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"Mediocre tech demo, more than anything. There are better DS stylus-based games out there"

Yoshi's Touch & Go was one of the very first batch of DS games that completely utilized the stylus and touch screen as a form of movement and control. What first appeared as something that was innovative, fun and challenging is nothing more than a half-assed tech demo that should really have been included within the DS system at launch. This just isn't good enough to be considered a full retail game.

Yoshi, a character that first appeared in Super Mario World (SNES) has starred in plenty of his own games, including the brilliant Yoshi's Island which to this day remains as one of my favorite platformers to date. That's where the quality of Yoshi-based games ends, though. The follow-up game (Yoshi's Story) was pretty bad in all aspects and Yoshi's Topsy Turvy for the GBA was even worse. Actually, that's easily one of the worst GBA games I've ever played and certainly the worst Yoshi game yet.

Sadly, the streak of mediocre Yoshi games continues with YT&G. At first glance, it may look like the original Yoshi's Island, but the gameplay is far, far worse. Controls consist of the stylus and the touch screen. No D-pad movement or anything else. Actually, there is no movement to begin with. Yoshi moves endlessly along the screen with baby Mario on his back. The aim of the game is to protect both Yoshi and Mario from enemies, environmental hazards and of course, Kamek. Using the stylus, you'll be able to form bridges out of clouds, trap coins and enemies in bubbles and attack by throwing eggs.

This is pretty enjoyable for a while, before you realize how repetitive and short it is. When you first start the game, you watch as baby Mario falls from the sky, and it's your job to basically guide him down to the ground safely by drawing clouds and avoiding any enemies, but making sure to grab any coins at the same time. It's not really much of a challenge and it's pretty dull, to be honest. Especially having to begin all over again when you start the game.

Once Mario is on the ground, you can then control Yoshi, or rather, the environment around Yoshi. This is more enjoyable than the previous part with baby Mario, but is still lacking in many areas and is also very short and un-rewarding. Again, using the stylus you can form cloud bridges, make Yoshi jump by tapping him, trap enemies in bubbles, and throw eggs to gain coins and attack enemies. You will lose your eggs, though and unlike Yoshi's Island, there are no 'egg blocks' to obtain more eggs. Instead, you have to eat fruit to get more eggs. It's not really that big of an issue, though.

The problem with this game is that it's just too damn short and dull to play through. There is some challenge, but it's not something that's going to make you replay the game or anything. You only really replay through the game to achieve a better high score, but other than that, there's nothing worth coming back to. There are other modes within the game (Score Attack, Time Attack, etc.), but they're not really that much different from what you've just played. More of the same, really.

The main problem with this game is the fact that it feels unfinished, is very simplistic and is lacking in a lot of different areas. The game is also very short. You'll have seen and experienced everything in a matter of 20 mins, and that's no exaggeration. Very short and boring. It's just not enjoyable to play through.

It's not all bad, though. I really enjoy the visual style of the game and while it does look similar to Yoshi's Island, there are still a few minor differences (mainly the model of Yoshi/Mario and some backgrounds), but the same charming quality is still present. This could have easily had Yoshi's Story-style graphics, but I'm glad that's not the case here. The art style is fantastic.

As for the audio department, it's alright, I guess. Nothing too fancy and certainly nothing on the level of Yoshi's Island, but it works and I don't have much problems with it. I think it's more similar to the music and sounds of Yoshi's Island DS in that there are only a few themes (I believe about 4) and they're really not that varied.

Overall, this is one of the worst DS games in my library. I wouldn't even call it a 'game', but a demo showing off the features of the DS. That's really what it is. A short and bland demo. There's not much to do in this game and it's pretty pointless to keep replaying it after you first complete it (something that will take no longer than 20 mins. I kid you not). Ultimately, it's just not that good to be considered a full-fledged game and there are much better stylus-based games out there for the DS that are worth your time and money (Phoenix Wright series, WarioWare, Kirby: Canvas Curse, etc.).


+Good visuals and a fantastic art style


-Very short
-Lack of variety in game modes
-Repetitive and bland gameplay
-Feels very much like a tech demo rather than a full game

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 05/07/10

Game Release: Yoshi Touch & Go (US, 03/14/05)

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