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"Yoshi touches all the right spots in this excellent DS title"

As of late, I've been getting frustrated as a DS owner. Nintendo sure is taking their sweet time releasing titles for the console, and this is especially true for exceptional games. When I first heard that Yoshi's Touch N Go was going to make an appearance on the DS in March, I got totally psyched. I'm a huge fan of all of the Nintendo titles starring Yoshi. One thing that's been so upsetting about the DS games that have been released is that they haven't taken full advantage of the touch screen, one thing that seems like a necessity. However, Yoshi's T&G is an absolute gem. Read my review to find out how Yoshi's Touch N Go touches all the right spots on the DS.

The basic outline of the story is fairly similar to what you'd find in Yoshi's Island. The stork is on his way to deliver the Mario Brothers to his parents when a dark figure collides with the stork, sending Mario towards the ground. Yoshi again comes to the rescue, and helps Mario on his way to returning him to the stork. The story unfolds with two gameplay modes initially available, and two can be unlocked.

Gameplay (10/10): Easily the best and most unique part of the game, Yoshi's T&G utilizes some of the most original gameplay for any game, on any console. ALL, yes, ALL of your controls are made with the stylus. You never have to touch the control pad or other buttons during the game. The two different types of levels are air levels and ground levels. In the air levels, Baby Mario falls freely to the ground. Your job is to guide Baby Mario using the stylus so he can meet Yoshi at the ground. As you fall, Mario passes various types of coins and enemies.

By utilizing the touch screen, you have a variety of options to gather coins and defeat enemies. You can draw clouds that guide Baby Mario as he falls to the ground. They also help shield you from enemies. By enclosing an enemy or coin, it instantly turns into a bubble. Make sure to draw a good circle whenever you go to draw a bubble, or they won't turn into a bubble. An enemy turns into a coin. You can then drag the coin to Baby Mario or Yoshi if you're on the ground and you obtain whatever point value assigned to the coin. During the ground levels, you can draw clouds over holes on the ground to stop Yoshi from falling. Also available is the option to jump, which is easily executed by simply tapping Yoshi. Sometimes enemies can get a little overwhelming, and this is the best time to toss an egg at an enemy. Just tap the screen where you want to direct the egg and it will be sent flying. Be careful, wind can redirect the eggs, and also destroy any clouds you have drawn on the screen. During your adventures, Yoshi will wander past different types of fruit which can replenish his egg supply.

One very important thing to point out is that the color Yoshi you get to control on the ground is dictated by how many points you receive as Baby Mario falls to the ground. Each Yoshi has a different egg capacity and speed of travel. The colors very from green, blue, pink, yellow, red... and even a few "special ones" but I'll leave those for you to discover.

As I stated earlier, there are four different modes of play, two of which are available at the beginning of the game. Score attack is pretty straight forward. You score as many points as possible before you reach the stork. If you get a high enough score, you'll be able to enter your score on the high score list.

Marathon mode bids you to get as far along as possible. Unlike score attack, the level never ends. Each 100 points you reach gets you a super star, and every 1000 yards you travels transfers Baby Mario to a new colored Yoshi.

Time attack mode's objective is to rescue Baby Luigi (not Mario) from the toadies as quickly as possible. You have to hit each Toadie with eggs before the fall away from Baby Luigi. Make sure to be smart and conserve your eggs.

Challenge mode tosses the challenge at you to get as far as you can on the ground within a set time limit. Just like Marathon mode, there is no end to the level.

You also have the option to play two player mode with a buddy. A cool thing is that you only need one game, and it takes a mere 45 seconds to upload.

Graphics (9/10): Graphically, Yoshi's T&G is a page right out of the ol' Nintendo book. Character designs are well done, vibrant in color, and generally look great. The game has a great classic appeal. The background has several layers on it, much like Yoshi's Island, and everything moves around, adding a nice touch. The sprite animation is suitable and there aren't any choppy moments with the animation. It may not push the DS to the limits, but it suits the game well. Menus are well done and are a breeze to navigate.

Sound (9/10): Again, much like the graphics, every sound in the game is exceptionally well done. It's easy to recognize how well done the DS's full stereo sound is utilized. Lots of classic sounds in each level, character bleeps and noises are simply awesome.

Replay Value (8/10): I can safely tell you that Yoshi's Touch N Go will keep you hooked for quite some time. Contrary to what you might assume from screen shots, each mode of the game offers a substantial challenge. The high scores you will be gunning for are really tough to reach, ensuring that you'll be drawing bubbles and clouds and tossing eggs at monkeys for quite some time.

This is one of the top games in the DS library. Yoshi's T&G is an outstanding game with crisp graphics, unique gameplay, and super appeal for nearly any kind of gamer. This is a must have for any DS owner, and a must play for all Nintendo fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/15/05

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