are 
    limited to his low speed and egg supply. The goal of versus mode is to 
    either survive longer than your opponent, or to beat your opponent to 
    finish line (which is 1,000 yards away from your starting point).
    The most important thing to remember as you race is that Yoshi moves faster 
    on clouds than he does on land. Whenever Yoshi walks, you should make sure 
    that he is walking on clouds. If you try to go the whole 1,000 yards on 
    land, it will take you forever and you will most likely lose. Draw clouds 
    whenever you can.
    Although it is best to use clouds, you may be tempted to stay on the ground 
    because there are no green Briers on the ground. As long as you are walking 
    on the ground, none of the green Briers will affect you. However, there is 
    a way to combine the safety of the ground with the speed of clouds. Simply 
    draw a line of clouds in front of the regular land. If you draw straight 
    enough, you can get a line of clouds that is exactly in line with the land. 
    This allows you to go quickly and avoid the green Briers. When you are near 
    the ground, the only things that can harm you are red Briers.
    As you look through this, it may seem that there is no interaction between 
    players in versus mode. While the interaction between players is minute, 
    there are ways to interact with the other player. Whenever you shoot 
    several enemies with a single egg (three or more), the same number of red 
    Briers will appear on the opponent’s screen. Red Briers can be placed 
    anywhere -- even close to the ground, so they are potentially deadly to the 
    opponent. Whether they kill your opponent or not, they are certain to slow 
    him down, allowing you to reach the goal faster. Stay on clouds, stick near 
    the ground, and only shoot when you can destroy over three enemies with a 
    single egg. If you follow these instructions, you are certain to do well in 

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